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[center [size12 Charlotte Lockhart is the Princess of Abindina. She is beloved by her kingdom and looked up to highly. Despite their kingdom only wanting peace and harmony, they are an easy target. They are small, vulnerable and most know of their riches behind the door.

Sir Gareth is the knight that has been assigned to Ms. Charlotte since he was knighted. He is her personal guard and is assigned to her to make sure she is safe from harm and foul. He is also to made to make sure she doesn't leave the kingdom walls, as she has been known to do before.

Suddenly, their Kingdom is under attack. Riches and the Princess are their target and Sir Gareth is made aware of this. He must flee the Kingdom with Princess Charlotte for their own safety and for the future of their Kingdom. They mustn't worry about anyone but themselves so they are kept under radar and can make a quick escape.

The two of them have followed the plan according to what the Queen and King have set up for the two. They must act like a simple commoner while Sir Gareth continued to protect Charlotte. He must teach her how to act like a normal citizen. It just becomes a bit of a task when Charlotte is enjoying this new found life more than she should. Is she willing to return to her kingdom? Will the bond that Gareth and her form be more than what is expected?]]

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[left [pic https://imgur.com/e7Cgbbo.jpg]] Before Charlotte knew it, Gareth had her up and running for her life. She could hardly believe what was happening. The castle, their beloved kingdom, was getting attacked. Why? Who? Their kingdom was small and everyone inside knew everyone. Rumors or news spread quickly within the walls. Yet, there was no sign. No signal that anything like this was going to happen. Thank God for Gareth as he quickly acted and seemed to know exactly what to do.

She had little time to stop and ask, 'What about my parents?' because Gareth was moving so quickly. Her mind was racing as the sounds of her people screaming filled her ears. The crumbling of their stone walls was so loud, something she never imagined she'd hear. Hell, this whole situation was something she never thought she'd be here for...but here she was.

The castle was crumbling all around them. When her mind finally snapped out of it, she, surprisingly, remembered exactly where they were to go. Mother had always told her when in doubt, sewer it out. They arrived at the sewers not long after their running had started. Her feet had carried her much quicker than she ever anticipated. She sighed as she knelt down, lifting the heavy iron lid up and doing her best to slide it to the side. She quickly turned around, steading her foot onto the first step. She looked at Gareth, "Are you coming or what?!" She asked as she quickly descended down the ladder.

She thought by being in the sewer, the sounds would get drowned out. Sadly, it just made it worse. The echoes of the screams were harsh and she couldn't help but cover her ears. She looked to the left to see the way was blocked off by a large gate. She looked to the right and it was free to go. She began walking on the sides, ignoring the dirty sewage water and focusing on making her way out.

"So...what happened back there? Do you know anything about it?" She asked, her hands dropping from her ears. Her eyes were fixed onto the ground as she tried to ignore the fact she left her family and everyone she loved. She could of saved someone, anyone. Yet, she was the only one...
[size12 It wasn't long before he heard the moving of bricks along side the dark red hair coming through the smaller hole. He took himself off the wall, standing straight up with his arms crossed. He gave her a look when she gazed up at him. Her explanation was far from being up to par. "Really? That's the best you can come up with?" He asked her, following closely behind her. "So, what was the matter? Ever find the mysterious howling? Or were you too busy in the local shops?" He spat, not enjoying her toying with him. She knew where she was suppose to be and if she wasn't, it was his head on the chopping block.

He sighed, shaking his head as he matched her pace next to her. "That isn't the point, Charlotte. There are dangers outside these walls. Dangers beyond the forest. You know you aren't suppose to go outside these walls. Should I tell your father?" He asked, hoping the threat would do some good.

They were just about to enter the doors to the castle when he heard a whistling coming from behind them. He turned around just in time to see a large boudler with spikes coming right towards the door. He leaped Charlotte and him out of the way, landing on too of her. He didn't get time to react before the overhead bells started going off and so did the horns. Guards came racing out of all corners, shouting for everyone to get inside and that the castle was getting attacked.

Fortunately for them, Gareth had known this was brewing. The King has a discussion with him a few weeks ago. They just didn't think it would be this soon. He had a back up plan ready to go in case this were to happen. The King was very stern about the directions given.

"Ms. Charlotte, I need to get you out of here now." Gareth spoke, his voice booming o er the sound of the whistling boulders. He picked himself off the ground, grabbing her hand and swiftly running into the castle, hoping the sewer entrance wasn't blocked off by the crumbled castle walls.]
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Charlotte had snuck out of the castle walls early in the morning. She was to pay back a woman who custom made her a necklace for her mother. She knew it was risky leaving, especially on the day that she was to have brunch with her future husband. Not that she wanted to. She had met him twice and wasn't very impressed. Sadly, it wasn't up to her. It was up to her parents. She had tried to refuse, per everything else that was ruled in her life, but was shut down immediately.

Her hood was up as she walked through the forest and near the wall to the castle. She wasn't aware of what time it was and was hoping she wasn't late. Her parents would kill her. So would Gareth, her knight.

She knelt down by the grass and pushed some of the bricks of the wall out. It was a large enough space that she could squeeze through. Her slender frame made it halfway through when she spotted shining silver boots next to her hand. Gareth, of course. She knew Jesabelle had to of spoken with him. She'd have to kill her later.

She crawled the rest of the way in, replacing the bricks and standing up. She dusted her knees off of her satin, maroon dress. She slipped her black hood off her head and gave Gareth a look. She could tell that he was upset. "Gareth, I can explain." She started as she clasped her hands behind her back. "I...heard some howling outside the walls and knew someone was in trouble! I just wanted to see what was happening." She stated, trying to make it sound as truthful as possible.

Whether her tone was believable or not, Gareth always knew what she was really up to. That's why he was assigned to her. Charlotte loved the freedom of the outside world. Most didn't recognize her and if they did, it was a nice encounter. She had tried to ask her parents to let her live out the rest of her days with the commoners outside the walls but, obviously, that was not allowed. They put her in her place and let her know that would never be a thing. So, she had to get her small slices of freedom when she could.

She started walking on the stone walkway, making her way towards the main castle. "I'm sorry, Gareth. I know it was risky but I'm here now. I got ready early to meet him so, here I am." She said, shrugging her shoulders.
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[size12 "Christ, she was suppose to be in her room." Gareth cursed under his breath as he slammed her bedroom door shut. He was suppose to get her ready for the grand lunch where she was to meet her soon to be prince charming. He rolled his eyes at the thought as he made his way through the castle. He knew one person that had the potential of knowing where Charlotte was.

He approached the blonde from the back, tapping her on the shoulder. She turned around and jumped a bit. "Oh, Gareth! Haha, why, we were just discussing you."

"Oh really? Were you also discussing where Ms. Charlotte may have gone?" He asked, resting his hand on the pommel. Jesabell, one of Charlotte's closest friends seemed to fidget a bit. "Is there a reason for the sealed lips, Jesabell?"

"I...well, um....she went outside the walls." She spoke very quickly and then covered her mouth, possibly cussing underneath her hand. "Don't tell her I told you. She should be coming back really soon, Gareth. She promised she wouldn't miss the dinner."

"She's already late." He spat, furrowing his eyebrows. He figured she had escaped, that was one of the main reasons he was assigned to her. "Is it the usual exit she should be returning from?" He asked and she nodded, shyly.

He sighed as he turned on his heel and began walking towards the back of the Kingdom. Luckily, it wasn't too big of one. He quickly found the loose stone bricks from the wall. They had been moved a bit and he leaned against the wall. He was ready to wait for her to come back and give him a peace of his mind.]
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