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[center [font "century gothic" [size10 our story starts off in san francisco 2045
[tab] [tab] [b he] is a introverted and lonely man stuck in a cubicle
[tab] [tab] [tab] recently getting over a bad breakup with his boss' daughter
[tab] [tab] [tab][tab] [b she] is an AI female, built into an app
[tab] [tab] [tab] [tab][tab] he downloaded to which to help with his anxiety
[tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] with each fear and daily input of his schedule they become closer
[tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] she finds herself in a physical body for a test campaign ran by the app
[tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] stuck in a house with a [i woman] who's supposed to know everything about him
[tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] he begins to question whether [i their] reality is worth l i v i n g
[right [size22 》]]
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[I [center [font "century gothic" [size25 r u l e s]]]]
[center [font "century gothic" [size10 [b •so what i want] for this rp is something kind of scifi-dramance?
[center [tab] [tab] the first portion will focus on building the relationship via app - but eventually will move into physical state
[center [font "century gothic" [size10 [b •do expect romance], this will start out awkward attraction obvs, but I do want this to have an intense intimate feel - they know a lot about each other and as this involves AI [b she] begins to develop a personality he doesn't expect
[center [font "century gothic" [size10 •mature themes including:
[b violence, cursing, intimacy, some things might be triggering so lmk ahead of time]
[center [font "century gothic" [size10 [b •doesn’t matter] how much you write, just give me [i something] to work with and please don’t write more than you have to
[center [font "century gothic" [size10 [b •don’t copy my posts.] please push the story forward, world build if you can; I understand writer's block but it’s harder for me to construct a post if you literally just rewrote my post and added one piece of dialogue. this story is supposed to flesh out our character's lives and bring realism to their falling in love
[center [font "century gothic" [size10 •[b this is important]: I need someone who takes no longer than 3 days to post. the main reason im making these rps is because i need a distraction. it gets boring not having someone consistent to write with
[center [font "century gothic" [size10 [b •communicate;] I work full time so i understand having a life and being busy. you don’t have to message me every day, but if I don’t hear from you for a week im just deleting the thread. there's no need to force a story
[b [center pm if interested x]]]
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Days had turned to weeks, which turned to months and suddenly it seemed so casual to have her around. Joe had joked about him having the live-in girlfriend he so desperately wanted, warning him not to get obsessed. It was hard not to think about Joline though. Everything about them was perfect – she knew what he liked to eat, when to get him out of a bad mood with just a change of song or even suggesting a change in his routine. At first it was unnerving to him and he’d burnt plenty of meals to which she would not allow him to be discouraged. She knew so much and yet would tell him that they [I both were learning]. He had started to depend on her and hated being away from her. On his lunch he would walk to the park near the office, something he had never did before, but it was nice to have an intimate moment with her to which they could catch up and eat. He was nervous about pulling her up in his office, not really ashamed, but scared of the judgments – [I Tyler too much of a loser to get a real girl]. Some part of him feared news would get back to Anna and that was something that truly would have embarrassed him.

Slowly he was moving out of that discomfort zone and while his parents, his mother especially, had been skeptical about him bringing Joline as a date, he was glad that she had agreed. Fortunately his brother had been very active in knowing how he and Joline were getting along and he had been the one to convince his mother that it was a good idea. He’d even sent him a coded update to have some interaction with her in her own world, though it was very limited. He couldn’t really feel her, just a set of hands on the screen to offer a wave, or a caress to the cheek – she wouldn’t feel anything either but it excited him to know how he could push into her world much the same as she could into his.

Walking into the apartment then, he was surprised to find her not waiting in the living room as usual. He knew where she was though, the bedroom and he peeked then from the doorway to see her posing in the mirror. He smiled then, activating the app to allow his hands to wrap around her and produce a bouquet of flowers. She was slowly gaining her own personality and the more she researched the more he found what piqued her interest in a world full of the impossible.
“You look stunning,” he said with a chuckle. “Guess I should get a bit more dressed up, that’ll surely shock my mom.”
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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/X5uVWvh.jpg]] [center [font "Times New Roman" It had been months since Joline had come to be with Tyler. The two of them had a pretty solid routine down, by now. Mornings were breakfast- she was even slowly getting him to cook- and a shower, then reading until work. When he got home, she would be there waiting, usually learning some new things herself, or listening to music.

She found her life with Tyler to be more exciting than she had anticipated, even if she wasn't doing much out of the ordinary. She was built for extraordinary things, and being able to ignore that to just... [i be] for a while was really nice.

Today they were going to his parents place for a dinner, which struck her as funny, because she couldn't eat... but somehow he wanted her there. And to be honest, she wanted to go with him pretty well everywhere. So while he finished his shift for the day, she spent time in front of the mirror trying on different dresses and hair styles, before settling on a deep teal dress, with her hair pinned to one side, over her shoulder.

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/br2WIaF.jpg]] Would they like her? She couldn't figure out exactly why it was important, but she wanted them to approve of her. Maybe it was a complex from reading so many articles about holograms and AIs being shunned by some people, but it was making her anxious. By the time he got home, she didn't even hear the door open, she was too busy fretting in front of the mirror. Everything had to be perfect.
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Tyler was shocked then to find how simple of desires she had and yet how hearing her speak about it made him want to be there for her to be able to experience. Seeing and experiencing living in the world seemed different than, more exciting than he suspected. It was surprising to him how happy he was to find the joy that Joline was bringing into his life. It hadn’t occurred to him how much he was smiling at her while she talked until those words left her lips and his look took on more of a surprise. He hadn’t expected her to say something like that to him. His heartbeat increased some then, his eyes falling to the ground to hide his reddening cheeks.

“Well, who knows what the future holds. Maybe I’ll get a raise and upgrade you.” He admitted, knowing he was getting his hopes up. He can never afford an upgraded model, but some part of him found it already content in being with her just as is now. Purchasing the live model seemed like a far off dream, but a great dream to have nonetheless. He looked up at her, her hair tucked behind her ear. He wanted to reach out and kiss her and it was a scary thought for him. He worried about getting too attached. He had heard stories about that happening and often it didn’t end well for the human.

“What do you say we grab something to eat?” He suggested. Usually he ate at home, but what could be the harm in catching something to eat at a restaurant. He realized then how much he wanted Joline to experience the world with him, even though she had all the information anyone could ever need at her [I fingertips].
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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/X5uVWvh.jpg]] [center [font "Times New Roman" Joline was surprisingly happy that he seemed genuinely interested in what she wanted to know. She hummed softly, a pleased sound, and her smile got a bit wider, while still remaining soft and [i genuine].

[b [#80b9ff "I've always wanted to go swimming."]] she decided, her cheeks heating up as she felt something akin to embarrassment at the admission. [b [#80b9ff "I want to know what it's like to feel the vibration of music. I want to smell the winter air, and I want to know what a book feels like. I want to hold hands with someone, I want to know what a racing heart feels like. I want to make a bed, I want to learn to cook, and how to make music."]]

The list of things she wanted to do could go on forever, so before she found herself too carried away, she put a stop to the string of desires.

[b [#80b9ff "I want to run my fingers through your hair every time you smile at me."]]

... She hadn't meant to say that.

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/br2WIaF.jpg]] She hadn't meant to say it, but she didn't take it back either, she simply cast a sidelong glance at him to measure his reaction. Her smile had fallen to an expression of curiosity, and she felt a bit of anticipation in waiting to hear his thoughts. Maybe something close to anxiety. What if that was the wrong thing to say?
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She had changed somewhat he could tell, and yet Tyler made no effort to remove his hand from hers. He was feeling a bit lonely and after looking at his ex’s profile, he was feeling a bit like a loser. It was an odd thinking, but he had never really been a man of sought out attention – his brother was different. His brother had [I options] and yet Tyler always seemed like he would be a last resort or the last choice. With Joline it was different though. She thought so highly of him. To her she was his only choice, programmed to fit what he wanted and desired – yet her ability to catch on was so natural and it didn’t feel like the apps he had tried in the past – apps that he had hidden in shame from others. She did feel [I real] to him.

“I want to hear them,” he told her. He was curious to delve into her mind much the same he suspected that she was interested in him and how much she was interested in the real world. His ex had never really been into him that way and it was only now that Tyler had realized how much more invested in the relationship he possibly was compared to Anna. He thought of all that she could explore and even more so how much fun it would be to share in her firsts. There was music, food and sights – so much about the world that he had taken for granted. He wondered just what simple [I wonders] of the world or of being human Joline found fascinating and whether he would be surprised at her list.
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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/X5uVWvh.jpg]] [center [font "Times New Roman"
She could immediately tell when the page started to make him depressed, and it just piqued her curiosity even more. She didn't say anything for a while, and instead looked down where his hand phased through hers, and she thought it strangely intimate. It had her smiling again, starting to put together another playlist. This one in secret.

[b [#80b9ff "I'm glad we came here too."]] she admitted, and she found herself surprised that she really, really meant that. She felt less like an AI, a simple program, when she was with him. Joline could swear she almost... Could really feel. His question didn't strike her as entirely weird, but she wasn't sure how to answer, so she took her time fixing a response to him.

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/br2WIaF.jpg]] [b [#80b9ff "There are a lot of things I want to do. I think if I told you them though, they would sound pretty mundane."]] An artificial intelligence program feeling self conscious. What a concept. She tried not to look too sheepish, and used her [i free] hand to push her hair over her shoulder. [b [#80b9ff "I can still tell you, if you want to know... But I feel like they're a little silly."]]
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“I want you to pull it up,” he said then. He knew this wouldn’t do him any favors, couldn’t even be sure if this would help him in any way, but still – curiosity got the best of him. It wasn’t unusual behavior, considering Tyler had always been this way. He’d not had many dates or serious girlfriends and yet being with Anna, someone he thought to be out of his league seemed like the relationship he’d been waiting for. He wanted to see what about this guy she had fallen for so quickly differed from him. He waited for the page to load before looking at the screen. They’d taken engagement photos. Tyler sighed out. The guy of course was good looking and familiar to him. He’d seen the man before in his building. He must’ve worked higher up, there was a picture of them with her father all together and a bunch of smiles. Tyler’s stomach turned some, but he tried not to show how upset he was.

He closed out of the browser himself, staring at the black screen. How nice it would be to not feel such things. Pain and regret – loneliness, though looking to his side he figured he wasn’t truly alone. He started to recognize the tune she was humming and instinctively joined along. Where was she in that moment? He wished he could see the wind blow through her hair. His hand reached for hers perched on the board and though there was no actual contact, he still felt like he felt something.

“I’m glad we came here,” he told her then with a smile. “What’s something you’ve always wanted to do?” He asked and was unsure if it was a weird question.
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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/X5uVWvh.jpg]] [center [font "Times New Roman"
The picture she saw of Tyler when he was younger made her absolutely light up. He looked so carefree and [i happy] in a way that she knew he probably wasn't used to being anymore. She saved the memory away for later and took a seat beside him on the rock, looking up as a couple of bird flew overhead. Her knees pulled up to her chest as she considered what he told her. In theory she knew how to get away from the city too, but that's all it was. Theory.

His request to see Anna's page again made her look back over at him, a curious expression on her face. [b [#80b9ff "I can, if that's what you really want me to do, Tyler."]] There was no judgement on her face or in her tone. She really would do it, if that's what he wanted, but he always seemed so conflicted about Anna. Why would he want to see her page so bad if things had been so bad between them. She supposed it was a human impulse she wouldn't understand.

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/br2WIaF.jpg]] She waited for a response and looked our amongst the trees with an unreadable expression, humming the tune to an older song softly, and curling her fingers some. She was starting to notice a bit of resemblance between her and Anna visually and it made her wonder if she was supposed to look like her. She... Wasn't sure she liked that.
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It was funny ¬¬¬to him, he bet ¬¬¬that Joline wished she could experience what he did and yet he too wanted to know just what was going through her [I mind] as the trip progressed. What was this experience like to someone who couldn’t really interact with anything? It saddened him to know that she could see, but she could not truly feel or smell. If e had the money he would’ve bothered to purchase an actual AI body, but those were expensive and out of his price range. She seemed content though, more than that really with just being able to be in full person, alongside him. And this seemed like enough. Though Tyler wondered if it would always be enough – he swallowed the thought. The call of a lonely man and an AI was not unusual and he was scared to become involved in something that could never be real. Whatever [I real] meant now.

“Well – it would’ve felt rude to leave you,” he said and honestly he had been enjoying her company. They were so compatible the connection truly natural, though that could have just been because she had pulled every bit of information, she needed about him from his phone and social media outlets. “I used to come here a lot with my family when I was younger,” he said. It wasn’t unusual with such software for a memory not to pip up. There was a picture that was immediately sent to Joline, a young Tyler on the beach, the bridge behind him – a bright smile on his face, him being just seven at the time the picture was taken. It was a god day, but also the day that his parents had toed them they would be separating. They’d gotten back together, but Tyler always thought about that day – the way rocky road ice cream turned sour in his mouth, how confused he was.

Love was fickle and fleeing and while he had a while to think about it, Tyler did learn at a young age that love was tricky and sometimes love wasn’t love at all. “It can get a bit stuffy,” he said then as he took a seat on a large rock. “Sometimes feels like I’m stuck in a maze y’know? But I know all the best routes to get out – I just . . . well I guess I just choose to make myself mad and stick to what I know.” He chuckled then, looking down at his hands. The last time he had been here was on his second date with Anna, it wasn’t surprising for that memory to pop up. He quickly deleted the notification, but curiosity was getting the best of him.

“Can you pull up Anna’s page?” It wasn’t so much a request, but Tyler was curious then to how she would react.
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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/X5uVWvh.jpg]] [center [font "Times New Roman"
If anyone was uncomfortable because of Joline, the hologram certainly didn't notice. She was too busy taking in the sights of the city, from the ridges and cracks of the sidewalk, to the glass of the buildings and the grate of the step onto the bus. Joline kept close to Tyler as her momentarily distracted mind could handle, and followed him onto the bus, even going so far as to sit down beside him, simply because there was no one else to sit down. It seemed the bus was more empty today than she would have thought for the city. It was likely that everyone was at work.

Watching the buildings pass, she found herself looking out the window as they passed. It was like in movies, or the memories she watched at night. There was more sound than anything, she found, and the roar of the bus was on the obnoxious side to anyone who had frequent experience with it, but she found it [i exciting]. Everything in this world was exciting to experience firsthand. She wondered that the vibration of the bus felt like, what things smelled like or what textures there were to experience. It wasn't for her to know, but she could get an approximation based on description at least.

When the bus pulled to a halt, she looked over to Tyler as he stood, and once again followed him off of the bus, toward a greener area. It was probably fake- most walking trails within the cities were nowadays, but they looked real enough that it hae her looking up just to get her own perspective on the lights coming through the trees, and shining down on them. That was a sight she was sure she would never get bored of. [b [#80b9ff "It's beautiful."]] she murmured, looking from the lights over to Tyler again with an unabashed grin. There was no human shame in her joy, nothing having beaten her down with beratement for her own desires and enjoyment.

[b [#80b9ff "Thank you for bringing me here."]] Once again her attention was drawn to the tree line as someone passed them, andit caught her eye. She couldn't wait to see it with him. As they started into the woods, she put her hands in the pockets of her sweats and played at kicking a rock, even though it seemed to just pass through her shoe. [b [#80b9ff "Have you been here a lot? It's a gorgeous place."]]

Joline could imagine reaching out to brush the bark, feel how rough it was, or picking a leaf just to tear it to pieces in her fingers, or even... maybe
[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/br2WIaF.jpg]]holding Tylers hand. That was a new desire that struck her suddenly, and she found herself glancing down at his hand before looking back at the trail, the traces of a flush gracing her complexion. [b [#80b9ff "We should come here often. It's a nice escape from the city feel. Not that the city is [i bad], I just think that maybe it's a bit clinical compared to a place like this, right?"]] Oh god, she was rambling.
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He blushed at her compliment, not sure if he would have the same sense of confidence in reading aloud again. Though, it had been nice to have someone to listen to him and actually seem invested in the story. “Thank you,” he said softly, ducking his head and hoping the red from his cheeks had died down. The conversation moving on to the hike was a great distraction and he was eager to think about that. Though, he was worried some about the stigma of going out with a hologram.

There was nothing necessarily bad about it - but people were still finding it hard to get into the comfort of allowing robots and such technology into their space - life only seemed to matter if you were a human. Joline was happy though and bubbly, he hated the idea of trapping her in the confines of his phone or watch after allowing her such a moment of [i freedom]. She - to him existed suddenly - more than she had before.So much to the point he wanted to reach his hand out to take her own.

They walked out of his apartment then, finally reaching the outside and he didn't really think of it as being overwhelming, but with the amount of people sidestepping or even walking through her, he could only imagine the feelings Joline had.He smiled as he watched her, ignoring the looks of people that were aimed in their direction. He motioned toward walking to their left to head to the bus stop. He boarded, using his phone to pay before taking a seat. It was a not so full cabin which was nice, more than likely since it was the afternoon on a weekend. He watched her, wondering what Joline was experiencing. “How’d you like it?” He asked her as the bus finally came to a stop. It was just a bit away from the entrance of of the path. It was much quieter, though there were a few people there, with their kids or walking their dogs.
  tyler / SincerelyLily / 13d 17h 45m 19s
[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/X5uVWvh.jpg]] [center [font "Times New Roman" A hike! She had almost forgotten when the notification hit her, and she grinned again, flickering a moment until she was in sweats that matched his, and a white tank-top. She was excited to go outside, to see everything from a perspective outside of Google maps. A firsthand account, even if she couldn't feel the breeze or smell the air or anything.

[b [#80b9ff "I'm ready to go when you are!"]] she chirped, keeping eye contact, but she noted his pulse and anxiety spike. She softened her expression some, but kept it warm. [b [#80b9ff " And for the record, I loved your reading. I can't wait to hear more."]] She could only hope that would be reassuring.

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/br2WIaF.jpg]] The first time she stepped outside was almost overwhelming. The elevator hadn't been so bad, and the lobby was nice and clean, but the city streets blew her away. So many people, and so much to process at once. She was grinning like an eager child, taking a minute to process everything before she even took a step, keeping her pace beside him. [b [#80b9ff "This is amazing!"]]
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After disposing of the bubble wrap which was recyclable, Tyler unveiled the watch and the attachment that could be used at home. This would be handy, to allow the watch the have time to charge should he use it outside. It took some time for it to load and not surprisingly there were updates that downloaded at the same time. After syncing his phone and inputting a password, he was able to get it finalized in its setup. There was a brief moment where the room was scanned before finally layer by layer Joline’s hologram was being formed, starting from the bottom and going up. He was just as inpatient as Joline had been during the unpacking and he could understand why. This was quite the venture for him. It was strange to see his phone go dark then, but he was distracted very quickly once fully formed in front of him was Joline.

Dressed in the leggings and comfy soft sweater, hanging just above her knees, oversized on her. It was weird for him to want to reach out to her, though knew that his hand would just go through. He could see her features better now: in person before him made it easier for him to notice all the little things that the screens just couldn’t pick up. He laughed then, his stomach turning some at how she smiled and the giddiness she clearly felt. “Hey there.” He told her. It wouldn’t be so weird now, when he had breakfast or dinner – she would be there and maybe that would take away from the idea of knowing someone was technically listening and watching to his every move. Not necessarily in a bad way, but the whole purpose of this new release was someone who could adapt to you as you changed.

Still Tyler wasn’t that confident of a guy and having her in person made him feel like when he had approached Anna. He was a ball of nerves. His eyes looked into her green ones. His favorite color. “Well – I mean if I didn’t bore you, I guess we have a hike to get to?”
  tyler / SincerelyLily / 15d 14h 38m 29s
[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/X5uVWvh.jpg]] [center [font "Times New Roman" If Joline were a bird, she would be a hummingbird, flitting around Tyler's shoulder while he unboxed the hologram projector. She used the best angle she could to get a look at it, biting down on her lip to show her anxiousness. She hadn't been this excited since she has passed her testing stages and had been given free access to the internet. Everything appeared undamaged, and she watched as he powered it on.

The anticipation was killing her. It was still new tech, a portable hologram device like this, so it was slow to start up, and she found herself, for the first time, understanding the idea of impatience.

[b [#80b9ff "... I can't believe I can get impatient."]] she joked quietly, grinning when she heard the device make the start up sound. It lot up blue, circling around and eventually becoming a solid ring of blue. Fully charged. She took the opportunity to connect, and her picture flickered off the screen of his phone.

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/br2WIaF.jpg]] And them she was in front of him. She looked... Almost [i real], and she was a bit shorter than him, standing there and looking up at him with green eyes. [b [#80b9ff "Hey there, stranger."]] she teased, grinning up at him with a bright expression, and tugging on the edge of the sweater she had been wearing. The little things like this were [i nice].
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Tyler watched her switch to the tv. He walked over to the couch and took a seat, placing his phone to the side. He blushed some as he opened the book. It was a bit weird reading to someone, but he just told himself it would be like reading out loud. He figured it would’ve been weirder if he read to himself while she idly stood by or even more depressing to think about how she would go off into [I wherever] to entertain her until she was needed again. That thought made him feel sad, he didn’t want her to feel as though she could just be replaced, though he suspected the idea would always hang over her head with how often technology was being updated.

Tyler had begun to read then, over time it became very easy for him to eventually get over the nervousness. It seemed casual, watching her cozied on the couch, he caught himself sometimes casually glancing to his side, almost expecting her to be cuddled against his chest as he read. He wouldn’t have minded spending the rest of the day like that but paused then at the sound of the doorbell. The notification disrupted the vision, a split screen of video surveillance to reveal a delivery man.

He slipped a bookmark in, not one to dog ear books, especially his older ones and headed to the door. Tyler signed for the package – he’d chosen the package that allotted a wrist attachment, which meant he could bring her into the real world if he wanted. Though, that was something he would save only for if they were alone. It was the future, but relationships with AI models was still very much taboo. There’s been a whole debate going on since the beginning of the year a man was trying to marry his robotic girlfriend. He chewed on his lip then, placing the box on the table in the living room and unboxing it with a raised brow.
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