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Very very helpful. Um. I mean yeah, I guess. If you wanna stop, just tell me though, yeah?
  Kitten- / 157d 8h 10m 11s
I don’t mind if we do it or not ahaha
It’s up to you^^
  Greyson / 157d 8h 13m 8s
((Is like to, but if you don’t want to then we don’t have to.
  Kitten- / 157d 8h 15m 48s
( I mean, it’s up to you. If you want to, sure. If not, okay.
  Greyson / 157d 8h 17m 37s
Are we ever going to pick this role play back up or no?
  Kitten- / 157d 8h 35m 13s
( yeah same but whatever I don’t really care ahaha
  Greyson / 158d 10h 54m 4s
((Let’s just drop it for ow. I gotta do homework.
  Kitten- / 158d 10h 54m 51s
( idrc what we do. It’s up to you, whether we leave it be or not
  Greyson / 158d 10h 58m 30s
((Me neither lol
Wanna skip or something?
Or we could just drop it for now
  Kitten- / 158d 11h 0s
( I literally have no idea what I’m doing because idk how Jungkook acts or what a fan sign is like
  Greyson / 158d 11h 2m 47s
Taehyung couldn’t focus on the fans. Jungkook wasn’t quite himself.
  Kitten- / 158d 11h 3m 40s
Jungkook continued to smile and chat with the people, occasionally joking with Jin, who was sitting on his other side.
  Greyson / 158d 11h 4m 11s
Taehyung bit his lip before smiling at the next girl. He owed Jungkook some private time. Maybe they could watch a movie together at the hotel…
  Kitten- / 158d 11h 5m 29s
Jungkook simply nodded, chatting with the new guy in front of him.
  Greyson / 158d 11h 18m 1s
Taehyung glanced around. The camera was on them. “You sure?” He didn’t dare do or say anything more.
  Kitten- / 158d 11h 43m 46s

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