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Renesmee sighed as she walked into her house. The boys were already awake. It didn't surprise her, she was gone for ten hours. It was already eight in the morning. [b "He wasn't that bad... It was just his first baby.. He hadn't seen Angela like that before and it just hurt him to see her in so much pain.. That baby is adorable."] she said as she went into the kitchen and grabbed a coke. [b "Kind of gives me baby fever, but then we have our hands full with the boys right now."] She leaned up and kissed Jacobs cheek. [b "Think you can handle them so I can go sleep for a couple of hours? Make sure I'm up by noon."]

After she had slept a few hours, she had gotten up and showered. She was starving, she hadn't been able to eat dinner since Angela had went into labor. She hoped Jacob and the boys were hungry. [b "Hey."] she said as she walked into the living room. [b "I booked the townhouse for when we go to Seattle. Everything is set."] she whispered, since they were going to surprise the boys.

[ Seattle]
  Renesmee Carlie Cullen / BooBear96 / 4d 18h 27m 52s
Embry thanked her over and over until he couldn't thank her anymore... "You should get home to Jacob... hes worried sick.. I can sense it... He loves you Renesmee and hopefully someday our kids will play together..." He said not telling her that he could smell Jacob on her. She was with child but he wasn't allowed to tell her, that was for his alpha to figure out himself... Renesmee smelled like a leech, a wolf, and a human... it was a difficult smell but Dawson shared it only when Renesmee was pregnant.

At the house Jacob had gotten the boys a snack while they colored at their Cars table. "Baby your back." he said hugging her close. "How's Angela?" He asked smiling "Embry was going insane, I could sense it from even here, I don't know how you handled him." Jacob muttered.
  Jake Black 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 7d 14h 19m 19s
Renesmee called her Father as soon as she got into La Push. She had delievered a baby before, but not acting as a Doctor. She was scared shitless. She wished Jasper was with them. [b "Embry... No matter what happens in there, You gotta keep your shit together.. Call Sue."] she said.

[b "Ang. Hey, I'm right here. Carlisle isn't in the state right now... Sue is coming. We're gonna get through this. If I can deliver a wolf hybrid, than surely we can deliever your wolf baby."]

Ten hours later....

She couldn't help but grin as Angela held her newborn daughter. Embry was over the moon excited. He was already wrapped around that little girls finger. Carlisle and her Father had came as soon as they could, just to make sure both mom and baby were all right. But Carlisle had told Renesmee she had done everything perfectly.
  Renesmee Carlie Cullen / BooBear96 / 8d 15h 36m 18s
Embry nodded, he was a desperate man... his wife and his imprint was struggling to have his child and in pain and that was one thing that wolves hated.... their imprints to be in pain and not be able to help... but knowing he was the one that did it to her... hurt worse but obviously not worse than she was hurting.

It wasn't far but you could hear Angela's screams. She grabbed Embry's hand when she saw him, "Em its coming." She grunted not even noticing that Renesmee was there. This baby was early and had scared her.... Angela had never had a baby before but she would shortly. "Oh God...." She cried as another contraction hit.

Jacob was pacing after he had taken their boys to bed, he knew she was safe with Embry but knowing Angela was in labor, if one wolf was on edge, they all were.

Angela looked to Renesmee, 'Where is Carlisle?" She clutched her stomach and suddenly her water broke. "Oh!"
  Jake Black 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 8d 15h 43m 4s
Renesmee grinned as she walked downstairs. [b "Thats great! We should totally surprise the boys. Like let's not say anything about it.. .I still want to have a party for D though... Could I have it at your house? So the pack could be there."] she said. She smelled the food that Jacob was heating up and her stomach growled. [b "I'm afriad they would fall off the cough without the railss.. Better take them to their room.. I can get one of them."] she said as she was about to walk down the hall.

She froze when Jacob all but yelled at her to stay inside as he ran out. [b "Yeah right."] she said as she followed him. She sighed in relief when she seen that it was just Embry. [b "Grandpa is hunting with everyone else... Their in Canada. Em.. I'm the only one here."] she said. [b "I'll come with you... Jacob can stay with the boys."]
  Renesmee Carlie Cullen / BooBear96 / 8d 15h 50m 41s
He nodded, When she came down to the living room he smiled, "Seth and Bailey are coming with us and so are Charlie and Sue, they can't wait and they think its an amazing idea...." He had also asked Edward and Charlie for permission to ask Renesmee to marry him... it had been yes from both of the men but Jacob was always traditional so he had asked over and over again. "Ness the boys fell asleep watching their movie, I was about to carry them to their room unless you think its okay that they sleep on the couch tonight."

Something outside the window caught his attention. "Ness stay inside with the boys." He said and soon opened the door and sighed, "Embry what the hell are you doing here?" he asked worried seeing the man. "Its Angela, Renesmee can you get your grandpa? The baby is coming and Angela refuses to go to the hospital..."
  Jake Black 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 8d 16h 1m 30s
Renesmee nodded as she listened to Jacob agree to her idea. [b "I think we all need a weekend away... Lets say we could head up on thursday and come home sunday afternoon? I'll go see Sue tomorrow and make sure Charlie doesn't have anything planned... Can you ask Seth?"] she asked. She grinned as Jacob told her he loved her. [b "I love you, Jake... Always."]

She looked down at the computer when Jacob asked if she was finished. [b "I'll be done in thirty minutes... Why don't you go hangout with the boys and when I'm done, we can all eat at the table and have dinner together?"] she asked. She coulnd't help but smile when Jacob said Alice couldn't see her anymore. She nodded. [b "It'll just take her a little bit... After awhile she was able to see the both of us.. But I don't plan on leaving again... If thats what youre asking."]

It was actually closer to an hour before she had finished. But her in defense, she wanted to find a place for them to stay in Seattle. She had found an apartment on Airbnb. Sue and Charlie would have their own one bedroom studio, and then everyone else would stay together.
  Renesmee Carlie Cullen / BooBear96 / 8d 16h 12m 7s
"We could do the party here and then the weekend in Seattle, the boys would love seeing the Dinosaur thing and we would get a weekend to ourselves... Ness... I love you." He said wanting to ask her to marry him again but he would wait until their weekend in Seattle. He loved her more than anything even though the pang of guilt about Leah hit him in the chest. He loved her but Renesmee was his forever. He sighed, "Have you gotten the work done that you needed to get done? The boys are watching their movie and I'm about to heat up the chinese food." he said knowing she had to be hungry too.

"Oh I saw Alice today... she said she can't see you anymore... your foggy again because I'm around." He said softly, "So I hope that means you've made your decision to love me forever?" He asked smiling.
  Jake Black 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 8d 16h 17m 32s
Renesmee looked at Jacob as he relayed what Sue had asked him. It made her heart happy knowing that Sue was ok with her relationship with Jacob. She was always trying to be so ivolved with Kwoli, but Dawson too. Not that she had a choice, she was with Charlie now, and Charlie loved Dawson more than anything. [b "He gets that honest, because Egg Rolls are life."] she said. [b I haven't really thought about Dawsons party... I know he would love the Zoo but it would be kind of hard to get everyone there becuase of patrols and stuff..."] she said.

[b "You go set up the dvd player for the boys, and then come find me in the office. We can talk about his party while im working?"] she asked as she grabbed her food and headed into the other side of the house.

She looked up from her computer when Jacob walked in. [b "I was thinking.. What if we did a party here? Dinosaur themed of course, and then we took the boys to Seattle for a long weekend? We could go to the zoo and everything. I doubt my parents would want to come... But we could ask Charlie and Sue, and even Seth and his girlfriend to come with us. I'm sure Charlie and Sue wouldn't care to watch the kids if we wanted to go out with Seth."] she explained.
  Renesmee Carlie Cullen / BooBear96 / 8d 19h 24m 45s
“Yes Sue said Kwoli left his blanket there and that little man doesn’t sleep right without it so we stopped by and your grandpa said hi and he would love to take the boys to a Mariners game in a couple weeks...he’s happy we’re back together.” He said softly. “You work and get done what you have to, they can play, I’ll hook up the media in there and they can watch their movie, Sue wanted to know what you want to do for Dawson’s birthday since they just opened the dinosaur thing at the zoo she thought maybe we could do it there but I told her it was up to you.” He said smiling, “I also got extra egg rolls because Kwoli will eat those all day long, he usually steals mine.” He said with a smile. They were both his boys no matter what.

The DVD player only took a few minutes to hook up and he had land before time ready for the boys. He loved that they liked dinosaurs and were both into cars like eh was. It gave him a peace of mind.
  Jake Black 2.0 / Polkadotrocker / 8d 19h 41m 32s
It was a surprise when Renesmee heard Jacob's truck coming up her driveway. She had assumed that she wouldn't see him again tonight, since Jacob seemed excited to have both the boys tonight by himself.

She walked out of the office and grinned as she seen the boys running in the front door with Jacob behind them. [b "What are y'all doing here? I thought you were going to stay at your house tonight?"] she asked. Dawson and Kwoli were already in their bedroom playing. [b "I haven't set up the dvd player in the Media room yet, but if you wouldn't mind... you can have movie night in there."] she said. She grinned as she seen the bags that Jacob was holding. [b "You went to Sue's before you came over?"]

She headed into the kitchen. [b "I don't know what I did to deserve you. Thank you... I was just going to order a pizza or pop a microwave meal in.. I didn't realize how far I had gotten behind on work... I really want to spend time with you and the boys tonight... But if I don't get it finished by midnight.. Then my bonus goes out the window."]
  Renesmee Carlie Cullen / BooBear96 / 8d 20h 57m 49s
"I can keep both boys tonight Ness, no patrols as I am still worn out and Embry is down because of Angela and their baby so Sam and Collin are picking up the slack, thank God because I need a break and the boys will love a movie night with daddy... but promise you'll come by?" he asked kissing her. He loved her and didn't want to lose her and he knew she had to work though.

He Brought the boys home and brought her favorite take out with them. “I got take out because I know your working and the boys picked out a movie together and got popcorn so we’re going to have a movie night while you work.”
  Jake Black 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 12d 14h 34m 58s
Renesmee looked back at Jacob and smiled weakly. [b “If... If you wanted to keep Dawson for the day.. That would be okay. Do you have patrols tonight? He could stay the night here if you wanted... Give you a chance to spend more time with the both of them... I have a bunch of designs that are due tomorrow morning, I’ll probably be up all night...”] she explained. [b “And I’m fine, don’t worry about it babe.. Like I said, it had just been a long time...”]

After breakfast, Renesmee headed into town to get some more sketch pads while Jacob went to get the boys. She had to draw them all out and then email them to her boss in Seattle, she hadn’t told Jacob yet, but she had a conference up there next week. It was four days. She wasn’t sure what she was going to do, she really wanted to go, but she didn’t know if she could go off and leave Jacob and the boys alone. She knew Jacob would be okay, but Dawson was a mommas boy, and Kwoli had been asking for her more lately.
  Renesmee Carlie Cullen / BooBear96 / 14d 13h 43m 27s
"I will go and get the boys this morning if thats alright with you sweetheart, while you finish your designs I will take them to ice cream and then bring them both back here with Danger." He said smiling. Danger was their new puppy that the boys surely did not like to be without. He went everywhere with them. He kissed her cheek, "Breakfast smells good sweetheart, thank you for everything and if I was too rough on you last night... I'm sorry." He was used to making love to a wolf now... a wolf girl at least who wasn't fragile so he didn't know if he had hurt her, He didn't want to hurt her.

After breakfast he went to get the boys, both happy to see him but sad to leave Sue's house. They called her Grandma Sue which was fitting as she was married to Charlie now and he was their great grandpa and Kwoli's actual grandmother was Sue. The clearwater's were all Kwoli had left by blood.
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Renesmee was up before Jacob the next morning. She could hardly sleep, with everything that happened last night, she was terrified of how Jacob would feel when he found out/remembered what had happened after they got back to Jacobs house. She knew he had said he loved her numerous times, but what if that was just the alcohol speaking? She had showered and everything and was back in bed before Jacob even woke up.

She shivered when she felt Jacob move. He was awake. [b “I think you could figure that out with it asking me..”] she said, their clothes were all over the room. [b “Yeah... You shower and I’ll go cook some breakfast... I need to get home anyway... I have designs that are due.”] she muttered as she all but ran out of the bedroom into the kitchen.

She ended up cooking bacon, scrambled eggs, and toast. It was her favorite breakfast meal, as well as Dawson. Her mother told her that the only thing she could keep down when she was pregnant was eggs, and blood... But it was the same for Renesmee when she was pregnant t with Dawson, all she wanted was eggs and toast.
  Renesmee Carlie Cullen / BooBear96 / 14d 14h 23m 22s

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