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[right [pic https://imgur.com/QIUFF7L.jpg]] [size10 Riley Stuart was set to move to the sunshine state with her future husband. The night they were supposed to leave, she finds evidence that he has been unfaithful in their relationship. She confronted him, thinking it was a big misunderstanding. Unfortunately, he admitted that he has been unfaithful and begs her to forgive him. She decides to take her bags and what little dignity she has left and followed through with their plans.

Brandon and Louise Quick are brother and sister that run a restaurant together. Brandon is currently in a relationship that he plans to eventually take to the next chapter. His sister disapproves and think that his current affair is less than impressive. Despite the disapproving opinions, he stays with her until complications of their own arise.

Enter Riley. The first night in the Sunshine State, she comes across Louise Quick. Louise is sweet and offers a place for Riley to stay after hearing her drunken story about her miserable life. All she wants to do is help her in any way she can to get her off her feet. Riley ends up staying with Louise and is actually offered a job at the restaurant the siblings manage.

As time goes on, Riley and Brandon become closer and this causes issues in his current relationship. Will Brandon distance himself to preserve his current relationship? Will Riley be able to heal from the hurt? What will happen once she realizes who the 'mystery' woman is her ex-fiance was seeing? Perhaps the two can heal and fix each other.]


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Riley had spent about two and a half hours talking to Louise and getting drunker...and drunker. It was a bit relieving since she hadn't talked to any of her families or her friends. She was embarrassed and felt humiliated. She had found out someone she was completely faithful to for three years was unfaithful for..who knows how long.

For her, she felt she should've known all along. He became uninterested in bedding her. The night she found out, she had actually put on lingerie that she quickly changed out of once she heard his phone go off. There she found it. Sweet nothings, he sent her pictures, 'had a great time last night, big boy'. It was clear and right in front of her face. Yet, she was so dumb to be so blind.

Louise came back from wherever she had went to. She leaned in and grabbed Riley's hand. "I don't want you going back to that shit motel, okay? You can stay with my brother and I. At least for awhile, until you get up on your feet, okay?"

Riley waved her hands, her words slurring. "Nooo, noo. I-I can't..."

"Do you even know how to get back to your motel?" She asked her, causing Riley to just stare at her. She couldn't even think of the name.

"Shit, okay." She said, shrugging her shoulders. "W-Who is your brother?" She questioned, doing her best to make her seem as sober as possible.

"Brandon, he works in the office. We run this restaurant together. He's a nice guy that has a shitty woman in his life but..that's beside the point." She rolled her eyes, crossing her arms over her chest. Riley raised an eyebrow, curious as to what she meant. Before she could ask, Louise walked away and she was approached by Brandon.

"Oh, woooowie. That was quick." She laughed a bit, standing up. She wobbled a bit and grabbed Brandon's forearm. "I-sorry. Gotta balance with you." She slurred, rubbing her head. "After you."
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"I thought you were coming back to my place tonight? We had plans." He said, whispering into the phone as he hid away in the stock room.

"I know, I know. I'm soooo sorry." She spoke softly, he wasn't sure if her apology was even sincere. It hurt his heart that he couldn't tell. "You only get to go back stage at a Machine Gun Kelly concert once! I need to do this." She begged, her voice so sweet.

"Yeah, yeah. Fine, whatever. Just do what you want okay?" He groaned, hanging up the call.

Brandon was in love with a girl named Rebecca. She was sweet and so beautiful yet, over the years their love seemed to...diminish. He kept trying to do what he could to make it burn with a fire again. It was just so hard to get her to spend time with him. Something in him just couldn't let her go.

He went to walk out of the stock room and he was met face to face with his sister, Louise. She was his younger sister and she helped run the restaurant with him.

"Brandon, I got to talk to you."

He groaned, rolling his eyes. "You're not sleeping with a girl in my loft, okay? Sorry." She laughed, hitting him in the shoulder. He smiled a bit, relieved it didn't seem to be that.

"No, but I did meet this girl. Her name is Riley and she's having a reallly bad time right now. I think we could help her out...? Maybe she could come back to your apartment for the night? I'll take her in tomorrow and the rest of the time. I just have...a date tonight." She clasped her hands in front of her chest, giving her big eyes to her brother.

"You want me to take some random girl back to my apartment? What about Rebecca?"

"Oh, jesus, Brandon. She hasn't come over in how long? Just take her in! She's having a really hard time, okay? I'm sure if you ask her, you can find out al about it." She suggested, turning on her heel and walking away before he could protest. "She's sitting at the bar, slightly drunk now!" She yelled back at him.

He sighed, looking down at his phone. Rebecca wasn't planning on coming to his house tonight so it really didn't matter. It was strange for his sister to stick her neck out to someone she didn't even know. That also gave him some reassurance it probably wasn't someone that was going to murder him.

It was the end of his shift and he grabbed his belongings. He went towards the bar and there were plenty of girls still sitting in the seats. He looked towards Louise who nodded her head off towards a woman with black hair, her head lay on the wooden table. He approached her, unsure of himself.

"Excuse me? I'm sure my sister told you but uh, my name is Brandon. She said you needed a place to stay?"

Louise came over, putting her palms flat down on the bar table. "Riley, this is who I was telling you about. You need a better place to stay than that roach motel, ya?" She suggested, looking towards Brandon.

"Uh, yeah." He spoke, standing there awkwardly. "Lets go to my car and I'll take you up to my place."
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[left [pic https://imgur.com/cwkKJHb.jpg]]Riley grabbed Derek's clothes and started throwing them at him. He put his arms up in defense, grabbing the clothes that he could. " What the hell is your problem?!" He yelled, clearly upset. Just not as upset as she was.

"You! You unfaithful fucking bastard! I gave you everything. I love you! We were suppose to have a life together and here...here you are!" She screamed, grabbing a vase off the side table and throwing it at him.

"Riley, calm down! I don't know what you're talking about!" His voice boomed all around her as he dodged the vase.

"I'm out of here." She grabbed her suitcase that was packed for their trip and grabbed both tickets. "Don't call me. Don't text me. Don't...just don't." She took off the ring and threw it at him before running out the door.

She quickly grabbed a taxi and made her way to the airport. She got on the plane and made her way to Florida. Even though she just found out her fiance had been cheating on her for...who knows how long, she had to follow through with her plans. Her parents didn't have space for her to come home and she sure as hell wasn't going to be going back to the apartment she shared with Derek. It was not an option.

The moment she landed, she withdrew all the money that she felt was hers out of the bank account. They had a plan but it was a bit hard to execute that plan now. They were supposed to stay in Derek's friend's house and well, she was not going there now.

She ended up renting a hotel room and going out that night to a local restaurant she came across in the taxi. It was a cute little restaurant that said it had a bar attached to it. She could use a drink to soothe her sorrows.

She went right to the bar, sitting down in one of the swivel seats. "Screwdriver...make it a double..please" Riley said, pushing her black locks back. She was tired. Jet lag wasn't doing her any good and the tears from facing reality sure as hell weren't either.

"Of cours--oh shit, you alright?" A dirty blonde girl asked, her face showing pure concern.

"Oh, you know. Just found out my fiance cheated on me, now I'm suppose to survive in this state and figure life out somehow..." She sighed, laying her head down on the counter. "You don't need to hear about my problems."

The girl sighed, sliding the drink towards Riley. "I'm the bartender and one of the general managers." She chuckled lightly. "I'm more than open to listening to your problems." Riley lifted her head, grabbing the drink and taking sips. "My name is Louise." She extended her hand, smiling at her.

Riley put the drink down, taking her hand. "Riley and thanks. It's just been a hard few nights. Staying in a hotel room alone, with all this going on. I just..." She sighed, "I hurt you know?"

"Of course. Tell me all about it, girl. I'm open ears."
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