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[left [pic https://imgur.com/0TBgmNB.jpg]][size9 Tony Newman is an extremely powerful and well-known criminal. He has the world directly under his thumb, ready to squash anyone that gets in his way. He's been known to have ordered plenty of hits and fulfilled some himself. He's made a name for himself this way as well as money.

Hayden Wallace is a relatively ordinary person - she's the girl next door. People wouldn't consider her anything special. Through a turn of events, Tony and Hayden meet and begin a fling, even though Tony has someone at home. Hayden knows that Tony is a criminal - as does everyone else - but she enjoys the rush and excitement that Tony is able to give her.

Soon after, Hayden finds out she is pregnant. She comes to the conclusion that in order to provide a life for her child, she needs to separate herself from Tony's lifestyle. He isn't well suited to be the father of her baby. Death and destruction loom behind him everywhere he goes - it enough for her to give it to him straight. She was going to end their relationship, move, and raise their child alone. Tony is going to stay far away from the two. As much as it hurt Tony, he truly loves Hayden. He agrees to her terms and does her one even better: he'll send money to help raise their child, and even pay for her to have a new home.

Life seems swell for a few years. Hayden has settled into her new life with their child - a new job, new love interest. Tony stuck to his promises and she was grateful. Until one day, he shows up on her doorstep. Several of his armed guards were behind him and so was a car ready to go.

[center [size11 [i “Grab our kid and get in the car,” he says. “Someone found out, and my enemies are after the two of you.”]]]


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[size12 Tony couldn't help but scoff at her comment. What was that supposed to mean? He knew he was heavily talked about on the streets but no one would really say much to his face. They were too scared.

He found himself staring her down as her lips moved and she closed the menu. The waitress snapped her fingers in front of Tony's face. He blinked a few times, finally snapping out of whatever trance he was in. "Uh, yes?"

"What would you like to eat, Mr. Newman?"

"Ah, yes. Can I just have your English Breakfast please with coffee to drink?" She nodded, scribbling his order down and then leaving towards Sebastian.

The waitress came back with their coffee and Tony put one single cup of cream in it, stirring it with his spoon. He raised it to his lips, enjoying the warm liquid calming his throat. His voice was overused by the incompetent men he hired. "Leave you there, really? You think that would have been best?" He questioned, eyes locking onto hers.

"I suppose you are right. I could have left a beautiful, young woman in a skimpy outfit in the alleyway, passed out. Who knows what pigs would have come along to ravage you before your friend got to you. If anything, I should get a thank you." He spoke, taking another sip of his coffee.

"I am not keen on saving drunk girls. I'm keen on saving girls in general." He corrected only for Sebastian to poke his head through.

"Boss, you've never brought a girl home to yo--"

He put his hand up quickly, stopping Sebastian in his tracks. His eyes narrowed towards him, giving him a look that could kill anyone. "Now, Miss. Wallace, it'd be nice if you would tell me a bit about yourself. Perhaps I could use you for some business I need taken care of."

Was he really hiring at this moment? Fuck no. He wanted this girl close. There was something about her, something that attracted him to her. She was beautiful, clearly sassy and he could see that his own title didn't scare her.

"If you prove to be worth it, you'll have one hell of a salary." He promised as the waitress brought their food, sitting it down in front of them.
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[left [pic http://imgur.com/CrfGb3b.jpg]] She felt her breath hitch, not when he said his name but when he took her hand and kissed it. His lips were soft against her hand and she felt the warmth rise to her cheeks. Fucking Tony Newman, kissing her fucking hand! How unbelievable.

The ride in the limo was quiet. She didn't feel as if there was anything to say. She didn't feel awkward just...shocked. Here she was, riding next to a man who was known to kill people, was literally bleeding money...

When they pulled up to the restaurant, she was surprised at the location. She'd been to Joanna's a few times. It was delicious food yet, Tony Newman was coming here? It almost made her want to giggle. She'd assumed he ate at five star breakfast places. Here he was at such a homey restaurant. She guessed even powerful men needed a home-cooked meal.

She felt the woman's eyes on her, giving her glances over and judging her. She found herself growing angry and she wanted to grab that menu out of her hand and wack her upside the head with it. Instead, she remained composed and straightened up her posture as they made their way to the back. She slide into the booth, eyeing Sebastian as he did her. She didn't find his stare as intimidating.

She leaned back in the booth, looking at Tony, still shocked she was actually here. She even pitched herself to make sure. She also chuckled at his statement, smiling softly. "I guess a man as busy as yourself would need breakfast, huh? You probably use up ten times more energy than the normal person." She said, opening the menu and flipping through the pages.

"Well," She thought, did she really want to go through with this and explain it to someone that could use it against her? Only live once. "I got in a fight with my best friend, something really stupid. It was over a guy at the club." She shoved off as the waitress came back over to them.

"Are you guys ready?" She asked, pulling her notepad out and getting her pen ready.

"I am," She said, closing the menu. She'd have to pay Tony back for this. "Can I have your blueberry pancakes with a side of sausage pattys?" She asked and the woman nodded.

"What to drink, sweetums?"

"Um, just some coffee would be nice." She said, handing her the menu. She took Tony's and then went on her way. Even Sebastian got something. Bodyguards have to eat as well.

"So, Tony," She said, taking the glass of complimentary water and bring it to her lips. "I didn't know you were so keen on saving drunken woman?" Her eyes flickering up to his. Her eyebrows raised in suspicion. "You could have just left me there. My best friend would have found me."
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[size12 Tony waited a few minutes or...a lot more than a few minutes. What was she doing? Taking a whole shower? He glanced at his watch, giving Sebastian a concerned look. "Do you think she made it out alive?" Sebastian asked and Tony chuckled gently.

"The Newman residents is known for allowing their guests out." He reassured him and Sebastian stepped a few feet towards Tony. 

"If you don't mind me asking, sir, why is it that you are taking her to breakfast?" He asked, raising an eyebrow. Why was he? What excuse could he come up with? Did he even need an excuse? No, he was Tony Newman. Someone that never came up with excuses. 

"To be quite frank, I'm not sure." He said, watching as the doors to his apartment building swung open and there she was. She looked much better than when he saw her. She was still attractive with the vomit. Her hair was up in a pony tail, instead of down. Probably an attempt to keep the smell from her hair away from her. Tony had experienced much worse. 

He watched her facial expression, the hesitation. He stepped forward, smiling at the girl who just introduced herself. Of course, he already knew her name. 

"Tony, Tony Newman. A pleasure to meet you, Hayden." He took her hand gently, bringing it up to his lips and pressing a kiss onto it. "I have an excellent place to take you for breakfast," Sebastian opened up the door and he pressed a hand to the small of her back, guiding her into the limo. 

They arrived at Joanna's Family Restaurant. It was a quiet, sweet little diner that had large plates and warm, delicious food. Sebastian opened the door and Tony got out first, holding his hand out for Hayden to take. Once she did, he guided her into the restaurant, the hostess recongizing him right away.

"Mr. Newman! Welcome! We have your sea-" She stopped, seeing Hayden next to him. He cocked a brow at her and she cleared her through. "We have your seat availible, follow me." She grabbed two menus, walking towards the back where there was a booth tucked into the corner. It was his normal spot. 

The diner wasn't anything too fancy, it was homey. It was a spot he didn't take anyone but Sebastian too and that was because he was with him twenty four seven. He allowed Hayden to take a seat and then he slide into the other side, folding his hands onto the table. 

"Your waitress will be right with you." She said, eyeing Hayden and then making her way towards the back. 

Tony focused his attention on the girl, studying her. "Is there a particular reason you got so extremely intoxicated the other night?" He asked, not bothering to look through the menu. He got the same thing as always. "Feel free to order whatever you like. It's best you get the day started off right. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day," He heard Sebastian chuckled and chose to ignore him, watching Hayden from across the table. 
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She grabbed her purse and stuffed some of her things in there. She jumped at the sound of the voice and turned around. There, in all his glory, was Tony Newman. The most powerful man in all the city, probably the state. Shit, probably the world!

“Wha—“ she paused, passed out in his arms? She gasped as a flash of last night became clear in her mind. She wasn’t sure what she said but she remembers making her way towards someone and blacking out. She felt her cheeks grow hot. It wasn’t everyday she became that intoxicated.

As she thought it, he said it aloud. She huffed, feeling this was the kind of man who didn’t like taking no as an option.

He got up from the bed and left the room. She just stood there and looked down at her outfit. She was a complete wreck. Makeup smudged, hair ratty, breath not the greatest smelling...thanks vomit.

She quickly ran to the bathroom and opened a bunch of the drawers. Man, did this guy have so much manly products. She found some toothpaste and put it on her finger. She brushed her teeth that way. Why did she even care about her breath? It’s not like he was going to set a hit out on her for having smelly breath.

She wrapped her hair into a tight pony tail and covered her body up. She grabbed her purse and walked out of the room, waving shyly to the maid. She went downstairs and saw Mr. Newman. She approached him, cautiously. He had a bodyguard next to him and that was intimidating enough.

“Hayden,” she said, softly. “Hayden Wallace is my name.”
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[size12 Tony had went home to his own sanctuary. He had Sebastian stay and watch over the place. Tony always had to have backup. He lived a dangerous life and he had constant enemies on his back. He wore a bullet proof vest under his shirt almost all day. It wasn't easy being Tony Newman.

He nodded towards Sebastian outside the safe house. "Been quiet all night, Tony."

"Thank you, Sebastian. Glad I had you on the look out." He smiled a bit, making his way into the house. He looked towards the kitchen to see Rosa, his maid and home chef. "Is she awake?" He asked and nearly startled her.

"Oh, Mr. Newman! Yes, she is gathering her belongings to leave. Breakfast is nearly ready, sir."

"I'm sorry, Rosa. That won't be necessary. I'm going to take the young girl out. Take the day off." Her face brightened up almost immediately. Tony had left to go towards the bedroom he put her in.

He walked in upon her gathering her belongings. She seemed to be in a rush. "Do you mind if I get your name before you leave? It's not every day a girl passes out in my arms." He laughed a bit, walking further into the room. He was a bit taken aback by the smell. She had definitely vomited. He sat on the edge of the bed, looking at her. Even in her state, she looked pretty beautiful. It wasn't every day he was struck by a woman's beauty.

"Please, let me take you out to breakfast. I'd love to get you a delicious meal to start this day right. I'm sure you could use it. It seemed as if you drank way too much last night." He stood up from the bed, checking his phone and seeing what time it was.

"I'll be downstairs, waiting for you. I won't take no for an answer." With that, he turned his back on her and made his way to his car.
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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/CrfGb3b.jpg]] After she had blacked out, she didn't remember anything. She had woken up in the middle of the night and learned over the bed. There was a bucket there and thank God there was because she puked up everything she had eaten that day and the day before. It was horrific and her head was spinning. She didn't have time to take a look at her surroundings before she passed out again.

When she came to, the sun was burning into her eyes. She blinked a few times before opening her eyes, squinting. She looked around and was not familiar with her surroundings at all. She figured she had been taken in by a friend, especially since there was Advil and a bottle of water. Not only that, her clothes were still on her. She popped about three of the pills and swallowed them. She hopes they'd help with her head pounding.

She slipped her bra off, just for some relief since she dealt with it overnight. She stood up from the bed, holding her head as she came out of the bedroom. She smelled breakfast and it smelled absolutely amazing. She still wasn't familiar with her surroundings but brushed it off. She entered the kitchen and noticed a woman in what looked like a maid outfit. "Uhm, excuse me?" She cleared her throat, causing the girl to jump and turn around.

"I'm sorry, I forgot Mr. Newman told me he had company last night." She addressed, sitting two plates on the counter. "Mr. Tony will be out soon, dear." She smiled but Hayden was less than happy.

Had she slept with someone? And...was Tony Newman...thee Tony Newman? "I'm sorry, but uhm, who is Tony Newman?"

She just stopped and gave a look to Hayden. A look that said it all. She had been taken home by thee Tony Newman. The notorious gang man. "I-I got to get out of her. Tell him I said thanks." She ran back towards the bedroom and began gathering her things.
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[size12 He took a step back, she was obviously drunk and very upset. "Woah, woah!" He yelled as he caught her in his arms when she passed out. It wasn't every day that he stumbled across suck a drunken mess that just falls in strangers arms. "Uhm, Miss?" He asked, holding her up and looking at her.

"Tony, hey. You ready to go?" Sebastians voice came up from behind him and he did his best to turn around. "Whose this?"

He sighed, letting Sebastian help him get the girl over his shoulder. "I don't know. She was calling for a taxi and then just passed out. Go grab the car. I'm going to bring her back to the safe house." He said, getting a look from Sebastian. "Don't question me, just do it."

"Yes, sir." He turned his back on him and went to grab the car.

It was a short car ride. He did his best to wake the girl up. Even looked through her purse she was holding onto. Hayden Wallace was her name. It didn't look like she had too much to her name. No credit cards, some cash, that was it.

His arms were secured under her arm pits and her knees. He brought her into his bedroom and laid her down on the bed. He took her heels off for her and tucked her in under the covers. He looked down at her and sighed. He was lucky Laura wasn't going to be back in the city for a few weeks. If she found out he took another girl home, she'd be pissed. Even if it was just out of the kindness of his heart. She always thought he was up to something.

He brushed some of the hair out of her face. She was a pretty girl and he wished he could of found out where she needed to go. This would surely be an awkward scenario for the two. He was a bit relieved she was with him instead of anyone else. If anyone knew how dangerous the streets were, it was Tony.

He took the Advil out of the side table and put a bottle of water next to it. He wanted to insure she'd have what she needed if she had woken up. He even put a small trashbin next to her. He left the room, slowly shutting the door.
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[left [pic https://imgur.com/CrfGb3b.jpg]] Hayden was well aware that she went over board with her drinking. She couldn't help herself. She had gotten into a bad fight with her best friend in the middle of them partying at the bar. It was suppose to be a fun night but a meaningless fight got out of hand and well...here she was. Shooting down two to three shots in a row. It took a lot to get her drunk. She had a very large tolerance. She may of been a goody two shoes but, she was capable of having a drink or two.

She stumbled out of the bar, holding her head. She was ready to be blacked out drunk. She had tried to find Stacy, her best friend, but she was no where to be found. Probably left her to screw some older guy she found in the bar.

She stood on the edge of the street. She pulled her shorter dress down as far as she could. She didn't want to become prey to some pervert. She held her hand out, doing her best to call a taxi. Getting on the Uber app was not an option because everything was spinning.

"Hey, heeeey!" She yelled, still waving out at the street. There was no help. She was ready to just fall flat on her face right then and there until, a voice came from behind her. She jumped, slowly turning around. She could somewhat tell who it was but not very well. "Uhhh...no shit." She hissed, rolling her eyes. She stepped towards him, realizing her vision was starting to go out. "Lord help me" She slurred, falling forward and onto the mystery man.
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[size12 [center [i Love takes off the mask that we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within]]
"Just try to have a good time, boss. You could use a break after the week we've had." Sebastian, his right hand man, attempted to convince him, sliding a drink towards him. Tony pushed it aside, leaning back in the leather chair. He watched the girl on the table spin around. Her short skirt was almost nonexistent and her breasts covered by measly nipple tassels.

"I know you're trying to cheer me up, Sebastian but the last thing I want is a drink." He confessed, his eyes still on the girl as she crouched down. Yeah, they were at a strip club. This is how Sebastian liked to wind down after a hard week of taking out the guys. Tony might have a hard exterior but he did what he could for those he was close with. If Sebastian wanted to get a private dance, Tony would make it happen.

"I'm going to go take a smoke. I'll be back." He patted Sebastian on the back, pushing himself off the chair. Sebastian instinctually stood up and Tony ushered him to sit back down. "I'll be fine, Sea Bass" He teased, earning a look from the older gentleman.

"Just doing my job." He said before Tony proceeded to make his way out of the strip club.

He slipped out the back and popped open his container he kept his cigarettes in. He took one between his teeth, sliding it out. He flipped his zippo and took a few puffs off the cigarette, insuring it was lit. He flipped the zippo closed, sliding it back into his black slacks. He took a deep inhale of the cancer before blowing it out. Sometimes, he needed to be alone with his own thoughts.

Not that it lasted too long. He heard someone yelling towards the end of the alleyway. He looked down, seeing a figure. He thought they would stop and so he waited a few moments. The yelling never stopped and he decided to make his way down the alley to the noise. As he approached the figure from behind, he realized it was a girl. She was yelling for a taxi and sounded rather drunk. He couldn't help but chuckle...

"Having a problem getting a taxi, huh?"
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