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Jonah was clearly pleased to be called pretty. Before he could respond in kind however, the vampire said something about melting down silverware to make the bullet. Possible if the man was old money and had solid silver silverware; possible but highly unlikely. He furrowed his brow and looked at Lawrence with clear confusion. "...You know that most silverware isn't actually silver right? Nine times out of ten it's stainless steel." The vampire was old (probably) so maybe he didn't realize that things had changed? It wasn't as if he ate food right, so what use would he have for utensils. "Unless he comes from an old, rich family the most he'd likely get from inheritance is a set of silver plated stuff- not a lot of silver there and tricky to get off... But then... It's possible still. I don't think it's likely." He murmured. The brief jolt of energy he'd gotten was fading fast.

"M' dad and I keep hunters away. Most of them at least." Jonah frowned. "If it is a group... They're new." New because the last group that had tried to move in had met with a shotgun to the face and a pack of angry wolves at their backs before they had time to prepare; though one would think they would be ready for werewolves. They never were, however, it always seemed like they were hunting something else. Someone else. His gaze rested on the vampire. Was this who they were looking for? Was this pretty boy that dangerous? Probably. The pretty ones were always trouble in his experience.

It was a struggle to keep up the conversation although he wanted to. Jonah glanced at the water in his hand as if surprised that he still had it. "..." Slowly he drank more of it which only tired him out some more. "Eating will help more than water." He replied. In fact he was starving. If it had been three days he had a lot of food to eat to make up for it. His metabolism was ridiculously fast and even when he wasn't on the verge of death he needed a disgusting amount of calories to function. "I just... Need to eat... And sleep. Then I'll be good." He finished the rest of the water and held out the glass to him. "I promise I'll be more lively in bed than this. I'd hate to disappoint a beautiful man."
  jonah / Apathy / 185d 6h 17m 49s
[center [pic]]

“Just the pretty ones,” he grinned. He didn’t comment on the escapades he’s had in the past, one-night stands gone wrong or stalkers looking for their next unwarranted kill. Lawry wasn’t easy to kill, fortunately. “Also, I don’t know. He could have made it, its not hard to melt down a bunch of silverware, burn out the impurity, mold it into a bullet. He could have bought it from someone. I wonder how many people can do that though. A group of idiots are more dangerous than one idiot…” He relaxed back into his chair, calming down after seeing Jonah looked genuinely tired. And aside from Jonah running amok in the field, Lawry had noticed a large increase of monsters in the city under the guise of night. It was dangerous and reckless.

And just the kind of mystery Lawry was interested in investigating. But going alone was dangerous, now that he knew hunters were out in broad daylight shooting creatures. He didn’t think he’d stick out like a sore thumb, however, unless he started burning in the sun. Maybe he’d do a little peeking around, he knew the location of a hunter base and it’d be perfect to listen in on. And as appealing as it sounded to have Jonah help solving this, it didn’t by the way considering vampires and werewolves have not gotten along for a while, Lawry felt obligated to at least get an idea for a place for him to start.

“You gonna drink that?” he asked, gesturing to the water in Jonah’s hands. Maybe it’d pull him out of that trance he seemed to be in. “It’ll help you recover pretty fast, maybe fast enough for a fling with me,” he flirted. It was still day out, he could afford to wait a little longer that way he wouldn’t risk getting a nasty burn. “I’m going to go out in a bit and get some information, see if this was a solitary attack or if it was part of an organized attack which I mean he was part of a group that told him to go out. They’ll have found him by now, and known it was a vampire that took him down. Anything you’d like me to find out for you or get while you’re holed up here?” he asked, seeming nonchalant about it. If he had a nail file he’d be using it.
  lawrence / Pocketcott / 189d 20h 49m 45s
Oh he remembered. He definitely remembered. As mortified as he was, he was also experiencing some serious whiplash from the flirting being returned. Maybe that's why he said what he did. "I like your decor. I'm into vampire chic." Good lord. Someone strike him down where he lay. "I mean, you'd be my first vampire." He probably sounded confident. Way more confident than he felt, laying there and feeling like he was the husband this man was slowly killing for his fortune. "...Do you call all your potential partners princess or just the pretty ones?" Completely glossing over the arsenic lined sheets and going straight for the pet name. Were he insecure in his masculinity he might've been offended, but he actually like it. Especially considering the one that might be called princess was currently in one of those blackwidow robes- a pink one at that.

"...Places to hide? Is that a sexual thing I'm not aware of?" Again, speaking before he thought it through. At least he could blame it on almost dying this time. He could smell a lot of different men in this room. Some of the scents were more faint, but it was obvious Lawrence had some escapades. Not a big deal honestly. What else were you going to do when you were immortal? Hell, Jonah wasn't nearly as old as Lawrence yet and life could get boring and repetitive at times.

He listened to Lawrence theorize and chatter with increasing fatigue. Man, being awake was tiring. "...M'pack takes care of hunters... Most at least." He mumbled sleepily. "That guy... Probably just wanted a monster trophy." Jonah yawned. Even if the pillows had him sitting up a little more, he was tired. Still, he was going to try and keep this conversation going as long as he was coherent.

Not that he was coherent to begin with.

"With everything going on I'm amazed there aren't more humans picking up guns." He frowned and looked at the glass of water he'd all but forgotten. "Normal game hunters aren't odd. Hell I might've seen him from a distance before when he was hunting deer. What's weird is that he had a silver bullet. Where'd he get that?" He sipped at the water again, thinking perhaps it would help him stay awake. "Either he made it- possible but unlikely- or there's someone supplying them." which meant that once he was better, he and his father were going to need to start investigating. If his father let him.
  jonah / Apathy / 234d 6h 51m 28s
[center [pic]]

‘I don't know what I did to get such attractive bedside nurse’ repeated in his head several times, and given the circumstances he might have blushed but instead turned himself in the chair to where his legs were propped on one of the arms of the chair and his arms were propped up on the other, head resting on his knuckles, facing Jonah. “Well aren’t you just the charmer. We’ve only just met and you’ve called me God, flirted with me, and insulted my decor. But I've never had a wolf as a partner before...I'll consider it." He flashed a toothy grin. “Don’t worry, the sheets aren’t laced with arsenic, Princess.”

He returned to his original position, legs crossed. “Well, not that I mind. You’re right, its a little aged in here. The rest of the house is a little less like this I just find this comfortable. Plenty of places to hide and its a nice location,” he explained. He didn’t mention the high traffic of monstrosities, Jonah could probably smell the trails left behind. But it hadn’t been hunter territory for some time. He couldn’t explain why suddenly one showed up. “Its weird, isn’t it? The hunter that shot you. They usually don’t attack during the day. And this one…”

Lawry hesitated for a minute. “He didn’t feel or look like a hunter. Certainly didn’t taste like one,” he spat. Hunter’s were usually well built, ready for a chase. This one was, to lightly put it, diseased. He had the equipment but it was like the rest took the day off. The week off. The year? “Good enough to shoot a wolf in motion but not good enough to see me coming at him in a straight line. That’s not hunter material.”

He looked at Jonah for agreement, barely giving him a minute to register his line of thinking. “Not to mention, when was the last time you heard of a hunter…shooting a creature? I mean, yeah, there’s a lot more of them now for some reason but its been…a couple years, right?” Lawry placed a couple more pillows behind Jonah while he rambled, just trying to get a cohesive thought going.

[size7 you're gonna look at me and you're gonna tell me that i'm wrong? am i wrong?]
  lawrence / Pocketcott / 234d 21h 25m 25s
After that lecture Jonah just lay in bed and stared blankly at the doorway where, despite slinking off earlier, the blond vampire from before had appeared again. Now he could get a better look at him- he was cute. Not that, that was something he should be thinking about at the moment. Besides his general attractiveness the next thing he noticed was the pink robe he was wearing. It was almost the only thing he was wearing. Thankfully the vampire also had a pair of briefs on so he wasn't completely naked.

The closer the man got another realization started to hit Jonah. The vampire looked familiar. Too familiar. 'Oh god I called him God with a capital HER. I invoked Ariana Grande and called this man a woman.' Despite his horrifying realization, he had the same placid, tired expression the whole time the man was chattering and sitting next to him. It took a bit, but he managed to shimmy himself up into a reclined position that didn't hurt too much and slowly turned his head to look at him.

Thankfully the vampire didn't mention the event- so maybe he had hallucinated it- instead he introduced himself and started rambling. When Jonah finally found an edge in he chuckled- big mistake- and winced at the sharp pain that brought. "...Ah... You don't just tune out a Faust lecture. At least... I don't." He smiled weakly. "He used to quiz me on what he said to make sure I was listening." A sigh- again, regretted. "...I deserved it though. I'm a giant purple wolf. Monsters have been freaking people out. Why wouldn't a purple fuckin' wolf."

Self depreciation out of the way a slow grin edged into place. "I know why I got shot, but I don't know what I did to get such attractive bedside nurse." Definitely not the time, nor the place to be flirting. He weakly accepted the water and slowly, annoyingly, maddeningly slowly he sipped at it. Even that was tiring. "...I was raised on it, so I don't mind it." He took another sip. This was a surreal situation. The location, the man that was dressed like one of those widows that were always claiming that they didn't know what do do without their husband officer. "Fuck this feels even more like I'm a man dying of consumption or... Shit more like arsenic poisoning now that I think about it."

"....Annnd I said that out loud." Great. Well, he could always blame it on being tired and injured.
  jonah / Apathy / 264d 20h 11m 24s
[center [pic]]
He didn’t dread calling Faust, especially since he did it often. What he dreaded was every possible phone-call lecture he got from just calling in the first place. He had to admit, as he lounged back on the chair next to the bed feet draped over the armrest, that he did call for a lot of frivilous things including but not limited to: cures for sexually transmitted diseases, protection wards, or just to hang out. Usually the answer was no, or it would go to voicemail after one ring. Hopefully this time it didn’t just go to voicemail.

- - -

It didn’t go to voicemail, in case anyone was wondering. In fact, Faust got here so fast Lawrence thought his hair had caught fire. “Glad you found my place alright, he’s been out since I picked him up,” he explained as he stood by the doorway, Faust inspecting the werewolf with what Lawrence could only think of as a mix of angry and sad. The angry might be coming from his hovering.

“What happened?””Hunter. He was running out transformed in that field over there and a hunter saw him and then shot him. Went back to that human form pretty much instantly. So I hopped out and ran across the field, promptly dispatched the hunter, and dragged him back here. A lot heavier than I expected but I managed.””Shut up, get out.”

He obeyed and promptly left his bedroom. Lawrence considered himself dominant in this territory, but honestly, Faust was terrifyingly more of a dominant presence than any vampire could be. He busied himself for the next few days, avoiding his bedroom since Faust evicted him every time he tried, keeping his house clean. He didn’t leave in case Faust actually needed him - of course he didn’t, he was a capable man - but did keep his distance.

- - -

So, anyways, it ended up being a family matter. He knew this because he just couldn’t help but eavesdrop a few days later , peeking in through the crack of the door. Faust pointed him out not once, but twice! He waved nervously at the werewolf, Jonah he learned, eyes averted as though he tried to play off not watching the entire exchange, and went to stand at the end of the hallway. Moments later, Faust shuffles out of the room looking as tired as he did when he got here. “I’m sleeping on your couch,” was the murmured explanation.

Lawrence didn’t know what to do. “Do I just-” but Faust had already gone to the other room. “Oh, okay. Hm,” he sighed. He slinked back into his bedroom, looking at the incapacitated werewolf. “So manners dictate that I be a good host now that you’ve been ordered to stay in bed, is there anything I can get you? I’m Lawrence, by the way, I’m not sure if you tuned out during Faust’s lecture. Especially after getting shot, like, ouch. One pain on top of another, am I right?” He was rambling. He knew he was rambling as he plopped down in the chair and offered water to the other. “City water, I don’t know what you like but this is what I have.”
  lawrence / Pocketcott / 265d 4m 7s
He'd never expected to end up on the other end of a gun. Granted, it wasn't a normal thing to expect, but hunters had never been an issue in this area. Hell, his dad had moved out here to avoid that very thing. Perhaps he should have gone farther out. What with the terrorist attack, and then monsters suddenly coming out from obscurity people were more nervous than before and the fact that there were giant wolves- unnaturally colored wolves- was well known in certain circles in the city. It was inevitable that someone would assume the worst and take matters into their own hands. Of course, he had to believe that people wouldn't do that; that they wouldn't go out and shoot a giant wolf.

So, he wasn't the smartest at times.

Exhibit A: He didn't consider that people would consider a giant purple wolf to be a monster. Exhibit B: The bullet that was lodged in his shoulder blade.

It hurt. No, that was an understatement. When he'd first been hit, it stung a little and then it felt like fire was traveling through him. Pain had never been much of a bother to him, but this was something else entirely. Jonah yelped and convulsed as he was forced back into his human form; as if his body was automatically trying to force itself to heal by using the change. If anything it made it worse. The fire seemed to spread through his veins which, though excruciating, was nothing compared to the horror he felt at the realization that he wasn't healing. That could only mean that the bullet was silver. Where the hell had someone gotten a silver bullet- not that, that particular fact mattered right now. He'd been shot with silver, and he was going to die.

He was going to die and his family wouldn't know what happened until it was inevitably on the news. At least he was close to passing out. It hurt too much to breathe. Not that he wanted to stop breathing all together, but one of his lungs was punctured and full of blood and it was a struggle to inhale. As his vision blurred, pink overtook his view... And then a woman? Was this God? Jonah was delirious, but he still had the ability to look whomever it was straight in the face and say what one might consider iconic last words: "Oh my god, Ariana Grande was right. God [i is] a woman."

And with that Jonah passed out.

Lucky for him, as he didn't have to deal with the chaos that was being transported to a stranger's apartment and everything that happened afterwards. Also lucky for the werewolf was that the vampire apparently knew Faust; which was honestly a blessing and a curse. A blessing in that it meant that he wasn't dead and a curse in not only the fact that his father would find out what an idiot he was, but he was going to face Faust's wrath. Not that he knew that yet. He was blissfully unaware and fully unconscious.

For three full days.

When he did wake up he was very confused. First, the room smelled foreign- though there was something familiar he couldn't quite place. His vision was still blurry, but the longer he stared at the ceiling the more it came into focus. Except it wasn't a ceiling, it was the top of a four poster bed. "..?" Jonah slowly looked down at his surroundings and found that he wasn't wearing a shirt, but bandages instead and that he was tucked into soft grey bedding. The more he looked the more he felt like he was a man dying of consumption in the victorian era. When he moved a stern, deep voice spoke up from the end of the bed. [b "Do not. I just got you stable. Don't go fucking that up."]

Jonah blearily turned his attention to a very tired looking, extraordinarily grumpy looking man at the end of the bed. His godfather, Faustus Ebir; powerful mage and grumpy hermit. This was the grumpiest he'd probably ever seen the man, though it could have been another emotion- it was had to tell with the man. "...Faust... What... Happened...?"

[b "I'll tell you what happened. You got shot and almost died. If it weren't for that fucking vampire you would have died. As it is I'm amazed you made it. WHen I got here most of your body shut down. I had to keep you alive with MAGIC while I dug out the bullet like a blind man because I had to do it manually-"]

"I-" He tried to interrupt. but was stopped by a scathing glare. Considering how tired the man must be, he certainly had enough energy to lecture.

[b "So I take the bullet out manually, but it is burning through your organs and surrounding tissues and causing more damage, but oh, that's not enough. I had to let your father- no don't groan at me you are in no position to do that Jonah- I had to tell him that his son was at the brink of death and that I would do my best to keep him amongst the living. Not that it was easy mind you. Once the bullet was out I was able to patch the worst of the damage in your lung, but given that you were wounded with silver, you're going to have to heal the old fashioned way like the rest of us. Almost a fitting punishment for your stupidity, though I imagine that you're going to have to make it up to your father and brother for the scare you put them through. Which brings me to another point- they still haven't seen you because we're not at my house. You're in your savior's bed. That little bloodsucker you probably see peeking in the doorway at us. Say hello Lawrence- NOW. I'm going to sleep on Lawrence's couch and when I wake up we will discuss this further. Until then do not move or I will physically restrain you."]

Long winded tirade done for the moment Faust turned and started to walk out of the room, getting to the doorway where, indeed, a blond man was retreating as if he hadn't just been listening to the whole thing and watching him with an expression that said the was glad that it wasn't him on the receiving end. Just before Faust disappeared into the other room, he paused and looked back at Jonah with perhaps the most vulnerable look he'd ever see on the man. [b "Jonah... I helped bring you into this world. I don't want to have to bury you. So, please, for once, just rest."] And then he was gone, leaving Jonah bewildered and a little shell shocked.
  jonah / Apathy / 267d 4h 30m 20s
[center [pic]]

Pinned against a wall in his apartments by another vampire was not how he planned on starting the night. Having a tongue against his face because he couldn’t move his head was not how he planned on starting the night. Disgusting, and all because he was taken by surprise. How did they even know he was here in the first place?

“I swear if you kiss me I’m going to lose it.”

“What could you lose pinned like this? I just might.”

“Do not kiss me. In fact, better yet, get out. Nobody invited you in here.”

“I don’t need the invitation. Your window was open. I thought I was going to find a tasty treat and instead I found your rather tasty face.”

He was right, Lawrence could see the open window from where he was pinned. As long as it was open, it could be assumed a nice and juicy invitation in vampire terms. Another lick to his cheek had Lawrence pushing against his assailant as hard as he could. It knocked the other vampire off balance enough for him to bolt across the room. Distance now between them he could properly assess the situation.

Situation: bad. Outcome: could be good, for all he knew, all he had to do was win.

“You’re fair game now,” Lawrence challenged. He liked the way the other twitched, knowing he was planning his next move carefully. Never fight a vampire in their own lair. Lawrence had the advantage.

“And you’ve been fair game since I found my way in-.” Odd statement, Lawrence thinks, as he breaks a wooden lamp base crudely and chucks it at his assailant. Connection, scream, and oh there he goes out the way he came dodging the sunlight streaming in. Not enough to kill the vampire of course, it wasn’t a pure wooden stake. It gave Lawrence pause, watching him go and then looking out at the field. He’s taken people there before, mostly to die. He took his last lover there, too. “Huh, you don’t see that every day-”

Lawrence wasn’t a stranger to werewolves, but he’s only ever met a couple and didn’t know their customs. He’s never SEEN one in full change, and to be honest he did not think he could have ever expected a large purple wolf running freely in its element. Right in full view of the city, no less. He saw the hunter after the gun went off. Across the field, firing freely in HIS element. Not the smartest, firing straight towards buildings, but he hit his mark.

And, ,oh he wanted to help because no creature deserves to go down at the hands of a hunter, but the SUN. It just hurt looking at, and he was tired, and why was he grabbing his robe there was literally every sense screaming at him NOT do go out and, oh, the hat was on now, he’s really going for it. He could cross the field in seconds and take out the hunter before they ever saw what hit them and then help the wolf.

He jumped off the edge of the balcony and began running across the field, noting that he jumped right over the wolf so he could keep track of the location later considering the size of the area. He was on the hunter before another shot could be fired off, and the gun didn’t stand a chance as they fell to the ground. His knee broke it on impact. His teeth were in the man’s neck - salty, disgusting, clearly he didn’t eat well - and out as quick as he started his trek. No sound, no problem. He left the man gasping for air on the ground, clawing for his gun which didn’t work, and then stilling all in seconds. Lawrence spit out the blood as much as he could, trailing back over to the no longer wolf. Must have been forced out of his form, which meant silver? He must have been a sight to the poor man especially in the sunlight in his pink robe and hat, features probably as white as the light.

No matter, Lawrence had to drag him back before he did actually start burning out here.
  lawrence / Pocketcott / 268d 22h 35m 30s

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