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Ohio State had won the game. It wasn't surprising to her since they had Kai playing for them. She didn't care much for football so the fact that her university lost, didn't upset her much. She just watched it because Kai played.

It had been three weeks since NYU had played Ohio State. She hadn't seen Kai in a month. She missed him a lot, but school and her soriotty was enought to keep her busy. She just hadn't been feeling the best lately. She was always nausues and food didn't really sound good. She had been mainly eating chicken broth and yogurt, just to give herself some energy. She figured she had just gotten some type of bug, so she didn't think anything of it.

Until her period was late. She was almost a week late when she noticed. [I "No way"] she thought to herself as she walked down to the market that was about three blocks from NYU.
  Gabriella / BooBear96 / 139d 23h 4m 49s
Kai wasn't really excited about the party unless they won and if they won, the scouts would want to talk to him. He was hoping someone was interested so he could get the hell out of Ohio for good. Seeing her with her friends he smiled and waved from the side of the field. He loved seeing her especially wearing his jersey. He loved her so much.

He pulled her into his arms when she was at the side of the field with her friends, "Missed you baby.... you look beautiful... your seats are right behind the team and if you want something to drink, I have money or just tell them your number 8's girlfriend." he said flashing her a smile. Her friends watched him, they love each other and thats obvious. He picked her up in a hug and didn't want to put her down. She was beautiful and smart and crazy and all his and he wouldn't trade her for the world. Not now not ever.
  Kai Leland / polkadotrocker / 141d 18h 35m 19s
That night she and Kai has made up for lost time. She knew she missed him, but she didn’t realize how much she had missed him until last night. It was hard for her at first, when they both started college. She had gotten used to him always being there, being the one constant person in her life, and then he just wasn’t. Not physically anyway.

They went to breakfast and then ended up back in their hotel room just bending lazy; cuddling and watching television together. It was a night game, so he didn’t have to be at the field until four thirty.

It wasn’t long until Kai had to go to the stadium with his team, and she headed back to her sorority to get ready with her friends. She was going to wear the jersey that Kai had gotten for her. [b “I can’t wait for y’all to meet Kai at the party!”] she said as she drove to the stadium.

[ outfit]
  Gabriella / BooBear96 / 142d 18h 37m 50s
At the hotel he held her waist, "You have no fucking idea how much I missed you and how much I hate Ohio... football is one thing but all the snow and just bullshit they have to deal with, I'm surprised people live there at all." He said before pulling her into her own hotel room. He almost picked her up and kicked the door shut behind him, "You are mine." He muttered.

The next morning his phone buzzed for him to get ready for the game. He had a couple hours and he knew just what he wanted to spend it doing. He loved her and last night had been amazing and now it was his turn to show her what he did at school. He got up and got dressed after his shower and kissed her awake, "Lets go to breakfast babe and then I have a jersey for you to wear and keep... ordered an extra with Leland on the back just for my favorite girl." he said and kissed her hard again.
  Kai Leland / polkadotrocker / 142d 18h 57m 43s
Gabriella nodded as she held his hand as they walked up to her hotel room. [b "I'm so excited you're here.."] she said. [b "I was going to wait and tell you later... But I found out that I have a three day weekend coming up. I was gonna surprise you by flying down Wednesday night.. But I kinda need you to pick me up from the airport... It's next month."] she said.

She listened to him as he spoke to her at the steakhouse. They were sitting on the same side booth. [b "I'll warn them."] she said softly. [b "Don't worry about me baby. You and the team are only in New York for two days... And I'll be with you or my friends the entire time. I'll be okay. I have my pepper spray and Daddy made me buy a taser."] she explained. [b "Mom told him I was going out at night and he all but flipped his shit."] she said.

After Dinner, they went back to the hotel that his football team was staying at. It was only ten minutes away from the Stadium.
  Gabriella / BooBear96 / 143d 20h 4m 30s
He nodded, "Let me put my stuff in your room and we can go to dinner and then after you are mine." he said smiling to her. He had no idea that they would concieve their first child tonight... this would change everything... if he got scouted... he would be in the NFL next season... maybe even be a father before he was a professional football player.

At dinner he held her hand, "Tell your friends to stay away from the team... there are some not so nice guys who have done some horrible things to girls on campus in Ohio, they have a reputation and I don't want anyone getting hurt honey.... I love you and it scares me that they even saw you." He said softly. He was big and could scare most people but he loved the idea that she was only his... if his team got ahold of her... he would kill them... she was his girlfriend, only his and it would stay that way if he had anything to do with it.
  Kai Leland / polkadotrocker / 143d 20h 21m 13s
[b "I missed you so much!"] she squealed as she all but wrapped her legs around his waist. [b "Gosh. You have no idea how happy I am to see you"] she said mumbled as she held herself close to him. [b "I'm thrilled that we have two whole days together."] she said. [b "I can't wait to watch your game tomorrow. I watch them all on TV, but I'm just excited to get the full experience. I haven't been to a football game since High School."]

After what seemed like twenty minutes of being in his arms, she noticed other guys staring at her. She stood back on her own two feet and pulled her skirt down. [b "Scouts or No scouts, you're still gonna get noticed. You should try and get as much college in as you can baby."] she said. [b "A bunch of the girls from my sorority are coming with me! They all want to meet you. We're having a party after the game."] she said as she tucked her hand in his. [b "Ready for dinner?"]
  Gabriella / BooBear96 / 143d 20h 27m 55s
He smirked, "Theres my baby girl." He said holding her. "God you smell good." He muttered burying his face in her hair. Strawberry Shampoo... anything she wanted he would get and make happen. "I love you.... I missed you too." He said before his lips connected with hers. Some of his team mates watched her, beautiful girl.... short skirt... they wanted her and they didn't care if Kai had her or not.

Kai held her, "I can't believe I have you in my arms finally, its been too long but baby.... there are scouts at this game. I could get drafted this time... and I need my good luck charm there with me cheering me on." He said with a smile. "I love you, I love you, I love you." He said showering her in kisses. "Ohio is hell and it doesn't have you in it." He said almost in tears that he was so happy to be here with her.
  Kai Leland / polkadotrocker / 143d 20h 48m 12s
It had been two months since they started their freshman year of College, and boy was it stressful. She loved it though, it got her mind off of Kai a lot. She was so busy with school work and work study, she hardly had time to miss him. And He was always at football practice.

[b “I can’t wait to see you babe. I reserved a room at the same hotel that y’all are staying in.”] she said. [b “I’ll be there waiting.”] since New York was an eight hour drive from Ohio State, they were staying the day before and the day of, so they have two nights together. [b “I love you so much, but I gotta go. I’m about to walk into the Library.”]

She couldn’t help but grin as she saw the charter bus pull into the hotel parking lot. It was hard, going months at a time without seeing one another, but it was just a short term loss for long term gain. It would all be worth it when he went Pro and she graduated. [b “Hi papi!”] she squealed as she all but jumped into his arms.
  Gabriella / BooBear96 / 155d 17h 1m 26s
Kai hated college even though he had just started. His first night he called her, "I miss you Gabs... no I hate it here and its fucking cold and the people are rude but... two years and I promise you I'll make good on our promise and make you proud. I love you." He didn't talk about Ryan and never would.

His first game he knew she was watching on television and he blew her a kiss, they won that game and the next. It was a month later and he called her again, "Baby we have an away game, I'll be there to see you in two days... are you happy we are going to be able to see each other for two whole days?" He asked her with a smile into the phone, he loved this girl like crazy.

Two days later he was in New York and got off of the team bus and saw her. He pulled her into his arms, "God baby I missed you." He said kissing her hard but was still gentle.
  Kai Leland / polkadotrocker / 155d 17h 36m 40s
Their time in Panama City beach had ended just like that. She couldn’t believe that it was already over and it was time to go back home.

The summer overall went smoothly. She and Kai didn’t talk about that night they had with Ryan. And Ryan didn’t tell the entire house what he caught she and Kai doing. Ryan had ended up finding a local slut to hangout with, which was great news for her and Kai. The local practically moved in with them there at the end.

They all made a pact that they would try and get together as much as possible, especially at Kais games. She and Kai were officially a couple. He’d asked her to officially be his girlfriend their last night on the beach, he’d given her a promise ring, as he said he didn’t want her to go to New York without having something of his. It was beautiful. He assured her that it would fit with the engagement ring tha she would one day have.
  Gabriella / BooBear96 / 155d 17h 45m 44s
Kai sighed and held her close, “Maybe we should all go down to the pier today and hang out and have the best day ever...if they don’t want to go...we can...unless you just want to lay in bed all day with me?” He asked before his lips connected with hers. “I love you...but I want to have fun with you this summer too.” He said intertwining their fingers together as he held one of her hands. “I mean it, we set out for the best summer ever and that’s what we are going to get.” He muttered.

Downstairs in the kitchen one of the other girls had made breakfast pizza for breakfast and Kai smiled. He was just wearing his pajama pants and nothing else. “Smells good thanks for cooking this morning.” She nodded, “Y’all were all still asleep so I figured it could be my turn though we need more eggs so whoever goes out needs to pick some up today.” She muttered seriously.
  Kai Leland / Polkadotrocker / 157d 1h 45m 29s
The next morning Gabriella woke up feeling pretty rough. Her head was pounding and her lower body felt like it had been hit with a jack hammer, Kai no doubt, was the answer to that problem. She briefly remembered them making out in the pool, which probably led to more. [b “Good morning.”] She rolled over and groaned as a pain shot up through her stomach. [b “We might not have s** the rest of the summer.”.] she mumbled as he opened his eyes. [b “I don’t think I can handle every mornings like this.”]

[b “Can we just not really do anything today? I’m so hungover and sore, I just want to take a bath and maybe get in the hot tub. But other than that, I just want to lay right here while you give me massages off and on”] she said as she propped herself up on the pillow. [b “So far.. this summer isn’t going like I planned, I guess I just thought the group would be more excited... I feel like I’m the only one trying to make this the best summer.”]
  Gabriella / BooBear96 / 157d 6h 32m 29s
"Hey pretty baby." He said sitting down beside her with a beer in his hand, he was drunk but not as drunk as everyone else had been. He had stayed more sober as he was the somewhat responsible one of the group. He knew no one would want to clean up the next day when they were all hungover and tired so he did it that night so they could all wake up to a cleaned house. The only bottles around were the ones that they were drinking. "Ready for a dip in the pool?" He asked her with a smirk.

The next morning Kai knew that half the house had heard them in the pool the night before, they weren't exactly quiet... and when she was drunk apparently she was a screamer but god that had been amazing and he wouldn't have changed it. He kissed her gently, "Good morning darlin'." He muttered before holding her close.
  Kai Leland / polkadotrocker / 157d 18h 15m 17s
Gabriella looked at Ryan and rolled her eyes. [b “Quit being an ass. I’m not letting you ruin my summer.”] she said. [b “But no.. He’s not gonna be there... Meet me on the beach tomorrow... seven am?”] she whispered. She looked up at Kai and nodded when he thanked her for making the sides. [b “No problem babe.”] she said.

The pool party was a lot of fun. Everyone drank wayyy more than they should’ve, but most of them had fake ids so why not? It was their last summer together as a group and they all just wanted to have fun. She was bound to make it the best summer.

Everyone had passed out some where in the living room and some in their actual bed rooms. Kai had insisted on cleaning up and loading the dishwasher so she was sitting outside with a frozen daiquiri and her feet hanging in the pool. Everything had changed so quickly in three days and now the future was somewhat scary.
  Gabriella / BooBear96 / 157d 18h 23m 29s

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