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Nathan wasn’t sure if she was being stubborn or if she really didn’t that much of an appetite. He was walking on eggshells at this point. He could tell Milli was upset and she had a lot to say and yet she was forcing it back, more than likely because the kids were there. “Well you’re going to have to eat sometime,” he mumbled. Bradley had scurried off to wash up and he settled Evelyn in her play pen with some crackers to keep her occupied. Of course, Milli wasn’t following the doctors’ advice and was moving around way too much after what she’d done. What could he say or do? She didn’t listen to him and would recoil from his touch it seemed. It was that talk with Charlotte all over again and yet this time Nathan didn’t seem so sure that Milli would remain at his side. Did she really believe that he had stepped out on her?

“What’re you talking about Milli? You want to separate because of some bullshit media?” He said, trying to keep his voice low and he could see how much pain she was in when she sank into the seat. “This is my perfect life,” he said to her. Didn’t she get it yet? How much he loved her? “I don’t want to be with anyone but you. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you – it just didn’t seem like the right time and it was only a kiss. Just a kiss.” Nathan looked to Milli then – she looked like she was in a lot of pain and he couldn’t leave her like this. Did she really need him though? She sounded confident in them splitting. Nathan didn’t want this to turn bitter and he had no plans to leave Milli for anyone unless she looked him in the eyes and dared confess that she no longer loved him.

“Emilia,” he crooned, hoping she could look him in the eyes. He was lost – he’d nearly lost Milli and now that she had come out of the crash alive, she was talking about separating. “I can’t fake normal. Either we are in this or we’re not.” The words sounded bold as they came out and even Nathan was shocked at what he said. He didn’t want to leave or divorce Milli, they’d barely been married six months and of course things got hard – but their love was supposed to help them through it. Yet, rumors and self-esteem got in the way – people getting into her ear.” Bradley had returned then and Nathan finished up what milli started for his lunch, allowing him for once to eat away from the dinner table and in front of tv.

“If you’re going to kick me out of this marriage then I don’t see why we have to pretend. I don’t want to be around the ghost of someone I love.”
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Milli hugged Bradley as tightly as she could without hurting herself and looking to Michael,
“Thank you.” She said to him, genuinely meaning it because he had done great with the kids and they both adored him. She gave him a small smile and looked to the card Bradley had made. She figured she must have looked quite the sight, black and blue and with a cut on her cheek along with bandages on her head. She looked to Nathan as he returned with Evelyn and she shook her head,
“I’m not hungry.” She didn’t have an appetite and she wasn’t sure if that was the painkillers or the fact she didn’t want anything from Nathan right that moment. She hadn’t eaten any breakfast either but she figured all her body wanted was rest. She didn’t want to miss out on the kids though.

Milli spent a couple of minutes relaxing on the couch before she got to her feet, using the armrest to lever herself. She had to keep busy, even in this state because she didn’t want to think about what had happened with Saiorse and Nathan. Everything was a strain and a huge effort as she fumbled around the kitchen, doing everything opposite of what the Doctors had told her to do.
“Go wash up for lunch, Brad.” Milli said quietly and Bradley seemed to know it was best not to argue. Milli looked to Nathan, even thinking seemed to make her head hurt.

“I’m not leaving the kids.” She said to him, Evelyn was young and Bradley so sensitive she knew it would take a toll on them.
“You can have your perfect life with whoever you want, but don’t bring them back here. Not until the kids are older.” She said to him, voice hitching but she couldn’t afford to cry because it would send her head spinning. Standing straight wasn’t an option with her ribs. She cringed slightly as something pulled her side and she hissed in pain and annoyance.

Nathan didn’t have to play happy family outside of their home but she wouldn’t have the kids life wrecked because of this.
“Inside the home, for the kids, we stay normal.” She murmured, she could make up excuses if Nathan was out some nights, say he was working at the studio and hopefully Bradley would understand. Milli eventually sank into a chair at the dining table because it hurt to stand up for so long.
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Nathan bit back what he was going to say, knowing his opinion wouldn’t matter and Milli wasn’t going to listen him anyhow. She’d just been in a car crash, injured ribs and was refusing to use the wheelchair. The nurse had given him a look to assure it was okay and all he could do was nod. He could tell she was struggling and that small break in the elevator that led them to the back entrance didn’t seem to give her the rest she needed until they had reached the car. He collected his breath then, waiting for her to be safe inside before closing the door. Nathan didn’t know what to say during the car ride and opted to stay quiet, even the radio off. He didn’t like it, but he was positive he wouldn’t take too kindly to the words Milli probably had running amuck in her mind and it was his bet they weren’t the nicest words either. He recalled she’d been the same when he didn’t tell her about Charlotte, and it was stupid of him to make the same mistake twice. Though this time was different somehow, this time Milli was hurt more than he could imagine, and she wasn’t shy about showing it.

They finally reached the cottage then, Nathan sitting in the car with her in silence before turning off the engine. They got out the car and he watched as she managed to get out after a couple of tries, slamming the door shut. He car had been totaled, which meant until they got a new one, they’d be using his car.
“You don’t have to – ” Nathan sighed in frustration, keepings words to himself.
“Hey you two!” Michael said. He’d brought flowers for her and they’d spent most of the time making a get well card for Milli. Bradley had missed her in just the short time period, eagerly hugging her close. “I’m so glad you’re alright,” Michael said as he gently squeezed hr hand. He could feel the tension in the room and knew things were off. “Well, you should get some rest of course. Don’t be afraid to call out of me.” He hugged Bradley before heading out. Nathan thanked him, praising to call.

He could hear Evelyn on the brink of crying as she could hear others in the room, but of course no attention on her. “I got it,” he mumbled, anything to leave the room and had went to pick her up.
“Are you hungry?” he asked as he cradled Evelyn. “I can uh heat some soup I made. Or do you want some tea?”
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“I can walk.” Milli said, abruptly at the sight of the wheel chair and she didn’t ever want to go back into a wheelchair, not after the stabbing. She had been useless for weeks and she didn’t want that again. She looked to Nathan and gave a brief nod, her head hurt but she was absolutely fighting for her independence because she didn’t want to rely on Nathan. He had betrayed her, he hadn’t even told her himself what he had done and she felt filthy for sleeping with him while his mind was on another female.

Milli pushed herself up and the sheepish nurse handed her a crutch which Milli managed with, barely. The hospital had given them a back entrance to exit from where they wouldn’t be hassled by anyone from press or the likes. Already the exertion was causing her to feel tired. She didn’t want Nathan to look after her. She’s stayed quiet as they pulled up to the cottage.
“You don’t have to.” She murmured quietly, “You don’t have to look after me.” She said and sat up slightly. Everything ached but the painkillers were strong. There was nothing wrong with her legs, but her upper body felt like it was on fire with each movement.

“I can do this.” She mumbled quietly as she headed inside the cottage, grateful to get indoors as she looked to Michael. She managed a small smile but couldn’t meet his gaze. Everyone knew what had happened, there was no avoiding it and it was embarrassing. She swallowed as she sank onto the couch, tensely and gingerly so she wouldn’t hurt herself. She looked to Bradley and smiled softly, she didn’t care about the pain right then as she hugged him, as best she could, biting through the pain.
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Milli wasn’t making much sense which he figured meant the medication was working. Though her words, as staggered as they were showed that though she felt no pain physically, certainly her heart could give out any minute from what she’d heard and seen about him and Saoirse. “Milli please,” he said. Though quieted and maybe for good as he found bile at the back of his throat threatening to come up. It was hard to explain. He hadn’t truly been thinking of Saoirse and yet he had? Something about being that close had triggered him – was it bad still that he acted on that impulse with his wife? He didn’t want Saoirse, and yet why had her kiss evoked such a reaction out of him? Nathan had a lot to say and no courage to say it in front of an audience – though with Milli going in and out he might as well talk to himself. He hated the idea of leaving her and Bradley wasn’t too thrilled either. He kissed Milli’s cheek gently.

The nurse was in the room then and Nathan, whether Milli wanted it or not had bent to give her a kiss on the forehead. “We’ll be back tomorrow,” he told her. Keeping up appearances in front of the nurse, as apparently the paparazzi had eyes everywhere. Though Nathan soon thought whether he needed to – was this the last straw for Milli? He’d embarrassed her in front of thousands of people and worse for those who could ever believe he would do such a thing. “I love you,” he said as they were ushered out. Of course, everyone was concerned for him and more so for Milli. Nathan had assured everyone that she was fine, and it would be a long road to recovery, words he repeated to the paparazzi that had bombarded him and his children as they exited the hospital. A scared Bradley clung to him tight and Evelyn was wailing. How could Nathan do this without Milli Michael could help, but he had a career of his own.

It had taken a lot of work to get Bradley in bed and even then, he hadn’t slept. Nathan had allowed the boy to sleep in the same bed, even Evelyn who slept in her crib upstairs. Nathan had felt lonely and he was incredibly terrified about the state of his marriage. Sleep didn’t come easy.

Michael thankfully was free at least to watch the children while he headed to the hospital to pick up Milli. He dressed in a large hoodie, sunglasses as well with the hopes to draw less attention to himself. After checking in, he knocked gently on the door, sunglass on his head to reflect sunken eyes and his hood removed to which tousled wild curls were released.
He’d talked to the doctor, handing over the prescriptions they needed to get and explaining hr physical therapy schedule. It wasn’t unfamiliar territory, but he made sure to pay attention. For a while, a lot was going to have to be done for Milli and with how tense things were – Nathan didn’t foresee this being easy.

“You all set to go?” he asked, as the nurse had finished setting up the wheelchair, which they’d rent until she could at least walk with crutches. He tore his eyes away, not able to stand her judging gaze or the shadows of bruises along her face.
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Milli watched Nathan, her vision swimming at the edges as she listened to him and she slowly moved her eyes to Bradley and Evelyn. Her ribs? Was that was wrong with her? Milli closed her eyes as she heard him trying to explain what was happening.

“Julia told me.” She breathed out quietly, “A soft spot, the hair-“ She didn’t realise how little sense she was making and how she couldn’t articulate exactly what she wanted to say. She managed to open her eyes again, although they felt heavy and she couldn’t shake the dull, somewhat numbed ache in her bones.
“You-“ She has to stop for a breath. The mixture of her emotions with the painkillers wasn’t sitting well.
“You thought about her, last night.” She finally managed as she cringed in pain as she shifted. She wasn’t sure how much longer she should stay awake.

“Ask Michael- To help you with the kids.” She whispered as her eyes slid shut despite her trying to keep them open. There wasn’t much fight left in her, everything was number and sore and emotionally she was drained. A nurse popped in and gave them a comforting smile as she checked Milli over.
“She needs some rest.” She said to them kindly, “If there’s no issues with her vision or memory, then tomorrow we can send her home but she’ll need patience.” She explained, “Concussions can be tricky.” She commented and asssured them that this was all normal. The nurse ushered them out and turned out the light in Milli’s room, hoping it would keep her more comfortable.

Milli slept through the night, awakening in the morning as breakfast was being dropped on her table and she turned her face from it.
“Try a little something.” The nurse encouraged and Milli didn’t respond, letting them run their tests. She didn’t want to go home. She didn’t want to face everything with Nathan or the press or any of the drama. How had she not seen this coming? She stared out the window, listlessly. Her face was a mess, everything hurt but at least they had taken the tubes out of her nose.
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Hearing he extent of Milli’s injuries made him nauseous and he was glad to hear it come to an end. This was going to be tough, raising the children and helping Milli through her healing. He wasn’t sure how he would be able to do it, and this certainly had put a halt to their plans: Milli’s filming and their holiday. Though those things mild in comparison to the fact that she was alive. That was all that mattered. Bradley had climbed onto the chair, on his knees that he could prop himself up on Milli’s bed. “The police came, they said you crashed.” Bradley told her. They were still reviewing the footage from the light to see exactly who was in the wrong, though the gentleman in the other car seemed to have escaped with minor injuries, which led them to believe he was speeding. Nathan didn’t car about hat or money – all he cared about was that Milli was safe. Still it pained him to see her in the condition she was in, her voice tight with pain and even worse: the look she gave him. It was almost as though she didn’t want him there. He’d placed Evelyn in her stroller, glad she had fallen asleep, though she certainly had waited for hours after Nathan had awoken her early from her nap.

“Hey,” he said as he placed his hand gently on her to lay hr down. “You need to take it easy if you want those ribs to heal correctly,” he said softly. Nathan wanted to talk to Milli. Concussion or not, he could tell that she had recalled everything before the crash and that included the pictures of the kiss shared between him and Saoirse. It was a difficult conversation to try and have in front of their son. It was perfect timing that Evelyn started to wake, Nathan asking Bradley to feed her as a means of distraction.

He stood over Milli, not sure what to do. H wanted to hold her, to brush the hair from her face, or take her hand in his own. He kept his voice low, “Milli it’s not what you think. I was – I mean I was going to tell you. I just was trying to find the right way. I knew you’d be upset and,” he shook his head then. He didn’t want to talk about Saoirse or some stupid kiss when he’d nearly lost his wife. What would he do without her?
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A doctor had followed the small family in and he seemed serious but was doing his best not to play the doom and gloom card.
“Mr Daughtry, I presume?” He checked Milli’s charts before looking to his patients husband.
“Your wife is fine, luckily. Three broken ribs and a couple of fractures. She has a rather nasty concussion but as far as we can see there’s no long term damage but we won’t know for sure until things progress.” He explained and glanced over at Milli, seeing a nurse flagging him down. He gave them a small smile before exiting and heading about his usual business.

Milli stirred some and the light hurt her closed her eyes as she opened them slowly, squinting up at the unfamiliar ceiling. Everything seemed ten times brighter and it hurt her head. The painkillers being dropped into her system via a drip seemed to help as she took a few minutes to come to properly and she took a few deep breaths, her throat scratchy thanks to the oxygen and she was utterly confused. She didn’t remember much of the accident, just the sound and the lights.

She realised people were in the room with her and she turned her head to look, seeing Nathan, Bradley and Evelyn. She frowned and it was hard to keep her eyes open.
“What happened?” She asked, voice sore sounding. She stared at Nathan as everything cane flooding back and she sighed out softly, he ha flossed Saiorse and it was all over the news. She hadn’t been paranoid or going insane by thinking something was going on. Milli tried to sit up but she flinched and gave up, hissing through gritted teeth. She had filming, they had a holiday... What now? She couldn’t rightly leave Nathan like this and she wanted nothing more than to run and hide for weeks. Why was Nathan here? She figured he should be with Saiorse and make everything better for himself and the quicker it happened the easier it would be for her to get over and they could work out everything with the kids.

Tears pricked her eyes but she wasn’t sure she could deal with anymore crying. Milli lay back and stared at the ceiling, it hurt to move and her body was littered in bruises and cuts, none too serious and nothing that wouldn’t heal after some time.
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Nathan was shocked at Milli’s cold reaction toward him. Their night had gone well as far as he knew. “Milli,” he’d barley called before the door was closed. Something was wrong he could tell and Milli, as quick as she left, was not keen on talking about it. He stood on the porch then in confusion, though his lack ff understanding only lasted for so long before Bradley was downstairs asking for breakfast. Nathan had turned the tv on, with a promise he’d start on some waffles, but had grown distracted by the footage playing. If he was just now seeing this, Milli certainly had already and things were starting to make sense.
“Dammit,” he cursed to which Bradley mentioned he owed him a dollar. Nathan was barely thinking about that though, already heading upstairs to grab his phone. One percent hanging on, he quickly charged it, reading through the messages and checking social media to which they both were tagged. This was embarrassing and not for him, for Milli. Nathan tried to remain calm, ringing Milli’s phone but of course no answer and neither from his texts. He couldn’t even get through to her at the studio and had he not had the kids; he would’ve drove there himself.

Milli knew him through and how much he loved her. Surely, she would be upset and yes, he was in the wrong for not telling her, but she couldn’t actually take this story serious – right?
“Dad, I’m starving!” Bradley had called from downstairs. Nathan had penned a message to Milli, promising nothing had happened and that he loved her. He wasn’t sure what would happen when she got home.

Nathan had tended to the children Bradley asking for Milli every now and then. Evelyn at least was doing well, and Nathan distracted himself by playing with her, watching as she wobbled and fell every 30 seconds. He was trying to remain positive, but he hadn’t heard from Milli all day and he worried once it was late. That’s when he got the call from Michael. He was cradling the phone in his ear, Michael describing what new played on the news. Nathan couldn’t believe it until he opened the door, seeing the cops.

“What’s going on?” Bradley asked, noticing how worried Nathan was. He was freaking out and trying not to let it show.
“Bradley just get your shoes on alright,” he snapped, his chest tight as he could only hope that Milli was alright.

It was hours before they were finally allowed inside. The doctor had explained her injuries, severe but she would heal with time. She was on painkillers, but awake. Nathan didn’t want Bradley to see Milli in any bad way. He’d kissed Bradley on the cheek, letting the nurse take him and promising that he’d get him shortly. Though that didn’t sit well with the young boy and Nathan acquiesced in having him join.

He gasped as he saw Milli, she looked worse than after the stabbing. This – she could have lost her life.
“Milli,” Bradley had called, already tearing up. Nathan was choking up.
“Hold on champ, remember when – when uh Milli had Evelyn?” Bradly nodded, tears falling already. Thankfully Evelyn had fallen asleep. “You have to be careful alright? Have a seat,” he told him with a sigh as they inched closer. “Milli,” he said softly. It hurt to look at her, Nathan even too scared to touch her.
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Milli didn’t know how to approach any of this. She couldn’t leave, they had two kids upstairs but she wasn’t sure she could face Nathan right then. Everything made so much sense now she thought back and even though she was drawing all the wrong conclusions. She glanced up as Nathan came down and she turned her face from him when he tried to kiss her. She felt like she might cry if left like this.
“I’m going to head in to the studio. Some stuff to film.” She said quietly, unable to look at him as she tied her hair up and found some shoes, hands shaking as she paused before getting to the door.
“Sorry.” She said quietly. She left.

Milli got in the car and had to compose herself before she drove. She sighed out and drove down to the studio. Lily was there with a hot cup of tea as she ushered in.
“You okay?” She asked, hesitantly. Milli stared at the tea and was glad of the privacy.
“I don’t know.” She said softly to her friend. Lily let her vent, let her cry and it seemed to go on for hours.
“Hey, come on now. It’s not the end of the world.” Lily tried to comfort her but it didn’t seem to work. Milli cleaned up her face and it was obvious there wouldn’t be any filming that day and thankfully everyone was understanding.
“You should go home, sort it out.” Lily said and Milli nodded as she got to her feet.

It was after sunset as she sat in the car and slowly gathered her thoughts as she started to head home, barely paying any attention as she pulled out of a junction and the last thing she heard was the screech of brakes and blinding white lights.

The car was totalled and Milli was taken immediately to hospital. It was hazy, bits and pieces emerging through the fog, being pulled from the wreck, voices and then darkness. Then hospital lights. Then nothing again. Of course it made the news in no time, some of them claiming it was a suicide attempt given the news front he might before others claiming it was a wild accident.

Two police officers pulled up to the cottage, knocking on the door.
“Mr Daughtry.” They greeted.
“We are sorry to inform you, your wife was in an accident. If you would like a ride to the hospital, we can accommodate that.”

Milli had gotten out of surgery, a nasty head injury and some broken ribs but thankfully nothing internal. She had additional oxygen being filtered through her nostrils, a bandage around her head, bruised and cut up as she lay in the bed.
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Had he thought of Saoirse during his coupling with Milli? Not at all, though something about her kiss had scared him – the way he felt and Nathan for a second had come to realize how weak he could be. He didn’t want Milli to be right and in some sense hoped their love making was all she needed to know that he would never hurt her – some kind of proof to himself that he didn’t need anyone outside of Milli. The two had tried to be their quietest as they had head upstairs to the bedroom, door closed, and the beauty of love unleashed. Of course, after Nathan struggled somewhat with falling asleep, Milli in his arms and his eyes staring at the ceiling as he drew circles on her bare shoulder. Satisfied, he’d eventually fallen asleep.

He slept in late, unaware of the video footage and pictures that had leaked of Nathan talking to Saoirse outside the venue before the two of them got into a car together and even worse, witness account of the two kissing in her hallways apartment. Michael being the good friend he was had already blown up Nathan’s phone, since the early hours as it was unusual for Nathan to sleep in. Though unfortunately his phone was in his pants, more than likely dead at this point. He was completely oblivious to all that was going on.

Milli was missing from bed which caused a frown as he really did just want the two of them to enjoy one another’s company while they still had their alone time. He eventually got out of bed, shrugging on a pair of pants after a quick trip to the bathroom. Hair tousled, he scratched at his bare chest as he left the bedroom. Evelyn was still in her cot and sleeping peacefully. He raised a brow; it was unusually quiet.

“Morning,” he said with a smile as he found her in the family room, cuddled on the couch. The tv was off and yet she didn’t have her script or anything with her. “What’re you doing up so early?” He inquired as he leaned in to kiss her.
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Milli was rather pleased and of course satisfied at his attention and it seemed a little more desperate, there was something different about how they rekindled their physical love that night. She didn’t pay it any kind and certainly didn’t complain. She woke the next morning, her phone going Bessel and she groaned a little. Was she due in at the studio? She sighed as she read the first text, rubbing her eyes a little. Someone checking in to see how she was, it wasn’t uncommon. She got up and stretched, heading downstairs after a shower and getting dressed. She thought back on last night, humming a little as her phone rang and she answered.

“Hey, how are you?”
“I’m fine, Lily. Everyone seems to be asking today.” Milli responded to one of the girls from the show. There was an awkward silence.
“Milli have you checked the news? Or the Internet?” Lily asked and Milli frowned, sighing.
“Why? What’s Julia done now?” She asked and Lily was quiet.
“It wasn’t her, Milli. Look maybe you should come into the studio, we can shoot some scenes.” Lily seemed to know she had messed up a little. She hung up and Milli loaded up the Internet. And there it was, in black and white.

Milli swallowed and knew she couldn’t just run to the studio. That was why everything had seemed so different last night. Was he thinking about Saiorse? Milli shuddered a little and she felt sick but cool water settled her stomach as best it could. Her hands were shaking and she wasn’t sure if she was upset or angry at this point. It was both and she wasn’t sure how to process everything. Drunk or not, Nathan hadn’t even told her and they had been so intimate last night. Milli sank onto the couch and left the tv off, not wanting to see it all over the news either.
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[I OOC: the name change ;-; <3]

Nathan didn’t know what to think, though something was telling him not to think too much of it obviously as Saoirse was drunk. The kiss had meant nothing and had not gone beyond that – a kiss. He knew he should’ve said something to Milli, but with everything that was going on, he wasn’t sure if that was the right thing to do. There was no need to other Milli and quite possibly this was something that could easily be brushed under the rug. He wouldn’t say anything, and he wasn’t sure if Saoirse would – if she could remember anything at all. It was warm inside, and he quickly shed the coat, undoing the tie to ease up on the buttoned shirt. Milli, true to her word, had stayed up for him.

He’s met hr at the kitchen, watching as she made him a cup of coffee. He smiled then; arms slow as they wrapped around her waist to kiss her back. The house was quiet, which meant the kids were asleep. His hands roamed gently against the fabric of Milli’s clothing, something different than what she usually wore to sleep.

“It went – good,” he said as he nuzzled her neck, eyes closed as though trying to will the night or continue to go smoothly. “Sold a few pieces and . . . Sharon introduced me to someone who works for the university – thinking about letting me in on a few classes.” Nathan’s voice was low, flashes of Saoirse in his mind as she kissed him. He thought of how sweet her lips tasted, that bitter sting of stale alcohol on her tongue, her body flush against his.

“You look amazing,” he said as he brought himself back to reality. Nathan was gentle, pressing Milli against the countertop, the coffee cooling though not on his register. He’d done nothing wrong and yet Nathan felt bad. In all honesty, he wanted to wipe that part of the night away. He wasn’t thinking of coffee and found himself consumed with hunger – Saoirse’s kiss setting him on fire. Though he didn’t want to rush himself, him and Milli always taking their time. He didn’t want it over quickly, hoping the longer he was enveloped in her, the easier it was to forget what happened. Still, he certainly couldn’t help how eager he got, kissing at Milli’s neck with such feverous, fingers trying to occupy the warmth of soft thighs pressed together. It was somewhat unlike him to be this way with Milli, so demanding and wanting impatient at that. He lifted her slightly with the wanting to carry her if he had to.

The night went well – he was with Milli and not cooped up with Saoirse. This would be forgotten; though of course in the world of a famous celebrity, nothing remained a secret.
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Milli had waited up, but she didn’t expect Nathan to be so late, still she supposed the quiet was okay. She washed up her dishes and checked in on the kids to make sure they were sleeping. Both were exhausted and Milli smiled a little as she heard the door open downstairs. Of course she was none the wiser to anything that had happened between the Saiorse and Nathan, which was probably for the best whilst the kids slept.

She started down the steps and looked at Nathan, a soft smile playing at her lips. He looked a little sheepish but she figured he was tired and he didn’t like big events.
“Hey, how did it go?” She asked him softly, genuinely curious because she knew these events could get a little wild and a bit much, especially with Julia.

She gave a small smile to him and made him up a coffee, setting it down for him.
“You look great.” She said to him softly, leaning in and kissing his lips gently. She wasn’t rough like Julia, or demanding, of course there had been times she had been needy and desperate for his physical attention but she preferred to take her time.
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Nathan smiled as he looked to Milli, kissing her back as he held her close. He kissed Evelyn and Bradley as well, promising he would be home soon. He walked them out, making sure they were safe in the car before kissing Milli once more, deeply and telling her how much h loved her. The night had quickly turned to business, but fortunately for Nathan most of those interested were a bit tipsy at this point which made for things to be fun. The night eventually was coming to an end, everyone gathering toward their cars. Nathan had been outside, smoking a cigarette and relaxing while he waited on his driver. Though from the corner of his eye he could see the familiar figure, clutching her arms tightly around herself as she leaned against the building for what he could only assume was for stability.

“Saoirse?” Nathan inquired as he ditched the smoke and walked toward her. “What’re you still doing here?” She looked up at him, eyes shiny and he knew that look. He searched for Julia who appeared to be long gone, which was interesting considering the two had been joined at the hip the whole night.

“Nathan,” she crooned as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

“What’re you doing here? Where’s your ride?” He asked. He watched as she filtered through her bag, pulling out her phone which was completely dead. He chewed on his bottom lip then, knowing he couldn’t leave her behind. His car had pulled up then and gently he wrapped his arm around her waist to hold her up. “C’mon I’ll get you home,” he said to her. The ride back had been quite entertaining, Saoirse talking his head off about Julia and Milli – how gorgeous and lucky she was. How nice she had been to her. Careful, he helped her into the complex, of course entertaining the conversation as much as possible. Together they stood in the hall after he’d managed to stop her from banging on her door for her roommate to let her in. Nathan gripped her hands to quiet her.

“Ooh Julia did say you liked it rough.” She smiled and leaned in, her lips taking his and for a second Nathan had lost himself. Though he was quick to pull away as the door opened. He blushed apologetically, trying to control his breathing before giving responsibility of Saoirse to her roommate who clearly saw everything. Nathan sighed, no one had followed them, right? Plus, Saoirse was just starting out, there was no way she would ruin her reputation like this. He decided to leave it as what it was a stolen drunken kiss.

He couldn’t wait to get home. Though while he was freaking out about what happened, he was more so beginning to freak out more about how it made him feel. He took a deep breath before opening the door, his body jittering.
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