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[b The Four Horsemen.]
[i 1. War.]
[i 2. Famine.]
[i 3. Pestilence.]
[i 4. Death.]

The four big things in this world that is a guarantee, well...that and also taxes.
[+red War], [+blue Famine], [+green Pestilence], and [b Death] were one big "happy" family.
Born at the dawn of time - 3 brothers and the little sister who just happened to be one of the inevitable, Death were created.

The 3 brothers often gave their little sister a hard time speaking on without them, she would have no souls to gather up and cross over.

One day, having enough of their words and there lectures, Death threw up her hands and spoke on that if she was not so important, she would wash her hands of the role she had to play and take a

She did just that.

The holiday was of course, earth.
Dead centre in the middle of LA - Hollywood. A holiday of no reaping of souls and studying the human life that was so important to them.
Everything was brand new to her.
The lights.
The cars.
The smut.

Walking the streets - events soon spiral out of control as Death falls in love.
In love with a man who makes her experience feelings and things she never thought she imagined.


ME - [b Death]
YOU - [b Male role]

[right [font "Georgia" NO DITCHING. Please post. I know you have a life but not leave it for a week.]]
[right [font "Georgia" I play the [b female lead], so this does mean I am in need of a male character.]]
[right [font "Georgia" [b Literacy] is a must. 1500 - 2500 approximately. Understood if you have writers block as we do get those moments from time to time.]]
[right [font "Georgia" [b Real pictures]. I am not picky but please, suitable size..]]
[right [font "Georgia" [b Sex] will be timeskipped. No GM or Abbreviations.]]

[center [font "Georgia" Please. If you are interested in working with me, let me know ... <3]]

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Los Angeles.
Los Angeles was the kind of place where everybody was from somewhere else and nobody really dropped anchor.
It was a transient place.
People drawn by the dream, people running from the nightmare. Twelve million people and all of them ready to make a break for it if necessary. Figuratively, literally, metaphorically -- any way you want to look at it -- everybody in L.A. keeps a bag packed. Just in case.

A strong of murders had taken over L.A.
People were afraid.

Locking their doors and making sure their windows were shut and secure so no one one could get inside
Alarm systems installed for extra protection, but it only seemed to be majority of men that were getting hurt. There were a few cases of women being harmed but those - to the killer was because they simply got in the way.

From the sidelines, a woman in black - covered head to toe raised an eyebrow as her eyes watched carefully of a car that had pulled up and remained stagnant.
[b "When will they ever learn..."] she muttered to herself as she continued to peek around the corner, just in time for the decoy to make himself known - trudging towards a warehouse due to money in hand from an unknown.

Two men stepped out from the car and yet only one moved inside. Arms out.
Gun pointed and soon vanished from eye view - leaving a rookie soldier behind as backup.
That was when, Lily stepped out from the behind the corner and slowly walked up behind the Cop, stalking her pray - one stepped forward at a time ever so quietly.
What came next was an outlet she sighed at - eyes closed as she tilted her head back - feeling the wonderful release that followed.

A knife, plunging into the side of neck - halfway of the blade before she pulled it hard to the side and slit the Cop's throat for good measure.
Blood sprayed.
The male gurgled as Lily let him go as his hands reached up and tried to salvage his lie as much as he could, just in time for the radio to receive wording from the Detective, inside with the Decoy.

[i "Hernandez. I need a pickup for a perp. .Hernandez, dammit now's not..."]
Switching on a voice changer device, Lily smiled and spoke into it right after letting the Detective listen to the sounds of gurgling.
[b "You really think you're smart, don't you detective. Pity. I was hoping for something more challenging."] a voice spoke, the smile growing wider. [b "Never leave a man behind. You're a fool, Rousseau. That's right. I know who you are.."]

Lily had never left a crime scene quicker in her life knowing that the male was on his way back to the car to attend to his partner.
It was letting Hernandez go that his fingers caught a bit of hair and managed to pull some out.

Silly girl.


It had been a good solid 48 hours since the good Cop was killed. Lily had remained under the radar and committed no further crimes as killing a Police Officer, it was now pretty much all hands on deck. How long she had to be quiet, she did not know - but she had her fun ….for now.
That did not stop the woman from keeping eye on the Detective who seemed to grow more irritable as each moment that past.

It had been raining on the day that she wandered into the cafe with a rush.
A newspaper covering her head - the dress upon her curvy body, tight like a second skin.
Flesh a little wet from the raindrops that had fallen, making the strands of her long - now dyed brunette hair bunch together from being soaked.
As much as she loved being a blonde, a brunette she has to be for the mean time.

She sighed and wiped herself down before making her way to the bar, knowing full well who was inside.

The closer she got to the Detective, perhaps information she could obtain to see how close they really were as stupid girl, she knew her hair was pulled.
After all, she was a woman...he was a man...

Placing her purse upon the countertop, Lily slowly sat upon a stool and gave the waitress behind the counter a smile.

[+red "What can I get you, hun?..."]

Oh, Lily hated being called names like that - but playing a role of an innocent, Lily continued to smile.

[b "Coffee...just coffee, thanks.."] she spoke, watching the Waitress wander away to get the coffee jug, Lily turned her head and eyed the Detective swift fully, before turning her head back.
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You got it. Give me a bit to find a snack and I'll get to it.
Yeah thatll be great if you could.
If not..I can. Itll just take time lol
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I can post first if you're not feeling up to it. Just let me know.

I rather be 30.

Doesn't matter :(
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I'll post when I can.

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Very nice.
I'll be using Lily.

So we are doing with the Detective/Killer plot?
  MeisjeKelly / 52d 11h 30m 52s
Just in case you need a name at all. I went with Gerard Rousseau, homicide detective for the LAPD. Also testing my picture to see if needs to be resized.

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