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[center [size12 Sophie Marshall works at a small diner in a small city of Kansas. No matter how much she busts her ass at her job, her boss is constantly yelling at her and belittling her. To make matters worse, her home life isn't much better. She is stuck with her abusive boyfriend that controls everything she does. He abuses her physically and verbally. The once confident and outgoing girl has shrunk to the size of a pea. Easy to squish and flick with a simple touch.

Bobby Disher just so happens to stop at this little dinner with his dog, Miska. He is currently on a 'life journey' around the country, trying to find meaning and a purpose. He is astonished at how he sees Sophie being treated and she is astonished by just how friendly he was. He didn't treat her like some piece of money making ass.

After some conversation and time spent together, it is time for Bobby to depart to his next location. Completely out of the blue, he decides to offer Sophie her ticket to freedom. Obviously, since she's been looking for an out, she accepts. As they hit the road, Bobby shows her so much that she didn't know. He brings life back into her soul and warms her heart in a way that she's never felt before. Will the issues of the past and the road cause a breech between them?]]

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[left [pic https://imgur.com/pT9k0mp.jpg]] Sophie sighed as she held her head down. She had been working her ass off all morning, trying to ensure every customer had their coffee-filled, their food in a timely manner and the morning paper. Yet, when there was a white hair found on a plate, she was the one to blame. It didn't matter that her hair was brown or that the table that had the hair wasn't even hers.

Her boss stood there in the backroom with his finger pointed in her face. Threatening her with her job and letting her know that she is easily replaceable. He could take her tips, he could cut her pay. There were so many insults that she just zoned out. It was something she was used to and she was the only one he talked to like that. She wasn't sure if it was because her boyfriend, Lewis, was his drug dealer and Lewis had given him the okay or if he was really just that big of a prick.

"Get your ass back out there and do your fucking job. Put your hair up too. Don't make me force you to wear a hair net."

She just simply nodded, leaving the backroom and making her way behind the bar. She sniffled softly, her back to the customers. Glenda, the only woman here with white hair, patted her back. "It's alright, sweetie. I don't know why you don't go to another job." She said, her voice a bit raspy.

"Yeah, I don't either." She lied, knowing exactly why she couldn't have another job. Lewis would not have it. He refused to drive her practically anywhere but here. Told her her job was to wait on others and when she comes home, it is to wait on him.

"Can you take this to table 12? I've got to run to the bathroom so badly." She said, laughing as her older legs skimmed to the restroom.

She sighed, grabbing the plate of eggs with toast. She turned around, seeing the back of the head of table 12. It was an unfamiliar face that was unfamiliar in itself. Where she lived, everyone knew everyone. Almost everyone that stopped in the diner was a regular unless they were a 'tourist'.

She walked towards the table, sitting down the plate in front of the man. "Here is your breakfast sample with sunny side up eggs and wheat toast, lightly buttered. Is there anything else I can do for you?" She asked before noticing his road map.

"Ahh, so you are a tourist." She softly chuckled. "Knew it. Where are you from? What brings you to this wasteland, if you don't mind me asking?"
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[size12 There is nothing better than cruising down the interstate, pushing 75, windows down and your best pal in the seat next to you. At least, that's what Bobby thought. He had been on this journey for almost a year now and felt he still didn't know what he was after. At this point, he was just enjoying being away from everyone and having no problems except how he was going to get gas and eat breakfast.

It was one of his most exciting states he was traveling to, Kansas. Some say it's just flat land and dried dirt, yet he saw it as something so much more. Possibly here he would find the meaning he was looking for.

He pulled into a diner, dirt spitting up under his tires. He rolled the window down a little bit, giving Koji some air while he would catch a bit. He rubbed the space between his ears, earning a big grin from his big boy. "I'll be back, boy. Maybe I'll bring you some breakfast too!" He chimmed, opening the door to his truck and heading towards the front doors of the diner.

It was like a generic old style diner. The outside was this pale blue that needed retouched while a neon sign hung in the window, Starlite Diner. It was filled with what seemed to be dirty truckers and some elderly couples enjoying their morning coffee. Bobby took a seat near the corner of the diner. He grabbed the menu that was holstered in the cubby closest to the window, along side the coffee condiments and ketchup. He folded it open, skimming the two different sides of the menu. He finally settled on what he wanted and sat the menu down. An older woman came by, swinging open her notepad. Her voice raspy and you could tell she was a long time smoker. "What can I get you, sweetheart?" It was almost like nails on a chalkboard.

"I'll have your breakfast sampler. Sunny side up eggs with wheat toast, lightly buttered, please. Can I have that with a Coke?" He asked, folding his arms and resting them on the table.

"Of course. I'll put this order right in for you. Ill be back with your coke." She said, folding her notepad away and sliding it in her apron. Their outfits matched the exterior of the diner, pale blue with a white apron.

He watched her disappear behind the bar counter and turned his focus on his roadmap he pulled out from his back pocket. It was time to plan the next few stops in Kansas and then on.]
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