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[center [size14 [font "palatino linotype" Zipping cupid in a body bag well-worn next to the mausoleum he was born in.
Picking up the pieces of this glory of it all from eve to morn...
There is a method to our sadness as we drag the mirror ball and chain through the twilight again dressed up in shame.
We are begging for a reflection from an unshuttered heart to blind and chase us over the edge...
Have no fear!
There are wounds that are not meant to heal and they sing in venere veritas.
Come inside!
Let the fire burn you alive.
And sing, baby sing!
"There are wounds that are not meant to heal at all..."
In venere veritas!
Let's fall apart together now.]]]
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[center [font "palatino linotype" When Cody had finalized the divorce he had sworn to have also finalized his beliefs on true love. Moving to a new city and apartment, he had promised himself that he'd just focus on the bigger picture in life and find new ways to heal the wounds from the past. But... Would they ever heal? One night at a bar had seemed to be the beginning to his process.]]


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Dee shook her head. "I'm actually not hungry, but I'd buy my own food if I was." She smiled. "So... I'd really prefer showering before those drinks, but I also feel like I might end up more dirty than I am after going to Rosebuds."
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[font "palatino linotype" "Um, technically speaking, no I have not asked you out. I just stated the truth about me. But if you really want to eat, I don't mind buying food for a possible new acquaintance." He chuckled.]
{I laughed so much at that. I'm 5'0 ok? XD }

Dee chuckled. "Are you asking me out to dinner too? Wow, Cory. I'll have you know, I don't usually accept dinner from strangers."

-forgot to mention Larry saw them leave together.-
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[font "palatino linotype" He smirked. Who did she think he was? He could hold his liquor... most days. Except on the various occasions when he would have lack of food in his system... Like the other day when they had met.

"I can hold my shit, alright? Just gotta eat before I do. If not, I become light weight like a midget I know by the name of Darlene who's about 4'9 feet tall. Correction, best friend from back home. Haven't see her in a long while now..."]
Dee smiled, shaking her head. "Not unless you can't hold your liquor and don't mind me driving your car." She slid inside the car.
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[font "palatino linotype" "Sounds like a plan." He said as he opened the door for her. "Does that mean we might need a taxi home after?"]
Dee opened her mouth to speak, but stopped. She shook her head. "Actually I planned on heading to Rosebuds tonight. I used live in the apartment upstairs so I need to get something's..." She looked over him. "If you want, you could come with or we could just get drinks after."
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[font "palatino linotype" "Assuming it wasn't, I have a feeling that it'll be much better now." He smiled softly. "Hey, if you're not busy tonight, would you like to grab a couple of drinks? On me."
"That's how every one starts off as. Strangers." Dee smiled at him. "Hope your day at work was a little better than mine."
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[font "palatino linotype" It had taken him longer than usual to finish the job. Then again, Dion was taking her sweet ass time with her patients. While she was busy talking away with her patients, Cody was busy staring at the time tick away on the clock. He only hoped that he's make it out before five thirty. But with this social butterfly, it seemed like he was going to be very late.

Thankfully, Cody heard the door open, laughter echoing the room as the male patient shook her hand and walked off with a grin. His eyes drifted up to the woman with auburn curls and piercing blue eyes. "Can I now finish the records?"

"Oh, Cody. I don't know what I would do without you." She purred as she walked to him and sat on his desk. Cody only smirked as he moved back a bit.

"Get a life, maybe even a man?"

"Oh don't be so bitter. You agreed to working here, now you gotta just deal with it." She giggled. "Besides... with a nice looking receptionist like you, today seemed to be more up beat. Especially with the women." She winked at him which in turn he rolled his eyes.

"Can I have his file now so I can finish up my work and leave?"

"Leaving so early? I thought we'd might go out and celebrate your new day at your job." She pouted.

Cody shook his head. Celebrating with his boss was not something he'd want to do. Especially with how flirtatious she was all the time. And the only reason he had even accepted this job was because of the unrealistically good pay and because... He kind of knew Dion already. "I have something to do that's rather important. Maybe next time." He spoke as he began to enter the information into the computer.

Dion sighed and leaned over to him seductively. But the male remained staring at the screen and typed away. "Oh Cody, something tells me there won't be a next time. I know your sister said that you were always so focused on your job, but this is ridiculous. You gotta learn how to live a little. Have a little fun." She smirked.

"I will. On my own time." He stored the file away back with the others before turning to look at her. "And certainly outside of my job area." He smiled before pulling his jacket off of the chair and heading for the door. "See you tomorrow!" He called out as he clocked out and left the building.

Moments later, after arriving at the carshop, Cody kept his eyes on the door of the workshop. He only wondered if she'd actually was going to accept a ride from him home or if she was simply toying with him and wasn't even here. Either way, he was going to wait it out... at least until seven. After that, he'd call it a day. But to his surprise, the brunette had left the shop and their eyes had connected. He smiled softly as he exhaled the smoke from his lips. "Nah, just a couple of minutes. Nice to see that you accept rides from strangers." He joked.]
Hours past quicker than usual. The shop was also busier than it had been the last few days.

"You seem happy today. Jay finally satisfying you? Because you know if he cant--"

"I'm good Larry. I don't fuck co workers. Especially not someone who knows my ex personally."

"Ex? So it is official? Never thought he'd let you go so easily."

He wasn't. And that was another problem... But not her problem at the moment. "I'll see you tomorrow."

Dee smiled at the man before leaving. And just as promised, there was Cory, waiting for her. "Hope you weren't waiting too long for me."
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[size12 [font "palatino linotype" "Bet you I'll be here before you take that first step." He called out before chuckling. He really was starting to like this chick. Hopefully friendship with her wouldn't be too bad. If anything, he could finally have a drinking buddy.

Cody smiled at the thought before driving off.]]
Dee chuckled. She'd keep that in mind. "I get out at six. I'll wait ten minutes before I start walking." With that she turned and made her way into the shop.
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[size12 [font "palatino linotype" Cody smiled as she had finally, though unknowingly, said his name correctly. Even though she was trying to mock him, she had failed miserably. "You can call me anything you like." He returned the wink with a flirtatious smile. "Maybe I can pick you up after work? If you'll let me?"

For once, Dee held a genuine smile. She pushed open the doors of her new apartment building and stepped out onto the street. She could finally put her past behind her, literally, or at least she hoped. Placing a key in her pocket, she walked around the block to where she had parked her bike, though… it wasn’t where she placed it. In fact, it wasn’t there at all. Her heart nearly dropped. Fucking hell… She kicked a rock near her foot.

“Wonderful start.” She murmured to herself as she turned.

"Sounds like a shit starts." Cody spoke from behind as he pulled his backpack over his shoulders. "Nice to see you again. Mind me asking what happened?"

Dee glanced over, noticing the man from the bar the night before. What was his name again? Cory? She wasn't sure. She shook her head. Placing her hand over her forehead she sighed. "My fucking bike is gone. The one thing I had that he couldn't possibly take, gone. Because he probably had the other key… or maybe he hotwired it. Point is, it's gone."

And as much as she didn't want to say all that, she managed to blurt it all out to the stranger she recently met. "I'm sorry."

"Why are you apologizing for? If you need a ride somewhere, I can take you."

For talking too much. For telling him her problems. "That'd… actually be really nice, but I wouldn't want to be a bother. I can walk…"

"You'd be bothering me if you didn't because I know you need it." He led her over towards his car and opened the door for her. "Headed to work?"

Dee followed his, blinking twice as he opened the door for her. She slid in and hummed. Once he got in she looked over to him. "Lex's Body Shop, off Winter street. If it's not too far off from where you're headed. You can always just bring me close by."

"Ah don't worry. Being a little late won't hurt me." He chuckled and drove off. "What kind of job do you do there? Paint job? Body work?"

Dee chuckled. "You're the first person to not ask if I'm a clerk. Body work, but I can do the paint jobs too."

"Sounds like a rough job. Maybe you can give me some pointers later on, on how to make my car look less average." He chuckled.

“There’s nothing wrong with less than average. Average and anything more can attract the wrong person.” She looked out the window. “So, what do you do?”

"Me?" He chuckled. "I help people with their problems." He smiled before looking back at the road. "And you're right. I've attracted a lot of wrong people even without my car. But it seems like my luck has turned a bit. So I hope I'm right about that."

"So you're like a therapist or something? Am I going to have to pay you for this little session." She soon chuckled. "As bad as that sounds."

He chuckled. "Not exactly a therapist. I'm more of a help you get to a therapist."

Dee looked over to him. She smirked. "Oh sounds like a secretary. Cute."

He smirked. "Yeah I get them coffee and give them a nice shoulder rub."

"So, Cory."

"Who is this Cory person do I know him?"

"I'm sorry, too many names to remember at a bar. Was I at least close?"

"Hm, no. My name is Allen"

"Well fuck me, I'm sorry. I was way off."

"No thank you and it's alright. This Cory guy seems quite interesting though."

"Very. I mean I thought he was pretty hot."

"Is it because he was the only younger guy at the bar and everyone else was older? Or are you into sugar daddies."

"Totally. Love me some men with money."

"Yeah because you seem like the type. Totally the type." He laughed.

"Oh, what's that supposed to mean?" She smiled.

"Because you gave so much more attention to the other guys at the bar than the one dude you're talking about."

"I give everyone an equal amount of attention thank you every much. He just happened to not want to talk. He had a lot going on."

"How could you know that?"

"Body language. The way you spoke, a little distant, yet still kind."

"Not sure if your spot on or not."

She shrugged. "Still don't know you that well to decipher if I am or not."

"Well that means you're gonna have to know me a little better. Doesn't it?" Before she could respond back he added, "We're here."

"Well, thank you Cory. I appreciate the ride. Maybe we'll see each other more often."

"Allen and I guess so."

She flashed him a smile before sliding out of the car. "I like Cory better. Cody too. Maybe I'll call you both." She chuckled closing the door. She winked at him. "See you Cody."
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