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“Look, I’m not going to hurt you okay? I can explain everything Aodh and it has something to do with this.” He said as he slowly reached into his pocket to pull out the rock, they found just a couple minutes ago and the rock he had from home; two of which were very similar to the one Aodh had found at the same site.

“You have to believe me Aodh,” he said.

Not going to hurt her? Yes, because now she could totally believe him after the whole portal poof he had done. God only knew what else he had up his sleeve and he wanted her to simply calm down and trust him? She was crazy for sure, but he was worse! Now more than ever could she prove that trusting others was always a bad idea.

Grey eyes stared down at the rock he pulled from his pocket, the same one he'd found back at the site. That... Everything had suddenly clicked. The rocks and his sudden interest in her. "You just wanted the rocks..." She spoke softly.

It was now clear to Aodh that he had only had interest in the rock--whatever the hell those things were. He didn't really care about her or wanted to befriend her, he just wanted the damn luminescent things that were found on the site. Hence, get close to her, get close to the site get the damn things and then disappear to where ever the hell he wanted to go with them. Then... that also meant he probably wanted the one she had found as well...

The though only saddened her a bit. Aodh had felt a bit betrayed, a well too familiar feeling. "I believe you." She spoke softly as she tossed the table leg on the floor and walked over to her bed where she'd left the box of her collections. Grabbing the one prized possession and then turning to Dawson. She tossed it over to him and closed the box. "Get out." She finally said as her eyes remained staring at the box. "Just get out and don't ever come back. I heard enough."
  ∆ᴏᴅʜ ʟʏɴᴄʜ / Sin / 9h 11m 27s
Dawson was still recovering from that fall. It had been some time since he last jumped, and he was certainly out of practice. Ribbing his back and cracking his neck after that he finally was able to focus by then Aodh. She was up and certainly freaked out. Dawson knew she had questions and he was pissed at himself for revealing his power in front of Aodh, but it was either that or they get stuck behind and caught. He figured that would’ve been terrible for her and technically he had done her a favor, save for the fact that they’d broke her table. Luckily, they the walls seemed to be thick enough and they didn’t seem to have woken anyone up. Dawson could tell that she was terrified, and he was cautiously stepping in her direction. Aodh didn’t want him anywhere near her, but her shad nowhere to go with her back against the wall and there was only so much distance and a low level of threat between him and her holding the broken leg of the table.

“Look,” he started with his hands up, hoping that she could see he meant no harm. His people weren’t like that, not about violence despite the amount of power that they held. Dawson was trying to find the right words to explain what was going on. He didn’t want Aodh to think differently of him or fear him. He wasn’t here to dissect her or send her to his home planet for probing. Especially considering their planet was no longer, and there were only a few of his kind, making their way around Earth. “I’m not going to hurt you okay?” He told her with a small smile, hoping it would soothe her worries. “I can explain everything Aodh and it has something to do with this.” He said as he slowly reached into his pocket to pull out the rock, they found just a couple minutes ago and the rock he had from home; two of which were very similar to the one Aodh had found at the same site.

“You have to believe me Aodh,” he said.
  dawson / SincerelyLily / 17h 42m 7s
Well no shit they had to get out of here! Aodh wasn't planning on going to jail or worse! Then again, what could be worse than jail? POssibly getting shot at and killed. Or maybe even having Dawson's blood on her hands if they had ended up shooting at him. Maybe even the dogs catching up to them and mauling them alive! Ok, maybe she was exaggerating a little bit. But the point was the Aodh honestly didn't need to be caught and didn't want to have to explain to her father why she'd sneaked off with a boy her age... That'd be a long and painful talk that she would never look forward to having.

Aodh had been pulled from her thoughts and suddenly was running with Dawson. Though the more they ran, the more she could hear the dogs closing up on them. She was scared. No, she was terrified! But she had managed to keep herself on a quick pace, keeping up with Dawson until her eyes shifted upwards to the other guard by the gate. It was then that Aodh had accepted that they had been caught and now they would definitely pay for it. Aodh felt like a deer in the lights, frozen. She had frozen in place as she then noticed her jacket slipping upwards. In a second she had felt a force pull her and pain surge throughout her body.

Aodh groaned as she reached under her to pull out the...table leg? The ginger instantly sat up as she noticed the broken table under her, her eyes searched her surroundings as she noticed that she was back in her room. But how?

The answer was simply in front of her, and Aodh stared directly at him; Dawson. Aodh got up almost immediately and held the broken table leg out at him as a defense. What the fuck was going? She had no clue, but she was sure she'd been at the meteor site just a couple of seconds ago with people chasing after her! Aodh tried her best not to scream out in fear and tried her best to remain calm instead of freaking the fuck out like she wanted to. But before she was able to gain complete control, her back was pressed against the wall, her body shivering but not from cold and her eyes were glued to the boy--no stranger that she had thought to be a regular human being before the shit hit the fan.

"What--no how--who the hell are you?" No, she better not ask that. "You... we... I'm dreaming. I'm delirious. I just got hit on the head or must've fell into the ditch. This is all a dream. A very messed up dream." She looked away for a moment letting her guard down. Though a sudden movement from Dawson caused her to hold the sharp end of the table leg towards him again. "Don't you dare come closer to me." Her voice broke from fear.
  ∆ᴏᴅʜ ʟʏɴᴄʜ / Sin / 1d 6h 15m 52s
The stone was beautiful, and Dawson knew that it was no surprise that the rock had been found at the same place that Aodh had found hers. He suspected that maybe the others were spread in the other places of crash sightings. He was curious to read what was on the one that they had just found, and which one was on Aodh’s. He wondered if she would let him borrow it, though some part of him hated being sneaky and he wondered if he could check it out with her and somehow convince Aodh that what he did worked by coincidence. He didn’t have much time to think though when he found himself then distracted by the sound of voice of authority calling for someone to come to a halt. Dawn's along with Aodh tried to hide in some shadows bedside the rock. He wiped at the sweat dripping down the side of his face. With some distraction, Aodh pulled them to safety, but they could only hide behind the bush for so long.

“Dammit,” he said with a sigh. He knew that this could end badly if they were caught. They both would be in a big bout of trouble, but he also worried about what her parents would say. Her stepfather didn’t seem like the nicest guy and Dawson shivered then as he thought about how the man stared him down the whole night.

“Well, obviously we need to get out of here.” Dawson could only hope that it wouldn’t resort to him tapping into his alien ability. That certainly wouldn’t prove to be smart and he couldn’t risk Aodh seeing. When the guards were distracted, he grabbed her hand. The sound of dogs barking could be heard, and he felt the warmth from a flashlight pointed in their direction, a man yelling in their direction. Dawson knew that they were on their tail, he could see the gate up in the distance but there was a guard. Dawson quickly slipped the rock into his pocket, shielding them with Aodh’s jacket before almost in a flash, they were in the back of the inn. Not really that great and out of practice, they had a crash landing.

Dawson groaned as he rolled on his side, breathing hard. He chuckled when he caught his breath, turning to look at Aodh. “Guess that was a bit dangerous.”
  dawson / SincerelyLily / 1d 22h 39m 6s
[i "Do you hear that?"] Honestly, no she didn't But Aodh still was following him close behind. Though it had been a couple of days now since it'd landed, the place had felt warm enough to emit some heat. And Aodh could already feel a couple of sweat droplets forming on her forehead and some sliding down on her spine.

It wasn't long before her eyes settled upon another light. Dawson had apparently seen it as well as he had instantly started to dig beneath the surface. Her eyes now focusing on a small rock, similar to the one she'd had back at the inn. Could it have been another luminescent rock? Whatever it was, Aodh was happy. So much so that she hadn't even noticed the grin that now adorned her lips. "It's beautiful!" She spoke softly as she wiped away some of the sweat from her forehead. "Now you got one for your collection." She chuckled softly. "I can't believe they missed it."

"Hey!" Aodh heard a man call out. "You there! What are you doing there?!" Aodh quickly slipped off her jacket and placed it over the rock and ducked down. Her eyes now glued to a man who had been seemingly walking behind them had now been caught.

"I-I was only trying to capture a picture of the meteor, I swear!" He pleaded as he was soon arrested.

"This is private government property, no unauthorized personnel can pass and you sir are trespassing."

As the guard and the man quarreled, Aodh took the chance and grabbed Dawson's hand pulling him away and towards some bushes and hid.

"Search the premises, make sure no one else is lurking around." The guard spoke to another who held on to a leash with a K-9 at the end of it.

This was bad, very bad. Aodh was sure that they would end up caught now thanks to the man who didn't know how to sneak around properly. "Any ideas, Dawson?" she whispered softly.
  ∆ᴏᴅʜ ʟʏɴᴄʜ / Sin / 2d 1h 17m 54s
Dawson was excited to be able to see firsthand the crater He knew that If the agents had left without finding anything, that means it was overlooked and whatever had been found, was purely to get them off a trail. His people were smart like that, but not out of fear of humans, but their enemy. Humans and aliens, unbeknownst to humans, had been side by side for years. Aliens were always curious about humans and that’s why they tended to abduct them or even pay little microchips in their minds. Much the same as human, science was always evolving, and they too made their mistakes when it came to their research. His people were a bit more different though, purely observant and that being why in human form, his species was best to assimilate to Earth.

The crater was huge, about the size of a bulldozer ball plopping into fresh soft soil. Dawson could feel his body buzzing from being so close to contact. He shrugged his hands into his pockets tot try to control the tremors.
“This is amazing,” he breathed out with a smile. They’d gotten through the gates and pass the guards easily enough; he didn’t suppose it would be too hard to get more personal with the crash site and see if there was anything to be found. “C’mon,” Dawson suggested as he started to crawl a bit into the gap of the crater. His eyes scanned through the earth, his hand reaching up to help Aodh down.

“Do you hear that?” He asked. It was a soft thrumming, coming from near the crater. It was a bit warm standing so close despite how long it had been; he couldn’t believe that Aodh had come out here along on the very first night. It was the he could see a light pulsing through the soil. Dawson stared in disbelief, was it the final rock? He quickly got to his knees then, brushing away the dirt.
  dawson / SincerelyLily / 5d 1h 53m 15s
Missed something? Aodh highly doubted it. When the government would miss something, it was usually and highly on purpose. They were not oblivious to the people who would now try to come around to roam the place. Aodh was sure that they might've probably had some sort of guards to keep watch over things while they returned for more investigation. However, Aodh had made a promise and she was going to keep it regardless.

It was a tedious task. Dangerous and risky, though Aodh was very frightened, she was still loving every second of it. She was adventurous most times and other times she was just a bit of a coward. Though now she seemed to be getting out of her shell more often. Thanks to a couple of friends she had made behind her parent's backs.

After dodging a couple of lights from the guards, and sneaking past a couple of army men and their German Shepard's, Aodh finally stood over the edge, her eyes looking down at the deep crater she’d been to before. It remained untouched, a large boulder stationed in the middle with a white tent covering it. "There it is... it looks like they didn't do much to it." She said softly before carefully making her way do to it. "Last time I came it was very hot and steam was bursting out of it." She pointed over to the cracked center. "That's where I found the rock."
  ∆ᴏᴅʜ ʟʏɴᴄʜ / Sin / 6d 2h 18m 14s
Dawson was glad for the day to be over, it was one of the longest work days he had ever had certainly. It definitely was nothing like working at the library. Still, he didn’t mind the work so much and it was something fun and challenging. Besides, it was nice to be in the comfort of Aodh and hang out with her. And while her mother seemed to be content with her, it didn’t look like her father was much of a fan of him. Dawson tried not to let it get to him and certainly didn’t want to make things awkward as things seemed to be going well so far after all the chaos.

Dawson wasn’t the only one to notice the sound of the trucks roaring as they rolled off. Either they had found exactly what they were looking for or just what they needed [I or] they were finished with their search and had turned up nothing. It wasn’t something that they would ever find out explicitly he was sure as the government had always done a good job of keeping vital information secret and away from the public.

He looked to Aodh then with a small smirk. “I think we should check it out while we can. Maybe they missed something,” he suggested. At least just seeing the site might be of assistance and Dawson didn’t mind the risk considering it was dark. He assumed if anyone was still watching or keeping guard, it was more than likely a young rookie suckered into graveyard shift. They could certainly get through that barrier no problem. He waited until the guests were finally out of the lobby and her parents seemingly distracted, stepping outside with the faux intention of getting fresh air, waiting for Aodh to finally join him. He was buzzing, literally, but something also didn’t feel right.
  dawson / SincerelyLily / 14d 18h 9m 50s
"Who hired that boy?" Ava could hear her husband growl underneath his breath.
"I did, Ricardo. Judging that the rest of the staff left Aodh alone to do everything on her own."

"Yes, I know. I have fired a couple of them because of that."

Ava chuckled. "Well then, that's good."

"But I still don't like that guy." Ricardo placed his guest book on the table.

Ava raised an eyebrow. "Is there something the matter with, Dawson?"

Her husband shook his head. His eyes staring at the boy who walked back and forth doing a couple of things. "He's just... odd."

"Odd? Odd in what way, dear?" Ava dusted away the shelves of keys.

"I don't know...There's just something about him that I can't quite put my finger on..." Ricardo watched as Aodh walked up to Dawson and smiled as she offered him a glass of apple juice. He narrowed his eyes at them. "I definitely don't like that."

Ava looked back at her daughter and Rhonda's boy with a smile. "Oh, leave them be. Aodh's just being nice to the new comer." She chuckled.

"A little [i too] friendly..." The man muttered.


"Thanks for all the help... I honestly don't know what I would've done without you." She smiled brightly. "Listen, since we finished earlier than expected, maybe we can go--" The young woman's words cut off by the sudden sound of trucks rushing off. Aodh quickly walked over to the entrance of the inn and watched as a couple of the military trucks leaving. "Something must've happened... or maybe they finally gave up the search in the place." Her eyes shifted over to Dawson. "Maybe you should go home... unless you want to risk it all and go now to the site?"
  ∆ᴏᴅʜ ʟʏɴᴄʜ / Sin / 18d 9h 9m 27s
Dawson smiled at Aodh, she looked way more relaxed than how she looked when he arrived. Though while she had managed subdue to craziness downstairs for the mean time, he knew that there was a high chance thing were still going to hell. Dawson didn’t really think or worry about that any longer as he looked down at their intertwined fingers. His cheeks burned red then and he smiled. “Time for a little teenage mischief,” he told her with a chuckle then. Everything seemed to be going so fast then and he had only barely been given the instructions to hide before the door opened. He looked over at a woman who of course he suspected to be her mother considering the startling resemblance. He quickly released his hold of Aodh’s hand, his arms behind his back then as he chuckled a little and nodded in response that he was Rhonda’s boy.

“I wasn’t planning – I mean,” He gave a bashful smile as he rubbed the back of his neck. Aodh was quick on her feet in explaining why Dawson was there and of course even without explanation, the both of them had no intentions while being alone in her bedroom. Though with her parents returning, he was sure this meant that it would be a bit hard for them to sneak away to the crash site until they were asleep, and the guests taken care of. “I’m happy to be of help,” he said with a shrug then, thinking that at least it wouldn’t be known that Aodh had offered to give him the room on the house in the first place.

As suspected, it was a bit of a zoo, but it seemed Aodh’s father had gotten most of the slacking staff working in efforts to maintain the reputation of the inn. Dawson was a bit nervous, as the man had a very daunting presence and he just hoped he didn’t know about being in Aodh’s room, thinking he wouldn’t take it as well as her mother.

The crash site could wait, but Dawson couldn’t wait to take a peek.
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Aodh smiled brightly. At least Dawson believed in the same oddities that she did. Her mother always stated that her thought were based more on fantasy and fiction instead of reality and her step father always saying that she needed to grow up and focus more on their daily lives. Aodh refused to think otherwise and wanted to continue to believe in the unknown because in a sense it had brought her a little bit of hope.

Aodh stood up from the bed and held her hand out to him. “Let’s go to the crash site?”


“This is ridiculous…” A woman spoke as she held the towel in her arms. “I can’t believe they left such a young girl in charge of this place. That is complete and utter poor management.”

“And then with that young boy. She’s probably too busy with him to focus on the things that need to be done. They need more employees for better and more professional service.”

Ava, Aodh’s mother, stared at the two customers that walked off her eyes shifting over to the empty front desk. “Aodh?” She called out as she soon felt her husband come up behind her.

“Is there something wrong?” He asked his wife as he placed luggage’s down on the floor. His own eyes searched for the ginger who was absent from the front desk. He narrowed his eyes. “Where is she?”

Ava looked over at him and shook her head. “She’s probably assisting other people, Ricardo. Let her be.”

“Assisting? No, she’s supposed to be strictly at the front desk. No exceptions.” He stormed off.

Ava sighed softly. Ava, unlike her husband, was more passive than aggressive. Her daughter must’ve had a good explanation as to why she wasn’t at her post, however, her husband wouldn’t be so understanding. Ava knew she’d have to find her daughter as soon as possible, at least before Ricardo did. More for her own safety… The woman quickly walked off in search for her daughter throughout the inn. The woman searched the pool area, laundry, kitchen, dining room, social room and a couple of the empty room which were very few. The only other place that could be was the only room that Aodh would stay in on occasion when she wanted to ‘runaway’ from home. The woman knocked upon the door softly, soon hearing footsteps shuffling in the room. Bingo. Ava took a deep breath before opening the door.

Aodh looked over at the door, before looking back at Dawson. “Hide…” She whispered before the door suddenly opened. Her eyes falling upon her mother who stared at her and then at Dawson. She could see the doubt in her mother’s eyes, the slight anger. But she managed to keep composed.

“Aodh, mind explaining to me why you’re not at the front desk and are in a room alone with a boy?” Ava had to remind herself that she was a young teenage girl once…

However, Aodh had other thoughts in mind. And now she had to make a choice, either lie and state that she was helping a customer… or state the truth and say that she was about to break a couple of rules… maybe even laws, in order to show a crash site to a stranger, possible new friend. “I was at the front desk earlier… This is Dawson. He’s a new friend I made… he works at the book shop down town with Rhonda. Also lives with them. She also told me to say hi.” She noticed her mother’s eyes light up. Her mother suddenly began to chuckle and looked over at the male from head to toe.

“So… Rhonda’s boy?” Ava smiled. “Not sure if I should be worried about you or be happy. Are you here to ruin my daughter?” She joked. Since her old friend, Rhonda had ‘ruined’ her when she was younger according to her parents.

Aodh smiled softly. “He came to bring me some books I bought and accidentally left behind… and he’s also a rock collector.” She looked over at him before looking back at his mother. “He… was also helping me since the employee’s weren’t doing their jobs.”

Ava smirked. “Oh they weren’t?” She looked over at Dawson with a smile. “How about I hire you instead for the rest of the night, what do you say? Work for the night to pay for your stay?”
  ∆ᴏᴅʜ ʟʏɴᴄʜ / Sin / 22d 4h 20m 18s
Dawson had been taken aback by the rock, though Aodh’s voice was drawing him in. She was rambling, though she sounded very confident and while he had only known her for a short while, she had come off as quiet as a church mouse for the most part. He had taken a seat on her bed then, both of them apparently looking to the sky as though they could see through the distance the amazement of the universe that she spoke of. Of course, Dawson knew the truth about the world, how there were planets to which species did exist. Many of the ones that humans had searched had once had an abundance of life but were destroyed before the humans had even landed there to which it had come to dismay not to prove alien existence. Though, they were out there and of course, to the [I aliens], the humans were the true sense of out of this world.
Dawson then began to think of how much he missed his home planet. The people who had lost their lives and their legacy barely managed to be carried by the few that were spared, though who could never tell the tales of their own people without fear of being sent to a psych ward or undergo some kind of invasive examination. He chuckled a little at Aodh.

The expression on her face was cute as bashful as it was. “You’re not crazy,” he told her with a chuckle. “I do believe in otherworldly beings and it may come as a surprise but even Greg and Rhonda are the same. I think you’d fit right in with us. Maybe why that’s why she was so willing to let me come out so late,” he said.

It wasn’t a bad thing to think to believe that they weren’t the only ones in the world. Honestly, believing in what was considered a fantasy or some sort of science fiction, Dawson felt was a great way to deal with your real world. At this point in time the world was going through a lot of changes. Dawson was curious of the human advances for the years to come, but it was also shocking to him to find that how little they knew and what they were capable of. There was some exploration and studying of human and of course that came with coming to Earth every now and then or a visit to which they’d take a human and try to learn as much as possible before sending them back.

“I think you’re right, about this not being from this planet of course and I agree. Maybe, we’ve come across something completely out of this world.”

Unbeknownst to the two, in a state further away, a ship had landed discreetly. Burly metal vested soldiers had departed, entering the cute little blue house in a suburban neighborhood. The Tarragons had arrived, ready to complete their takeout of the Diagons once and for all and to finally complete their tour toward complete domination.
  dawson / SincerelyLily / 26d 7h 27m 42s
Grey eyes stared up at the dancing lights across the ceiling. A small content smile formed on her lips before her eyes shifted to him. He was just as amused as she was and that brought a sense of comfort to her, maybe because she finally didn’t feel like a complete and utter crazy person. Aodh adjusted slightly in the bed and held her hand up against the lights as they danced across her skin. “Dawson, have you ever thought that maybe we’re not the only ones in this galaxy?” She spoke softly before looking down at her hands.

“There are Galaxies and planets unexplored. Untouched by mankind... The unknown still needing to be found, lost cities and unmarked territories still invisible to the human eye... Who can say otherwise if there’s life that we’ve yet to see?” She flicked on the lamp switch and looked at him. “I know I might sound a tad bit off my rocker here, but I believe that there might be more to this whole universe than what mankind wants to admit. I’m pretty sure we’re not alone. Then again, I can’t say much about it. I’m not some rocket scientist nor an astronaut but one thing I’m very sure of…” She got up while taking the rock and held it up to his face. “This is evidence enough for me that things could be so much bigger out there than it is here. There must be someone making these. Rock’s don’t glow like this and that I’m sure of.” She let her hand drop to her side.

“Who knows? Maybe you could be an alien.” She stared at him for a moment with a serious face. Soon enough Aodh bursted into laughter and moved away from him. She sat down on the bed and stared down at the rock. “I’m only joking. I know you’re not. But… the point in all of this is that… I know I might be dreaming or fantasizing about something that might now be real and might just be a coincidence… but I feel like I’m not wrong… And with everything that’s happening in the world…. Maybe I just want to hold on to the little bit of hope that just maybe there are life forms out there that could maybe just…just maybe give us a little more insight on what this universe is all about. Who knows? Maybe we’re the aliens… maybe we’re the monsters…”

With how the human beings were nowadays, Aodh wouldn’t have doubted it. After all, humans were unpredictable and monstrous. Some humans seek love, life and happiness with peace. Others just wanted power and destruction with little care for others… Aodh only wondered if it would be different for other beings if they even existed… if maybe they could make things better for life on earth. Or maybe… the humans would cause their utter destruction and pummel them into extinction like every other life being they’ve encountered. “And now you must really think I’m crazy… I’m sorry.”
  ᴀᴏᴅʜ ʟʏɴᴄʜ / Sin / 29d 3h 34m 13s
Dawson chuckled, a lot of his intel when it came to interact with humans was learned through television and movies. It was possible that most of his lines would come off scripted. Though, Dawson had never really had the opportunity to try them out on anyone new. Most of his conversation had been with his parents or Eileen. “I’, sure I’ve heard it before – funny it seemed way smoother coming out of the actor’s mouth,” he teased with a smirk. He followed her out of the room then. It was somewhat unusual to consider your bedroom to be in a hotel, but then again it made sense economically and Dawson figured that they were saving more than they were paying – especially with the influx of visitors since the crash. It felt like he had stepped back in time really, though there was something nostalgic about the lac and Dawson figured that surprisingly despite the dated décor, it served well to preserve the history of their small town. If things started changing, Dawson couldn’t imagine how hard it would be for everyone to get used to the changes.

Dawson then felt a bit out of place in her room, knowing it was the first time he had been in a room with a girl outside of his sister for the first time. He didn’t know where to sit or stand and decided on approaching the bed with caution. He figured this to some degree was probably how Aodh felt at his place. Things became much more comfortable though when he saw her reach for the box. His eyes were transfixed on the rock. He’d brought his own, which now was hot in his pocket. Dawson snapped to attention then and turned the light off. He was amazed to find a string of dots on the ceiling. To many it just looked like some kind of constellation and while Dawson couldn’t configure the message right away, he knew it was a map.

“Oh wow,” he said in shock before looking to Aodh.
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"Did you get that out of a chick flick? I feel like that sounds like a line from a romance novel or romantic movie." Aodh giggled as she led him over towards his room. Aodh opened the door and led him inside as she followed him behind and closed the door quietly behind them. She then flicked on the switch for the light.

Is wasn't the typical five star, "chocolate on the pillow" type of hotel. The room definitely smelled like oak wood and old cigarette's. Despite the inn's enforced "No Smoking" policy being quite clear in each room or place in the entire place, there were a couple of guests who still would smoke in the rooms causing the stench to linger. Some had even left a couple of ashtrays next to the fake vase of flowers. It was clean, a bit bright and a little out dated. The wall papers mismatched the drapes and bed sheets on the bed. Her parent's had not been able to let got of the 60's and 70's look and it wasn't the decor that made the inn attractive. To be honest, Aodh didn't know what made the inn so popular before the crash site. Maybe it was the cost effective rates. But whenever she would look around the inn, she felt like she was in her grandmother's antique boutique shop.

Aodh made her way over to the bed where a blue large box rested upon the olive green sheets. She placed the books down on the night stand beside the bed and sat down on the edge. She then opened the box which was full to the brim with layers of different types of stones and clay. Even ivory and jades. Aodh, though, had pulled out from the top the rock she valued the most; the glowing rock from the site. She had wrapped it carefully in a dark blue silk she had from her grandmother's odd collections. Aodh gently unraveled it and held it up to Dawson. "This is it. Isn't it beautiful?" She smiled brightly before looking down at it.

"If you turn of the lights... it glows beautifully... and... I've never seen anything like it before. Have you?"
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