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[font "times new roman" Katrina knew that if she didn't do as the male had asked, she would get caught and she would get killed. That's something she didn't want happening. At least not yet. She still had a long way's to go with her life. When she heard the male talking, she looked down at her feet, and was glad there wasn't anything in the way of her slipping out. She made her way through the house quietly, her heart hammering inside of her chest. She wondered if they could hear heartbeats from distances farther from them. She would ask about that later, when she was safely back inside of her own home.]

[font "times new roman" She found the back door a few moments later, and she slowly drew the door open, and slipped out shutting it behind her. She made her way down the steps slowly, and the moment that her feet hit the ground, she ran towards the trees behind the house. The one place she could easily lose someone in. She knew her way around this place, like the back of her hand. She slipped into the trees, and started towards one of the other buildings. She could have crossed that distance another way, but she wasn't about to be found out.]

[font "times new roman" She stayed in the trees a little while longer, before breaking out and running through a back yard, up the steps of another house and tried the back door. It was unlocked, thank God. She slipped into the dark house, closed the back door and locked it. She hoped that if they did start looking for her, they wouldn't try breaking down the locked doors. Then again, they were smart as shit, and she wouldn't be able to defend herself for long. She let out a small breath, moved towards a book case, and she slipped down onto the floor, putting her head into her hands.]

[font "times new roman" What had she gotten herself into? She hoped that Michael wouldn't rat her out, but then again she wouldn't mind it at all. She would be with her father again. She was having a small war within her mind about that whole thing, but she shoved those thoughts aside, as she sat in the darkness, waiting for some kind of sign to come out, and then she would hold up her end of the bargain with Michael.]
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Michael could hear the sounds of Android's approaching. He kept his eyes firmly planted on her though as she seemed to visibly start panicking. He knew if she got caught by the Androids, she would be another pile of flesh alongside all the others from the blast just minutes before. As she ran towards him, he braced for whatever she was about to do. He was confused when she grabbed his arm and dragged him behind her. She was worried about her safety and he understood why. Humans didn't have the best chance on their own in this world anymore. Androids were built tougher and now they were ruthless. They didn't feel pain unless they wanted to and they weren't slowed down easily. As she spoke, he analyzed her voice patterns.

As the two slipped into the building, he moved beside her, pushing his own body against the wall beside her before hearing the voices behind them. He could hear them speak his name. He tried to figure out outcomes of this situation. He hoped if he helped the human girl, she would put him in her good graces. However if the Androids knew he was helping her, he would be destroyed along side her. He knew he had to make a decision fast as the Androids were going to find them sooner or later. He looked up towards her pleading eyes. He nodded his head and pushed off the wall.

"You need to try and quietly move from here. I'll try and draw them away if they haven't seen you but they might have spotted where we ran to. Either hide really well or sneak around the building to another location." he spoke to her, keeping his voice as quiet as possible so the others wouldn't hear him. He wasn't sure if they knew she was here or not, but he would try and drive them away first. Stepping out into the sights of the others, he looked around frantically. If they didn't know she was here, maybe he could point them in a random direction away from them. "I saw a human." the male spoke, stepping up towards them. "I saw her run this way and I tried to catch her. She's sneaky. She got some distance from me." he grunted, clenching his teeth in a simulated anger. The male stood his ground, keeping his eyes bouncing between the two.
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[font "times new roman" Katrina was slightly surprised when the male started talking. He was mimicking the sound of her own voice. Even though it was small, and it didn't sound so deep she shuddered a bit. She had heard that the Androids would do anything to look and sound human. That's what this one was doing. She didn't know if she wanted to trust this male, but what other choice did she have? She could hear people walking towards them, and her heart hammered inside of her chest even harder. What would happen if she got caught? The Androids could tell she wasn't like them. Even if they did look like humans.]

[font "times new roman" She honestly didn't know how much longer they would have before the other's would come around the corner. Even though they looked like humans, their footfalls were slightly louder. Her eyes moved to the male in front of her, and she couldn't think of anything else to do. She ran up to him, grabbed his arm, and ran up the stairs behind him. [#DB7093 "You need to help me. I know there are Androids still out there, killing humans. If I'm found out, I could be killed, and I'm not ready for that"] she hissed. She shoved the door open and slipped inside.]

[font "times new roman" She leaned against the wall and looked towards the male before her. [#DB7093 "Your protect me, and I'll make you a promise. I'll do anything I can to help you out, as long as you do the same thing for me. If not, then I will go down with a fight"] she breathed out. She wasn't going to let these monsters win. She didn't know if she could fully trust him, but apart of her was wanted too. Maybe there would be some good out of this. That's when she heard the voices outside. [b "I thought I saw a human just standing here. I don't know where he or she went. I did see Michael though."] the first one said, and Katrina made a mental note of that.]

[font "times new roman" [b "Michael? Are you here?"] the same Android called out. The woman looked towards him. [#DB7093 "Please.. Help me.."] she breathed. She didn't know if the other's would hear her, but she hoped to God that the male would protect her. If he did, she would hold up her end of the bargain she had made. She covered her mouth with her hands, trying to make herself as silent as possible, hoping them male would take care of the other's outside. If he would. So far he seemed different, and if he helped her, it would show her that she could trust him at least a little bit. Her eyes moved to his, pleading silently with the male.]
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Michael moved through the smoke and bits, looking everything over. He looked at the differences between human and robot. Inside, you could see a vast difference and on the outside, they looked similar. Blood, muscles and veins were all imitated with wires, metal and various liquids that resided inside the Androids. It was part of a plan to make them look so similar. Androids were built to look and act like humans and even their insides were mimicked. Science had come so far as to even give Androids false hearts and lungs. A static metal organ that merely made sounds like a heartbeat and compressors that moved the chest cavity up and down without skipping a beat. It never slowed nor sped up. They were even made to sound like normal humans, yet humans had a fluid tone in the way they spoke. Androids were just cogs and belts to mimic joints and muscles. They looked completely different inside and yet the functionality was the same. It was all so strange but Michael figured it was simply to make humans feel better when around Androids.

He moved from the pile of the now forgotten humans and Androids and began walking again until he was stopped by the sound of a voice. Looking up from the ground, he stared at her, analyzing her face, tone and body language. Her heart was pounding, she was uneasy and understandably so. She must have seen the explosion and came to investigate. He wasn't sure if she was an imminent threat or not so he stood his ground. At her question, he slowly looked around. "I did not cause this." he spoke softly, keeping his voice as low as she did to mimic her feeling of unease. Putting his hands up slowly to show he had no intention of harming her, he lowered himself slightly. He had to make himself look as non-threatening as he possibly could for the human girl, who could easily run off in a dangerous direction or turn on him and kill him on the spot.

He knew humans were wary of Androids. Since the first attack, humans tried to shut it down as faulty wiring, an Android gone bad. They figured it wouldn't happen again. It did. It wasn't long after the first. Then it just kept happening. Androids were turning on their handlers. His own were even scared of him a little, but they had a feeling in their hearts he wouldn't turn. They had blind faith in his hardware. He was happy they trusted him so much. The Androids had something switch in them, a question he couldn't answer to much of his surprise.

"I was walking when it happened." he explained, trying to keep his tone as friendly as possibly. "It pushed me into a nearby building. I waited to make sure nothing else would happen."
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[center [i [font "times new roman" [b [u One Hour Ago.]]]]]

[font "times new roman" [#DB7093 "Daddy please, don't go out there. You know damn well what's going to happen! You can't leave me alone!"] Katrina begged. The older male looked into his daughters eyes, and then wrapped his arms around her, and drew her against him. [b "I know you don't want me leaving, but baby what other choice do I have? I have to do this, to protect you"] he said into her ear. The woman held onto her father tightly, nearly breaking down into tears, wishing he wasn't leaving. She held onto him longer than normal, and then her father gently took her shoulders and pushed her back. [b "I'll be home before you know it"] he said lightly.]

[font "times new roman" She wanted him to promise her that he would be back, but this feeling she had, wasn't going away. She looked into her father's eyes, took a breath and nodded lightly. [#DB7093 "I love you.."] she breathed out. The male kissed her forehead [b "I love you too sweetheart. I'll be home soon"] he said. He gave his child one last hug, and then slipped out of the house leaving Katrina alone. The feeling in the pit of her stomach getting worse. She then started pacing around the house, trying to forget what might be happening outside of her home.]

[center [i [font "times new roman" [b [u One Hour Later.]]]]]

[font "times new roman" Sure enough, she heard the explosion and her heart shattered. Her father was gone. She moved to the front window and peered out. She saw the smoke, and wished she had done something more. The last thing he had told her, was he would be home. She shook her head lightly, as she felt tears sting her eyes, and her heart seemed to break even more. [#DB7093 "I hate you daddy.."] she breathed out. She was alone in this world now. Her mother had been killed by one of the androids, and her brother had been taken away.]

[font "times new roman" The female grabbed her jacket and slid her arms through the sleeves, and she grabbed her house key along the way. She then walked out the front door, down the front steps and headed towards the smoke. She had to know for sure her father wasn't dead. Something deep in her gut told her otherwise. She knew she had seen her father for the last time, and she wouldn't ever be seeing him again. She wanted nothing more than to just curl up and sleep the whole nightmare away. She knew it wasn't going to happen though.]

[font "times new roman" The woman pulled her hood over her head, and she made sure to stay in the shadows as she moved. As she made her way through the town, she saw the smoke getting worse. That's when she spotted a male walking towards her. She came to a stop, and took a closer look at him. He was a mess, and yet, he wasn't harmed. At least not like a human would be. He had to be an android. Her heart hammered inside of her chest, as she made her way up to the male, and she stopped a few feet away from him. [#DB7093 "Were you apart of that explosion?"] she asked. She made sure she was loud enough so he could hear her, but no one else could.]

[font "times new roman" Her heart slammed against her chest, as she waited for the male to speak. She kept looking around herself, to make sure that no one was coming. She was poised to run though in case something happened. She just stood there, waiting for the male to speak.]
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He loved his life... Or felt as close to love as he could. He resided with an older couple who needed a lot of help in their lives. He did everything for them and was more than happy to do so. He was bought as a present for their anniversary and was made to resemble the husbands friend who passed in the war at a young age. He was very ecstatic about the gift and Michael was a great addition to their little family. He stayed with them until they died. They thankfully didn't die at the hands of the war between Humans and Androids but of old age and they died only weeks apart so they weren't without each other for long. He stayed by their sides until they were buried and at peace.

It had been years since the war between Androids and Humans started. It was almost an extermination in the beginning for the Humans. It seemed like the Humans would become extinct but they happened to strive for longer and come back even stronger. They seemed to find refuge somewhere and adapt like the Androids adapted to finding their own way. Now not all Androids wanted the humans dead. In fact a large amount of Androids never wanted the war in the first place. They kept quiet and stayed in the sidelines but they also didn't want to 'die' so they acted as the aggressive Androids did.

The humans often retaliated in order to gain back their world. They used any mean possible to wipe out any amount of Androids they could and it was the day they would react again. A huge explosion happened out of no where, sending the male flying forward and into a building. Thankfully, Androids were equip with pain sensors that they could manually turn off. The building crumpled on top of him, leaving him lying under the rubble. He listened to the surrounding noises, not emerging until all threats were gone.

About an hour passed before he pushed the rubble off himself and sat up slowly. He turned on his sensors to figure out which bits were injured and luckily nothing was seriously damaged. Standing up, he dusted himself off, tugging at the black shirt under the jacket he sported. Taking a quick glance around, he didn't see or hear anything around him so he kept moving. Pushing himself through the building and stepping to the massacre that just ensued. He saw bits of human and robot lining the streets. Michael moved slowly, keeping himself alert in case another attack was imminent. He wanted to find a human sanctuary and hide out in it. He didn't want the attack to happen he actually liked his life with the humans. He just wasn't sure they would feel the same towards him as he did them.
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