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[size12 [center [font "Palatino Linotype" So safe in the blinding light of love unchained in yesterday's grave.]]]
[size12 [center [font "Palatino Linotype" The truth that could set souls free is buried within sweet pandemonium...]]]
[size12 [center [font "Palatino Linotype" Concealed by disbelief, the riddle stays veiled in sweet pandemonium...]]]
[size12 [center [font "Palatino Linotype" Afraid that everything remains unchanged in this fragile dream. ]]]
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[size12 [center [font "Palatino Linotype" Drained by the anger and grief. Fazed by the envy and greed.]]]
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[b [#9fd6d6 "... Thank you."]] There wasn't much else they could say. The man's words almost felt like a dismissal, so they took it at face value and nodded at him before placing their hand in Hecates again, allowing her to lead the way. They had to wonder about this mysterious woman. They were... Siblings? But Ash had never seen siblings that acted like that.

Had she always been mute? Did something happen? Was she that way by choice? So many questions, none of which they felt it appropriate to ask. Instead they looked away from her, and out in front of them instead, thinking back to Mabuz. He was a whole other story. He seemed nice and polite enough, and it was refreshing compared to some of the colonies they had come across so far. Maybe finding a place to settle wouldn't be too bad after all.

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A cough interrupted their train of thought, and they covered their mouth with their elbow, trying to stifle it. It was starting to cause chest pains, and left them panting lightly when it subsided. They cast a sheepish glance up at Hecate. [b [#9fd6d6 "Sorry. We can continue now."]]
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[center [size12 [font "palatino linotype" He smiled as he questioned his ways. It had been the first time in ages since anyone had ever questioned his ways. His methods. And that was one of the reasons why he was so clear on his thoughts and actions. No cover up. "If recharging is what you seek, I suggest you take rest as much as you wish." He looked down at his sister. "Hecate."

The woman instantly looked up at him. "Find them a place to sleep, a place to call their own for now. Aid them in finding clothes, food and fresh water. Anything that they may need, you are now their helper until they are comfortable enough to do it themselves, alright?"

The young woman nodded and stood up instantly. She made her way over to them and held her hand out with a warm smile.

"Do not worry about Hecate. She is a mute, but she is fully functional and practical. I only let you know because I have many who were a little... alarmed by her silence. But she is harmless I can assure you. And if she needs to communicate with you, she will do so in the most obvious of ways." He chuckled. "It was a pleasure to meet you once again, Ash. And as I said before, welcome. I hope you find what you are looking for here..."]]]
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The things that Mabuz told them seemed too good to be true. Live in peace in exchange for food, shelter and water? They looked skeptical, searching the man's face for any sign he may have been lying. When they found no such evidence, they moved to take the seat across from him , folding their hands in their lap. It took them a moment to gather their thoughts.

[b [#9fd6d6 "... just like that?"]] They asked, their expression neutral now. [b [#9fd6d6 "Knowing nothing about me, and with no promise of anything but peace, you would offer me a place here?"]] Maybe it was the constant travelling, or the weakness caused by their illness, but too good to be true or not, it sounded [i good].

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The promise of a good night's sleep in a real bed, a meal, and not waking up so [i alone]... It sounded good. So much so that they couldn't bring themself to say no. Besides, the man had said they would be free to go whenever. Could it really hurt? [b [#9fd6d6 "... If I can really leave whenever, then staying a while to recharge couldn't hurt."]]
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[center [size12 [font "palatino linotype" “Ah yes, Maine.” He nodded chuckled once again. “Well known state for its lobsters and haunted light houses and inn’s. Or at least… it used to be.” He walked back over to the chair and took a seat. “Now our world is simply a haunted place with no escape. Or at least that’s what many think of it.” He smiled as he motioned for them to sit in the chair across from his. “I am truly sorry to hear about your loss. However, here you might find some sort of comfort and maybe will be able to gain a new family per say.” He smiled.

His eyes traveled to his sister who quietly walked over and sat down on the floor beside him and then laid her head on his knee. “We are a rather small group. Still growing in numbers, adopting new family members who wish to stay and live together in harmony. All are welcomed here so as long as you abide by our rules. The rules are simple really.” He placed his hand on his sister’s head.

“We all must care for one another. We all help maintain this town. No one shall kill another nor promote any type of violence. No one shall assault anyone in any form. All must remain pure at heart by keeping themselves from any criminal acts. If anyone is proven to have broken any of the rules then they shall be punished.” He combed his sister’s hair gently with his fingers. “I only wish for peace among our people. I want us all to live a happy life despite what is going on outside these gates. Many have traveled from long distances to stay here. And I’ve yet known of any who wished to leave. However, you are free to roam and leave whenever you wish to.”]]]
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Panicked grey eyes calmed a bit upon seeing the man in the dim light. The fire lit up his face, flickered over it ominously, and had Ash scanning his expression. He seemed... amused. Not at all what they had been expecting. They worried their lip between their teeth, watching the man's hand for all of a second, before reaching out for a handshake.

[i Mabuz Ozul.]

That had to be the weirdest name Ash had ever come into contact with. They wouldn't have been sure how to pronounce it had they seen it written, they were certain. The offer of food, water and clothing struck them though, and they looked back up at him, meeting those honey-colored eyes, searching them for something to distrust.

[b [#9fd6d6 "... Thank you, Mabuz. It's a pleasure to meet you."]] Their voice was quiet, and still a little unsteady and rough, but getting better the more they spoke. They let go of his hand a moment and moved away, trying not to think about how their palm tingled when they let go.

[b [#9fd6d6 "I've been travelling since everything fell apart. Once everything was stable enough, I went out looking for my family. I... didn't find them. I'm originally from Maine."]] Whatever that meant anymore. They weren't even sure where they were, but they knew they probably weren't anywhere near the east coast anymore.
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They moved from their place beside him to go toward the fire, stand a little closer to it, and look into it with a sense of relaxation. It was getting colder out, so the fire was welcome for their aching muscles. [b [#9fd6d6 "... How long have you been settled here? How many of you are there?"]] They hadn't been able to get a decent count, but they wanted to know just how many people felt [i safe] here. Was safe still possible in a world like this?
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[size12 [font "Palatino Linotype" "Trespassing?" he almost sounded surprised. A slight chuckle slipped from his lips as he took another drag from the cigarette. "We both know that just water will be insufficient." The smoke seeped through his lips as he spoke. He stood up slowly while crushing the rest of the cigarette bud into the metallic dragon shaped ashtray that rested on the coffee table in front of the chair.

The male walked over slowly to them. Pulling off the hood from his head revealing the jet black hair that was slicked back. The powerful sharp jawline that he had, and the dark honey colored eyes that gleamed in the dark due to the fireplace.

"You can rest here, gather supplies; food, water and apparel. Anything that you may need for your trip. Unless... you wish to stay a little while instead."

His eyes shifted over to his sister who had a smile of her lips, yet remained with her head hung out of respect. He chuckled before looking back at her. "I'm sorry, how rude of me not to introduce myself." He held his hand out to them. "My name is Mabuz Ozul. And that is my sister, Hecate. It is a pleasure to meet you, Ash. Have you been traveling long?"

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The house was a little more fanciful than they had expected to still be standing after everything that'd happened to the world thus far. The statues were incredible- like ones they would have seen in a museum or something. They took a minute as they passed to admire the details, until their senses were otherwise interrupted.

The smell of burning wood and cigarette smoke. It was one that was immediately welcome. Their father had been a smoker, so it was almost reminiscent of camping with him, and those were memories that Ash held dear. Grey eyes fell upon a man, shrouded in shadow, and all they could see was the smoke that he exhaled. It seemed rather ominous, but for some reason they couldn't find it in themself to be scared.

He spoke, and Ash immediately latched onto his tone. He was calm, and his voice was smooth. Maybe too much so. Ash moved forward into the light, and watched his cigarette light up, looking between him and the woman- [i Hecate?]- and back to him.
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[b [#9fd6d6 "My name is Ash."]] Their voice was rough from disuse, and their gaze was cautious at best, anticipation clear on their face. They wanted to see this stranger, to abate the feeling of panic they got from not being able to see his face. [b [#9fd6d6 "I... I know I'm trespassing. I just wanted some water, I'll be on my way. I don't want trouble."]]
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[size12 [font "Palatino Linotype" Hecate smiled as they willingly took her hand. A sign of trust was a good sign, good newcomer. A new sibling for their community. Her brother would be very happy to know that she had found another stray to add to their family. A lost little lamb for him to take care of. A lost soul for him to look over.

The young woman led them through the small deteriorated town and towards the Mansion that was in an early state of decay located at the end of the town. Her hazel eyes shifted back to them upon reaching the large chestnut wooded doors. She opened the doors for them and walked in soon after.

A large dual winged stair case greeted them in the middle of the room, one wing leading to the right side of the mansion and the other to the left of the mansion. A stone statue of a woman rested under the stairs in the middle part, behind it a large marble arch leading to the lower part of the mansion. The chandelier that hung from the ceiling providing the illumination of the relatively clean entrance room with marble floors.

Hecate led them up the stairs and down a semi lit corridor until they reached another set of large wooden doors. Upon opening the door, Hecate peeked in only to be greeted by the strong scent of burning wood and cigarettes. Her eyes falling upon the silhouette of a male who sat in a maroon colored arm chair.

“Hecate,” he spoke as she could see smoke flowing out from the shadow, “what brings you here?”

The young woman smiled broadly and pulled the one she found into view. Instantly she heard her brother chuckle softly and see the orange tip of the cigarette lite up as he inhaled and then exhaled the cigarette. “Who might you be?” He spoke calmly.]]

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This strange woman didn't even have to say anything for Ash to immediately realize she was there. They were hesitant, but knew if they didn't introduce themself, it could mean more trouble than not being cordial at all, or even trying to run. Everything in their body wanted flight to be the option, but instead they turned to face her, watching little more than a silhouette in the darkness.

She bowed, and held her hand out to them, and they hesitated. Their first instinct was to speak, but this woman had remained silent, so maybe it was better they didn't. What was going to happen if they took this womans hand? Would this be the end of them? The look on their face was a mixture of surprise and confusion...

And they reached out slowly, putting their hand in hers.
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If this mysterious woman wanted them to do something, it was probably smarter to comply, at least for now. They watched her curiously for her next move, tense and ready to run, not unlike a rabbit suspicious of a trap. For all they knew, they were a target for some kind of sacrifice. It wasn't unheard of for the crazy cultist types to be found nowadays.
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[center [i [size12 [font "Palatino Linotype" Back then...]]]]

[size12 [font "Palatino Linotype" "We need to keep moving..." She could hear her brother whisper in the dark. And as right as he was, her body wasn't cooperating with her. She could still feel the sting on her skin from the deep wounds on the side of her stomach. The bandages weren't helping anymore, and she was sure that it must've gotten infected along the way of their run. But at least it was all over and they were now free...]]

[size12 [font "Palatino Linotype" “Hecate.” Her hazel eyes shifted over to her brother. She could tell the concern in his eyes and tone of voice. Yet his next words had been bitterly cold. “If you do not get up right now, I will have to leave you behind… We can no longer wait it out. It is almost sunrise… and you know what that means.”

[size12 [font "Palatino Linotype" She nodded in response. He meant well, and he loved her endlessly. Though the truth was that if she couldn’t move, he would be stuck here forever. And being stuck in the forest was never a safe option. There was too much exposure to animals and the animalistic humans that roamed the areas claiming preys to sell. Her brother did not want her to end up back there, where this all began. No, he had newer and better ideas in mind. He gave a promise of hope and safety. All they had to do was run as far as they could and never look back. Then and only then could they begin their new life. Together in a new world under the ruler ship of him.]]

[center [i [size12 [font "Palatino Linotype" Present Times...]]]]

[size12 [font "Palatino Linotype" Everything had seemed to change… From running aimlessly to forming a small community in a small town with a population of approximately thirty-four people and still growing. Hecate could have not been more content to have seen their folk grow. The then needy and poor had become happy and blessed. Yes, her brother had done very well in keeping them safe from the outsiders. Giving them endless supplies of fresh and clean water, unsoiled food and everyday necessities. Everything was perfect, and humanity would be restored back to it’s prime if the community would continue to grow as fast as it was. ]]

[size12 [font "Palatino Linotype" ‘All are welcomed.’ He had stated in his sermons. And displayed his loyal love to his followers. Hecate knew that her brother would be successful, and had kept his promise. The promised land, as some would call it. Yes, it was as if he had become a God to those who entered this community. A paradise for the lost and forgotten. A safe haven for the frail and weak.]]

[size12 [font "Palatino Linotype" A slight shadow in the distance had caught Hecate’s attention. The young woman walked over silently and followed it behind. It was unusual for anyone to be awake at this time. Unless they were taking a sip from wells established throughout the town or straight from the pond. Then there were those like Hecate that simply could not sleep at night due to the endless terrors of the night that replayed in her mind over and over. She’d taken upon herself to keep watch over the town at night. And tonight had been an awfully odd night with someone’s silhouette in the distance that she could not recognize. ]]

[size12 [font "Palatino Linotype" Alas, as the figure had stopped moving and finally turned. Hecate had met with their eyes. The young woman stared at them for a moment before a smile crept up on her lips. Her eyes traveled over the frail body before glancing back up. They must’ve been new to the community. One of the lost and forgotten… Hecate knew how it felt, and as her brother would’ve done, she welcomed her with a bow of her head and then held out her hand to them. ]]

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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/DhF86oI.gif]] [center [font "Times New Roman" ━━━━━━━━━ ☽ Ω ☾ ━━━━━━━━━
The funny thing about the downfall of civilization, is that even when everything goes to hell, things generally still look the same, if a bit overgrown and unkempt. Ash Fairbrass could remember a time when they had been to thie town before, passing through on their way from the family's current dwelling to their hometown to visit grandparents. Grandparents that were now, undoubtedly, just as dead as the family they had held out hope had still been out there. Try as they might, they'd never found them.

Five years ago, the world descended into chaos. Something snapped in all of humanity, something that made everyone turn on each other. Now, no longer were the days that Ash could remember, though not as well as they would like to. When you live this way for this long, comforts of the past become a distant and unattainable memory. They couldn't remember the last time they had slept in a safe and comfortable bed.

It seemed, though, that through the chaos and destruction, something new had risen from the ashes. Something in this little, sleepy town, that seemed to still be alive with more people than Ash had seen in one place in many years. There were easily 25-30 of them, inhabiting the homes, [i gardening], sitting down to meals, the smells of which drew more than one restless evening for Ash as long as they had been observing them. They figured if there was anything going on, it would be better to know before they got there. The fact that everything seemed normal was... off-putting. [i nothing] was normal anymore.

All they could figure was that it was some kind of secret. None of their business. At the very least, ignoring the uneasy feeling they got from the general workings of the town, they seemed to have a routine, and they were all asleep by the time the moon was highest over the sky. that would be the best time to sneak in, grab a little bit of food and water- nothing they would miss- and retreat back to their own little encampment.

They watched carefully through the day, thankful that today seemed to be a little better for whatever sickness it was that plagued them, and as soon as they seemed to be asleep, they started the trek down toward the town itself. Getting in was easy enough, there weren't any borders or walls or anything, which Ash found strange, but who were they to look a gift horse in the mouth?

Finding food was a whole other ordeal. They had no idea where they kept it, and looking for it almost seemed a fools errand now that they were thinking about it. At least water didn't seem to hard to come by. Amidst their garden was a pond, and at the very least that provided enough water to fill the bottle they carried at their hip. They took a slow drink- you learn fast not to drink quickly when it's been a while, you'll make yourself sick.
[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/q5slcUa.gif]]
The best that Ash could figure, they would keep food in one of the homes. There weren't too many, so they spent a good amount of time looking in windows, as quietly as they could, but anxiety was building. Something felt wrong. It couldn't just [i be ] this easy, could it?
━━━━━━━━━ ☽ Ω ☾ ━━━━━━━━━]]
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