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[center [i Feel free to request access. This is just my way of locking out a certain user who has been plaguing Es.]]
[center [i You are welcome to post your Hunter skellys here and chat]]

[center [http://rp.eliteskills.com/r.php?r=153534 [pic https://i.imgur.com/zxwddyw.jpg]]][center [sedgwick+ave+display [size20 [#3333ff Hunter]]]][center [sedgwick+ave+display Huntsmen & Huntresses]]

[center [h3 [b Ranks]]]
[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/KVP3sWV.jpg?1]]
[b [#bfbfbf Rank] | ~Level~ | [i [#a6a6a6 Info]]]

[size10 [#3333ff [i Must fight in groups of 2 or 5]]]
[b [#bfbfbf F ]| ] [b 21 ~ 30 |] [i [#bfbfbf Rookie]
[b [#a6a6a6 E ] | ] [b 31 ~ 40 |] [i [#a6a6a6 Novice]]
[b [#bfbfbf D ] | ] [b 41 ~ 50 |] [i [#bfbfbf Experienced]

[size10 [#3333ff [i Can fight solo ]]]
[b [#a6a6a6 C ] | ] [b 51 ~ 60 |] [i [#a6a6a6 Full-Fledged]]
[b [#bfbfbf B ] | ] [b 61 ~ 70 ] | [i [#bfbfbf Experts]
[b [#a6a6a6 A ] | ] [b 71 ~ 80 |] [i [#a6a6a6 Veterans]]

[size10 [#3333ff [i Legends]]]
[b [#bfbfbf S ] | ] [b 81 ~ 90 |] [i [#a6a6a6 Masters]]
[b [#a6a6a6 SS ] | ] [b 91 ~ 100 |] [i [#bfbfbf Hero]]
[b [#bfbfbf SSS ] | ] [b 100+ |] [i [#a6a6a6 Gods?]]

[center [h3 [b Meister Classes ]]] [right [pic https://i.imgur.com/GcZJCxv.jpg]]

[center [i - Offensive(Attack) ARMs -]]
[b [#800000 Slayer: ]]| [i Melee fights -adept at swordsmanship and generally overwhelming close-mid range combat.]

[b [#800000 Dragoon:]] | [i Fearsome sharpshooters. Dragoon excel at welding various projectile firearms. They tend to use special ammunition to exploit the weakness of certain creatures. mid-long range combat.]

[b [#800000 Ranger:]] | [i Classic crossbow , bow & arrow wielder.
Archers wield either a crossbow or the classic bow & arrow combo. One hit one kill wonders. Rangers tend deal more damage effectively than Dragoons. They NEVER miss their targets. long-mid range combat.]

[b [#800000 Barbaric: ]]| [i The most usual of ARMs classes as well as one the more brutal. Hunters who specialize in this class damage their foes by applying direct force. Range vary on the ARMs weapon form.]

[center [i - These classes use Defensive(Protect) ARMS -]]

[b [#800000 Healer]]: | [i Always in high demand considering the way they drop like flies. Healers are skilled individuals capable of treating and/or healing wounds/curses inflicted by supernatural means and other wise. Close range combat.]

[b [#800000 Mage: ]] | [i Individuals capable of wielding mana effectively. They usually control one element like Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Light , or Shadow. close-mid range combat.]

[b [#800000 Tamers:]] | [i Individuals who learn to bind the souls of various beings to themselves under contracts and command creatures to fight in their stead. Tamers are rarely seen but not unheard of they are highly frowned upon in most of the hunter community. Despite this a Tamers weapon are the familia in service. Close-mid range combat.]

[center [i - These classes cannot wield ARMS - ]]

[b [#800000 Cursed]]: | [i Humans that aren’t quite human anymore, either through being turned or other means like being cursed, ect-. Range depends on the Hybrid.]

[b [#800000 Hybrid]]: | [i Hybrids are born as hybrids. They are not transformed or infected nor can they be affected by curses . More often than not they are regarded as monsters and a scourge to humankind and treated as an outcast or hunted down- if not in service to a Tamer. They are worse than the Cursed. Range depends on the Hybrid.]]

[b [#800000 Familia]]: | [i various supernatural creatures contracted and binded to a Tamers soul. They aid, serve, and protect their Master. Range depends on the Familia itself.]

[center [h3 [b Hunter Clan Skeleton ]]]
[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/SdLefeD.jpg?1]]
[b [#a6a6a6 Puppeteer: |]] [i - Username of Clan creator- ][hr ]
[b [#a6a6a6 Clan Name: |]] [i - What is your Clan’s Family name? -][hr ]
[b [#a6a6a6 Founder: |]] [i - Who was the first in your family to Hunt? -][hr ]
[b [#a6a6a6 Origin Story: |]] [i Who, what, when, where, why, how? -][hr ]
[b [#a6a6a6 Territory: |]] [i Any family owned homes or businesses? - ][hr ]
[b [#a6a6a6 Relations: |]] [i Is your Clan Passive, Neutral, or Aggressive towards the supernatural, other Hunters, and Humans?][hr ]
[b [#a6a6a6 Clan Traits: |]] [i What runs in the family? ][hr ]
[b [#a6a6a6 Extra info: |]] [i Extra extra read all about it!][hr ]


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Roleplay Responses

[Center [Pic https://i.imgur.com/75z1dT9.jpg]]

Theme Song: | - Cry Wolf - Christina Grimmie -
Puppet Master: | - BrokenScroll -
Puppet: | Claudia Juliette Rose Capulet
Alias: | Rose, Dia
Age: | 18
Gender/Identity: | Female, She/Her
Sexuality: | - Heterosexual
Race: | hunter
Personality: | - Overly optimistic | Intelligent | Maternalistic
Bio: | Claudia comes from the grand old hunter-healer family of Capulet. The youngest of six daughters Claudia hopes to live up to her namesake, the first female hunter of her family. Juliet Capulet
2 Fatal flaw(s): | Overly cautious, to the point where her reluctance to do something has caused more harm than if she were to do things recklessly. Has a very big weak spot for children, as such her family has decided to keep her out of any mission remotely involving children.

Type: | Defensive
Meister Class: | Healer
Rank: | B
ARMs: | Enchanted vines

Title - Scissor Snip
Ornament from - A pair of electrum bracelets.
Weapon from - When used, looks like a large green vine whip, however it is mostly used for immobilising and cannot do much else. Occasionally it will bloom with roses, those roses have pollen/nectar useful for healing certain ailments.
1 ability Sleepy seduction - the ability to knock out whoever is in its grasp.
2 Drawbacks - Incredibly heavy, and so she prefers not to use her arms unless she’s sure backup is on the way, the roses that do bloom die quickly unless harvested immediately at their blooming. Making them partially a ticking time bomb of useful and dead plant.

Puppeteer: | - BrokenScroll-

Clan Name: | - Capulet-

Founder: | - Juliet Capulet-

Origin Story: | Juliet Capulet was forced into arms, after the death of her parents by werewolves, at first she was completely and utterly defenceless; and if not for a pair of hunters taking her in and teaching her the necessary skills to slay beasts. This clan might not be where it is today. However it took her over a decade later to even acquire her ARMS; which she aptly named Scissor Snip. Realising that they were mostly made for defensive purposes she decided that her ARMS would only be given to the female who possessed healer skills rather than hunter skills.-

Territory: | Capulet Manor, Capulet Stables and farm -

Relations: | Neutral towards humans, Aggressive towards beasts

Clan Traits: | Female Hunters. Once in every 15th generation does a healer female appears, the female healer in question is usually the youngest.

Extra info: | Constantly having to clarify they are not related or in any way referencing the Shakespeare ‘Juliet Capulet’ to others who ask. ]
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