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Michael watched her rummage through the duffel, pulling out the various items he had scrounged up in his little hunt. "It took a few buildings, but I took what I could find." he commented. "There was not much left in the way of useful supplies." he spoke, watching her pull out the silly bandaids he had gathered up. "They might come in handy one day." he spoke, lifting his shoulders upwards in a shrugging motion. "The other humans who got there first cleaned up the places, but I got some lucky finds." he commented. He knew the pain killers and needles might help. "We need to get you patched up as quickly as possible." he commented. Since she insisted that she wanted to work on her injury herself, he moved to the wall adjacent to hers, seating himself down on the cold, hard ground and leaned himself up against the wall, his back perfectly upright against it.

"If you need any assistance, let me know." he spoke, allowing his eyes to close slowly as if to give her some privacy in this time of vulnerability. He knew humans could be stubborn creatures and especially faced with the dangers and tribulations that humans now-a-days had to go through. He understood where they came from in that aspect. The androids had uprooted their entire way of life. Instead of making life easier like the company that made them had promised, they destroyed most of the world, leaving humans to defend themselves against hyped up, over-powered machines. It was completely unfair, however most of the companies employees never got to see the outcome of their creations betrayal as when the virus hit, the employees were some of the first to go. The lucky ones got out and the ones who had stayed home that day weren't completely wiped out.

Michael's faux mind followed a string back to that day where everything turned. Clips of his human's faces, their reactions to him, the noises outside on the streets as the human's screams slowed down to almost nothing. Turned Androids roamed the streets, looking for anything organic that moved. Michael stared out of the window for weeks after his own humans died. He had sworn to protect them, and he did. A few break ins caused a few turned androids their lives but it was worth it. The robotics rules didn't apply to Androids so Michael was free to rip apart anything that contained machinery that threatened his human's lives and he would gladly lay his own life on the line in order to protect anything organic he could find. Now he had Kai to protect, and he'd do the same for her as he did for his own humans. At this point, she was the only thing Michael needed to help.
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[tab] [size13 [carme Kai is grateful for the solitude of the basement, the dark a welcome comfort from the glaring rays of the sun outside. Resting on the floor against the wall, she idly plays with the flashlight in her hands — switching it off, on, off, on, the strain of flashing light distracting her from the pain on her calf — until a mixture of boredom and fatigue claims her. Her head tips back to rest against the wall, releasing a quiet breath with the motion. She takes the opportunity alone to try and properly sort her thoughts.

[tab] She and Michael have really only just met but it's clear that he seemed to be every bit the obedient Android manufactured to serve and protect, just as those faceless corporations intended, but such was a rarity and a privilege. The few who still insisted on keeping Androids were often scrutinized and, sometimes, isolated. Such divisiveness in the midst of a war was definitely counter-productive, yet all the same she couldn't blame anyone for that kind of pessimism since it was still wholly possible that an Android would betray their former employer — it's happened before, yet, here she is, relying on the help of an Android.

[tab] Logically, if he really wanted her gone he would've already done so, especially since she exposed her injury to him so at this point she was assured of his loyalty. Still, curious thing isn't he? Openly showing his disdain for other Androids in front of a human. She initially dismissed it as a manipulative tactic but the more she thought about it the more peculiar he seemed. Certain things about his behavior wasn't something she'd associate with the typical, mindlessly obedient robotic servant.

[tab] Michael himself had gone rogue, just not in a way she'd expect. But that's all just speculation.

[tab] Speak of the devil, when Michael entered the basement she scoots up a bit to sit straight. [#ceb1a4 "You found something?"] she rummages through the duffel bag he placed on the floor, eyes widening slightly at the amount of useful items he managed to scrounge up [#ceb1a4 "Wow."] she says simply. At the sight of some pain killers, she eagerly takes out the bottle and pops the cap open, shaking out a pill or two onto her palm and then swallowing them just like that. She puts the bottle back in the bag and sees what else he's found; [#ceb1a4 [i Bandage, pills, more pills... Needle. Might need that, and...] ]

[tab] Her eager rummaging pauses for a moment. She holds something up between her fingers, which were the ridiculous [i Dora the Explorer] bandaids that he found. [#ceb1a4 "Heh. Seriously?"] though the question was wry, her smile seemed genuine, her eyes creased gently in what appeared to be mirth. She was genuinely amused that he even found something like this and actually brought them back. She understood why of course, they still seemed fine and usable so it was only practical, but that didn't prevent her from seeing the humor in the situation.]

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Michael nodded his head at her request to find supplies. He watched as she made it down the stairs, in a worrying fashion, but she did anyway and turned to leave once he knew she could make it down on her own. He'd have to find some sort of pharmacy if he were going to find some supplies.. and a pharmacy that would still have stuff. The city was big and there had to be something on every block, but it was hard to tell if anything was still around.

Michael walked down a few blocks, scanning the area as best as he could as he moved as to not be caught by a human or even another android. He could fake out his actions to an android but he was just lucky Kai didn't end his fake life then and there. He found a store a few blocks down, slowly opening the door to peek inside. No one there yet. Moving around inside, he grabbed a large duffel bag and slung it over his shoulder. If he was going to grab some medical supplies, he'd be grabbing as much as possible so Kai would have supplies for a long time.

He searched that store but with no luck in finding anything, everything had been raided. Moving down a few more blocks, he found another store. He walked inside, finding a few things here and there like a sewing needle in case she needed to be stitched up and some flimsy Dora the Explorer bandages. He grabbed them just in case but knew for this particular injury, these simply would not do but maybe for some scrapes along the way they would suffice. He stuffed them into the bag and continued down his path. After about two hours of searching, he had found quite a good haul. Bandages, pain killers, among plenty of other pills that would help with certain pains, he filled his duffel bag and began his trek back to the convenience store. It was quiet on the streets, eerily so...he figured the androids either killed off what few humans remained around this part of the city or they were still in hiding, waiting for their time to strike down. He made sure he wasn't being followed, listening to the surrounding area as close as possible and scanning when he needed to scan.

Michael made it back to the store, moving in slowly and looking over his shoulder to make sure everything was safe before moving to the shelf and pulled the shelf open then the door. He made his way down the stairs and walked to Kai. He placed the duffel bag down beside her and took a couple steps back, looking down towards her. "I hope I got everything you need to heal your injury." he spoke.

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[tab] [size13 [carme At his easy compliance she inclined her head slightly in approval. Her stubbornness more often than not led to a number of disagreements, large and small. She would be foolish not to admit that part of that was also a result of her own pride, but all the same her persistence and independence have served her well thus far; both in this war-torn landscape and the life of normalcy from a time before – if that could be considered cocky, then fine, she’s still alive isn’t she? Michael’s obedience was to be expected, given that he’s an Android, but she was used to some resistance so she was still pleasantly surprised nonetheless. Though, if he’s not saying anything in protest then it’s safe to assume that it’s nothing too serious, because - what was that first rule again? [i A robot may not injure a human being or through inaction allow a human to come to harm.] She’s had her fair share of recklessness, so she wondered what she could get away with doing now that Michael’s around. Momentarily lost in thought, despite fully expecting it to be picked up it still startled her a little, the sudden contact flustering her for various reasons, more than she’d like to admit. Kai doesn’t want to dwell on those reasons, whatever they may be, so she distracts herself by scrutinizing the surrounding environment as she holds on to the Android, [#ceb1a4 “Thanks.”] She mutters, nearly inaudible and pointedly looking away.

[tab] Once they’ve reached the store, she uses a hand to point to the far end at the back. There was row of regular storage cabinets, emptied of it’s contents by none other than Kai herself not too long ago, otherwise quite unassuming. However, there was one that wasn’t quite lined up with the others, deliberately placed at a few feet away from the next cabinet as if to give it extra space. [#ceb1a4 “See that? The door’s behind it. Just move it out of the way.”] She then realizes that she’s [i also] in the way, Michael supporting her as he is. [#ceb1a4 “Oh, uh. I guess you can put me down now.”] She inwardly curses the awkward tone, [#ceb1a4 “Might need your arms for that.”]

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[tab] Once the cabinet was pushed aside, Kai fishes through her pocket for a rusty, bronze key – the former owner’s, whoever they were. She found it when she was rummaging through some drawers behind the checkout counter. Though there was a nametag attached, the ink has long since faded. She inserts the key into the keyhole, twists, curses when it when it jams slightly, and then finally the old wooden door swings open. Whatever power source the building was relying on was dead and has been dead for a long time, so she takes out a mini LED flashlight to provide some light in the otherwise dark basement. A quick sweep of a bright beam reveals a short flight of stairs, though Kai seemed to be familiar with that already. [#ceb1a4 "Michael."] She turns to the Android, [#ceb1a4 "Go ahead and look for some medical supplies, I'll wait in here. I might have missed something the last time I searched this place."] She grasps the handrail at the side and tentatively takes a step forward with her uninjured leg. A stable step. She takes another with the injured leg this time. So far so good. She nearly misses her footing a few steps down and barely bite backs back a vehement, [#ceb1a4 [i [carme “Motherfu-!”]]] but otherwise manages to make her way down with a slow, steady pace.]]

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Michael nodded at her refusal of his help. He didn't mind her not wanting any help from him. She had gotten this far on her own and just because he was here now, didn't mean she was desperate for his help, nor did she need a crutch to stand on for certain things. "Of course." he responded, not wanting to pry. If she wanted help with her leg, she could ask and he would comply without hesitation. As she pulled up her pant leg, he looked down at the wound, fully assessing the still covered gash on her leg but getting a wider idea of what she was dealing with. The gauze on her leg hardly did anything to help her at this point but it was probably all she could find at the time. Michael studied the leg, the skin around it and put everything into perspective. He knew if they acted fast and got her the right materials, she'd be perfectly fine. If she had an infection at the moment, he wouldn't know until he saw it without gauze. For now, he'd have to wait until they got to a place where he could carefully examine it.

Michael watched her stand, watching her entire body and carefully watched her. As she requested he carry her, he nodded his head at her. "Absolutely." he complied. He'd wait until she was completely ready before picking her up from the ground to help her walk. It was true. They'd need to remove themselves from the current area as quick as possible before any other threats showed their faces and with her increasing leg pains, she would be too slow to make it on her own. He had no issue with carrying the girl, he was perfectly capable of it. He knew she'd be as stubborn as she was, though, as she refused his help in treating the wound but at least he got as far as supplying her with what she needed.

When she pointed in the direction of an empty convenience store, he nodded his head and walked towards her. Normally he'd ask for permission to pick anyone up but since she asked it of him, he didn't need to ask. Leaning down slightly, Michael placed an arm around her shoulders and an arm around both her legs and slowly, but gently, lifted her off the ground as to not disturb the leg any more than it needed to be disturbed. Effortlessly, he moved his body in the direction of the convenience store and began his trek towards it.

It didn't take long before the two found it and moved inside slowly. Michael kept his eyes open and scanning the area as they moved and once inside the store, he stayed completely alert in case anyone was rummaging through the store. Finding it safe for a moment, he looked down towards her. "Where is the basement door?" he questioned, looking up to take another full scan of their area.
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Kai cringes at the mention of amputation, "Ergh, it won't have to come to that." She spoke with certainty, already bent on ensuring that no drastic measures will have to be taken. Despite that, her immediate response was to shake her head at Michael's offer to help, a tad irrational as it was. "It's fine, I know how to do these things... [i hngh], myself." Her voice wavers, spoken through clenched teeth now that the pain was catching up to her. Kai carefully, slowly, lowers to the ground to properly assess the damage, rolling up the left pant leg to reveal the bloody gash on the side of her calf - the makeshift, haphazard bandaging did little to mitigate blood flow. She readjusts the fabric tied around it but the effort feels vain.

At the mention of any potential raids she clicks her tongue, "Ah, damn, you're right." With a considerable amount of effort, she manages to push herself back up to a standing position, albeit with a hand on her knee to support herself. Loathe as she was to admit it, she couldn't exactly power her way through on grit and determination alone . She looks up at Michael, grimacing slightly at the thought of making an embarrassing request. "... Don't get the wrong idea but, uh, I'll slow us down too much, so... Carry me on your back." She tried to actually make it sound like she's issuing an order but her reluctance was a [i bit] too palpable. She didn't even know why she sounded oddly defensive when she really needn't be - this was only practical after all. "You can help me assess it's severity and look for materials, but I'll treat the wound on my own." she insists stubbornly. Yes, she has an Android now, but there was no need to have someone else do something for her if she can do it perfectly fine on her own. She shouldn't grow too dependent for such things, that kind of leniency was just as deadly as recklessness.

At his question, she looks around for a moment, before pointing somewhere south with her free hand, "There should be an old convenience store a few blocks down. There's a door to a basement in there hidden behind a shelf." It was her go-to emergency hiding place but it probably wasn't the best refuge in the event of a raid - it was the closest place she could use for now though, until that gash gets treated. She had no intention of lingering any longer once she's got that settled.
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Michael found some relief in knowing she would sneak an attack on him and was placing the gun away for safe keeping and not to use on him. His eyes finally found hers as she assured him, nodding his head in response to her. He knew he could be some help to her, especially with that injury to her leg. He knew if she did shoot, more aggressive androids would hear the noise and track her down anyway and he was sure she was weighing the options of her choice. He took a quick glance around the area again, making sure there was no imminent threat to the both of them. It seemed the other's had dissipated enough for the two of them to have the conversation but knew they wouldn't be as safe if they stayed here much longer. Androids would patrol areas often and there were tons of them. At her mention of 200 pounds, he nodded his head in agreement. "Yes. Yet, I'm one of the weaker ones." he added in. It was true. While he was still quite strong in human regards, the labor androids were far bigger and were much more strong than he was. They had to be while lifting large pieces of building and metals, yet their skeletal structures were far heavier, so they weren't as fast. "But, I shall suffice for whatever you need for now." he commented.

At her awkwardness, Michael couldn't help but react with a smile. It was funny seeing a human so cautious and curious one moment to not knowing how to respond to a comment the next, but he didn't keep the smile for too long when she tried to walk forward and stumbled a bit. The android took a step towards her but found she had regained her composure once more with a look of disdain towards her own leg. It was evident that her injury would hinder her in this world. Maybe that's why she spared him? She found more use in him than she initially thought. He took another step, closing the distance more, but keeping it far enough away where she didn't feel completely threatened. "We need to heal this wound up. It can cause infection to the point of amputation. It looks rather bad." the android spoke, looking back towards her facial expressions. It as slowing her down and in turn could cause her ultimate demise. "If you don't mind me helping you, I can patch you up as quick as possible. I've handled things like this with my humans." he commented, looking back down at her leg to assess it. "We should probably head to a safe location while I'm doing it. This place will be raided by the other's soon enough." he mentioned. "When we find a safe location, I can find out how excessive your wound is, find the materials you need and help you get back on your feet."

Michael's main concern was getting the human out of sight of the other androids in case they came back. He could at least play off like he wanted to kill the humans, but she was as good as dead if the two of them hung around any longer. "Do you have a safe location or would you like me to track one down for us?" he questioned, giving her a slight tilt of his head.
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[tab] The Android seemed to physically relax when she gave her name and Kai wasn’t immediately certain whether that was his natural response or if that was purely for her benefit. When she was younger, she recalled being taught to see the similarities between humans and Androids and because of that, regard them with warmth and friendliness – or some such saccharine nonsense. Nonetheless it shaped the way many see the Androids; as approachable figures and loyal lifelong companions. It was also a cunning business tactic. Point being, even from her youth she wasn’t ignorant to the fact that she was expected to see the Androids as ‘friends’ and treat them like so, thus making it easier for her to form an attachment to them. She was reluctant to say that it was done for her or anyone’s benefit when she saw it as a manipulative tactic, first and foremost. Kai would never outwardly admit it, but she knew that line of thinking was pessimistic and somewhat narrow, but she stubbornly clung to those beliefs anyway.

[tab] Each one of Michel’s reactions and subtle changes in expression nearly sparks a similar thought process all over again – it’s been a long time since she’s met another Android and their meeting is resurfacing old feelings. She’ll deal with those later, such thoughts are much too distracting. For the moment, she noticed the way he seemed to be observing her body language, his eyes not quite meeting hers. Well, his wariness was her fault, that’s totally on her. She holds both hands up as if in placation, “My gun's all tucked away, I'm not gonna try anything – wouldn’t be worth the trouble.” She says simply. And what with her injured leg? A potential skirmish really, [i really] wouldn’t be worth the trouble.

[tab] As soon as Michael so much as began to elaborate, her brows raised in pleasant surprise, “200 pounds?” She tilts her head, bottom lip jutting out as if to say: [i Not bad]. He was primarily meant for elderly care but that shouldn’t be a problem, he said so himself that he could do something heavy lifting if required, and it wasn’t as if she needed him for anything intensely laborious. His final comment though, made her feel a very different sort of surprise. For a moment that lasted a bit longer than she would like, she just stared at him with a faintly bewildered expression. Unsure how else to respond, she manages to say, albeit stiffly, “I- Uh. Yes. Thank you. Your service is appreciated.”

[tab] [i ‘Your service is appreciated?? What the hell, Kai?!’]

[tab] Kai shook her head slightly as if to convince herself that what had happened was a mere figment of the imagination. She needn’t be so flustered or caught off-guard, he’s an Android – that was likely just a part of his programming, something he said to serve as a reminder that she’s actually in the presence of a living being, when in fact, she's not. He wasn’t actually being cheeky just then. Right? She inwardly sighs. “Alright, uh, we’ll need to start moving. My place is way out on the — [i Kh!]” She moves to step towards him but the gash on her leg flared in pain, the burning sensation sending her stumbling forward. Kai manages to steady herself on time but she casts an irritated glance down at the offending injury – she was impatient and tired, and the thought of being slowed down has her mildly frantic - the thought of appearing vulnerable, on the other hand, has her especially irritated at herself.
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Michael listened to her echo the word family. He knew she had no idea why an android would refer to anything as family. He just knew that's what the elderly couple thought of him. He liked the thoughts the word brought with it and found it as appropriate as he could. It was what he would refer to them as. At the mention of her name, the male perked up a little bit. "Kai" he repeated back to her. "Good to know." he commented. At least she seemed to be easing out of her tense state just slightly. It was definitively enough for his own being to settle into a relaxed state, his simulated body slouching just slightly to give off a settled vibe.

"Misunderstanding? Yes." he shrugged. "I suppose that's what you could call it." he spoke softy, his eyes still planted firmly to watch her body language. He didn't need to get caught off guard by any sudden reactions he might get from her. She still had the gun and in his opinion from this distance, she still had the upper hand.

"Yeah, I do lift heavy objects. I can lift up to about 200 pounds. I was made that way because I was specifically designed to carry elderly people in case of an emergency." he spoke, looking down at his own body. He had been fitted with a titanium skeletal structure. His skeletal structure could hold an abundance of pounds and was less dense than a lot of other metals. "I can do a lot of heavy lifting if you require." he spoke. It seemed like the girl had some plans for him, which gave him some high hopes in that she was starting to become comfortable around him even still. He knew the trust would have to come, yet he was extremely happy she was giving him a chance. "If you want me to do some tasks to help you out, just let me know. I'm at your service." he commented, the last bit feeling a bit cheeky in this situation.
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[tab] Michael was not an uncommon name, but when he mentioned that his family had chosen it for him she suspected that there was some significance to it. And that was another thing - “[i Family?]” She echoes, though she fails to hide the incredulity in her tone. Well yes [i obviously] he belonged to a family, she thought wryly, but it was the way he said it that threw her off slightly - his family, as if he was a part of the institution and not below it. She doesn’t voice the thought but wonders what the concept of family would mean to an Android, being a mass-produced commodity and all. She initially took it as a programmed response but the pause indicated some degree of contemplation. Kai didn’t know what to make of it but she didn’t want to go down [i that] rabbit hole either, at the same time nothing is really sounding off alarm bells in her head… at present, so she stores away that little detail for later.

[tab] “The name’s Kai.” She saw no reason to lie to him at this point, seeing as he wasn’t an immediate threat. With that, she slips her gun back into its holster. Oddly enough, the simple back-and-forth of exchanging names almost made her feel like she was drifting back into a sense of normalcy. Almost. “And I believe this was a… [i bit] of a misunderstanding?” It was the most generic way to phrase it, and it wasn’t until she actually said it that it occurred to her how insincere that sounded - well, she supposed she didn’t have to be concerned about hurting the Android’s feelings, but, if only out of conversational habit she feels embarrassed nonetheless. “Sorry, I just- been a long day I guess, must’ve been for you too, what with all the…” she makes a vague, somewhat weak gesture towards all the destruction around them. Only now that she’s not so ‘high-alert’ about Michael’s presence does she notice the damage on his build, she noticed a few cuts on the false skin before, sure, but everything else seemed to point to something much more severe. Yet here he was, fully functioning and still intact.

[tab] She tilts her head slightly, eyes roving over his build in assessment, “Did you do a lot of heavy work, Michael? I could probably use your help, if I’m correct in assuming that you have nowhere else to go.” She says bluntly - no reason to beat around the bush for this sort of thing. She had never kept around an Android before and, truthfully, knew next to nothing about all the technicalities of maintenance besides the painfully obvious, but she supposed it was worth a shot since the added help would be very helpful. Besides scavenging she didn’t require anything too demanding of him, but if he could withstand intensive labor then that was an added bonus.
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Michael watched the slightly hidden confusion in the female's face. He eyed her up, analyzing and theorizing. She was obviously on the fence about his entire presence. He couldn't argue the fact she definitely wanted him obsolete and yet he had to strive for his own existence. That was of course, if she let him survive. He watched the inner battle before she finally lowered her gun to her side. His stance loosened a little bit as he stood up a little straighter. He felt a little bit less threatened and worried for his own safety at this point now that she seemed to calm herself down enough to see that he wasn't an immediate threat. He rolled his shoulders back a little bit as he straightened, his eyes fixated firmly onto hers as she spoke to him.

His name. She wanted to know his name now. The name he had been given to him by the company that made him was Model33035. Of course she wasn't asking for that name. No the name given to him by the elderly man and woman that obtained him. The file of when they gave him the name popped up in the back of his 'mind'. He wanted to express a smile but he kept his face as still as possible in this moment.

"Michael." he spoke softly. The couple who had gotten him weren't religious in any sense and he was grateful for the fact they weren't as many religious people found the Androids to be abominations. Yet, the elderly couple named him Michael after the Angel. They mentioned he was their angel many times before everything had gone wrong and had even told him why they named him that when he had asked. He often adored the stories they told him and always kept them hidden away in a file of their own. He found himself missing them.. or what he could call missing. "That was the name given to me by my..." he wasn't sure what the elderly couple had been to him but they sometimes mentioned the word 'Family'. "Family." he responded. "What is your name?" he asked, wondering if she would truthfully tell him or not.
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[tab] Kai’s finger lifted from the trigger ever so slightly. She certainly wasn’t expecting the Android’s candor, much less for him to outright admit that he didn’t identify with the others of his kind, or at the very least, not with those ‘rogue’ androids anyhow. So he was still… in tact? Fully-functioning? Her suspicious gaze mellowed out into something that was akin to curiosity at his expression, especially considering that those were the corpses of the other Androids that he seemed to be eyeing with disapproval - did he have no empathy for his own kind? Or maybe the question should have been whether these Androids were capable of empathizing at all, but that was another can of worms entirely.

[tab] If she had hostile intentions before, she was only left with a sense of intrigue now.


“And I’m supposed to take your word for it? But what the hell, what reason would [i you] have to lie-?” The latter was directed mostly towards herself. Wryly, a little voice at the back of her head piped up - [i ‘…To play the victim, to get a bit of sympathy, a bit of trust, and then exploit it.’] But if he really wanted her gone she wouldn’t be the one leveling a weapon at him, would she? No, she already got past that part, unless this Android was a lot more conniving that she thought. As it is she honestly understood very little of them and the all the technicalities in the way thy functioned, even moreso now, because how did an Android ever process that line of thinking if it was meant to be obedient in the first - Wait no, not [i think], that’s definitely not the right word, because that would just imply-

[tab] “Ugh.” She gives, up, drops her hand to her side, the gun now pointed harmlessly at the ground instead. The other hand drags down her face in exasperation at her own, noisy thoughts. In one moment she sees a machine and in the next, a person. [i Pick one, Kai].

[tab] Then she gives the Android a weary look, as if he was the source of her entangling thoughts - at present, he technically was. He? It? Whatever. “What do they call you? Do you have a… a name, or-?"
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He knew he was made the moment she shouted at him. He did as she asked and froze in place, his eyes not moving from her own. His body stayed completely still, not moving an inch and showing in that moment just how inhuman he was. As she moved closer, he found himself examining her, diagnosing an injury that she not dare expose or admit was bugging her. He left it alone, not wanting her on that he knew about it. She had a gun pointed at him and he would do everything in his power to deescalate the problem at hand and have her lower the gun, if at all possible. He had many possibilities here. She could shoot him, executing him instantly, or she could spare him and run off in the other direction. Too many outcomes and by the look on her face and the tone of her voice, they all seemed to lean towards her killing him off. He would try to wiggle himself free from this situation as best he could.

As she gestured towards the other violent Androids, he finally found himself moving again. He turned his attention towards the pile of robot and human masses on the floor and gave a slight shake of his head. "No.." he muttered, before bringing his attention back to the girl. "I'm not like them." he replied. Michael kept his body as still as possible, not wanting to move an inch just in case her trigger finger was a little fidgety. "I am an Android, however." he admitted. He knew she knew already but he figured honesty may get him somewhere with this human. "But I'm not like them." he sneered, looking back towards the pile.

Michael never believed in the massacre. He hated the fact the Androids went rouge. A lot of the other Androids who were on Michael's side got torn apart for not being violent and killing humans like the others. He watched innocent people get killed before his eyes for simply being human. He hated that his own humans were terrified of him in the beginning, planning to deactivate him and get rid of them before he had the chance to kill them too. The amount of times he nearly ran into humans going on an Android killing spree was far to many to count and all he could do was play dead or hide. He had been made this day though and knew hiding or playing dead would not do. The girl had the choice to kill him now or spare him.

"I'm not violent." he continued. He found his eyes wandered between hers and the gun. He knew if she shot, she could hit vital mechanisms inside him and cause him to shut down. He had to play this smart or just let it happen. He had no way to prove he wasn't like them. She would have to take his word for it if she would spare him. His eyes fixated solely on the gun now.
  Michael / K1NG0FH3LL / 297d 8h 2m 39s
[tab] The landscape before her was plain carnage - amongst the debris of steel and concrete were the remnants of what was once human flesh, torn into ribbons of tender red and pink. This was neither the first nor last time she'll stumble across the direct consequences of another violent encounter, and though it doesn't necessarily get any easier with each one of these... occurrences, she supposed, they steeled her enough that she doesn't break down into a mess of vomit and tears at the harrowing sight of it all. Not that she didn't have her moments every now and again, anxiety-induced puking included, but she can't fall into that kind of mental state anymore. Or yet. Whatever, point being, if there's a window of opportunity for even the slightest display of vulnerability in a cruel and relentless world...

[tab] Dont. Even think about it.

[tab] Somewhere in her peripheral vision a humanoid outline makes itself known and she stiffens, because as she stares at the figure she's fairly certain they're staring right back at her. Kai ducks back behind the concrete and slips her gun out of its holster. Great, there goes the element of surprise... it immediately puts her in a position of disadvantage, as if her injury didn't [i already] make her vulnerable enough. First thing's first - human or Android? She hesitates when her thumb moves to flick the safety lever of the pistol, but only for a moment. She never had to level her weapon at a live target before, and the ever-present anxiety of an unintentional, pre-emptive shot is a constant buzzing in the corners of her mind. The possibility of death by her own hand makes her acutely aware of the weapon in her grip, so much so that it almost seems to double in weight.

[tab] Nonetheless she silences her uncertainties and is quick to get on her feet to take aim. "[i Don't move!]" she barks, and the short, sharp command somehow resonates in the empty space between them. It makes her more aware of her tone, and though she's satisfied she seems to exudes enough ferocity, the sudden movement disturbed her injury and it started throbbing painfully in protest. She mustn't waver, mustn't hesitate - nothing, none of that right now, lest her bluff is exposed. Right, bluffing, that's all this was, just enough to rat out anyone or anything hostile enough to attempt anything on her.

[tab] Kai closes the distance between her and the stranger with slow and carefully deliberate steps, so as not to make the injured leg any more obvious by limping her way over. Up close, the masculine figure before her looked human enough but the small nicks and scratches she could now see revealed not a single drop of blood or an inch of tender flesh underneath that synthetic skin. She narrows her eyes. "Android." She states flatly, with only a hint of disdain in her voice. How hard would it be for a bullet to pierce through the protective layer of his exoskeleton? Frankly, she'd be screwed if her puny handgun couldn't even put a dent in this thing but the alternative was to sit and pray he goes away eventually, which was highly unlikely considering he spotted her first--

[tab] Kai's somewhat frantic line of thoughts cuts abruptly. She cycles back slowly: the android saw her first, yet did nothing to dispatch her. He had the upper hand but didn't exploit the opportunity - why didn't he? Her narrowed gaze turns suspicious when she gives him another once-over. "You... What, aren't you one of-" she cocks her gun to the side in a vague gesture, referring to the other, more hostile of the Androids, "-[i Them?]"
  ᴋᴀɪ / -trisarahtops- / 303d 17h 14m 55s
Moving towards a more populated area of the attack, he looked down towards the parts of both human and robot. So different in so many ways and yet they were made to imitate human life. The silicone flesh lining their exoskeletons, the wheels and cogs that helped them move much like muscles and joints and the false hearts and lungs that were placed carefully and elegantly inside their chest. Nothing much but sounds and airflow. He wondered why he had been made to resemble them. Why couldn't they have their own faces and actions. He never quite understood the concept of making almost human-like androids in the first place. Why did he have a static heart that mimicked the soft sound of human hearts? Why did he have air compressor like 'lungs'? Androids had no reason to breathe and yet, they were designed to do so. Their chests rose up and down like humans but instead it was timed, never speeding up or slowing down, just staying the same. He wondered if it had been because when a human would lay their head on an android chest, they'd feel the comfort of almost human interactions. He figured it was for the elderly. Androids frequented nursing homes in order to the staff out and to offer some comfort to older people as they neared their time of demise. Androids were built differently for each occupation they required, yet they often came out the same. Most hard working Androids didn't have false hearts or lungs. They simply had a harder skeletal structure to do jobs that some humans couldn't.

He wasn't sure why the Androids turned on the humans. It seemed one day they all just turned on their handlers. It was almost like something clicked inside their hardware... a virus maybe? Why didn't it affect all robots and just some? Why were there still good robots out in the world hiding for their lives. Luckily, unless robots showed aggression towards each other, they all had codes in which to tell apart human and Android. It took one look to recognize if the being was one or another. He had been able to walk through this world without being harmed unless he walked through a fight or was near an explosion like the one that had just happened. Did the robots somehow gain a conscience? He wasn't sure how but even he knew right from wrong. He knew this whole war was wrong and he also knew using robots for essentially 'slave labor' was wrong too. Maybe that's why the Androids turned. He wasn't sure about the others, but maybe it was a virus gone sour that left robots with some sort of sentience towards themselves. The whole situation intrigued and frightened him.

The male began his move once again. He had been walking for days and days.. or so he figured. He seemed to have lost track of time either way. He wasn't sure where he was going, but he knew he would run into something eventually. He stopped quickly as he heard stirring. Scanning his surrounding area as thoroughly as he possibly could, he stopped at his last round, finding a small head of hair peeking from its hiding spot. He knew he would be in trouble if she found him to be an Android, yet he wasn't too terribly sure how she would react or if she'd even recognize him as one. If he was lucky, she would think him a human, but that he doubted would happen. He ducked himself slightly, but unfortunately was in plain sight of everything around him and he felt it was too late to run off and hide. Hopefully she wouldn't come out shooting randomly and he could talk to her and make her understand he would have no part in the war.
  Michael / K1NG0FH3LL / 304d 6h 31m 52s

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