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My OC's Short Biography/Story Plot:

Kira Greenwood is a young seventeen year old girl that recently moved back in with her mother, step-father, and little sister, Claire. She had been staying with her father for about a year until he recently died from lung cancer. Kira was only suppose to stay with her father over the summer, however, she decided to permanently live with him once she found out about his cancer. Kira wasn't excited about moving back to La Push after living in Montana for about a year. Her looks did not resemble the typical Quileute native features. Kira was half Native American and half Caucasian. She was constantly made fun of due to her multiracial background. She didn't have many friends she could rely upon, however, she knew she could always count on her best friend, Seth Clearwater, to have her back no matter what. Could it turn into something more? Only time would tell...


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Kira's slender fingers immediately clutched the sides of her text book once Seth spoke. Her chestnut eyes widening with each word as he continued his story about his adventures with the Shadows and Bane's girlfriend. [b "You did what!?! How could you be so stupid, Seth?! Are you trying to get yourself killed?"] Kira sighed once more, taking in a deep breath before slowly exhaling. Kira knew Seth could act irrationally every now and then, but flirting with Bane's girlfriend? He was surely asking for a death wish. [b "You need to be careful, Seth! Your only causing yourself more trouble when you mess with Bane or his crew! Especially when it comes to his girlfriend!]

The loud slapping sound of Mr. Swanson's ruler could clearly be heard across the classroom. The students immediately fell silent. Kira froze. She was at a loss for words as Mr. Swanson slowly approached her desk, ruler in hand. [#e38b0d "Is there something that you would like to discuss with the class, Miss Greenwood?"] he questioned, gently tapping his ruler against his forearm. Kira's chestnut eyes shifted between her teacher and his ruler. She swallowed, quickly shaking her head before turning around her in seat. [#e38b0d "Good. Then let's get back to the lesson, shall we?"] Mr. Swanson did not wait for an answer as he made his way back towards the front of the classroom. Quiet snickers from several students could be heard. Especially from her best friend, who merely smirked at her. Kira sighed, dragging her slender fingers over her face before she opened her textbook. [i Well, that was embarrassing...my classmates are not going to let me live this down..]

Once the bell rang, Kira quickly gathered her things together before putting them into her backpack. She gently slung her backpack over her shoulder before heading out into the hallway, dodging a few wads of paper along the way, which were obviously meant for Seth. The two slowly made it to their lockers when Seth pointed towards the hallway window. Tiny white snowflakes gently fell from the sky above. [b "It's snowing! It's actually snowing!"] Kira couldn't help but smile at the wonderful sight of snow. It was the first time La Push had gotten snow all winter. She was so excited! She couldn't wait to go out and play in it later after school with Seth.

Kira sat her backpack down beside her locker before fiddling with her combination. For a moment, Seth stood next to her casually talking about nothing in particular before he suddenly vanished into thin air. Where had he gone? Kira quickly slammed her locker door shut only to find Bane in Seth's place. He was leaning against Seth's locker with his arms tightly crossed over his chest. The rest of the Shadows stood not too far away from their leader. [#130de3 "How's it going, Kira? Haven't seen you around lately."] he said, doing his best to smile as he peered down at her. Kira was fairly short in comparison to Bane. The boy impressively stood at six feet and two inches tall. Easily towering over most of the other students at La Push high school. Not to mention he worked out everyday after school with the rest of his crew before football practice. No wonder half the school was scared of him.

[b "What do you want, Bane?"] she merely replied, throwing her backpack over her shoulder once more. [#130de3 "Oh, come on now, don't be like that. We're friends aren't we? I just need to ask one little favor of you...have you seen Seth by chance?"] he casually replied, gently patting her on the shoulder. Kira brushed off the "friendly" gesture before she crossed her own arms over her chest. [b "No, I haven't seen him around lately. He's not been showing up to school as of late. You of all people should know this.."] she replied. [#130de3 "Oh really? Well I just saw the little runt this morning...are you sure you haven't seen him?"] he questioned, leaning closer to her to get a better look at her face. Kira knew she had to stall Bane for as long as she could for Seth's sake. Seth had been getting himself into all kinds of trouble as of late. Especially when it came to Bane and the Shadows.

[b "I'm sure, Bane. I've not seen him all morning. Now, I need to get to my English class before I'm late, if you'll excuse me."] Kira quickly turned on her heel before casually making her way down the hall. She made a beeline around the corner, near the girls' bathroom, when she heard an ear splitting scream come from inside. The girls' bathroom door quickly opened to reveal a stunned and slightly flustered Seth. Seth immediately grabbed Kira's wrist as he made his way down the hall. Kira struggled to keep up with her best friend when he suggested they should both go into the gym. [b "W-wait a minute, Seth! I'll miss my English class!"] Kira didn't stand a chance against her much larger friend. He dragged her right through the gym door, completely ignoring her cries of protest.
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[+Green "Well... You see, It is a very funny story... I may have flirted with Bane's girlfriend."] Seth opens his textbook and flips through the chapters until he gets to the correct one. [+Green "It was just some harmless jokes. He shouldn't get so worked up about it!"] He puts on the tough-boy act and wiggles his dark, bushy eyebrows playfully. He writes down notes occasionally and chews on his pencil for the rest of the class.

When the bell rings, the whole class groans and some students throw balls of paper at Seth while groaning. He catches some of them and laughs. [+Green "Look Kira! It's snowing!"] They walked to their lockers which were next to each other. The Shadows come around the corner and Seth ducts into the bathroom. When he goes in he closes his eyes, not wanting to see if they would find him or not. He waiting a moment to make sure they were gone. As he hears their footsteps fade Seth takes a breath that he had been holding in. He opened his eyes and froze as he saw a group of girls staring back at him. There is suddenly an ear-splitting scream and Seth quickly leaves the girls bathroom. [+Green "Hey, where is your next class? I have Gym! Because we should leave to go there right now!"]
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Kira sighed lightly, casually propping her elbow on the edge of her desk, leaning closer towards Seth, while resting her chin in the palm of her hand. Her warm chestnut eyes bore deeply into his own chocolate colored orbs. She was clearly annoyed about the extra homework maybe even a little resentful due to her best friend's tardiness. Mr. Swanson had given him plenty of chances to clean up his act and do better. Now, it seemed his tardiness not only affected himself, but also the rest of the class. He needed to do something about it quickly before the other students decided to rip his head off.

Kira caught him eyeing her homework. Her chestnut eyes moved aimlessly between him and her papers. She quickly opened her textbook, tucking her homework inside before he had a chance to take them from her. She merely smiled at her friend, playfully fluttering her eyelashes at him, doing her best to look as innocent as possible. [b "I don't think so.."] It was quite obvious to see this boy not only suffered from oversleeping, but also from not completing his own homework. She merely rolled her eyes at him before she suddenly froze in her seat. She quickly turned to face her friend once more, staring at him in complete shock. [b "Wait a minute...did you just say you ran into the the Shadows?"] she whispered, [b "What did you do to catch Bane's attention this time?"]
  Kira Greenwood / AlitaBonita / 16d 14h 9m 5s
Seth Clearwater grabbed his lunch off the counter and threw on a hoodie. He had slept through his alarm [b again!] The bus was long-gone so he would have to run. He sprinted past his neighbors, who were taking their morning walk, and took a shortcut through the woods. Seth saw the school and heard the one minute bell. [+Green "Shoot! I'm late!"]

As he took a step out of the woods, he tripped on a twig and fell to the ground. His lunch fell to the ground and Seth saw a shoe come down and step on the remainder of what wasn't harmed. [+Green "No! No! NO!!!"] He quickly looked up and saw three guys that the school had quickly come to know as the [b Shadows..] [+Blue "Hi there shortie... What happened to your lunch?"] The leader, Bane, dug his heal into the bag. Seth stood up and ran for his life, not caring that he wouldn't have lunch or that his clothes, which didn't match anyways, were ruined. As he neared class he heard Mr. Swanson talking about how the Native Americans fought for their land when the settlers came to this country. If only he could fight the Shadows...

Seth stepped into first block and every eye turned towards him. [+orange "Late again, Mr. Clearwater? I thought you had decided to finally turn it around. Extra homework tonight for everyone!"] said, Mr. Swanson. The whole class groaned and Seth took his seat next to Kira. He leaned over to whisper in her ear but held his book up so that Mr. Swanson couldn't see that they were talking. [+Green "Before you beat me up about the homework, I missed my alarm and ran into the Shadows. Also.."] He looked over at her papers, trying to get her answers. [+Green "Can I copy off you?"]
  TessaFox / 16d 19h 3m 27s
Kira Greenwood sat in one of the school desks furthest from the blackboard in the cramped classroom. Kira had American History for her first class of the day. She sighed lightly, blowing her long brunette bangs out of her face. She gently rubbed the sleep out of her eyes before glancing over to the desk next to hers. Seth, her best friend, was late to class yet again. Recently he had been making a habit of it along with missing some of his own classes for the past month. Their teacher, Mr. Swanson, obviously wasn't happy with her friend's absence. He had occasionally gotten on to Seth for it in front of the entire class which was embarrassing enough in itself. Kira wondered if Seth would try to race Mr. Swanson to class today, or if he would show up at all.
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