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He nodded, “Your mother...she came up with a plan for the kids...I will not be leaving you no matter what happens. They’re coming for you, they’ll have to go through me and the pack.” He said seriously. He went to the bookshelf that Alice had insisted be built into the house and pulled a seemingly random book off of the shelf, “Passports, birth certificates, Ids for all of us under new names, new people...your mother said if it comes down to it, rose and Emmett know where to take the boys and I will be with you to meet up later. Alice says this goes well, she was here not long ago...but the Volturi will lose people and she said we lose a wolf but I do not know who and I am not phasing because of that, they find out we lose one, they won’t protect the tribe like they should be.” He said seriously. “Losing one of us is going to be hard but it’s a sacrifice we have to make.”
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Renesmee was getting stronger and faster. She had been slowed down the first few months of Noah's life because she was breastfeeding. But she had began pumping and she could go longer. He had adjusted well to bottles. Two people were always with them. Most of the time it was Rosalie and Emmett, just because she knew without a doubt in her mind that Rosalie would do anything to protect her children, but Jacob always threw in a wolf too.

Seth was weird now. She couldn't understand what was going on, well she did... But she didn't want to address it. He was upset that Jacob had 'moved' on and made another life with someone else so quickly, even though they explained that Noah was not planned.

[b "Good morning."] she said as she walked in the front door. As usual, Jacob was up waiting for her in their bedroom, Noah was in his crib sound asleep, and the boys were asleep in their room. [b "Lets get a few hours of sleep before the boys wake up."] she said. [b "I never realized how much we depended on Sue."] she said with a grin. [b "But I'm glad she, Charlie and Seth are getting a vacation.. They need it."] she said.

Emmett had updated her on the situation while they were training. [b "They're coming... Two weeks."] she muttered. She hadn't told anyone what she had been thinking, and she wasn't going too. It was obvious that their thoughts weren't safe so she was coming up with her own plan to keep their boys safe.
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Jacob trusted Emmett with his life but he always sent Embry with Renesmeee even if it just was to patrol, he stayed with his boys after his patrols and Paul patrolled the house. Charlie and Sue has left today on a vacation funded by Bella and Edward, to keep them safe but they had disguised it as a gift.

Lately Seth had been distancing himself so he had went with Sue and Charlie, to try and being him back, it had been a suggestion to help from Carlisle.

When Renesmee came back it was a few hours before breakfast and Jacob held her, “no patrol for me in the morning, Sam is taking my place, my bones ache and I cannot phase tomorrow, just I’ll fall over dead.” He said seriously. “If it comes to protecting you and the boys or the tribe, I will phase but otherwise I am down for a day but Sam hasn’t patrolled in weeks and he’s been ready to go.”
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Learning how to do life with three boys wasn't easy. Jacob had to go back to work because he was getting behind on business and people were starting to question. Sue had been so much help though. Her Cullen Family, except for Rosalie and Emmett, They were staying behind to help the pack, ended up going on a 'vacation' because they had heard of another group of newborns. Someone else who was close to Victoria.. She didn't understand why they had waited all these years to try soething though. Jacob had ordered that someone specifaclly patrol around the house. Paul mainly volunteered because Seth still wasn't happy with Jacob's current relationship status.

At night, when Jacob got home, she headed out to the beach to train with Emmett. Jacob didn't want her fighting, but she wasnt' going to be left defenseless when she was perfectly able to protect herself and their boys.
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“He is perfect and Jake, Billy would have loved to meet any of your boys but especially this little one, he looks just like you did when you were born except you had darker hair... he really is perfect.” The only one who seemed upset with the situation was Seth. In his mind he thought Jacob should be holding his sisters baby and everyone should have been happy for them but that wasn’t the case, Leah was gone. He tried to be happy for his mother’s sake, she was very happy and considered Renesmee a daughter and always had even when Leah was alive.

Jacob smiled at Charlie holding Noah and snapped a picture on his phone. “This thing isn’t good for much but it’s a great camera.” He hated phones, Renesmee had made him get one again, he hadn’t had one his entire life up until now. She said it was a precaution for safety and if something happened to one of their boys.
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Renesmee was exhausted after Noah was born. But that didn’t matter, she had a new baby boy to love on, to bond with, and to spoil. She and Jacob were soaking it all in because soon the pack and then her family and extended family would be over to meet the newborn. Thankfully though, Jacob was more than willing to stay up so she could get a few hours of sleep. She was sure he hadn’t let go of Noah while she was asleep.

She beamed when Charlie and Sue walked in to meet Noah. Everyone else was outside waiting with Kwoli and Dawson. She needed this little boy.. Renesmee has a special bond with Charlie. She was thankful everyone understood that.

[b “Hes perfect gramps.”] she said as she handed Noah off to Sue.

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Jacob held his son and cried looking down at the baby boys face. “Renesmee, you did amazing.” He said kissing her gently. His son, well his newborn son was a little over 8 lbs and more human and wolf than vampire thankfully, like his older brother he had a unique scent and had the beautiful tan skin. He loved them all
So much.

Soon everyone was waiting to meet Noah the next day and When he wasn’t in Jacobs arms he was in renesmee’s. “Ness thank you for our boys..I love you all so so much.” He kissed the top of the baby boys head as Charlie and Sue came in, the boys were with Edward and Bella in the living room.

Charlie smiled, “Hes a healthy baby boy isn’t he?” Jacob nodded, “Carlisle said he’s perfect for being a newborn.” He muttered watching his fiancé and child. Jacob had wanted this with Ness and now he had it.
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Renesmee looked at Jacob and simply shook her head. [b "Jacob. I'm pregnant, not dying."] she said. She had planned on giving birth to Baby Black at home. Carlisle and Esme were both on standby. She was just hoping that everything was going to go according to plan.

She heard Jacob walk into their bedroom after he cleaned the kitchen. [b "I'm fine.. Just relaxing baby."] she said as she sank deeper in the tub. The hot water felt so good on her aching back and lower stomach. She had a feeling that baby black would make his appearance tonight.

That night, around three thirty in the morning, Noah Black made his appearance. He had his fathers tan skin, but his hair was more auburn than black, which made her happy. This baby was a perfect mixture of Jacob and her own facial features. He was already so loved.
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He nodded, “Babe be careful, I’ll put everything I. The dishwasher after breakfast and clean up, the boys will be off with Charlie and Sue by then and we can’s snowing, garage is closed so it’s just you, me, and Baby Black, waiting on him to make his appearance.” He said before he kissed her gently.

When everything was cleaned up and the dish washer was started he headed upstairs and knocked on the bathroom door to check on her, “Everything alright baby?” He asked through the door. He didn’t want to barge in or ruin her relaxation too much. She was his wife after all and he did care about her, well they weren’t married yet but they would be soon and Jacob couldn’t wait for that day to come, he needed her like he needed r to breathe. He smiled seeing her, “ill be in our room honey, you just relax.”
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Things were rough for Renesmee right now. She was due any day, Jacob had been working a lot of overtime, so they would have money to fall back on since he was going to stay home with her for two weeks after the baby was born. Even though they didn’t need it, he didn’t like taking “hand outs” from her parents. Between the boys, and getting everyone and everything settled into their new home, she was exhausted. She was thankful that Charlie and Sue were taking the boys a few days early, she was planning on catching up on sleep before the baby was born.

[b “No lower than yesterday.”] she said as she placed the plates of pancakes in front of everyone. [b “Do you mind to load the dishwasher? I want to go take a bath and then lay down.”] She loved being pregnant with Dawson . She loved being pregnant in general, but this pregnancy had been rough.
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Jacob came into the kitchen and saw Renesmee making pancakes. “Feeling alright sweetheart?” He asked seeing her belly, she was due anytime with their baby boy. He was big but no bigger than Dawson or Kwoli had been. He just wanted Renesmee to be alright. “Alice called, it’ll happen soon so Sue and Charlie are coming to get the boys for the next few days.” He said kissing her, “he’s low isn’t he?” He asked with his hands on her bump, he knew low meant soon.

When Charlie and Sue came to get the boys, Jacob had helped Tenesmee to the couch, “Baby you need to rest,” He said and sue smiled, “Just relax, that baby boy will be here before you know it, call us if he does come with weekend.” Jacob nodded, “Oh I will Sue, don’t worry about that.” Charlie nodded, “Take care of my granddaughter Jake, I’m trusting you.”
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It had been four months since they found out that Baby Black was a boy. Renesmee along with Esme and Sue had been working on an interior design project a little closer to home. As much as she didn’t want to give her up her modern tiny mansion, it was getting too hard going back and fourth between Jacobs house and her own. And neither of the houses really had enough room for another baby. Since Jacob was Chief, they had built a farmhouse in La Push. It surprised her that they had been able to build it in three months, but when you had a bunch of vampires, and an entire wolf pack, you could get anything done. It was finished, and they had been working on getting everything moved in, in time for them to get settled before the baby.

Jacob still had his fathers house and the garage. The business was going to stay there, and they were keeping Billy’s house. She had kept her mansion as well, in case anyone ever needed an escape. She had even traded in her Jeep for a Tahoe. She needed a mom car.

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She hugged her, “Leah and Jacob cared for each other and he did what he did to make sure that Leah and Kwoli were not exiled from the tribe, he was in a dark place himself but it was his diplomatic decision to marry her and claim Kwoli as his own that saved them. Old Quil wanted them gone but when Jacob stepped up he couldn’t argue the alphas child.” She said sighing. “She was his and he was hers but she didn’t love him no more then she loved root beer floats or Seth, Jacob just made sure she and Kwoli were safe.” She said softly, “what happened was an accident and you found your way back to Jacob and Kwoli, I couldn’t ask for a better woman to raise my grandson and Kwoli loves you more than you realize.”

She watched the football game, “Your pregnant with a baby boy and all I ask is you don’t forget me when grandmas are mentioned....Kwoli has the gene, his father was Makkah but Jacob, he killed the man after he hurt Leah and beat her, she nearly lost Kwoli and he was born early because of it.”
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Renesmee looked at Charlie and sighed in relief. [b "I didn't want everything to happy like this... I came back for Jacob, I honeslty did. I missed him so much and I wanted Dawson to know his father, but I didn't want to get Jacob back like this.. Leah... I... I know Kwoli misses her, and it some twisted way, I feel responible for her death.. She was coming the back way because she knew Jacob was there.. with me."] she muttered. This pregnancy was making her so emotional.

She looked up from her phone when she heard Sue's voice after the guys had started their football game. She nodded when Sue offered her the pizza and lemonade. [b "Yes... It's literally all I crave anymore."] she said with a grin. [b "Sue.. I love you. I know I could never ever replace Leah.. But I still think of you as a second mother type.. You take care of all of us without a second thought.."] she said. [b "I would love to learn some of Sarah's recipes.."]
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Charlie nodded, “Sue is in the kitchen helping Esme, she is excited that she’s getting another grand baby and she said she just wants you and Jacob to be happy.” He said hugging her. When everyone decided to play football Jacob looked at Renesmee and pouted before kissing her. It was vampires and wolves all playing football. A sight to see for sure, they were fast and could take hits a normal person couldn’t.

She brought her some lemonade and a slice of pizza. “Jacob said you’ve been craving it so we made sure there was extra...and the lemonade was his mother’s recipe, I have her recipe book and I’d like to teach you some of the things out of it...if yo alright with that. I know your not my daughter but your family and Jacob is as much my son as Seth know Sarah was my twin sister and she had His older sisters and then I had Leah and when she had Jacob, you should have seen her face, he was born at home during the worst storm la push had ever seen and he was so stubborn, a 17 hour labor for that boy.”
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