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"It isn't so much the knowing as it is the experience," Lucia opened the front door to the main room where a heavily pregnant African American woman was sowing. A strong-framed man told jokes in a heavy German accent.

"You aren't the first immigrant I've met. My mother was Italian," Lucia said taking off the boots. "Where's Moses, Gunter?"

"Chopping da wood. A new guest!" The man chuckled.

"I met him getting to know Sampson. Could you show him while I get Moses to get water from the well."

"This way, mein kumpel," the older man stood up with a limp.
  Lucia / Socasm / 2h 59m 58s
[b "Na asking fer easy.. Just a warning of what lies ahead here, lass."] Jamie said, the Scottish accent still heavily lacing his words. And his venture here was more so voluntary than she thought. Though he was not at liberty to be discussing that with someone he had just met.

[b "Thank ye again for all of the help... And Gunter?"] He asked when she mentioned same size. But he didn't say more and motioned she lead on. He was to follow her lead.
  Jamie Fraser / MourningGlory / 3h 11m 3s
Lucia sobered at the thought of the Scottish immigrants. "Doesn't sound so voluntarily...I can't tell you that it will be easier or not," Lucia said with a nod. "My father's home, yes. You'll be sleeping in the second building- first, a bath...then hot stew. Gunter looks the same size."
  Lucia / Socasm / 4h 58m 8s
Her words took the Scot by surprise. So many things he had never even heard of back home. Yet they seemed everyday to the woman. Christ what was he even walking into? Well too late for him to be turning back. Came this far and had to keep going. Wasn't in his blood to give up.

[b "All would be nice. As said...Dona ken anything about these lands.. Long way from me home.."] Jamie said quietly. [b "And it is nice to meet you."]

Jamie fell silent, folliwong after her. And when he saw the log cabin and two other buildings he looked to her. [b "This is where ye live?"] The place did look..well it looked nice.
  Jamie Fraser / MourningGlory / 5h 22m 1s
"Which part? Bears, Panthers, pole cats, snakes, storms, mosquitoes, swamps...taxes..." She said looking at a branches. Foxes. Those fetched pretty good. "Nice to meet you Jamie, Luciana Carr, or Lucia."

She flashed a playful look before entering through a path. A large, log cabin darker in color combined with two newer buildings- one disconnected. A tanned hide building smoked.
  Lucia / Socasm / 6h 13m 14s
The man threw his sack over his shoulder and offered the woman a faint smile. [b "Thank ye for the hospitality.. And also saving me from that.. bear. And do ye mind telling me more of old Sampson and other dangers?"]

He was silent for a moment when asked of his name. Proper last name was Fraser, but he had adopted the clan name of his mother and uncles and so went by that. [b "James MacKenzie...Jamie.."] He muttered and gave the woman another glance over.
[b "And ye are?"]
  Jamie Fraser / MourningGlory / 6h 30m 28s
"It's wouldn't be kindly to have you go without food and shelter for a night," Lucia chewed her bottom lip. She shouldered the rifle and started back light on her feet. "What's your name? And yes, a bear, normally not as fierce but mating does that. Old Sampson has lived here longer than we have."

She kept her eyes around looking for signs of animals. Sometimes kneeling down to see a track or touch a branch.
  Lucia / Socasm / 7h 21m 43s
The woman didn't look anything like those he knew back home. Speech and clothing was so much different. And so was the fact that she was so bluidy good with a gun too.

[b " intent to hunt. Only what me need...And that beast... a bear?"] He asked her now lowering his own hands as she seemed to lower her rifle. But as she was, Jamie was still weary.

[b "No place here...maybe a deal can be made? Looking ta make me way into North Carolina.."]
  Jamie Fraser / MourningGlory / 8h 42m 4s
The woman dressed in pants wrapped in a fur coat with a long braid down her back stood out more than a giant grizzly bear. She almost lowered the gun hearing the thick Scottish accent.

"You're green, aren't ya?" She asked studied him, not a single poaching item. She lowered the gun slowly. "This is my land, you can go. Just be careful of the bears- it's mating season. They get a might bit ornery...'
  Lucia / Socasm / 15h 48m 39s
The woods had seemed the perfect place for him. Familiar and almost reminded the man of home. Also kept him away from the people and away from questions. He was here in these new lands for two reasons and he needed to keep that focus.

Or he did as soon as the bluidy beast stopped trying to get the dagger of claws into him. That had been a bluidy nice surprise to turn around to after taking a piss. And the monster with claws was now trying to tear into him. At the moment, Jamie did not have gun nor blade on him and so was forced to try and avoid the clumsy movements that tried to follow him.

Gun shots rang out and the beast, Sampson as the female voice called out walked off. Annoyed. And blue eyes trailed after before hearing the called question and seeing a woman with a rifle trained on him. [b "Christ..not me mornin'.."] The man muttered.

But he raised his hands and kept them where she could see. [b "New to the lands and the woods seemed as good a place as any to start me search. Said they belong to you?"]
  Jamie Fraser / MourningGlory / 5h 33m 10s
Winter still clinged in the air despite the exposed green life emerging. Her feet didn't crunch in the snow but soggy leaved and branches. Lucia stopped by a tree at a sharp odor before groaning- bear piss, territory marking.

Mating season.

A loud roar and bellow echoed around the tree lines followed by the sound of what she assumed was a person. She cursed under her breath, dashing toward the scene with the gun out.

Seeing the massive beer, Sampson, as she called him. Pulling out the rifle she quickly loaded. Firing close to the bear, she watched him rise, before she loaded and fired again.

This time Samson sauntered off with an annoyed walk.

"Damn, settlers..." She muttered keeping the rifle trained on the man after loading again. "What are you doing on my land bothering Old Sampson?"
  Lucia / Socasm / 1d 9s

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