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[b "run run little rabbit, before you're caught"]

Jane is a 18 year old girl who is moderately popular and has a handful of friends, she's living a good life and wants to become a vet. But one night she wakes up from a nightmare to find someone dressed in all black watching her sleep. The next night she finds a note taped to her window saying [b "if you tell anyone, i'll make you regret it little rabbit"] having no idea what to think jane decides it's one of her friends playing a prank on her, little does she know that her stalker is closer to her but farther away then she would have ever imagined.

Y/N is jane's next door neighbour and he's two years older. He's been obsessed with her since he was a kid, but recently his obsession has led to him stalking her, but he's got plans to do more than that.

i'm looking for someone to play a male yandere. The plot is your char is after jane but she's very naive and doesn't realise until to late

there will be violence in this. No cybering
Pm if interested


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*she reads the message and replies with'' okay im by the coffee shop walking over 81throad. I'm almost there''*
  shoonjdina / bellpepper / 3d 7h 5m 27s
"I don't have one because i don't really know what to get her as my gifts always end up being really bad" Jane explained to Alec as the bus arrived and she headed up to the top "i guess that's what happens when you're friends with someone who has completely different interests to you" when she sat down at a window seat she took out her phone sending Shoonjdina another message, [i "we're on the bus now"]
  Jane Ross / mythicmallow / 10d 18h 44m 28s
“Maybe she just had a lot on her mind this morning. i mean, it is her birthday.” He said as he let out a chuckle. “Did you get her a gift? Or should we try to sneak off later and get one later?” he asked
  thouxanban / 11d 4h 22m 56s
() ahahahahahahahaahahahahahhaahahahahahhahahahahha
  Jane Ross / mythicmallow / 12d 13h 37s
*she got the message and replied*'' okay thanks. she walked to the place while rolling her bike to the side of her then took a swig of water*
  shoonjdina / bellpepper / 14d 8h 16m 1s
Jane looked at her phone again while they were waiting at the bus stop. She scrunched up her nose when she read the text before replying [i "the quad biking place"] Rolling her eyes she turned to face Alec. "i can't believe Shoonjdina forgot the meeting place, it's her birthday" she said with a little huff
  MythicMallow / 14d 10h 25m 53s
Alec followed behind her. He stared at her from behind. He admired her shape, her hair, everything about it. This trip, he was hoping to be able to get her alone
  thouxanban / 14d 11h 1m 54s
*shoonjdina read the message and went out of her house with all of her stuff, locked her door and answered back*'' okay so weres our meeting place again?''
  shoonjdina / bellpepper / 14d 13h 8m 55s
While she waited Jane took her phone from her pocket and told Shoonjdina that he said he would go. When he came back she turned and began walking to the bus stop.
  MythicMallow / 14d 13h 10m 30s
“Yeah sure i’m up for it. let me go finish up what i was doing and we could go.” Alec left the door open then ran upstairs to get ready. He came back down a few minutes later wearing a hoodie, sweatpants, and tennis shoes. “Let’s go.”
  thouxanban / 15d 1h 55m 40s
*shoonjdina put on some sweatpants and a sweatshirt on then did light make-up*
  shoonjdina / bellpepper / 15d 10h 5m 50s
Jane shook her head before looking up at alec "it's shoonjdina's birthday we are going quad biking. Do you want to come?" she asked him keeping her right hand on her back pocket so she could take out her phone.
  MythicMallow / 15d 10h 26m 43s
Alec ran to the door soon as he noticed Jane walking over then knocking on the door. He quickly pulled it open. “Sup? Something wrong?” he asked
  thouxanban / 16d 5h 25m 22s
*as Shoonjdine finished dressing, she saw the text and replied back* '' okay. sounds good'' *Shoonjdina then wrapped a towel around her naked body and chose her outfit to wear*
  shoonjdina / bellpepper / 16d 5h 51m 30s
Jane looked down at her phone to read shoonjdina's text and replied to her [i "i'm going to see if alec will go with us"] she then slipped her phone into her pocket and pushing her hair out of her face before reaching up with her left hand, knocking on the door.
  MythicMallow / 16d 6h 20m 17s

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