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This is a zombie sand-box roleplay.
It will start with the first day of the out break have fun.

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[b No godmodding |][i No weapon is unbreakable, No unlimited ammo, Your body can get injure, and finally if fighting, be reasonable. Don’t always dodge or hit without letting the other person respond.][hr ]
[b Mature |][i Obviously mature themes such as swearing, violence, ect- will arise. This is the end of the world so eventually you’ll run into some dark things.][hr ]
[b DRAMA |][i Drama between characters is very much wanted. This is the end of the world and people do crazy things. Throw in twist and be creative! ][hr ]
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[b Name:] Your character's first; last name
[b Alias:] Any nicknames?
[b Age:] +13
[b Gender:] Male or Female
[b Personality:] 3 positive 3 negative
[b Arsenal:] Primary, Secondary weapon. You may only have two weapons on hand at any given time. You can switch them out at any time though.
[b Bio:] Keep it short and sweet.
[b Other:] Extra stuff

[h3 [center [b SURVIVORS LIST]]]

[b Username:] hextheblackcat [right [pic]]
[b Name:] Lauren; Ashton
[b Alias:] L
[b Age:] 15
[b Gender:] Female
[b Personality:] Friendly - Brave - Humble - Reckless - Loyal to a fault - Stubborn
[b Arsenal:] Primary Handgun, Secondary N/A
[b Bio:] Will learn as we rp.
[b Other:] Lauren has only recently got her hands on a gun. shes hardly ever used one until now. [center [pic]]

[b Username:] JesterVVV [right [pic]]
[b Name:] Killian Mac Tíre Aonair
[b Alias:] Killi, Wolf, Lone Wolf, Mute
[b Age:] 22
[b Gender:] Male
[b Personality:] Kind, Calm, Protective. Too curious for his own good, cynical, sarcastic
[b Arsenal:] Sig Sauer X6 Supermatch with X-Mount Weightfor reference if you're curious, Metal Baseball Bat
[b Bio:] Killian tends to come off pretty cold to people who don't really know him, seeing as he always looks mad, but he's actually a pretty nice guy. Well, when he isn't being sarcastic. He comes from a family of crime, so he tends to think the worst of people out the gate. Just gotta give him some time and then you'll have the Lone Wolf on your side. He's a bit protective, of those younger than him especially, and kids tend to earn a pass from his cynical worldview.
[b Other:] It's unsure if he's really mute or if he chooses not to speak, but regardless he does know sign language but also carries a notebook to write in if he meets someone who doesn't.[center [pic]]

[b Username:] AlitaBonita [right [pic]]
[b Name:] Elyianna Bridges
[b Alias:] Anna
[b Age:] 18
[b Gender:] Female
[b Personality:] Positives: Honest, Loyal, and Cautious. Negatives: Possessive of people, Impatient, and Judgmental.
[b Arsenal:] Her primary weapon is a bow, and her secondary is a machete.
[b Bio:] Anna can be a bit impatient and a little cautious around other people she doesn't know, however, she tries to make up for this by doing what she can to help those who are not able to take care of themselves. Which isn't out of the ordinary for someone with her unsettling past.
[b Other:] She’s afraid of thunderstorms. [center [pic]]

[b Username:] Mason- [right [pic]]
[b Name:] Eli Green
[b Alias:] Kitten
[b Age:] 17
[b Gender:] Male
[b Personality:] Outgoing, Caring, Strong. However he has trust issues, depression, and low self-esteem.
[b Arsenal:] Katana, Suppressed Pistol
[b Bio:] His family all died in the initial infection and he had to put them down which is what caused his depression. He's always been strong however he can be shy if he's with new people. He'll always stick his neck out for you and he's been all alone until he meets a survivor or survivor group.
[b Other:] He's a precious gay babi UwU [center [pic]]

[b Username:] mythicmallow [right [pic]]
[b Name:] zoya heartstring
[b Alias:] demon fox
[b Age:] 17
[b Gender:] Female
[b Personality:] loyal, determined, intelligent. Misunderstood, angry, defiant
[b Bio:] zoya i a weapon enthusiast and invents things
[b Arsenal:] Primary: collapsible scythe Secondary: Sandwich invention malfunctions a lot
[b Other:] gets her alias from her fighting skill and love of foxes. Dyed silver hair green eyes. Green and black goggles. . [center [pic]]

[b Username:] Ares Kami [right [pic]]
[b Name:] Anthony Lopez
[b Alias:] Mr Lopez
[b Age:] 25
[b Gender:] Male
[b Personality:] positives: Well mannered, logical, stalwart. Negatives: Control freak, manipulative, unempathetic
[b Arsenal:] Ruger SP101. . nothing else
[b Bio:] Anthony was a smart child born to a normal family most would think he was charismatic and funny but he had a major flaw. He lied and hurt his friends without any guilt and used the people around him. Now faced with the end of the world as we know it he will probably try to use others once more.
[b Other:]A sick psychopath with a terrible sense of humor [center [pic]]

[b Username:] Gao [right [pic]]
[b Name:] Cindy Marvin
[b Alias:] Just Cindy most of the time, Cinnamon roll from older family members.
[b Age:] 21
[b Gender:] Female
[b Personality:] Cindy is a wonderful personification of a dumb blonde. She is a bit ditzy, timid and overly sensitive. However this is balanced out by her high spirited attitude, her sweet personality and odd maternal energy she exerts over every living being.
[b Arsenal:] Kitchen knife, will eventually upgrade to a 9mm pistol.
[b Bio:] Cindy is meek and naive, and misplaces her trust in bad people in many situations. Despite this, she is a caring soul and wants to help anyone whether they ask for it or not. Very good at talking and is surprisingly good at cooking. She sees the best in everyone even if they appear to be an awful person. Had just landed a job as a secretary where she spent most her time online shopping or chatting in the break room.
[b Other:] Claustrophobic and likes shoes. [center [pic]]

[b Username:] SincerelyLily [right [pic]]
[b Name:] Dominic Dasilva
[b Alias:] dom
[b Age:] 25
[b Gender:] Male
[b Personality:] quick tempered, logical and foul mouthed. also something of a big brother? cold at times but caring, selfless, sometimes a bit of a romantic
[b Arsenal:] hand gun & wasp knife
[b Bio:] tbd throughout rp [center [pic]]

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Roleplay Responses

After a while of being trapped in the dark and nobody returning home, Oli put what he could into one large backpack and decided he was going to head out. He carefully peered out his window and saw that the creatures who once were banging hungrily on his door were no longer there. He opened the door, being as careful as he could not to make noise and then he shut it behind him. He started heading towards the street in front of his house and looked at the blood smeared path he was walking on. Once he reached the end of the sidewalk, he turned and took one more look at his house. [b [#008080 “Goodbye old life..”]] He whispered to only himself and the wind. No more would he laugh, cry, experience, celebrate, sleep, or have movie nights in the place where he had been his whole life.

He turned and looked out at the scene before him. It was nothing short of any person’s worst nightmare. Fire littered streets, yards, houses, and even some of the walking corpses that had appeared out of thin air. Blood splattered on every surface. Mangled bodies laid lifelessly on the streets and yards. There were screams coming from in the distance but it was hard to pinpoint where they were, at least for him it was hard. The walking remains of people who were once alive all turned the same direction each time a new scream rose. They all shuffled in the same direction, ready to find their next meal.

Oli tucked in his shirt behind the knife he had sheathed in his belt. His father always taught him to do that so his knife was easier to access when he needed it. Shifting the bag slightly on his shoulder so it was more comfortable, Oli took a few steps out into the street, keeping his guard up. Who knows when one of those things could try and pop out to grab him.

In all of the zombie movies he had ever seen, it was always the brain you had to take out to kill the zombies. Could these things be like zombies? They sure acted like zombies. Eating people and shuffling slowly. Making those mystery filled moans of hunger. If that were the case, he now knows where to aim when he wants to kill one, but killing something you knew was once a person is easier said than done. What if one of the zombies he saw was someone he used to know? A neighbor? A school friend? Even one of his family members? He wasn’t sure he had the mentality to do something like that, even if they weren’t the people they used to be.

It was already close to sundown when Oli left his house. What if the zombies were more active during the night time than they are in the day? Perhaps it wasn’t smart of him to leave so late in the day. He’d need to find shelter once things started looking downhill. He saw a figure running up ahead. It sure didn’t look like a zombie, it looked like..a girl? He sped up to a jog and once he got closer he saw that it was in fact a girl! The girl had long silver hair that flowed behind her as she ran. Behind her was a trail of dead zombies. [#008080 ‘Is she [i crazy]?!’] he asked himself. Perhaps she was nice and they could stick together. It would be nice to have someone else with him. [#008080 “Hey! You!”] He yelled towards the girl and picked up from a jog to a full on sprint towards the girl. He hoped she had heard him.
  Oliver (Oli) / Mason- / 23h 1m 24s
Gripping the handle of her favourite weapon with two hands she began to laugh finding the whole situation really funny. "I don't know what you things are but I do know my life has suddenly got a lot more interesting" she said with a smirk as the zombies began to attack.

Zoya went wild. She treated the zombies as if they were something evil that needed to be eradicated not human beings who had caught a virus, which was rather surprising as two of them where her family members. She kicked, spun and leapt all over the place her silver hair flying about her as she took her time having fun trying new techniques with her scythe as she slashed at the zombies.

When all the zombies were incapacitated Zoya pressed another button on her scythe to cause it to collapse into something that would fit in her back as she took a few moments to catch her breath. "That's a shame, it didn't last long" she said out loud to herself as she pouted. Walking around the rest of her house she found supplies such as water and tons of food and out it into her bag. "Where to go now..." she mumbled to herself before an insane idea hit her. "Maybe there will be more of those things out on the streets!" she said with a grin as she ran outside and down the road in search of more zombies. "yeah this is going to be a lot of fun."
  Zoya Heartstring / mythicmallow / 14d 6h 6m 14s
The woman that opened the door got the disgruntled face of an Irishman peering down at her the moment she was in view. As she scanned him, he in turn scanned her. [i 'Don't right look 'r act like one a them things.'] He mulled over in his head. [i 'Sure as shit talks plenty, too.'] He pinched the bridge of his nose, shaking his head both in disbelief and to answer her earlier question as she continued to ramble on about how she was about to deal with the guy. [i 'Yeah, sure thing sweetheart. And I'm gonna be the next fuckin' Pope, I am.'] At the offer of hand sanitizer, and the explanation of it's scent, he acquiesced and allowed her to give him some which he in turn rubbed on his hands.

At her question of his usual restroom habits, he just raised his brows at her in mild annoyance. [i 'Yer fuckin shittin me, yeah? Ya think I go round trottlin through all the ladies' rooms for funzies?'] He pinches the bridge of his nose again and sighs. [i 'Gonna need a smoke to deal with this shite.'] He looks up and, unfortunately, spies a smoke detector. [i 'Course.'] So instead he reaches into his jacket to pull out his notebook and pen. He always started with the notebook.

He wrote: [b "Right, lass. Two things. No, I don't normally use the ladies' room, but the men's had more of these buggers in it while this one just had the one bloke. And secondly, do ya know sign language or do I gotta keep writing?"] His penmanship was astonishingly neat and tidy for a guy that looked as rough as he did, but when you write as much as him it would make sense that he'd make it as easily legible as possible. He turned the notebook around and held it out to her, impatiently waiting for her to read it and respond. He always hated this part of having to use his notebook, but he was also used to it.

[i 'Least now she'll realize I'm no talker... Wait is that a good thing? Feel like that may mean she's gonna talk even more now to fill the silence.... Shite.']
  Killian Mac Tíre Aonair / JesterVVV / 15d 5h 37m 34s
[right [pic ]] [#FF1493 [i ‘Is he waiting for me?’ ]] Her fearful gaze followed the legs of the male, watching him shuffle through the bathroom groaning loudly, vegetating outside her door for a while. Cindy’s own legs were shaking with the strain, joints burning hot in reluctance to remain perched off the ground. [#FF1493 [i ‘I can’t stay like this much longer...’ ]] Cindy had since climbed and crouched on top of the toilet seat, terrified that if the man did see her ankles from underneath the stall he’d try to grab her. She was confused that he hadn’t pinpointed her location since it was the only locked stall in the bathroom, but she definitely had no room to complain. Something was extremely wrong with the man and Cindy wasn’t interested in pushing her luck.

A loud whistle bounced off the walls, the surprise almost making Cindy lose her grip. Someone else had entered the bathroom while the blonde was too focused on not falling into the ground. She could see the man’s feet shuffle away from her door, hearing some ruckus, and a few solid cracks. Cindy had previously been ravenous for her egg sandwich, but her appetite was now well and truly ruined upon seeing the man hit the ground, blood spilling from his skull and through the crevices of the tiled floor. Cindy did her best to avert her eyes from the gorey scene, but found it difficult since it was all in view from her perch.

Her stomach flipped hearing this new stranger try to enter her stall, [#FF1493 [i ‘Don’t you dare.’ ]] She half expected them to start pummelling, maybe groan and lurk in the bathroom like the previous guy but was delighted to see them turn away and enter the next stall. The girl felt like a bit of a pervert, sitting and listening intently to water hitting water. It [i was ] a public bathroom but Cindy felt as if she wasn’t meant to be there- like she was breaching privacy hiding out there. Despite this she was happy to see this stranger currently had no interest in attacking her.

She listened to the sink running, before a metallic knock sounded on the door. Cindy climbed off the seat with a lack of elegance, deciding the stranger couldn’t be that bad. She felt the strain on her knees ebb away, nervously pulling the lock to the side and opening the door to stare up at the man. She remained quiet for a moment which was a surprising feat for Cindy, silently examining him. This was followed by impulsively blurting out the next thought that came to mind.

[#FF1493 “You’re tall. You play basketball?” ]

Despite the intimidating appearance and the fact he had just ended the life of another person she bobbed past the man to the sinks, almost slipping over in the puddle of blood. Cindy kept her gaze away from the body, looking at it made her feel sick and she had spent too much effort making her breakfast just to upchuck it. With the crazy stuff she had encountered outside Cindy was just grateful the man was here.

[#FF1493 “He’s lucky he didn’t have to deal with me.”] She nodded enthusiastically with a smile, filled with delusional confidence as she pulled a paper towel from the holder. [#FF1493 “I was just about to rough him up before you came in..”] She crouched to wipe the blood off her shoe, keeping her eyes far far away from the dead guy. Cindy would [i not ] tolerate mess on her little leather shoes. She had only polished them a few nights ago and they were already in a saddened state.

She stood and threw the paper towel in the bin before turning to look at the man. As to her observation from earlier the male was very tall, and definitely appeared angry. Due to the suit he had a sharp business look about himself, making Cindy assume he was an accountant or something. An accountant with a bat. But she did like the suit, and wondered what type of fabric blend it was.

While the blonde had heard the guy wash his hands Cindy liked to be careful, public bathrooms were dirty places. She pulled a travel size bottle of hand sanitiser from her bag, offering it in silent encouragement for the male to hold his hands out.

[#FF1493 “It’s crisp apple scented.”] She told the man as if trying to bribe him.

She squirted the cold gel into her own hands, rubbing it into the skin and smiling at the male, tilting her head in curiosity. [#FF1493 “Do you usually go into women’s bathrooms?”] It wasn’t a malicious question but Cindy was genuinely curious if this was the norm for the guy. [#FF1493 "No judgement! I'm sure they're much tidier.."]
  || INFECTION || / Gao / 15d 14h 51m 13s
Anna rose slowly out of bed, stretching her arms high above her head. She gently pushed several strands of her long silver hair behind her ears before rubbing the sleep out of her amber colored eyes. It was well past noon when she finally decided it was time to wake up. She was expecting to sleep at least another hour or so, however, a few noises coming from downstairs interrupted her beauty sleep. [b “Geez...doesn’t anyone know how to be quiet when someone’s trying to get their beauty sleep?”] She quietly muttered to herself. Anna sighed lightly, as she made her way over to her walk-in closet. She quickly threw on a simple grey sun dress and a pair of black ballet flats. She made sure to pull her long silver hair from underneath the fabric of her dress as she slid it over her shoulders. Once she was completely dressed, Anna decided to make her way downstairs wondering what all the commotion was about.

Anna covered her mouth as a large yawn made its escape. She couldn’t remember what time she fell asleep the night before, but she knew she hadn’t gotten enough sleep that’s for sure. Anna walked into the small living room where she found several decorative items sprawled across the living room floor. Anna’s amber eyes moved aimlessly across the room, looking for any sign of her parents or sister. Surely, one of them had to have made this mess. It was the only logical explanation. [b “What in the world? Who in their right mind would make such a mess?”] she quietly mumbled to no one in particular.

Boom...boom...BOOM! There is was again! It was coming from the garage this time. Anna figured it was her mother who might’ve gotten home early from work. She worked as a waitress at the small town diner. Sometimes her boss would let her leave work early on Saturdays if there wasn’t many customers coming into the diner. Anna silently walked through the kitchen towards the garage door. The loud noises could still be heard from the other side of the door as she placed her hand upon the knob. She slowly turned the knob, opening the door just enough to peek her head through. She let her amber eyes drift across the two car garage before she spotted a figure in the corner with their back facing her. [b “Mom? Is that you? Did they let you off work early again?”] she asked, fully opening the door before she made her way inside. She slowly made a beeline around a few storage containers sitting beside her father’s work bench as she approached the figure in the corner.

Anna had finally reached the other side of the garage when she heard the sound of a low growl. Anna froze in place as the figure turned to face her. A surge of adrenaline shot through her when she caught sight of the figure’s face. It was her mother after all..only her face was completely covered in blood. Anna took a step back as another growl slipped past her mother’s blood stained lips. [b “Mom? Are you all right? Your covered in blood...Did something happen? Answer me!”] Anna’s mother immediately lunged towards her, grabbing ahold of her slender arm. Her mother forcefully drew her close. Her mother’s mouth mere inches from her arm. Anna quickly jerked her arm back, pulling out of her mother’s strong grasp. [b “Mom! What are you doing? What’s wrong with you!”] she yelled at the her.

Anna took a step back then another as her mother slowly approached her with each step. Her low growls only growing louder as Anna made her way back towards the garage door. A few tears slowly rolled down Anna’s cheeks. The person standing before her was her mother, or at least she used to be. Why was she trying to bite her? What was causing her to act this way? So many questions flooded through her mind at once. She didn’t know what to think about all of this. What should she do? How should she handle this? Anna knew one thing. She had to get out of the garage and fast!

Amber eyes stared longlingly into the once gentle eyes of her mother. She shook her head, wiping the tears from her eyes. [b “I love you, Mom...”] Anna quickly turned on her heel, running as fast as she could towards the garage door. She immediately swung the door open as she made her way into the kitchen. She quickly slammed the door shut behind her before her mother had the chance to grab her again. She pushed in the lock on the door knob before gradually falling on to her knees in the kitchen floor. Anna was speechless. She didn’t know how to react to what just happened. She lowered her face, wrapping her slender arms around her knees. She sat there silently for a few moments contemplating what to do next. Whatever she decided to do, she needed to do it fast. She couldn’t stay here any longer. It wasn’t safe. Especially when her mother was on the other side of the garage door ready to bite her face off at any moment.
Anthony sighs wiping his eyes the scene in front of him was devastating but he knew he could not state here it would only get worse with the times their bodies will decompose the location is not safe from whatever this strange thing that is making people go crazy its.

Anthony knows he needs to find out how this strange effect happens on people is just not normal and he doesn't know if its contagious or not or how can it be spread if it's he gonna need to see in action, for now, he should be safe if the food is cooked and he drinks water from bottles
hopefully. He grabs all the canned food that was on his house it was mostly beans and some chips he puts as much as he cab on a backpack from his highschool years. That was all the preparation for food his next objective would be to find a shelter and wait hopefully run into people he can rely on but who has survived like him without the method for infection clear he might have to keep his eyes peeled for everybody even himself. He grabs the gun on his father hand a Ruger SP101 is a revolver it has a snub nose to make easy to carry although Lopez has never fired before and he knows that but is better than nothing and he really does not trust his physical strength enough to carry a kitchen knife as a backup or his finesse to stab a vital area.

Lopez has prepared as best he can he tells himself that a good survivalist would call him out he walks out into the streets there is carnage all around but none of those freak people are near, for now,
he looks at his revolver held firmly on his right hand he had his fingers away from the trigger for safety as he started to make his way down north there was a mall there he could grab more supplies and probably meet some people is a large area and perhaps they have created some sort of shelter on it unless they killed themself from within like on his establishment but is a chance he at the time was willing to take.
  Anthony Lopez / AresKami / 16d 21h 33m 42s
Killian made it about halfway home before he got attacked again. Thankfully, it was just a single crazy dude so he could deal with it relatively easily. The damn things were pretty persistent, though. When all was said and done, he noticed a particular feeling just below his stomach... [i 'Fuckin 'ell. Shouldn' have drank so much before... Not like I knew a buncha people were gonna go mad, though.'] He grumbled in his head, looking around. That was when he spotted it. A public restroom.

[i 'Right bit better than pissin meself, I suppose. Nasty places.'] He stuck his tongue out in silent disgust before approaching the men's side. He pressed his ear to the door... It sounded like there was a few of those things in there. [i 'Damn...'] He looked at the women's door. [i 'Surely nobody'll mind in all the madness, yeah?'] Another ear press. [i 'Just one? Perfect.'] He eases the door open to peek inside, it seemed distracted. [i 'Okay, lad. Easy does it... Ah, hell. I'm not gonna be able ta get past.']

He shrugged in defeat, closing the door and locking it so more couldn't get in. Then, he wolf whistled at the crazy dude. [i 'God, you're an ugly sod, aren't ya?'] [i THWACK] There was not a whole lot of room in this damned bathroom, so sidestepping was hard, but he managed to use the bat as a barrier to maneuver and push the guy back to take more swings. After a short scuffle, the crazy bastard fell to the floor with a wet thud. [i 'Fuckin finally. Really gotta piss.']

He walks to the first stall, pushes on the door. [i 'Locked..? Well, whatever. Next one's open.'] He pushes the next stall door open, setting his bat on the tank, before finally relieving himself with a heavy breath out through his mouth. [i 'That's the ticket...'] When all was said and done, he walked over to the sink to wash his hands, and his bat, before tapping the now clean weapon against the locked door. [i 'Anybody home?'] He thought dryly to himself, but sadly he couldn't say it aloud. He wasn't about to try and peek, though. Didn't need some frightened lass stabbin out his peeper thinkin he was a perv.
  Killian Mac Tíre Aonair / JesterVVV / 18d 10h 41m 28s
{ Ok only AlitaBonita has yet to post. I was gonna ask you guys to wait for them but to heck with it xD

Seeing how you guys are raring to go, you can post freely so long as you remember to wait for two other people to post before posting again. O:

I gotcha Myth just use what your using now so we know your OCC ;D

Also I probably won't be able to post again until 2/8/20. >.<; }
  Lauren / hextheblackcat / 18d 18h 16m 53s

[i "what the fudge?"]
[b Zoya thought to herself as she backed up to give herself more room staring in horror as two more of the creatures looking like her mum and brother wobbled into the basement.]

[b As she continued to back up she kicked things such as chairs so that they were creating as much space between herself and the creatures as possible as she tapped a sequence on the smallish invention in her hand as quickly as possible. Once the sequence was entered she waited]

[i "one, two and three"]
[b she mentally counted. Nothing happened as the creatures began to close in on her]

[i "why isn't it working?"]
[b she thought to herself in a panic as she gave the invention a shake. Just as one of the creatures reached out to touch zoya a series of clicking sounds could be heard as her invention unfolded into a full size scythe with a reen handle]
  MythicMallow / 18d 18h 19m 34s
[b {Yeah and I just posted my second post}]
  Oliver (Oli) / Mason- / 18d 18h 43m 43s
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  MythicMallow / 18d 18h 47m 13s
Oli secured the door with the television stand and looked around his house. It was dark and empty, his family wasn’t home yet. His family. Were they okay? Could he find them and ask what was going on? He turned on the television that was still on the stand. He kept the volume low and kept the subtitles on so more of those creatures wouldn’t hear him. All over the news were stories of an outbreak. There wasn’t a name for the virus or what causes people to turn the way they are. All it’s said is that you shouldn’t get any blood on you and keep yourself locked in your houses until the military has said that the problem has been solved.

If those things are killing people, Oli thought he’d better be prepared. He went up to his father's closet and rummaged through the disorganized mess of clothing, shoes, and whatever else he kept in his closet. Eventually he reached the back of the closet where there was a little black box. He opened it and there in the box was a small pistol that once belonged to his grandfather who passed away last year. The pistol was a family heirloom that was passed down throughout generations of their family. He checked to make sure it was loaded and grabbed the extra ammunition on the shelf.

He ran down the steps and started grabbing camping bags from the entryway closet. If it got bad and he needed to leave, he would need supplies. He grabbed food, bottled water, and melee weapons such as kitchen and hunting knives. He grabbed some batteries and a walkie talkie. If the world goes to shit, you never know what may come through on an old fashioned walkie talkie.

Once he had all of his things, he walked into the basement/bunker room, dropped his stuff off, and headed back upstairs. He dialed his mom on the cellphone but got no answer. He did the same with the rest of his family but no answers from any of them. [#008080 “Shit..”] He muttered.

A few hours into..whatever was going on, the power went out. There were still screams everywhere outside but whatever creatures were outside earlier left. They probably someone who was an easier meal to get. Poor person or people.

[#008080 [i ‘I wonder if this is just happening here..or everywhere?’]] He thought to himself. If this was everywhere, he was screwed. THere was no way he could survive 7.3 billion of whatever those creatures were. That whole group of people could barely hold off 2. They probably were all dead by now. He decided to lay down and wait it out till the morning. He thought it would be impossible to sleep with all the noise but after a few minutes he was already fast asleep.
  Oliver (Oli) / Mason- / 18d 18h 57m 5s
{ Woops, had the wrong character selected. My b. }

'Breathe in.... Breathe out.... In.... Out....' His voice in his head, was it his voice? Well, either way it continued his mantra as he stood across from another man. Both were pouring sweat, fists up, in naught but a pair of shorts each and some wrappings on their hands. They were in the middle of a large pub, surrounded on all sides by patrons cheering or jeering. The main focus of [i my] portion of this story would be the man with a cigarette between his lips as if he wasn't in the middle of a fist fight.

He was tall, probably around 6'4"-6'6" or so, and his musculature was well defined. He didn't have very many tattoos, just a four leaf clover on his right shoulder and a stylized celtic wolf head graphic on his chest that was about fist sized, maybe a bit larger. He had a few scars here and there, but nothing too serious, and his eyes almost looked predatory as he stared down the man across from him.

The fight had been going on for only a few minutes now, it was sponsored by the pub, and our subject was the defending champ. Of course, he had to be with the pub being owned by his family. Otherwise he'd get an earful for sure. He smirked at the thought, which didn't sit too well with his challenger.

The fight didn't last much longer, and our man was victorious. [i "Oi, Mute!"] came the holler from his left, to which he turned and tilted his head. [i "Some bloke out back is given our guys a hard time. They says he bit one of 'em. You good to take care of it?"] A nod. [i "That's my lad. Get yerself dressed first."] And he did just that. His suit wasn't expensive by any means, but it was slick. He tucked his handgun into the holster over his ribs and grabbed a metal baseball bat. He didn't need it, but it was always better safe than sorry.

When he arrived out back, one of their guys was already yelling bloody murder while holding his arm, which had a chunk taken out of it by the feral man snapping and growling. [i 'Fuckin lovely. Damn junkies are my least favorite to deal with.'] He took a breath in through his nose and sighed it out.

[b "Alright buddy-"] The Mute started to sign, tucking the bat under his armpit, but was met with a growling yell and the "junkie" charging him. [i 'Welp-'] He sidestepped and grabbed the bat. He didn't know what this guy was on, but he definitely did not wanna end up like his compatriot. He motioned for the other two to get back inside, and they obliged without question. Little did he know that that would be the mistake that caused his family to fall.

Right now, however, he had other problems to deal with. The guy wasn't fast by any means, so the Mute could just sidestep him if he got too close. He swung the bat at the guys gut, but that didn't seem to do much but piss him off. [i 'Oh come on... I'm really gonna have to put some hurt on ya, huh?'] He thought, gripping the bat and shaking his head. One more charge, one more sidestep, and the Mute brought the bat across the side of the guys head with a [i CRACK], sending the man sprawling. It didn't last long, he didn't put the force behind it to kill only to knock him out, but even that didn't work. [i 'Alright, lad. Didn't wanna be killin ya, but yer not givin me much choice, eh?'] Though he was thinking, the guy almost seemed to respond with another snarl and a gnashing of his teeth.

One last charge, one last sidestep, and then the Mute brought the bat down full force, right on top of the guys head. It caved like a watermelon. The Mute had to jump back to keep the blood off him, and he almost succeeded, but there were definitely red flecks on his clothes. [i 'Great. Now I gotta get this washed. Again.'] He shouldered the bat and sighed, lighting another cigarette. [i 'Someone else can clean that shit up.']

He went back inside, relayed about the body through sign language, before grabbing the notebook he had left inside and retired upstairs to clean his suit....

By the time he heard the commotion downstairs, his suit was clean and dried and the bat was polished. He gave a small grunt as he went to check it out, only to find the pub in a horrid state. Blood, broken glass, bullet holes in the walls. Dead members here and there. Looked like a horror movie. The Mute wrinkled his nose at the smell, but saw a member off in the corner. He tapped his bat on the ground to let them know he was there before signing.

[b "Hey, it's me Killian. What's going-"] [i 'Ah, fuck!'] The member had charged Killian as soon as they saw him. Their movements exactly like the guy from earlier. [i 'The fuck is goin on??'] Another shambled into the room, then another. Now, Killian wasn't one to back down from a fight, but that was usually one on one and from his encounter earlier, he knew they wouldn't go down easy. [i 'Fuck this, I'm outta here.'] He turned on his heel and walked out.

The streets weren't any better than the pub, however... He was gonna have to keep on his toes at the very least. So, bat on his shoulder and notebook tucked into his jacket with his handgun. He walked. He'd have to get home first and foremost...
  Killian Mac Tíre Aonair / JesterVVV / 18d 20h 20m 23s
This was the moment Dominic in a sense had waited his whole life for. True, to some he came off a bit manic and well [I crazy] to suggest an actual outbreak, but you would have to be a fool to not pick up on the signs. The year had started off badly, almost as though they had been in a recurring bad dream since 2016, to which Dom thought to be the inceptive beginning to the next terrible four years of human lives. Flus and diseases became rampant, a plague falling upon people that in an instant created a panic. The government didn’t have to do much – slip of information to the media to which the public ran with it. Though, was anyone actually taking it as serious as Dom? Quite possibly not.

“I’m not wearing this thing anymore,” Dahlia said in a huff, throwing the mask onto the floor. The female had stomped her foot onto it to further support her obvious sign of outrage and rebellion. Dominic shook his head at the eleven-year-old, his [I daughter] for the next three weeks. He was not really someone who got along with kids always; they could be cute, but Dominic surely didn’t hold his tongue when it came to talking to them. He could be a big kid himself, not wanting to share his food or his [I toys]. Still, when your brother asks you to watch your niece so he and his fiancé can have a vacation, it’s a bit crude to deny your niece residency. They’d only been with one another for a week and she was already giving him that [I oh so great] sign of teenage rebellion.

“There’s no way I’m letting you walk out there and getting exposed,” he said as he pinched the bridge of his nose. Warm hazel eyes peered at her, defiant with her arms crossed over a MCR shirt, one to which she acclaimed as a [I vintage] treasure from a thrift store. She looked every bit like his brother, brown eyes, dark brunette hair and the mouth on her certainly showed she got his personality. Dominic had did everything he could to distinguish him from his older brother, dyed white hair, tattoos that covered any open space on his body – some still to fill and his demeanor sometimes came off as less than friendly if you didn’t know him.

“Exposed to what? There’s nothing –” Her voice was drowned out then by the sound of his phone going off. He pulled the device out and looked at the influx of messages, a car crash outside only confirming the further pandemonium that was going on. Surprised then, he looked out the window, shocked to see the countless amounts of people who were running – running away from what he could only assume was the invisible predator. “What the fuck,” Dahlia said as she looked out the window as well. Dominic smiled for just a brief moment, she’d picked up on a few things while here. The smile was soon gone though, this was nothing to joke about. He closed the blinds then, taking her by the arm.

“We have to get out of here.” He said to her.

‘What? And go where? What’s going on?” She asked. Dom was trying to collect his thoughts, already heading toward his bedroom closet where his things were packed. She was right though, where they went was surely questionable, but all he knew was that they had to leave quick. It was no question that the lower and middle class would be the first to be infected. Throwing a duffel bag to her, he stood and shrugged his messenger bag across his chest.

“I don’t know where we are going, but if we stay here – we are dead.”
  dominic / SincerelyLily / 19d 22m 9s
It was a normal day at his job Anthony Lopez believed there had been some odd things for once his phone rang with constant government alerts, his co-workers very few of them showed up and his boss had locked himself in his office of the small cafe. Regardless he walks over behind the counter and plugs his ID into a machine to clock in perhaps thinking of telling on those who missed worked today probably to get their position or earn favor and become the manager.

A rumble is heard on the door, Anthony could have sworn that it had a closed sign and all workers should have a copy of the key so what kind of idiot would try to knock?. Anthony went in to check the guy was causing the noise looked drunk he was banging the crystal with force for sure but his moments were not quite right *Is he drunk?* Anthony thought to himself but this could very well be an issue if he breaks the glass and his boss was not gonna care he had to show initiative Anthony pulled out his phone and dialogued the police but the line was busy. [b Really?! Today of all days?].

He shouted then he heard a door breaking open from the back it was probably his boss office it was best to go check on that rather than this drunken fool that's when a horrific scene showed itself his boss eating away a women's body like a wild animal his teeth leaking blood and pieces of flesh some of them broken or twisted since they tried to bite the bones Anthony could not recognize the women her face, body, and structure had been mostly devoured there was no logic to why this happened and for the first time in his whole life fear presented itself to him. the co-workers that did show up came and screamed that attracted that things attention and as Anthony just stood quiet the walking horror rushed past him into the fool that screamed biting down on his jugular blood leaking left and right.

Panic occurred and the few people that showed up to work try to run for their life one went to the front entrance and was bitten by the person that was knocking the glass but al this chaos lets Anthony quietly go to the office stepping over the cadaver of the female into the key cabinet he knew the boss had the keys to the back entrance and while he was most certainly not keeping his cool his sweat and frozen face expression of fear showed as much but he knew to use others if noise attracted the beast best let them feast on his so-called 'buddies' rather than him.

Anthony now with the key in his inventory quietly walked seeing these monster enter feast on bodies and some bodies standing back up and feasting on flesh then finally one noticed him his luck ran out one stood in between him and the door to freedom from this hell.

The monster lunged and Anthony barely managed to grapple into his arms and keep his mouth and force away but this thing kept pushing he found himself losing the only thing that kept them even was his will to survive he realized if you can't beat it with force perhaps wits he tried to use the monster momentum of pushing into him against it. Anthony used less force on his right arm which allowed the monster to get closer but he did at the same time step towards the left and placed his foot in front of the creature a quick trip which sent it flying to the floor face first.

Lopez did not have enough time to open the door while the creature got up so instead, he looked around grabbing the first thing he saw which happened to be a broom and slams into the head over and over till black blood spew even then he could swear the creature was not dead so he keeps swinging till it ceased it felt like hours but the affear only lasted seconds his eyes fixated on the deed till the end. The commotion had gotten the attention of the others Anthony noticed as he looks up after the deed was done he drops the broom and grab the key and manages to calmly unlock the door his but the closing was a stumble first he wanted to run and just leave it open but they were too fast on his trail so he was forced to hold it with his shoulder while he tried the best to get the key with his hand and try and lock the door but the nerves got the best of him many times he almost dropped others he just didn't put into the lock but finally he did.

Anthony walk home was not a pleasant one just this morning everything was normal a bit odd but normal now cars left in the middle of the street their owners either converted into a monster or a mess of blood and bones that would never be able to recognize again his head was hurting when he finally got home he expecting the loving embrace of his mother and father but instead was met with his mother tied to the bed shot dead and his father also dead from a bullet that pierced the left side of his cranium and came out the right side, his left hand holding a gun tears rolled down his eyes as he picked up the gun whatever sick twisted day this was he was gonna survive "I am not gonna end up dead or like them, I don't care what I have to do" would be the words that would become his resolve, his will to battle the horrors of the questions forming in his head.
  Anthony Lopez / AresKami / 19d 1h 24m 28s

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