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[center [size12 Cameron McCoy has a big secret that most would consider a simple rumor of the town of Jennings. He is the Delta of his werewolf pack and is training to become the Beta, eventually taking over completely. He has become okay with risking his life for the pack more so than usual. Especially since he has not imprinted on anyone and is starting to doubt even having anyone to imprint on. As much as it hurts, he's starting to realize that he might be alone for the rest of his days.]]

[center [size12 That is, until he sees Megan Baxter for the first time. A lovely blonde girl, out enjoying time with her current boyfriend. Cameron is stopped in his tracks as the gravity that pulls him becomes unbearable. The heat that he feels towards her is insane. His pack around him instantly knows what is going on and Cameron can hardly stand it.]]

[center [size12 He makes a point to insert himself into her life as much as possible. He watches out for her and the two eventually become pals. Megan is unaware of his werewolf self and the imprinting. To her, it's a new found friendship that quickly becomes something else. To Cameron, it's a love that he never thought he'd experience. He is willing to die for her if it comes to it.]]

[center [size12 The only conflict is, will his secrets come out? Will Megan leave her boyfriend or even stay with Cameron once she finds out? What enemies are lurking in the dark, waiting to strike?]]

[center [pic https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/proxy/eazmiN9LsbZua3mhQ6RMCp-pV0nLVRjPjhb-bOTpewZI7cSjMUQ052IdiKAR4VrfOXCBtxN-CnygYtOPttdcBUSanq1XZeU]]


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She nodded in agreement, a slight blush appearing on her cheeks. How much was she even worth? Ricky hadn't told her how much in quite a while. Staying in a relationship shouldn't cause things to dull. At first, she thought it was just the town. Nothing new, nothing fresh for them to explore. When they started traveling, she'd hoped things would spark back up. Unfortunately, she was wrong.

She tossed her trash into the bag as well, following his lead and standing up. When he mentioned going to the swimming spot, her eyes lit up. "R-Really? What about your work? Wouldn't you have to stay?" She questioned, knowing she saw the other guy leave the office.

"Photography, huh? I actually brought my camera with me.." She turned and searched in the bag she brought. She pulled out her somewhat professional camera. "I'm not a professional, that's for sure. I'd love to take some pictures of the nature...maybe some of you?" She asked, smiling a bit. It'd be nice to capture some portraits for her gallery. Photography was something she would love to get more in-depth with.
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[center [pic https://66.media.tumblr.com/7fcbbb8b2375939429625a039d6558d2/tumblr_oy1ztwKLA71wxqk9zo1_500.gif]]
[center [size12 All had something nice to say about him, really? He was a bit surprised. He usually kept conversations short and sweet unless they were part of the gang. Perhaps she had spoken to someone from the clan? He wondered who and just what did they have to say about him. Almost no one knew about him imprinting. Sometimes, it was best to keep it on the down-low. Especially, if the clan had enemies at the time. In this case, they do.

He listened to her talk about Ricky, his confidence growing as the words spilled out of her mouth. He wiped his mouth on a napkin, hiding his smirk that appeared on his face. He knew Ricky was an asshole but now, it seemed apparent she was with him because she was comfortable. It was easy to stay with comfort.

"I'm sure you do." He nodded, tossing the napkin in the brown paper bag she brought the food in. "Just don't take less than you're worth. Staying in a relationship for a long time shouldn't cause things to become...dull." He added, standing up and gathering the empty wrappers and bowls to throw away.

"This is kind of a spur of the moment thing but, can I take you to that swimming spot? We don't have to swim, it's beautiful all on it's own. Beautiful waterfall, quiet. It's a nice spot to take some photography pictures, if you like. Gather some memories for your trip." He stuffed his hands in his pockets, fingers crossed she'd agree so she could remain close.]]
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Her smile widened, a swimming spot, huh? She was excited to see this so called swimming spot. She loved nature and if he knew of a swimming spot with a huge cliff, she was going to have to go.

She listened intently on his life description. She felt there was more than just that to him. She felt bad he didn’t have family but it reminded her of herself, in a way. She’s gone on this trip with Ricky but missed her family immensely. Unfortunately, Ricky did have control over a large amount of the trip.

“I’m sorry to hear that but at least you have friends! It’s always nice to have friends.” She said, smiling softly. “I can tell. Just those that I have ran into and asked about you always have something nice to say.”

The friends she asked let her know he had plenty of friends but he was mysterious, often kept his personal life closed to the public. They also said he was with one woman but that ended awhile ago. Even though most women found him attractive, he never bought into the “one night stands.”

“I’m truly honored. I didn’t know this princess was so special,” she teased, a smirk resting upon her face until he asked further about Ricky.

She sighed and scratched the side of her forehead. “Well, it depends.” She chuckled nervously. “He is definitely an asshole. Both drunk and sober...in the beginning, he was real sweet, ya know! Flowers, chocolates, surprise date nights. But I guess he just got use to my presence and doesn’t do those things anymore.” She shrugged her shoulders, leaning back into the chair. She looked at Cameron.

“It’s okay though. I love him.” Did she? Her relationship was deteriorating and she thought this trip would save it, rekindle their love for each other. She’s spent so much time with him. It seemed like a terrible idea to break up with him, even with the neglect she’s suffered.
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[center [pic https://imgur.com/nm6wkLq.gif]]
[center [size12 He listened to every word that she spoke, hanging onto it with such intent. He was intrigued with her life and he wanted to know every step that she took. He hoped she had a wonderful childhood and that life, in general, was fantastic for her. He just wanted her happy and he'd die to make that happen.

He raised his eyebrows. She had only been in town for three days and only staying for a few more weeks. That was all he had with her. He has become so attached already. He knew if she left, he'd have to follow. Even if it was just in the shadows. It was his life's mission to protect her.

He grinned wide, nodding. "Oh, yeah. I've got a wonderful swimming spot I know of. It has a huge cliff a lot of people dive off of. It's a big adrenaline rush."

He sucked in sharply, [i boyfriend]. He knew he was yet, her admitting it sucked so much harder. She was taken and unless he could magically get her to fall for him, they'd probably be friends.

As much as he wanted to tell her about his secret life, it just wouldn't work out like that. He trusted her instantly, the moment his eyes connected with hers. But it wasn't only his life on the line with this secret, it was his clans and hers even.

"I...don't really have a family. At least not a biological family. I've got friends that I consider family but that's it." He started, wondering what all he should really say. "I've lived here for a really long time. Almost everyone in town knows me. I'm sure you can ask around and you'll hear a mouthful."

He laughed, shaking his head. "Oh, no. I don't usually safe princes in distress. He sure seems like a.." he thought of the right word. "Forgive me, asshole. I take it he's a better guy when he's not shit faced?" He pressed, curious on how solid their relationship is.
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[left [pic https://imgur.com/2LuFIl2.jpg]] She was happy to know that Coney Island pleased his stomach. If it didn't, she'd have to walk out that room right then and there. She watched him look for cutlery, his backside to her. Her head tilted as she got a good look at his rump. It was well rounded and looked damn good in his pants. She looked away quickly when he turned back around.

She laughed, embarrassed by what had happened the night before with Reggie. "Yeah...sorry about that, again. I'm glad that Coney Island kind of makes up for it." She said, dipping her spoon in the beans and taking a bite. There was something so good about fresh beans. She didn't know how they did it. They weren't normal baked beans that you buy at the store, no. They were soft and mushy. With almost a tang of sweetness to them.

She took in a deep breath. It had been a while since anyone really asked her about herself. What was she even supposed to say? She wasn't even sure she wanted to tell him how she found him.

"Right. Well, I'm sure you don't remember me. I've only been in town for about three days now. Reggie and I travel around the states together." She started, taking a bite of her hot dog and chewing. She wiped her mouth before she started again. "We decided to come here to the little town of Jennings, Ohio. We are staying for a few weeks and then will be hitting the road again."

"There isn't too much to tell you about me.." She shrugged her shoulders, dipping her spoon back into the beans. "I've got family and I love em. They wish for me to come home soon but...I don't know. I enjoy being on the road. I guess, well, what my friends say, is I'm kind, sweet and really adventurous so..if you've got any spots to hit up here in town..let me know! Oh! Especially swimming spots!" She exclaimed. "I love swimming, especially with waterfalls or large bodies of water. You can just keep it going on and on..." Her voice trailed off, looking at him.

"Enough about me for right now...why don't you tell me a bit about yourself, Cameron? I take it isn't every day you save other women's boyfriends from sudden annihilation?"
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[center [pic https://imgur.com/nm6wkLq.gif]]
[center [size12 Cameron was scribbling some notes on a pad about a vehicle when he heard that familiar voice. He felt his heart rate pick up and it felt like the room got a hundred degrees warmer. His eyes traveled over the desk. Her bare legs showing as he made his way up until they reached her face. She was so unbelievably flawless. Her skin glowed and there wasn't even any light.

He couldn't help but smile. "Hey, this is a surprise." He chimed, leaning back in the chair with his hands folding together on his chest. He couldn't help but smile at her tripping over her words. "You're fine. I love Coney Island. Especially when it's free." He joked, standing up. "Let me just get some napkins and plates." He walked towards the cabinet to his left and opened it up. "I know Austin has to have some cutlery in here." He searched before finding it. He turned around, laughing nervously.

Damnit Austin. What could he have said? It wasn't a bad thing that she knew he was talking about her. To him, she was worth talking about. His whole world practically revolved around her. He didn't even have to try hard to find her. She found him, which meant something to him. More than she would ever know.

He took the dogs out of the brown paper sack. He sat two on each plate and handed her a thing of beans with a spoon. "Here." He said, sliding it across the desk. He sat back down, unwrapping his own dog. "Yeah, how could I not after how we met last night? Your friend sure seems to be quite the champ." He joked, taking a bite of the hot dog.

"Damn, this is soo good. Thank you, I really appreciate this." He said, wiping the side of his mouth. "It's been so long since I've had coney island. This is such a nice surprise." He spoke, looking across the way at her. He could look at her forever and be satisfied.

"Megan, why don't you tell me about yourself? Maybe tell me how you managed to find me? I sure don't remember meeting you before last night. I'd surely remember if I did."]]
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[left [pic https://imgur.com/2LuFIl2.jpg]] Cameron Marshall. The man that she felt the strongest connection and draw towards yet, she's never met him. She didn't even think she would've learned his name but thanks to Reggie, she did.

When they got home, Reggie passed out quickly. He shouldn't have drove them home but telling Reggie no was not really an option. He was the most stubborn man she had ever met, besides her father. She made sure he was in a deep sleep before sneaking off into the living room. She made a few calls, asking around about a Cameron Marshall. Thank God she had a decent amount of friends and connections in this town. They were able to let her know he often worked at an auto shop for one of his pals.

Perfect. She was going to go there and...and...what was her excuse? It made her nervous to think about just showing up and not really needing her car fixed. Maybe she could break the headlight or something that wouldn't cost a lot to fix? No, no. That's stupid. She sighed, slapping her forehead. Maybe she should just bring him lunch and say it was an extra gesture as thanks? Yeah, that sounds good.

The next day came and it was time to execute her plan. "Where are you going, looking like that?" Reggie asked, sliding off his headphones off.

She looked down at her outfit. She wore a small t-shirt dress with a jean jacket and some booties. She didn't think she was that dressed up but Reggie could've thought she was dressed up in a sweatshirt. "I uh.." Quick, think. "I have a job interview. I'll be back in a couple hours. It'll be more money for us than just working from the trailer. We are going to be here for awhile, aren't we?" She asked, him just shrugging it off and putting the headphones back on.

She got out of there quick, heading to the local Coney Island. She ordered four coney dogs and two beans. Anyone in this town liked Coney Island. Except Reggie. If Cameron didn't like Coney Island, then she knew the connection was a sham.

The drive to the autoshop was quick. She may of sped a little bit from being antsy and she didn't want the food to get cold. She pulled up, seeing a guy walk out the front door. She swiftly slide out of the car, grabbing the bag of food. She was starving and praying that Cameron was here.

"Excuse me! I'm looking for a Cameron Marshall?" She asked, and he tilted his head. Giving her a look up and down. She wasn't sure if she should feel comfortable or not.

"Megan Baxter...?" She was a bit taken aback.

"Uhm, yeah?" She nervously giggled, and he grinned wide. Okay, yeah. Be a bit freaked out now, Meg.

"Hey, there is someone here for you, Cameron" He called out, looking at her. "He's in the back, doing some paperwork. Go on ahead." He ushered her and she just went inside the building.

Was it possible that the guy knew her or...did Cameron talk to her? Either way, she found herself blushing as she made her way through the back. She stood in the office doorway, looking at him sitting in the office desk. She smiled confidently, "Hey there, hero." She joked, walking in and sitting a bag on the desk in front of him. "So, uh, I brought you Coney Island. I just thought maybe we could enjoy lunch together? If you don't like it, that is entirely fine. I'm more than happy to buy you something else." She rushed, trying not to trip over her words.

She sighed, sitting in the chair across from him. He looked much better in this light. He seemed better groomed and just, hot. She was attracted, what could she say? "I know this might be kind of weird, I just really wanted to thank you, Cameron..." Her voice trailed off as she gazed at him. "Then again, it seems you've already introduced me to some people." She motioned behind her, where the man she ran into was. "He knew who I was already. Talking about me, are ya?" She teased, pushing her hair behind her ear, looking at him sweetly.
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[center [pic https://imgur.com/nm6wkLq.gif]]
[center [size12 Cameron stared coldly at Reggie. What a fucking name. He wondered if that was even his real name. His eyes softened when she stepped between the two. The woman that he marked, that was his one, was now inches from him. He could smell how sweet her perfume was. Oh, how he had longed to have someone and now here she is. She didn't even know it.

She turned around, looking him in the eye. She was so much more beautiful in the street light. The yellow light cast down on her. Her eyes still shined so bright, it was crazy. She could light the way for him.

He chuckled lightly. "Don't worry about it. I would've hated seeing his face get splattered all over the bar. It would've really ruined my night." He joked, looking at her extended hand. He took it, grabbing it firmly as it may be the only time he touches her. "Cameron Marshall."

He heard Reggie yelling and looked towards the car. If only he wasn't around, he'd be able to have more time with her. Possibly get to know her.

"Of course, Megan!" He spoke, waving to her as she went off.

The next day, he could barely slept. His mind was so filled with her. Was she safe? How was she feeling? Hopefully, Reggie had calmed down and stopped yelling at her. How they ended things at the bar didn't seem too good.

He sighed, leaning over the desk. He was helping one of his pack members, Austin, in the shop. He was running the numbers when he put his head in his hands.

"Dude, what is wrong with you?" He asked, bringing him a stack of folders and sitting it next to him on the desk.

"I imprinted last night."

"What?! Have you told anyone? Who is she? Wh-Why aren't you out there trying to find her?" Austin jolted, sitting in the chair across from him. He leaned into the desk.

"It's not that easy. I think she may have a boyfriend."

"What do you mean it's not that easy? IT IS THAT EASY!" He yelled, throwing his hands up in the air. "Boyfriend or not, you imprinted. You know what that means? You're soulmates, man. How did you find her?"

"I was at the bar last night. I saw the back of her head and then she turned around. The whole world stopped..time stopped. I didn't find anything out about her except the boyfriend and that her name is Megan." He told him, looking up at Austin. "Megan Baxter, you know her?"

"No, man. I'm sorry, I don't. I can ask around? Maybe you can...run into her, ya know?" He suggested, winking towards him.

Cameron shrugged his shoulders. The only thing his mind had been filled with was her. Her beauty, her voice, everything. What was his next move?

"Yeah, yeah. Can you do that for me? I'd really appreciate it." He said, getting Austin to nod his head.

"Yeah, man. No problem." Austin hopped out of the chair and went to walk out of the garage.

It was a few moments until he heard Austin call out. "Hey, there is someone here for you, Cameron."
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[left [pic https://imgur.com/2LuFIl2.jpg]] Everything happened so quickly. Reggie was about to get hit right square in the face and then he wasn't. The man who she had stared at caught the fist and she was shocked. Her hands instantly covered her mouth. Great. Now she was to be concerned about two boys. Why were the men around her such idiots and want to get into fights all the time? How did he even get here so quickly?

She couldn't even say anything. She just stood behind Reggie, waiting to see what happened. She watched the man closely, listening to his voice. It was deep and had a bit of raspy-ness to it. It was hot, especially how he handled the whole situation. She was even able to see him a lot better now. He towered over her, Reggie and probably half the people in the bar. He had a lot more meat on his bones than Reggie did. Overall, she did find him more attractive than him.

Reggie earned a hit over the head from Megan, he held his head and looked back at her. "Shut up!" She said sharply, looking towards the man.

Before she knew it, they were rushing out of the bar. Reggie practically being dragged out by their mystery man. She could tell Reggie was not impressed. Especially from the words he exchanged outside. Yet, she was grateful. Reggie could've easily been sent to the hospital tonight.

She stepped between the two men, putting her hand on Reggie's chest. "Calm down, please. Go get the car."

"Wha--no! You go get the car!"

Megan took a step closer towards him, glaring at him. "Go get the damn car, Reggie! For Christ sake, just do what I'm asking you to do!" She yelled, taking the keys out of her purse and shoving them towards him. "Now."

He growled, looking at the man behind her. He looked back at her and rolled his eyes before walking away.

Megan pressed her finger tips between her eyes, sighing heavily. She turned back around to the stranger and shrugged her shoulders. "I can't begin to say how sorry I am. You...you really didn't have to get involved but..thanks. Reggie would've gotten his ass kicked if it wasn't for you." She gave him props. She took a step back, realizing how close she was.

"Uhm.." She paused, debating on whether or not to introduce herself to Reggie's savior and the man that she made googly eyes at earlier in the bar. "Megan Baxter. It's nice of you to save random strangers ass'" She extended her hand with a smile.

Before she could really say more, Reggie turned the corner with the car, honking constantly. "Come on! Get your ass in the car!" He yelled and she sighed.

"Um, hey. Maybe I'll see you around sometime, yeah?" She said, walking backward to the car. She hopped in and continued looking at him as Reggie drove off.
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[center [pic https://imgur.com/nm6wkLq.gif]]
[center [size12 She broke the eye contact and Cameron felt himself become grounded once more. Her beautiful blue, grey eyes that he could see a mile away disappeared as she jumped out of her seat. He already knew where she was going once he heard the screaming coming from a corner of the bar. Must've been her boyfriend.

She walked just a few feet past him as he stood up quickly, trailing behind her. He just needed to talk to her. Hear her voice, introduce himself. He needed it. He needed her. His life depended on it, now that he knew who she was.

She was standing next to this skinnier guy as he was spitting his mouth at this way larger of a guy. Just one punch from his opponent he'd be out. There was no way he'd stand a chance against him.

He saw the other man pull his hand back and just as he was about to hit the skinnier man in the face, Cameron stepped in. His hand catching the fist quickly. "What the?" The muscular guy said, his eyes glaring at Cameron.

"You've got some balls, kid."

"What the fuck? I could've taken the hit, you mother fucker!" He heard the skinnier guy yell from behind him. Cameron ignored him for the time being.

"As much as I would like this guy behind me to shut up, this type of violence is unnessecary. We are all just trying to enjoy a drink here tonight, yeah?" He said, the man dropping his fist. Cameron put his hands up, attempting to release some of the tension. "You've got to admit, if a man bought your girl a drink, how would you react?" He asked, earning words from over his shoulder.

"Yeah, you don't go around buying girls fucking drinks, man! There is no way you didn't see me!" He yelled, earning Cameron to look over his shoulder.

"Can you shut the fuck up for two seconds?" He growled, causing the man to zip his lips.

"I suggest you take him and yourself and get the fuck out of this bar."

"Fine, will do." Cameron said, turning around to the other man. He looked towards the woman for a moment. "Come on, lets go." He told them as he grabbed the man by the arm.

"I shouldn't have to fucking leave, man! This is bullshit!" He spewed as Cameron led him out the back door of the bar. The man pulled his arm away from him. Turning around and getting in Cameron's face. "I didn't need your fucking help. You just kicked me out of my top bar. What makes you think I won't fucking beat the shit out of you, huh, bone head?"

Cameron was a bit shocked at how this guy was behaving. Especially in front of this girl that made it clear she cared for him. "First of all, if bone head is the best insult you've got, that is one good reason you won't. Second of all, I think I deserve a thank you, considering you were this close to getting your ass beat." He stepped closer to the man, attempting to intimidate.
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[left [pic https://imgur.com/2LuFIl2.jpg]] Megan Baxter threw her dirty blonde locks over her shoulder, scoffing at the male in front of her. "You're fucking joking, right? He bought me a drink, Reggie. I declined. What more do you want from me?" She asked her fiance as he ran his fingers through his black locks madly. He grabbed the edges of his jacket, pulling them out.

"I want you to fucking let me beat his ass." He responded, his voice rising as his eyes went past her, looking at the male who bought her the drink. "I want to fucking kill him. You're mine. Not anyone else's." She rolled her eyes, he was so damn possessive over her, it was getting ridiculous. Ever since he had proposed, it was like he wanted this control over her. She'd be lying if she said it wasn't driving her up the wall.

"Jesus Christ, Reggie! I declined his drink!" She threw her hands in the air in defense, turning quickly in the bar chair. "He isn't even looking ov--" Her voice stopped when she turned her back towards Reggie.

Her eyes met a man that was halfway down the counter. The look on his face made it seem like he saw a ghost but that was impossible, considering he was looking right at her. She got the strangest feeling when their eyes met. It was almost as if he was looking so far deep into her soul, so far that she couldn't even reach it. He wore a black button-up that was pulled halfway up his forearms. His hair seemed like it had seen better days as strands were almost falling into his eyes. She felt herself heat up quickly as she pulled herself back down to real-time.

"He isn't looking over here..." Her voice trailed off when she turned back around to see that Reggie had disappeared. "What the?" She asked when she heard yelling from across the bar, where she was previously looking. Reggie was encountering the man that had bought her the drink. She grunted, pushing herself off the stool and doing her best to make her way down to him.

"Excuse me, pardon me, yup, just let me squeeze through here." She said, making her way through the tight crowd and out of the grabby hands of other men. She found Reggie standing tall with his small chest puffed out. His skimpy frame was no match for the muscle man standing almost a foot over him. "Hi, hello. I'm so sorry, whatever he's said, I'm sorry."

"No, no. Fuck this, don't be buying chicks drinks. You don't know if they've got a man or not, fuck face." And there he did it. The man huffed, his chest puffing out as he drew his fist backward. Megan instinctually closed her eyes, waiting for the fist to hit him right square in the nose. It wasn't like he didn't deserve it...
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[center [pic https://imgur.com/nm6wkLq.gif]]
[center [size12 His whole life he heard about imprinting. No one could ever truly describe the feeling that washed over their entire existence. All they could tell Cameron was that it was one of the [i best] feelings. He wanted nothing more than to experience that.

It'd been three years since he had transformed. Almost everyone in his pack had imprinted. Except for him. He was the lonesome wanderer. He figured that that is how it would be for all of his life. Lonely. On his own. Maybe that was for the best. It wasn't like everyone wanted to be involved in a werewolf and it wasn't like every imprintee was known to accept that kind of lifestyle. So, after searching and searching and trying to force it on others, he realized it just wouldn't happen.

That was, until he was out with a few of his buddies, enjoying a typical Saturday night at the bar. It was his turn to order the round of drinks but little did he think he'd find his imprintee here, of all places.

"Can I get a round of shots, the usual?" He asked, leaning over the counter with his elbows propping up. He overheard a woman and a man arguing at the end of the bar. He couldn't help but ease drop and then look on over. There was a taller guy that was rather skimpy. He had too many piercings for his own good and was throwing a fit to this woman.

He only saw the back profile until she turned around. For a moment, their eyes met and that's when it happened. The world stopped, time stopped. Everyone and everything around him stopped. It was almost as if everything went invisible but him and her. Her dirty blonde hair was halfway pulled up into a tight bun on the top of her head. Her eyes were a glistening hazel color that complimented her perfectly tan skin. He had to do everything in his power to not fall down from the bar. Just looking at her, set his skin on fire.

He was so stuck in a trance, he hardly noticed the bartender calling to get his attention. Or his pack grabbing his shoulders and shaking him. He just couldn't stop staring at her...she was his one.]]
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