This Can't Be Real Chapter #1

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[b This Can't Be Real]
[+red first chapter]
[b help fight till the end before its the end of me]

you live in the best place ever

until you wake up and the world is being destroyed by monsters. now
you have to try to fight them

chapters will be marked with colors. chapter #1 =[+red red]
two will be [+orange orange] and so on
Every 10 pages will be the end of the chapter so tell me if you see more then 10 pages/ the pages are at ten. I'm really bad at looking at that type of stuff
reaguest access before you give me your character, then when I sk you why you want to be in this book, you tell me your character and why you want to join [b IN PM'S]
Im wanting 2 more poeple Introduced in the story in [+orange chapter 2] thankyou

[b chose your side]

there are the people and the monsters. they can be good or bad

if your a monster and you wanna be good then you can be good but you have to be on the monster side first then the humans. same with the humans

send me your character skelly first

Skeleton: (example)
Name: Shoonjdina
Age: 25
gender: female
magic: no
likes: gum, fashion
dislikes: labor day, leap years, Capri pants and 3rd wheels
sexuality: bi
other: she's the most popular girl at school. shes mean at first until you get to know her

1. Name: Shoonjdina
Age: 25
gender: female
magic: no
likes: gum, fashion
dislikes: labor day, leap years, Capri pants and 3rd wheels
sexuality: bi
other: she's the most popular girl at school. shes mean at first until you get to know her
she also is an angel she doesnt really know that though, even though she has an angel wings
2. NAME: Arana
AGE: 22
GENDER: Female
POWERS: Can fly
FAVORITE THINGS: Eating cooked animal meat, sitting in quiet places, and flying in the mountains
LEAST FAVORITE THINGS: crowds, being held captive, war
Loves to go out and hunt alone.

Knows moves of war




be nice
no cursing
no godmodding

pm me your character skelly beforehand.
we will start when someone comes in.
[b you can come in after we start. when we start the war starts. when I decide. but before then, we can roleplay the parts before the war starts]


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*she goes back to the window to look at the buildings* '' sighh*
  shoonjdina / bellpepper / 4d 18h 5m 29s
HOIII MY PEEPS! I'M BACKK!! Bellpepper!1!1!1!1!1!1! Where is you!?!?!?!?!?!?!!??!? We should continue1
  Navy08_RussetTail / 8d 18h 3m 4s
Hi my nawme iws ebony dawk’ness dementia waven way awnd i have wong ebony bwack haiw with puwpwe stweaks awnd wed tips thawt weaches my mid-back awnd icy bwue eyes wike wimpid teaws awnd a wot of peopwe teww me i wook wike amy wee. I have bewn wunning fwom witch huntews fow evew awnd evew. I hope tuwu find wove but they have tuwu wike me even though im a witch cos its wike weawwy impowtant tuwu me. I wight a cigawette awnd punch my bwothew awnd wook fow othew monstews. Awso i wisten tuwu an evanescance song.
  T W I N / Retribution / 14d 4h 43m 40s
time period?)

thats how its suposed to be) >:3
  shoonjdina / bellpepper / 16d 11h 1m 1s
Wow, dang. That's large. Is it in different...uh...what was I going to say? I don't know... T^T
Its a really good story, too. keep going.
I have to go to bed. I have someone to help tomorrow. -^- i definitely wanted to... no I was picked. T^T
Help .
Bye my friend, Until tomorrow!
  Navy08_RussetTail / 16d 10h 59m 34s
thank you for [b finilly] listening to me
The Witch In The Cave

BY: Bellpepper

Inspired by my family and Ms. Brown/ my 3rd-grade teacher


Hello. My name is Summer, I’m a witch. Don’t worry, I’m a good one, even though people don’t really believe that. Everyone in the village, kicked me out once the nobles started thinking that I was evil or something and they were about to put me through a witch trial until I ran away. Now I live in a cave
It’s okay, I can get food when I need it, and I get privacy. Maybe too much privacy, it’s kind of lonely over all by myself, but at least I don’t have to find two times the food. That’s a plus.

This book is about how I was sent out of my village and found this cave.

Well, this is my story.

Chapter one
The Awakening

I woke up to the smell of fresh food all through our house. I got out of bed and Fixed the blanket nice and neat and got dressed and put my slippers on. I walked into the living area and saw the fruit. There were red apples, green apples, yellow and pink all glowing as the morning sun beamed through the opened window. I walked up to the table and stood on my tip-toes to see farther into the basket. There were all types of fruits and vegetables! Apples, oranges, bananas and grapes, carrots, cucumbers, pumpkins, and potatoes.

I was happy that my family has a farm, it's my favorite thing to wake up and see what mother nature has brought to us! When Mother walked through the door, I ran to her and gave her a great big hug. The warmth of her smile was priceless. After we stopped hugging, I told her about my dream and we walked in the living area to talk. ‘’ Mother. I had the strangest dream last night!’’ I said as we sat down on to the soft couch. ‘’ Are you going to tell me?’’She said laughing at how excited I was.
‘’Yess’’ I exclaimed.’’ I was walking through this forest and everything started floating off of the ground including me. I held on to root but it ripped and before I had the time to grab to something else, everything fell down exept for me! Then I started being able to fly and I flew to the moon and had a picnic. Then I road on a star all the way back home!’’ I said excitedly.
‘’Well then. You must have had a great time. Didn't you?’’ My mother said giggling about how silly my dream.’’ go put on some shoes. Your Father will be here any minute’’ My Mother said as she got up to get the wheat ready so we could have our porridge.’’ okay mother.’’. I got up and raced to my room to get my lace-up boots and skipped outside. As her father came back from hunting, he sat hit tools down by the clothing line and walked up to give me a hug. Than he said
‘’ I need to get cleaned up sweety than I can play with you.’’ Then he walked inside and through the hallway to the bathing house.

After a little while, father came back in fresh clean clothes, and mother was finished making our porage so we all said our prayer and ate our food. It was amazing. Mother always makes the best porage ever.

how is it?)
  shoonjdina / bellpepper / 16d 11h 4m 48s
Try again, but log out of your account on google and you'll be able to get to it...?
  Navy08_RussetTail / 16d 11h 5m 45s
ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok i'm sorryy
  Navy08_RussetTail / 16d 11h 7m 56s
it doesnt work bt=ruhhh listen to meeee when i say that !1

[+red ugh]
  shoonjdina / bellpepper / 16d 11h 13m 50s
Look up wattpad and put in you school account and change you name and create you own story and publish it to people who are one wattpad. That's what I did, but you can start reading without logging in, but you can't do anything fancy
  Navy08_RussetTail / 16d 11h 16m 5s
  shoonjdina / bellpepper / 16d 11h 20m 1s Copy this and put it in the google search. :D see my stories, I have a few chapters on my story of The Legend Never Forgotten
  Navy08_RussetTail / 16d 11h 21m 30s
its not allowed on my school pc. its blocked. this and padlet are the few things i can use to talk online)
  shoonjdina / bellpepper / 16d 11h 21m 31s
idk I have a few stories on Wattpad.. want to see?
  Navy08_RussetTail / 16d 11h 22m 21s
im on my school pc)

maybe you could join my padlet?
  shoonjdina / bellpepper / 16d 11h 25m 11s

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