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"Aww, you're sweet." she blushed a bit and held his hand, laying her head in his chest. "I hope I don't have to move again. I want to stay here with you, matter how bad it gets. But..will you stay with me?" she asked shyly. She had so many things to tell him, but didn't know how to express it. He often teased her. He'd been doing it since they were at least ten.
She knew Elijah's mother hadn't always liked her, but Leah tried to fit his mother's standards. She really did love Elijah, and she couldn't lose him this time. 'Six people? Damn..I'm sorry you had to do that. I haven't been with anyone since you left." She spotted tickets hanging on the wall. "Woah! You still have those concert tickets from when we went on that summer trip? I almost forgot about that!" she smiled. She laughed. "You screamed until your voice was sore."
  LeahLockheart / 151d 18h 44m 32s
He smiled, "Always have been a flirt and I always will be, I got it from my dad." he booped her nose teasingly, "And the only thing that's too cute is you." He turned laying next to her head turned to face her profile as she stared up, she was perfect. "Y'know I dated 6 different people trying to get over you and no one even came close?" he mumbled softly, " and no one ever will..."
  Elijah James Cassidy (MHA) / sharkEboy / 179d 10h 47m 0s
She blushed a bit and chuckled. "Still as flirty as you were back then." she smiled softly as he played with her hair. She gazed into his eyes lovingly. She felt that she was finally safe. Complete. At least his mother wasn't here to criticize her as she always did. "Well, I think you're way too cute to be real. Are you sure you're human?" she joked.
  LeahLockheart / 181d 18h 59m 3s
While she changed he quickly changed into his sweatpants, before cleaning up a bit of his messy room. He smiled as she walked back in, he'd always thought she was pretty but seeing her in his clothes made his heart skip a beat, shed gotten prettier in just a few years. He laughed a little sitting next to her “I think that its way too soft“ he smiled “I also think that youre way too pretty.“ he gave her a sly smile and played with the ends of her hair.
  Elijah James Cassidy (MHA) / SharkEboy / 184d 12h 45m 1s
She laughed softly. "Thanks." she grabbed a hoodie and some sweatpants he always let her wear when she came over, before going to the bathroom and changing. She still wasn't comfortable changing in front of him like he was with her. She let her hair down out of her preppy ponytail, and folded her uniform before plopping on the bed. "I forgot how soft your bed was." she chuckled, laying her hands behind her head.
  LeahLockheart / 184d 16h 22m 17s
Elijah smiled "Don't be sorry Leah.. all that matters is I've got you now". Elijah tugged at his tie and shrugged off his uniform jacket, standing and walking to his closet, "Do you want a change of clothes? They'll be a little big for you but its probably more comfortable..." he smiled hanging his jacket, and unbuttoning his shirt, and hanging it, revealing a tight white undershirt. He pulled out a pair of sweatpants and slung them over his arm, "Or I could probably find something in my moms room that would fit you."
  Elijah James Cassidy (MHA) / SharkEboy / 184d 16h 53m 16s
She smiled softly at his words, finally glad to be with him again. "I won't either, Elijah. Promise. I don't think I can be anywhere without you, ya know? You've been in my life since diapers pretty much, so being without you is crazy..I never thought I could be so connected to someone." She took in the scent of his cologne once more, and looked him in the eyes. Those bright eyes she had known and loved. She was glad she no longer had to sit in her quiet bedroom and sob. He no longer had to reminisce over her. He was warm. "I'm so sorry we had to separate..I promise I'll try to hang on, as long as I can."
  LeahLockheart / 184d 17h 55m 26s
He smiled "I didn't think we ever would either, she was supposed to sleep with mom but she told me she didn't want to so" he shrugged "here we are". He watched her as she leaned onto his shoulder, smiling a little, "I'm glad you like it" he pushed back his bangs with his free hand, then leaned against the wall, he enjoyed her quiet presence, after so long of spending these few hours after school alone, when he wasn't 'spending time' with his now ex-boyfriend, it felt nice to feel her warmth against his side. Elijah wrapped his arm around her and whispered softly "I promise I won't let you go this time..."
  Elijah James Cassidy (MHA) / SharkEboy / 184d 18h 23m 28s
"It's okay,Elijah. It's bigger than where we're living for now." she smiled softly. She looked around his and his sister's room. "Ya know, I never thought Lizabeth would share a room with you." she chuckled. "I remember babysitting her with you while your mom worked." she smiled at the memory. She took his hand in hers and lay her head on his shoulder. "It feels nice to finally be together.." she looked up at him. "Also, I think I like the black hair on you." she laughed, playing with his hair. She had so many things to talk about and ask, but she didn't know what to say and what not to. Of course Elijah had changed, but she didn't know how much.
  LeahLockheart / 184d 18h 50m 16s
Elijah nodded, "Maybe I can take you this weekend... We'll see." He pulled into the parking lot of his apartment building, parking his bike and climbing off. He leaned over Leah pressing a kiss to the top of her helmet before placing a hand under chin to unhook the strap. Once both their helmets were off and locked to the bike he took her hand and lead her up to the 6th floor, he unlocked the apartment door and walked in, "It's nothing special but I guess its home..." he mumbled almost embarrassed, just beyond the door was a small living room that was minimally decorated and two doors leading to the bedrooms. He lead Leah through one of the doors to the room he shared with his 9 year-old sister, the room was a unique mix of motorcycle posters, weights, barbies, and stuffed animals, that only came with siblings like them sharing a room. He plopped onto one of the beds motioning for her to sit with him, "Lizabeth doesn't come home for two more hours, until then the house is all ours."
  Elijah James Cassidy (MHA) / SharkEboy / 184d 20h 18m 16s
She hugged him back, sniffling. "I missed you, too. I missed everything. I didn't leave the treehouse for at least a week." she chuckled, gripping her necklace. She was happy to be back with him. The question was though..was he still the same Elijah he was when he left her all those years ago? They conversed for what felt like hours, until school was over. Leah didn't bother to ride the bus. She rode home with Elijah on his motorcycle. She wrapped her arms around his waist as she sat on the back, smiling as the wind blew in her face. She thought Japan was beautiful! "Elijah, this place is beautiful!~" she smiled. "You should take me sightseeing sometime!"
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He nodded a little, he hadn't talked about his dad since the last time he talked to her about it. It still haunted him, he tried his hardest to not think about it, to not think about the fires that destroyed his dad's lungs. He tried not to think of his dad laying in a sterile hospital dying in front of his children and wife. His eyes welled a little and he blinked trying to force the tears back. "There wasn't anything anyone could do about it." he mumbled, he wasn't wrong but he always felt like it was all his fault. Hell, the fire was his fault, if he hadn't been reckless with his quirk maybe he'd still be back home with his dad. He gripped her hand reminding himself that he had her back that he had something to live for, that just maybe he would be able to keep her. He turned abruptly, and hugged her. "I missed you so much Leah"
  Elijah James Cassidy (MHA) / SharkEboy / 192d 15h 54m 18s
She sighed softly, holding his hand. "Well, we literally just moved here, so you have more than me. Hell, we're still waiting on the moving truck to bring our furniture in." she chuckled. "But, same here. I swear, with you gone, I felt like I was going insane. It took months for me to get over it. It physically hurt to wake up. I never thought that it would affect me so much.." she looked down. "Really, I'm so sorry that it all had to happen. And I'm sorry about your dad, Elijah."
  LeahLockheart / 192d 18h 2m 21s
He sighed running a hand through his blonde and black hair, “honestly? It's been hell.“ He reached for his necklace habitually playing with the beads, “My mom works nights and we don't see her much, we have a tiny apartment we can barely afford, and I have to care for my sister like she's my kid.“ it felt good to say it he hadn't talked much since he left, espescially not about his feelings.
  Elijah James Cassidy (MHA) / SharkEboy / 193d 17h 9m 31s
"You're right.." she smiled softly. "Okay." As class began Leah was in a good mood, she payed attention, took notes, and was a more social than she had ever been. After class was break. Finally, the two could catch up. She grabbed her bags and walked with Elijah to the courtyard, sitting on a bench in the field.
"So, how has life been?" she asked, chuckling softly.
  LeahLockheart / 193d 17h 41m 7s

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