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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/OESytU5.png]]
[center [font "century gothic" [size10 [I is there a such things
[tab] as falling in love at first sight
[tab] [tab] [b she] is tired of looking around and
[tab] [tab] [tab] finding everyone happy and in love
[tab] [tab] [tab][tab] [b he] is a struggling artist looking for
[tab] [tab] [tab] [tab][tab] some kind of inspiration for debut exhibit
[tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] stuck on a train, you both sit across from one another
[tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] an hour in each other's presence
[tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] is that enough time to get to know someone ?
[tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] [tab] someone to spend [u forever] with]
[center [font "century gothic" [b ______◢◣______]]]
[I [center [font "century gothic" [size25 r u l e s]]]]
[center [font "century gothic" [size10 [b •so what i want] for this rp is to depict a relationship brewing between our characters
[center [tab] [tab] they only meet an hour a day so [b dialogue is really important ; eventually I assume he will ask her out on a date]
[center [font "century gothic" [size10 [b •do expect romance], this will start out as casual flirtation
[center [font "century gothic" [size10 •mature themes including:
[b violence, cursing, intimacy, some things might be triggering so lmk ahead of time]
[center [font "century gothic" [size10 [b •doesn’t matter] how much you write, just give me [i something] to work with and please don’t write more than you have to
[center [font "century gothic" [size10 [b •don’t copy my posts.] please push the story forward, world build if you can; I understand writer's block but it’s harder for me to construct a post if you literally just rewrote my post and added one piece of dialogue. this story is supposed to flesh out our character's lives and bring realism to their falling in love
[center [font "century gothic" [size10 •[b this is important]: I need someone who takes no longer than 3 days to post. the main reason im making these rps is because i need a distraction. it gets boring not having someone consistent to write with
[center [font "century gothic" [size10 [b •communicate;] I work full time so i understand having a life and being busy. you don’t have to message me every day, but if I don’t hear from you for a week im just deleting the thread. there's no need to force a story
[b [center pm if interested x]]]


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They were on the train, the very train they had rode when they first met and heading toward the airport. Nathan figured it would be nice, a fun moment for the kids and he knew Bradley would love it. Bradley had his face close to the window, asking questions every now and then about their surroundings and how the train worked. Eve slept peacefully nuzzled in his lap. Nathan held his sketchbook in his hands, looking up at Milli with a smile Just a short few weeks ago they had been officially married in front of their family and friends. The night ended beautifully, and Nathan was proud that it hadn’t been invaded by the press or turned into some dramatic event. He’d carried Milli upstairs after everyone had gone home and the kids sent to bed. Nathan had somehow fell deeper into love with her that night.

He found himself staring again, much like that first day and he had to chuckle before ducking his head and returning to his sketch of Milli and Bradley. Then she had been a stranger and now she was his wife.

Once at the airport, they’d all gotten checked in and finally boarded. Nathan had his hand out for Milli’s. He kissed her ring finger. “I love you,” he said to her with a smile. They’d soon land in Egypt, a place that seemed to dream of attending and had actually arrived at. Charlotte had sent a letter; she was in New York at a rehab facility. Nathan still thought about the letter she had gave him to save for when Bradley was older. He was happy to know that she was alive, and she was trying.

This moment had proved to Nathan that it was worth it not to give up and even more, how lucky one would have to be to find someone who would care enough to help you be the best you. Milli hadn’t given up on him and throughout all the trouble they went through, it was that love between the two that helped Nathan come out and be a better man. Now they had forever to be with one another; a long time to make a lifetime of memories.
  nathan / kshahidx / 97d 17h 39m 2s
Milli smiled and thanked those who had come as she passed and she couldn’t have ever been happier in that very moment. They had two beautiful children, a wonderful support network of friends and family. She looked to Nathan as she took his hand and she heard his words.
“I’m ready for anything with you.” She promised quietly as she danced with him. They had been through so much. So much heartache and wonderful moments and standing right there she knew she wouldn’t have changed a moment if it took her to this place with him.

The photographer ushered them over and Milli smiled as he took some photos before she ushered Bradley over and fetched Evelyn, handing Eve to her father and hugged Bradley as the photographer took some photographs.

Family photographs that she knew they would treasure for the rest of their days and in the years that came, Milli and Nathan would look back on that day in the dusty old photo album as their grandchildren gathered around to listen to the stories they had. Milli had everything she could ever want from life and despite everything, they had made it.
  Milli Daughtry / Nullification / 97d 21h 22m 4s
Nathan was happy to hear Milli say I do, even though they were already married. There was something about publicly admitting it in front of all their friends and family that signified the important and reality of this moment. He held her close by the waist as they kissed, smiling largely at her when they parted. There was a bunch of applause and the sound of the camera flashing from Michael’s boyfriend. It was soon enough that Bradley and Eve were welcomed into their embrace. Nathan chuckled as he bent down to lift up their daughter, kissing her cheeks.
“Well, it’s a special occasion,” Nathan said in response to Milli with a smile. He took her hand then, walking down the aisle to which flowers were thrown over the heads: a theme that Michael thought would prove to be romantic.

Michael had enlisted a few friends to help with the reception and soon the backyard had been reinvented into an outside venue. Tables were now lined, the flowers a heavenly garden surrounding it. There were streetlights hanging and food lined up. Eventually it was time for their couple’s dance. Nathan had reached his hand out for Milli’s to lead her into the cluster of couples dancing.

He was happy that his mother was too able to attend. Holding Milli close, Nathan delivered another kiss upon her lips. “Are you ready for Egypt?” He asked in a Soft voice, his nose brushing against her neck before he pulled back to look Milli in her eyes.
  nathan / kshahidx / 98d 11h 31m 18s
Milli was completely speechless, Nathan’s beautiful confession and showing every vulnerability he had in front of their friends and family. She watched him and she bit her lip, squeezing his hands gently because she still couldn’t believe she had the privilege every day to wake up to him and every night to go sleep beside him. He was amazing, incredible and he had captured her like nothing else in this world.

Milli was completely shook into silence before she heard the minister prompt her,
“I love you, I do.” She whispered before meeting his lips and wrapping her arms around him gently. She had never felt so accepted and so wonderfully in love with everything around her. She didn’t hear their guests until she separated from his lips and she laughed, tearfully. They had done it, somehow through the complete chaos of their lives, they had made it to this very spot. They had two beautiful children and she had a husband, a wonderful husband.

Milli smiled to Nathan softly and kissed his lips again, just for a moment before little Evelyn came toddling over and was glad to see her father again after a long night away. She hugged his legs and Milli smiled softly,
“I’m not sure who missed you more.” She giggled to him and looked him over,
“You look amazing.” She said as she motioned Bradley over time give him a tight hug, she had missed reading him his story at night and tucking him in.
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This moment seemed to weigh much heavier than before. Here before their loved ones they were promising to love one another no matter what and Nathan knew the weight of that would outweigh any desire to drink again, to hurt Milli in any way. As he watched her walk down the aisle with her father before being placed before him, he could only hope that he would fulfill the promise of being there for her. He swallowed thickly, a nervous chuckle escaping as he looked at her, the veil draped over, but nothing could stop him from her gaze. He was trapped, much the same as he been that first night on the train.
“Nice to eb seen,” he had whispered as he held her hands in his. The minister had begun to start the ceremony and before the final I do’s, Nathan had looked to the minister for his cue.

“Milli,” he started. He was choking up honestly, trying his hardest not to cry as he realized just how impactful this moment would be on his and her life. They were already married, but here they were confessing and promising a life of love and dedication to themselves and each other as well as their children. “I knew I loved you when I saw that flicker of your eyes, the softness in your movements as you allowed me a peek into your world when you brushed your hair out of your face. I knew I loved you when I saw the small pout in you. Lips that day I painted you, the way you held me during treatment.” He took a moment to breathe. “I know I wasn’t always the best, even when you told me different. But today, and every day from this moment moving forward I promise to be all I ca for you. I love you.” And with that he said I do, to now and forever.

Leaning forward he pressed a kiss to her lips, the new ring slipped onto her finger and Milli held close, as though she would fly away. “Forever and always,” he promised as he looked into her eyes, the sound of the crowd of friends evident, but nothing mattering in that moment but her and him.
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“Ready?” Milli’s father asked as he looked to his daughter, expectantly and Milli swallowed slightly. She adjusted the flowers and looked herself over.
“You look great, sweetheart.” Her father said proudly before getting out of the car and helping Milli out, offering his arm. When she took it, he kissed her cheek and looked towards the garden area. Evelyn was with the bridesmaids and Milli’s mother, clumsily dropping petals and squealing when she saw her father, giggling.

Milli waited a few moments,
“Dad what if-“ Milli started nervously and her father chuckled,
“Trust me, Emilia, whatever you’re thinking, you’re wrong. That man out there adores you. Come on.” He said, quelling whatever nerves his daughter had as he lead her to the aisle and Milli was in utter awe at how wonderful everything looked. She set her gaze on Nathan and was left speechless. He looked so smart, every inch the man she loved. He wasn’t the same man from the train that day but he was equally as attractive. He was the father to their children, the man she had built a life with.

Milli’s father looked to Nathan and smiled softly,
“Look after her.” He murmured before going and taking a seat by Milli’s mother who had Evelyn in her lap. Milli looked to Nathan and smiled,
“Nice to see you.” She said as she looked him over and then looked to Bradley. He was Nathan’s double in the suit and she smiled at him.

The minister waited a moment before beginning the ceremony.
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The night ended with the men enjoying time having a chat and soon enough it as time to go to sleep. He got the guest room ready from Dean and Michael promised to return in the morning. Nathan was incredibly nervous, and he found that he couldn’t sleep. In all honestly, he missed Milli and he hated the thought of sleeping alone. In a mood like this, he would’ve ended up having a drink. He thought about that shot that Dean had given him months ago, how he had packed it away and kept it with his art supplies. Why? Had he thought a moment of weakness would become too much to bear and finally sink in.

He held the tiny bottle in his hands as he sat on the back porch having a smoke. Nathan knew the temptation would always be there especially with it in his possession. He turned the cap, the click satisfying and as he brought it to his nose, he could smell that faint scent of spice. He closed his eyes. One shot, that wouldn’t be enough to turn him on his ass but all his work to this point would mean nothing. He didn’t even think he could lie to Milli about it.

Nathan sighed eventually, closing the top and placing the bottle on the small table beside him. He was surprised when he heard Dean come up behind him. It was nearing one am at that point.

“Shouldn’t you be getting sleep?” He asked with a yawn as he sat next to Nathan, reaching to take a smoke of his own. Dean took a look at the bottle, recognizing it immediately. “You’re a good man Nathan.” He finally said and Nathan opened his eyes to look to his brother in law, a man fighting his own battles and trying to repair the damage to his life and his marriage. Nathan took a drag of the cigarette then before cracking a smile.
“Thank you,” he said, and it was almost as though he saw himself in Dean and was proud to recognize the reflection of him was at least trying. The two of them had finished their cigarettes and eventually headed back to sleep. Morning soon came and had Michael not shown up when he did, Nathan would’ve possibly slept in considering how late he stayed awake.

He made a quick breakfast from Bradley before they all started to get ready. Getting Bradley in a suit proved difficult and it was then quite obvious that Nathan was his father, as they both shared the slight sentiment of being uncomfortable. Still, the men had managed to get dressed just fine and eventually soon Milli’s friends she had invited had started showing up. Nathan was trying to stay calm, and when he saw the car pull up, he had to contain himself. This was it.
  nathan / kshahidx / 107d 9h 32m 50s
Milli smiled a bit to Nadia as they set off and she had to admit a spa break was exactly what she needed to ease her nerves for tomorrow. She loved Nathan, she always had ever since she had seen that pensive expression he had on their first meeting. Well and truly pampered they were in the spa and of course when they went back to the hotel there was an amazing dinner waiting and Milli was just glad everyone seemed to be getting along and seemed to be happy enough.

Evelyn was a tad fussy, Milli could tell as she looked around expectantly for her father but her grandmothers kept her busy and distracted for the most part. It did a good job of keeping her nerves at ease, not that she thought anything would go wrong, it was more like excitement. Milli was soon exhausted and she headed up to the room she had with Evelyn, getting the little one settled and making sure everything was laid out for the morning. She hung her dress in the wardrobe and touched the fabric, letting it run through her fingertips.

It was early when Milli awoke and she had set about fixing her hair and makeup, the others helping of course as she got Evelyn ready first. A car would be coming soon and her mother shooed her to get her dress on and she let Nadia help lace everything and make sure everything was perfectly fitted. The dress was white with lace sleeves and a sweetheart neckline. It wasn’t anything overly spectacular because Milli knew that the ceremony itself was the important thing.
“Right! Come on, can’t have you being late.” Her mother said as she gathered Evelyn in her cute little lilac dress and they headed down to the car, of course a couple cameras snapped pictures, some were the paparazzi but Milli didn’t even pay it any attention as she got into the car, her father at her side.
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Would he be fine? Of course, but Nathan did worry about Bradley who he knew loved Milli as though she were his birth mother and the idea of her leaving scared him. Of course, it was understandable, considering his history with Charlotte. Nathan kissed Milli back in return. “We’ll be fine. I love you and want you to have fun, so don’t worry about us. Okay?” Nathan chuckled as he watched the women leave. He sighed out then and looked to Bradley who was still eating his pancakes. “It’s just you and me bud,” Nathan said before taking a sip of his coffee.

Nadia looked to Milli. “A beautiful spa day at a really nice hotel. You know since Dean and I have gotten back together, he is doing everything in his power to . . . [I make up] for what happened. Mo m is already there, and she is loving all the attention from the male staff “Nadia gave a chuckle as she ushered the girls into the car. She made sure the girls were all buckled in properly before heading toward the driver’s seat.

Eventually she pulled dup to a beautiful building, with a garden surrounding the perimeters. There were few people coming in and out, but for the most part it was private which Nadia knew Milli would enjoy. She had them checked in and gave Milli a key to her room. “There’s a day care and everything, I figure we can have a day purely to ourselves!”

Dean and Michael soon arrived, and the three men were then faced with reality of trying to keep a young boy entertained: it truly was a challenge. They ended up having fun though, deciding on watching. Couple of documentaries that Bradley was interested in and eventually settling on pizza and video games. Bradley was soon asleep, and Nathan and the boys were outside in the backyard getting things set up.

Eventually they settled outside and enjoyed a smoke. Michael was just chosen for a lead role in a movie which he was excited about. It made Nathan think about Milli ad her career, which he knew was blossoming into something great. Their future seemed promising and that was more than he could ask for: a life of happiness.
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Milli finished plating up some pancakes for Bradley and looked over to Nathan, smiling softly.
“You can look at me.” She said to him and cupped his face, kissing his lips softly as she glanced over to see Nadia entering. She couldn’t stop the small laugh, a guilty smile fixed in place. Milli glanced for Nathan and smiled a little,
“Alright, let me sort myself and Evelyn.” She said and fixed Nathan a coffee before heading up. She packed her things and Evelyn’s. She changed and tied her hair up, making sure she was presentable.

She headed downstairs and looked to Nathan, Evelyn in her arms still sleepy.
“Sure you’re going to be okay?” She asked him as she smoothed her shirt down and looked to Bradley. She was worried given Bradley was evidently scared Milli wouldn’t come back but she knew she would and hoped he understood that.

Milli pressed a kiss to Nathan’s lips,
“I love you.” She murmured, “I’ll see you tomorrow, alright?” She promised and looked to Nadia,
“What’ve you got planned?” She asked with a small smile, wondering what she would have up her sleeve. She trusted Nadia enough to know the woman wouldn’t do anything overly wild.
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“I think we both lucked out,” Nathan said with a smile. Being with Milli wasn’t easy and here was nothing bad about that. Being with her had certainly drawn him out of his comfort zone. Yet, the way Milli had challenged him made him a better person, a greater husband and father. He thought about his life before her with Charlotte and Julia – Nathan knew that his love for them didn’t even come close to the love he had for Milli. Nathan followed his wife to their bedroom, closing the door and watching as she tip toed toward the bed, a seductive dance that certainly did pique his interest. How Milli could ever think she had lost his attention was still confusing. Nathan loved the way her skin glowed against the dark backdrop of their bedroom; certain curves illuminated by the dim lighting of the bedroom lights. The way her dark hair feathered over her shoulders and down her back.

He’d matched her slow movements, his hands burning to glide along her smooth skin, to feel the flat scar from the c-section before dipping and holding her close. Milli liked to talk about Nathan and how lucky she was to have a man like him and yet, Nathan felt like he’d won life’s lottery wit Milli. His love for her stretched beyond the plains of their bed; it rested in the soft gasp she gave when he was close, or the gentle brushing of her kiss against his jawline. To get to this point after what they had been through was remarkable. His hands had interlaced withers, splitting and crossing like the lines on a transit map. He stared down into those mismatched colored eyes and out of a state of euphoria had managed to utter the words he’d never thought he would say just from that first meeting on the train, “I love you.”

Nathan woke up, sometime after Milia as she was no longer in bed. It was amazing to think that tomorrow he would be standing before her in front of their families and again vowing his life to being her husband. He’d puled on a pair of sweats and a shit, heading out to find everyone up and gathering for breakfast. Nathan playfully covered his eyes, “Am I still not supposed to see you?” He asked with a chuckle, kissing her cheek before grabbing a mug for some coffee. Almost as if on cue, there was a knock at the door. He opened it to find his sister and nieces who eagerly came in. She clucked her tongue.
“Milli you are not supposed to be cooking.” Nathan feigned innocence by putting his hands up.
“Hey, I didn’t put her up to it,” he said with a chuckle. Nadia walked over to Milli.
“You – go get ready! I have a whole day planned!”
  nathan / kshahidx / 130d 15h 53m 59s
Milli smiled a little,
“I’m sure me and the girls might just have a night of pampering, even little Evelyn.” She said and smiled a little to him. It would be strange being away from him for a night, and given the excitement of the wedding, she wasn’t sure she would get much sleep. She looked to Nathan and smiled softly, reassured by his words.
“How did I get so lucky, Hm?” She murmured as she took his hand and got to her feet, pressing a kiss to his lips. Egypt seemed like a dream and she didn’t want to pass up any sort of adventure with Nathan and their kids.

Milli lead him upstairs and made sure to check the kids who were both sleeping. She took her time with Nathan, slipping beneath the sheets and discarding her clothes and inviting him in with her. She figured if they were spending an entire night separated then why not marvel at the man she was going to be wed to officially? Milli was as always satisfied beyond her wildest dreams as she settled at his side, breathless and flushed in colour.

Morning broke and Milli stirred as she heard Bradley already up. She slipped into some clothes and went over to his room, watching the young boy tidy his room and she smiled a little, hugging him good morning.
“You and dad get some time tonight before tomorrow. I’m going to be at the hotel with Evelyn.” She explained and Bradley looked confused.
“You’re coming back though, right?” Bradley asked, hesitantly and Milli frowned a little.
“Of course I am.” She said and kissed his cheek.
“Chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast?” She offered.
  Milli Daughtry / Nullification / 131d 11h 19m 12s
It was quite exciting to think about having a traditional ceremony. Though, Nathan had talked Michel and Dean out of a bachelor party. It had been quite some time since he and Milli didn’t sleep together and he was sure it would be weird. Would it make the moment even more special? As though that were at all possible. He still was in awe that through everything, they remained together and looked forward to what their future would bring.
After a long day, Nathan eagerly sunk into the couch after wishing the kids goodnight. Milli had tucked them in, returning with the look of exhaustion he was sure he also showed. It was a good night though and Nathan was glad things went over smoothly with his parents in law.

“I’m glad. I was worried they’d steal you away,” Nathan teased, his arm draped across the back of the couch. Nathan frowned some then, drawing Milli in close. “A night away from my two favorite girls? Maybe I will have that bachelor party,” he teased. “Kid friendly of course.” Nathan chuckled, already thinking of what he and Bradley could get into. He knew that he still favored Milli a bit more, but Nathan knew that as a result of his relationship with Charlotte. He hadn’t heard from her since she left and often wondered what she had gotten into. He could only hope that she was safe. He had hope that maybe when he was older, Bradley would get a chance to speak with her and possibly patch up that troubled part of his childhood.

“Of course, I don’t want to call it off,” Nathan said as he kissed Milli on the cheek. “I’ve never been surer of anything in my life than this. I love you.” Nathan said with a smile. His hand brushed through Milli’s hair, watching as she closed her eyes “Come on, let’s get to bed. I have to soak up as much as I can before tomorrow night.” Nathan came to a stand, reaching for her hand. “Soon, we’ll be in Egypt.”
  nathan / kshahidx / 131d 15h 24m 25s
A trip to a seafront fish and chips was ideal and no matter how much Milli insisted her parents opted to stay in the hotel much to her dismay but she figured they would want their own time too. Nikki’s father made a deliberate attempt to point out that tomorrow night Nathan or Milli could use the hotel room given it was the night before the ceremony. Milli was just relieved to be home and she helped to settle the kids who were exhausted after such a lively day and she spent a little time watching over them, grateful for their existence in her world.

Milli headed downstairs and smiled softly to Nathan,
“My parents like you.” She said softly with a of as she nodded onto the couch, looking to him with a small sense of relief.
“I’ll head over to the hotel tomorrow, I can take Evelyn.” She said and had no doubt the girl would fuss at being away from her father. She figured it would be easier to have her mother close by and she looked to Nathan.
“Still sure about this?” She said with a small giggle, “If you’re not we can call it all off.” She assured him and knew it was a lot but they had so much to look forwards to. Two beautiful children and a holiday that was long overdue.

She tilted her head back and just rested for a moment, drinking in the peace. Tomorrow would be busy with last minute preparations and no doubt Michael would keep Nathan company on the run up. It would be nice to have all of the family together on such a lovely day. She didn’t want to wait. The accident had only shown her everything had, everything she took for granted.
  Milli Daughtry / Nullification / 133d 10h 2m 42s
Lunch was served and they all seemed to enjoy a casual and calm evening eating in front of the telly and hanging out in the living room. Bradley had eventually run off to his rom and Eve was trying to become her grandfather’s favorite. Nathan was still surprised that their life had come to this point where they were enjoying the domestic bliss of being married. H smiled at Milli as she went back and forth with her parents, knowing how hard it was for her not to try to do everything, but her mother had won her over.

“Fish and chips sound good, it has been a while,” Nathan admitted. They hadn’t really been out, having cooking a lot at home and while Nathan didn’t mind, he didn’t want them sheltered away. Milli of course was still sought out by the press, but fortunately thigs had settled. He could only imagine how that would change come the slip of tongue about the wedding and he knew someone was going to say something, but nothing would ruin his perfect day that he had planned for his wife

“It’s still pretty early too. Maybe we can find somewhere we can get a nice breeze from the shore,” he suggested. “I’m sure Michael knows some place.” Nathan had text him and sure enough he knew a great spot with the best view. Eventually he got the kids together and they were set to go in different cars. Nathan had made sure Evelyn was all strapped in and they soon headed out.

The food was delicious, and the time spent with Milli’s parents and the kids was fun. By the time they were home and getting the kids to bed, all Nathan wanted was a little alone time with his wife.
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