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[left [pic https://imgur.com/l7MVUOO.jpg]] John found himself interested in the girl as soon as she opened her mouth. He watched her eyes skim the room and grinned when she came back empty sighted. "If you take the shot, I don't need a tip from you. Your company is a good enough tip."

He watched her skim the liquor behind him, he even moved towards the side, his waist digging into the counter. "Tullamore?" He questioned, raising a brow. She didn't seem like a whiskey kind of girl or even a girl that knew her liquor. "Tullamore is a very good whiskey. It's smooth. Has hints of carmel and toffee." He walked over towards the shelf and grabbed the dark green bottle. He poured it over the two shot glasses, sliding one towards her.

"Johnathan. Most call me John. Isabella is a very pretty name." He complimented her, taking the shot in his hand and throwing it back. He smacked his lips, enjoying the flavor. It'd been awhile since he'd had Tullamore.

"What brings you into this club? I've seen you here before, enjoying the atmosphere. It seems you never come with anyone," He poured another shot into the glasses, eyeing her to see if it was good to go. He knew he could hold his liquor but could she?

[center ¥ ¥ ¥]

[right [pic https://imgur.com/Jm3huNI.jpg]]Camden grinned at the height difference. She showed no sign of being intimidated yet he knew he was affecting her. It played on her cheeks. He enjoyed the sound of her voice and wanted to hear his name come out of her lips. Before he could say anything, she clicked her tongue and went out the door. He couldn't help but smirk to himself. Miss. Olivia, you were going to get quite a treat tonight.

He grabbed the keys to his office and walked out the door. He locked the office and went up to the bar. "Missy, Hey Missy." He repeated, getting the attention of one of the other bartenders that were suppose to be helping out John tonight. He noticed he seemed a bit more busy down the counter.

"Oh, hey, Cam!" She grinned, popping a bubble of gum as she leaned over the counter. "What can I do for ya?"

"I need two glasses and a bottle of Hennessy and some cherry coke." He requested and she cocked a brow.

"Oh, Mr. Davis. Who is the lucky girl?" She asked, punching him in the shoulder, causing him to smirk.

"Just some girl that stumbled into my office is all."

"Well, she must be some lucky lady for you to bust out the Hennessy. Private booth two is open for ya. I'll have the drinks over as soon as I can." She said, turning her back and gathering what he needed.

He went over to the booth and opened the curtain. There was a black leather seat with a table in the center. A speaker overhead allowed the club music to play into the booth. He dimmed the lights, trying to set the mood. He lite up a couple of candles, illuminating the surrounding area.

"Here you are, Camden." Missy said as she walked in and sat the glasses onto the table. She sat the can of coke on the counter as well. She sat the Hennessy in the ice tray and also brought a thing of fancier wine, a red wine. "I thought...maybe you'd want to start off with something a little more romantic?" She winked.

Missy had been trying to set Camden up since he got his heart broken. It wasn't something he was really feeling up to and he sensed this was going to be a one night stand, that was all.

"Yes, thank you, Missy." He nodded and watched her leave with a smirk on her face. He stood outside the booth, leaning against the velvet curtain, waiting for his dessert to arrive.
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[left [pic https://imgur.com/ThkI4UF.jpg]] [font "Serif" Isabella found the ends of her mouth turning up, eyeing up the candy in front of her. She could smell the musk coming off his body and wanted to dive on in. [#F170A9 “Well, you see, I do, in fact, have a friend.”] She turned around, eyeing the crowds and the tables, not seeing Olivia nearby what so ever. She felt happy as she figured her friend had possibly found a good enough guy for her taste.

[#F170A9 “I guess I’m friendless tonight.”] She said softly, leaning over the counter and watching the backside of him as he made the two drinks. She enjoyed watching his muscles flex under his shirt. God, why the bartender?

She took a few sips of her screwdriver, blue eyes darting through this mans brown ones. [#F170A9 “Offering me a shot and you don’t even know me? You must want one hell of a good tip.”] She chuckled gently, leaning over the counter to expose the valley of her dress. [#F170A9 “Mm, any liquor I want, huh?”] Her eyes scanned the bottles lined up. Vodka was her go to but why not taste something else since she was able to? It was free after all.

[#F170A9 “How about some Tullamore? I’ve heard good things about that Irish whiskey.”] She suggested, her chin resting on the palm of her hand. [#F170A9 "Before you get me a shot, what's your name? You can call me Isabella, or Izzy. Whichever you prefer, hotshot."]

[center •••]

[right [pic https://imgur.com/PGJc8Sx.jpg]] Olivia found herself frozen, staring into the man before her. His voice struck a cord in her that sent shivers up her spine and down her legs. She swallowed hard as he stood up, coming around the front of the desk. She'd just entered the office of who now? Her eyes darted around, looking at the certificates and awards hanging on the wall. Was he...the owner? There were two names and he was sitting in the office. He had to of been.

Didn't matter to Olivia, he was [i hot]. Way hotter than any of the guys she'd met or been in contact with. His body tattooed, his chest broad and his muscles, his [i muscles] to die for. She felt her cheeks burn and her heart race. God, why couldn't see of been like Izzy? She would've walked right up to this guy and put her lips on him already. Yet here she was, blushing and fidgeting like a fool. He was the one sizing her up.

The compliment hit her like a train, full on. She'd never been complimented like so and that meant one thing, he probably had one thing on his mind. She was honored he thought of her in that way. It should've been enough to get her to walk over there and say, bend me over this desk. Something sparked in her, don't give it to him easy.

She straightened her posture and smiled sweetly, batting her lashes. [#CB56BF "You want to buy me a drink and I don't even know your name?"] She stepped forward, coming closer to him. He was so much taller than her, even with her heels on. Why was she so fucking short? [#CB56BF "Olivia Watson, in your office. I suppose I wouldn't mind sharing a drink with you, as long as I know your name. Wouldn't want to run off with a stranger, now would I?"] She clicked her tongue taking a step back. Being close to him was enough to send her hormones through the roof.

[#CB56BF "I'll use the restroom and be back out. It'll be quick, promise."] She winked before stepping out the door. She followed where he had given her directions to and entered the bathroom. She went into one of the stalls and stood there, her hand on her forehead. What did she just get herself into?
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[left [pic https://imgur.com/l7MVUOO.jpg]] [size12 Johnathan, better known as John or Johnny, standing at the bar, leaning over the counter and flirting with the patrons. No, he wasn't the one sitting at the bar, leaning close towards the blonde-haired beauty. He was the one that was behind it, serving the customers. His slick words and good looks really reeled in the tips. He never kept them for himself, no. They'd go straight to the other employees. He didn't need the tips since he was Co-Owner of the club.

John was co-owner of the club, After Dark, with his brother, Camden. The two had actually inherited the place from their father but at the time, it wasn't a club. Their dad told them to make it something different, something special. Their dad was sort of a play boy so they thought what could be better than a strip club with a bar? Perfect combo and dad didn't seem to mind.

John inhaled deeply, smelling the overly scent female from across the counter. She took the cherry and bit it with her teeth. "Aren't you a sugar pie?" Her words slurred, chewing the cherry slowly. This is what working here was like, women all over you constantly. He'd become used to it. One night stands or nothing at all. He was too busy in his business to work on a relationship.

He heard a voice just down the counter. All he could see was black hair and he nodded over to Chelsi. "Hey, take this customer over. I'll be right back," He said, making his way down the counter. He was a bit surprised to see [i her] here. He'd seen her a few times before, enjoying the dancing an ordering a few drinks but never spoke to her. All the girls said she was a [i fun one.]

He pulled up his pants and leaned over the counter. He looked around her, raising an eyebrow. "Two screwdrivers, yet I don't see anyone hanging on your arm?" He questioned as he had never seen her in here with anyone else.

Despite the questioning, he turned around and made the screwdrivers. Pour more vodka than orange juice and cut a fresh slice of orange for both drinks, pushing them into the glass. He sat the two glasses onto the counter and grinned at the girl.

She was a beaut. Curving, in all the right ways. Her jet black hair was shiny and well kept. Her dress, tight-fitting to reveal just how perfect she'd be in the sheets and out of the dress. Her eyes were a bright blue, like the ocean. Even in the dimmed out club, he could see just how bright they were. So, before she could exit out of his eye sight, he had to make a move.

"How about a shot? On the house." He pulled two shot glasses out, putting them in front of the two of them. "Your pick on the liquor. I'm sure your...friend can wait." If she even had one.]

[center ¥ ¥ ¥]

[right [pic https://imgur.com/Jm3huNI.jpg]] [size12 "Get out, you're fired." His voice low and almost a unearthly growl coming from his throat. The brunette's lip trembled and she crossed her arms over her chest. The kind of signal that told Camden, she was not going to leave that easily.

He stood up from his desk, rubbing his temple from the frustration. "You're a fucking whore and you're [i out!]" He yelled and she jumped with fear, her eyes now prickling with tears.

"Bu-But, Cam, I love you! I do!"

He scoffed, turning to the side, too disgusted to look at the woman he once considered to marry. "Get out before I make you." She seemed to take the hint when he grabbed the phone, daring to call the security to come drag her out by her hair. She stomped out of the room and slammed the door.

That was four years ago when they first opened the club. She was his high school sweetheart that had come to work for him. At first, he thought it was a dream come true. The love they shared was something special until he found her in bed with his best friend. He gave her one more chance and well, anyone can guess how that went.

Now, love was something he rarely thought about. It was tainted for him, poison. Love made you weak and Camden was anything but weak. He refused to allow any woman to get close to him again. One night stands were common for him. A screw and then he was done. He refused to sleep with anyone from work now since Georgia. He hadn't even stepped foot into a relationship. He had a few female friends from work but that was it. Nothing serious and never anything physical.

His mind was on that relationship, feeling a ping of pain course through his chest. He rubbed it tenderly, wishing for the thought of the past to go away. So, when a beautiful dark haired angel came busting through his doors in the most gorgeous outfit he'd laid eyes on, he thought it was his lucky day.

"This is definitely not the restroom," He responded to her, a smirk creeping onto his face. He leaned back in the chair, assessing this situation. God, did he feel lucky?

She was a really beautiful girl and how could he pass up this opportunity? He stood up from his desk and came around the front of it. "If you're looking for the restroom," He started, eyeing her up, drinking her in with his eyes. "It is right down the hall, to the left." He said, stuffing his hands into his pockets.

"Perhaps I could share a drink with you? I'd hate to miss such an opportunity with such a beautiful angel." His words leaked seduction, it'd been too long.]
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[left [pic https://imgur.com/ThkI4UF.jpg]] [font "Serif" [#F170A9 "Just trust me, okay?"] Isabella said, smiling over at her friend Olivia. [#F170A9 "It seems weird but there is a really nice bar attached to it. Believe it or not, men come here for more than just a stripper."] She did her best to reassure her friend that was looking at her unsettling.

[#CB56BF "I'm really not too sure about this, Izzy. This outfit, my hair, just, just this place. It's not my scene."] She stepped back from the door, the bodyguard giving the two of them a look. Isabella rolled her eyes, grabbing her friend by her wrist.

Olivia was staying with Isabella while she was back in town for a couple months. She had gotten out of a relationship awhile back and hadn't been laid since then. She'd noticed how uptight she was and figured, hey! Lets get you laid!

She went up to the bodyguard, hand firmly on her friends wrist. She didn't need to show her ID since she'd been her way too often. She held up Olivia's and he stepped aside letting the two girls go inside.

The club was split in two. There was a bar part that had plenty of men and women lined up for drinks and then there was the club part. Girls dancing, not really strippers. They were dressed indecently but not as much as a normal strip club. There was also an open dance floor and private booths in the back. Isabella found herself coming her often, to look at the dancers and to pick up a few one night stands.

The lights were flashing and it was dim inside. People were dancing, drinking enjoying themselves. It was one hell of a night and Isabella had a good feeling.

[#F170A9 "I'm going to go get us a drink, can you find us a table?"] She asked and Olivia nodded. She left her friend to it and went up to the bar side. She waved her hand, getting the attention of the bartender. [#F170A9 "Hey, sweetcheeks! Want to get two double screwdrivers for my friend and I?"]]

[center •••]

[right [pic https://imgur.com/PGJc8Sx.jpg]] [font "Serif" Olivia watched Isabella walk her way towards the bar and admired how confident she could be, just with her voice and the way she handled herself. Olivia had wished she had that kind of confidence. Izzy had stuffed her into a tight, minidress that was a dark maroon color. It had a deep v-neck, showing more cleavage than she would've liked. Sure, she had the assets to fit the dress but it didn't mean it made her confident.

What Izzy had said kept replaying in her mind tonight.

[center [i New town, no one knows you! Just strut your stuff. You’re fucking hot!]]

Hot, something that she wasn’t use to hearing. Was she? From the looks she was getting from men, it sure seemed like it.

She found a little table and took a seat. She peeped over at Izzy a few times but it seemed as if she was taking her sweet ass time. The longer she waited, the more she had to use the restroom. Unfortunately, she’s have to battle with others on the dance floor to get to where they were.

Fuck it, let’s do it.

She got up and pushed her way through the crowd. She batted off hands that trailed around her waist and front sides that grinned against her backside. She kept her eyes down as she pushed through. Eye contact would initiate something she didn’t want.

She finally got to the hallway and walked down it, her too high heels clicking against the floor. She saw a door that had a sign that was of a woman. She entered and immediately regretted her decision. Her back hit the door and she covered her eyes. “Oh god, I’m sorry! I thought this was the woman’s restroom!”

The room was filled with half naked woman getting ready to go out on the floor and dance. They didn’t bother to cover themselves and she stumbled out of the room. [#CB56BF “I—Ah, Sorry!”] she chirped as she turned right around and went to the next closet door, thinking that it would be the restroom.

She slammed the door and pressed her back against it. Then she looked around and saw papers, pens, a computer, a chair and then...

[#CB56BF “I, this isn’t the restroom.”]

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