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Are we still doing this one or no? It’s been four days lol
  Devon Dreck / Kitten- / 157d 8h 27m 20s
Devon smiled back softly. “Love you too, sugarplum.”
  Devon Dreck / Kitten- / 161d 12h 33m 18s
Evan smiles brightly up at him. “I love you,” he murmured.
  Evan Bakes / Greyson / 161d 13h 59m 51s
Devon leaned in and kissed his forehead. “Yeah. We can see.”
  Devon Dreck / Kitten- / 161d 15h 3m 57s
He nodded, smiling still at him. “We can see.” He laughed.
  Evan Bakes / Greyson / 161d 17h 24m 22s
“You can do whatever you want.” Devon smiled awkwardly. “If ou feel more comfortable behind the camera, stay there. If you want… then… we can do it together.”
  Devon Dreck / Kitten- / 161d 17h 29m 23s
“Not really sure if I can sing or dance but I could try..”
  Evan Bakes / Greyson / 161d 17h 46m 20s
Devon blushed softly. “You could… I mean… if you wanted to, we could sing and dance together, if you want…?”
  Devon Dreck / Kitten- / 161d 17h 50m 29s
He nodded. “Okay. I like that.” He smiled at Devon.
  Evan Bakes / Greyson / 161d 17h 51m 35s
“Just… if my music takes off, then maybe you could help film music videos and edit them. If you want,” he added hurriedly.
  Devon Dreck / Kitten- / 161d 17h 52m 12s
“I’m okay, I guess. Why?” He questioned, glancing back at him.
  Evan Bakes / Greyson / 161d 17h 53m 34s
“Okay.” Devon bit his lip. “How good are you with technology, video editing, and photoshop?”
  Devon Dreck / Kitten- / 161d 17h 54m 15s
He shrugged. “Maybe something that I don’t have to talk to a lot of people?”
  Evan Bakes / Greyson / 161d 17h 56m 55s
Devon smiled and kissed his forehead. “What kind of job would you like to get?”
  Devon Dreck / Kitten- / 161d 17h 57m 28s
He nodded, sighing. “At least you’re here with me. That’s help enough.”
  Evan Bakes / Greyson / 161d 18h 5s

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