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[font "Serif" There is a shop that is rumored to have a way to travel through time. All you must do is bring something of value. For Victoria Stone and Peter Hamish, this is the perfect time to correct mishaps in their past. Unfortunately for them, there is only one pocket watch so they must travel and complete their goals together. Is it a coincidence or fate?

What these two don't know is how their lives run together and that it might've been better for their pasts to remain as is - in the past.


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Victoria was about to step out into the open when Peter stopped her. She crossed her arms, did he think she wasn't capable of finding her own outfit? Let alone, listen to the rules Bill gave them? "Yeah, no worries." She rolled her eyes, watching him descend behind the buildings.

It didn't take long for him to return and when he did...she couldn't help but chuckle. "Wow, nice outfit. Groovy." She took the clothing he handed her and held it up, raising a brow. "This...will work."

She began unbuttoning her pants and stopped, looking at Peter. "Turn around. No peeking, perv." She stuck her tongue out at him and waited for him to turn around. She pulled her pants down the rest of the way and slipped her shirt off over her head. She slipped on the new clothes, looking down at herself. It was short black spaghetti strap dress that had a white t-shirt underneath it. She pulled her hair into a pony tail, pulling some of her hair out to create baby hairs.

She pulled Peter and held his arm as she pulled him into the publics eye. They began walking down the street and she just nodded at those that made contact or said something to her. "For starters, we need to find Bishop Valley Hospital, that is where my mother works. Should be working, at least. I'm going to find out what happened to my mother and...if I can, prevent her from dying." She stopped in front of a taxi service shop and pointed towards the store. "We should probably catch a taxi. There isn't much time to waste. I'll have to gain her trust first. Spy on her, ya know?"
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[size12 Peter ignored the fact that she snatched the compass out of his hand. He rolled his eyes, crossing his arms over his chest. He watched her inspect it, figures she wouldn't be able to figure it out.

He was a bit surprised when Bill intertwined their arms together. He instantly felt many emotions Victoria was sensing at that moment. That was one of his 'gifts'. Being able to feel what others feel when being touched. It becomes worse the closer his relationship was to the person.

He stood close to her, watching as the year was put in. Everything went by so quickly after she hit the pin. It was like rewinding a movie. Everything went so fast. He felt the grip on his arm tighten and he looked over at Victoria. He could sense the uneasiness in her body and how anxious she was. It was enough to make him want to let go of her, releasing the connection.

Peter felt the jolt when they entered the correct year. Victoria released his arm, the connection they had leaving him. He breathed out with relief as he watched her peek around the corner. Her face said it all. He peeked around the corner himself, wanting to gag himself over the fashion choices most had this time.

"Let me," He suggested. "Stay here and I'll be right back. Don't interact with anyone."

He went behind the buildings in the back. There was a couple making out in the back of the alleyway. He could hear their lips smacking from several feet away. His footsteps went silent as he approached behind the male, pinning the female against the wall. He took his pointer finger and middle finger, jabbing it into his neck, where his pressure point was. He did the female at the same time, causing them to go unconscious. He looked around before stripping them out of their clothing.

He went ahead and stripped out of his clothing. There was a short sleeve abstract button up that would be open for a few buttons, a white t-shirt was to go under it. Baggy pants that were rolled up to the ankle and some black converse that was, surprisingly, his size.

He brought the clothes back to Victoria, handing her the articles of clothing. "This was the best I could do. Now, you need to tell me what it is we are doing here."
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[left [pic http://imgur.com/rjATDSs.jpg]] "Ah, here he is," Bill said and she turned to see a guy walk through the store door. The look he gave her made it clear they were not going to be getting along very well on this trip.

She felt her cheeks warm up as she narrowed her eyes. Figures, all the attractive men were always fucking jerkoffs. She decided to just let him think it was all over a relationship. He didn't need to know that she was going to find out the information on what happened to her mother or, attempting to save her life.

She jumped at Bill's excited reaction to seeing the money, he probably thought they'd never be able to manage those kinds of funds. She looked at her partner, Peter, and scoffed. She wasn't usually a bitch but when someone was a dick for no reason, what was the point in trying to be nice?

She listened to Bill's instructions. Lucky for her, she'd skimmed through pictures of that decade so she knew it was simple. Mini skirts, boyfriend jeans, tank tops, no bra. Best decade ever, if you'd ask Victoria.

She snatched the compass out of his hand, opening it up. It seemed to be an ordinary compass but Bill came over her shoulder. "You turn this dial here," He showed her, the numbers in the center moving. "If you turn it this way, it changes the first two numbers. You two will need to be..." His voice lowered, looking between the two. He took their arms and intertwined them together. "You wouldn't want to travel without the other, would you?"

She sighed, looking down at the compass. She set it for 1997. "Then you'll close it and hit the top pin." He instructed her and she did just that. She closed it, hit the pin and held onto Peter. She'd hate for her partner to get lost, hah.

Her eyes remained open as time seemed to speed up. It was like multiple flashes before her eyes, colors of all kinds. It wasn't like going down a giant tunnel. She felt herself almost grow nauseous and would've liked to of let go of Peter to hold her stomach, instead, she closed her eyes.

When she opened them, she was shocked. They were in an alleyway, or where the shop should've been standing. She let go of Peter's arm, looking all around. It didn't seem like much changed until she peeked outside of the alleyway and saw the clothing, the cars and how different the location was. She ducked back into the alley, her back resting against the brick. She looked down at the compass, "It fucking worked..."

She couldn't believe it. She was actually in 1997, the year her mother got killed. She just needed to find her now. She looked over at Peter, "We need to find clothes or we will be way too suspicious."
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[size12 "Don't you think that 10,000 dollars is too much money?" His brother, Adrien, asked him suspiciously. "I don't think this is a good idea. If Vlad--"

"He won't find out. I'll be long gone before he even does." Peter snapped, stuffing the stacks of hundred dollar bills into the bag. "You won't tell him, will you?" His voice was loud, powerful and ready to snap his own brothers neck if he gave him the wrong answer.

Adrien shook his head, stuffing his hands into his pockets to fiddle with his fingers in private. "No, no. I won't tell him. I'll miss you, is all." He croaked, he knew what Peter was to do but it was difficult.

Yet, for Peter it wasn't. Sure, he would miss his brother but he hated the life that was given to him for no reason. A token of immortality. More like a token straight into hell. At first, it was alright. He killed for Vladimir, drank human blood, screwed whoever he wanted to, and then eat them for breakfast. Now, it was different. He wanted to spend his life with someone but he knew he'd be there until they died. No one was supposed to know he was an immortal, a vampire. He could never have a mate. He'd forever be alone and up until a few years ago, it just started really bothering him. He wanted to go back and reverse his transition. The loneliness was unbearable.

"What are you going to do about your...companion?" Adrien asked, licking his lips. Peter had long given up the life of sucking people dry. He'd learned he could live off animal blood and it satisfied him much more than Human. Adrien would never transition.

"Keep them in the dark, that simple." He stated, throwing the bag over his shoulder. "I'm sure I can preoccupy them with something during that time year. Perhaps they won't even want to deal with him. That would be great.

Peter walked out the door and looked back at Adrien standing in the door way. He held his hand up, giving his brother a small wave. He could sense the sadness in him but it was well overdue. He couldn't suffer for everyone else. It was time he focused on himself.

He entered the shop and was a bit shocked to see a female of all people standing there. He rolled his eyes, "Spending 10,000 to save a relationship that went back?" He seethed, slapping the cash on the counter. "This outta be quick then."

He wasn't interested in fixing anyone problems but his own. Especially if they were relationship problems.

"Fantastic, fantastic!" Bill gleamed, opening the bags and checking the cash. "Well, Peter, this is Victoria. Victoria, Peter. Now that you two know each other, there are rules you need to follow."

“Rule number one,” he came around from the backside of the counter, “Immediately find clothes that suit the decade. Try to act like the decade for Christ sake. If you get in trouble with the law, that’s on you. Don’t get seriously involved with anyone in the decades either. You are only to change situations in your lives. Fucking with the president is NOT okay.” Like he would even be able to prevent that, Peter rolled his eyes.

“I think that’s it.”

“So that’s all the rules?”

Bill nodded, handing the compass over to Peter. “Have fun and good luck you two.”

He looked over at Victoria, sizing the woman up. She was a petite thing and would surely not be able to defend herself. Just hope she doesn’t get killed. “Here, your problem will surely be faster to fix than mine.” He handed her the compass, waiting for her to take it.
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“You will have to travel together,” Bill explained to Victoria. “There is only one compass and it requires two souls to be stretched to it. I doubt you could afford the cost of your trip alone anyway.” His hair was scattered all over the place and his hair raggity. Victoria stepped forward and seemed alarmed by this since he took a step back, hands fumbled together.

“How much?” She asked, and he looked down at the pocket watch.


Victoria nearly choked, her eyes widened. “10,000? That’s absurd!”

“Look, little missy, you want to travel back in time. It’s not going to be free. This is something that needs insurance. I can make it 20000 if you want.”

She sighed, pinching the skin in between her eyes. She needed this. There was so much mystery surrounding her mother’s death. She needed answers and if taking her life savings was going to get her there, then so be it.

She didn’t exactly want to be on this journey with some random person but it seemed as if it was going to have to be done. She wasn’t even aware of what he was needing to do.

Bill smirked, almost as if he was reeling into my thoughts and loved the fact I was torn. “You can always leave the past as that.” He said, looking at her.

She waved her hand, “Yeah, ill have my half of the money.”

He nodded, “Good. You’ll meet your travel buddy on Friday! Now go, get. Don’t let anyone know of this or the deal is off.” He insisted as he turned her around and practically pushed her out of the shop.

The rest of the week went by slow but she was able to come up with some sort of game plan. She’s have to figure out where her mother is. She knew she worked in a hospital at the time of her death but she was going to have to sneak in somehow. She was too young to recall the house and she doesn’t know the time of day that she died. She’s have to do a bit of stalking.

“You’re really going through with this?” Her best friend, Petunia, said. “And with a stranger?”

She sighed, pushing strands of hair out of her face as she zipped up the duffel bag with cash. “Yes, I need to. No one will give me answers and I need answers.”

“Does your dad know?”

“No and he won’t find out. He thinks I’m staying with you for the summer and that’s what he will think. I’m giving you my phone to send texts. You have me covered.” She threw the duffle bag over her shoulder and walked out, Petunia following closely behind.

“Wish me luck,” she said, smiling softly at her friend. She squeezed her shoulder and pulled her into a hug.

“Be careful and I hope you find answers.” She smiled, taking her keys out of her pocket. She watched her friend drive off as she got in her own vehicle to drive to the shop.

When she arrived, she entered the shop, slapping the duffel bag onto the table. “Here is my half. 10000. Where is my partner?”

“He should be here any minute.”
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