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((Mkay then lol
  Ryder West / Kitten- / 170d 5h 23m 1s
((I don’t really care so we can just start a new one I guess
  Paxon / Kay- / 170d 5h 24m 59s
((Let’s just skip then.

((Actually, I’m gonna be honest. This is kinda frustrating to roleplay because it’s so different than the way I do it with Rey. Is it okay if we drop it and start a new one without omegaverse, or do you want to keep going?
  Ryder West / Kitten- / 170d 5h 26m 8s
Paxon lay his head on Ryder’s chest, still shaking. He whimpered, cuddling closer.

((Yeah probably. I’m just kinda drawing it out cause idk what else to do.
  Paxon / Kay- / 170d 5h 27m 40s
((Should we skip soon?

Ryder hugged Paxon close, not sure what else to do.
  Ryder West / Kitten- / 170d 5h 29m 58s
Paxon relaxed, feeling safe for the first time in a while. Then he was yanked out of his thoughts by the shaking of his body.
  Paxon / Kay- / 170d 5h 30m 45s
Ryder smiled and kissed the top of his head. “I know. I won’t.”
  Ryder West / Kitten- / 170d 5h 32m 46s
Paxon nodded, sure if himself. “Yes. Just don’t leave.”
  Paxon / Kay- / 170d 5h 34m 47s
“Hey, shh, it’s okay! I’m here!” Ryder soothed, hugging Paxon tightly. “You’re sure about this?”
  Ryder West / Kitten- / 170d 5h 35m 41s
Paxon nodded. He grasped Ryder’s wrist, his arm slightly shaking. “Ryder...”
  Paxon / Kay- / 170d 5h 37m 42s
Ryder’s eyes widened. “Heat?” Paxon has begun to smell sweeter.
  Ryder West / Kitten- / 170d 5h 39m 3s
Paxon tried to copy Ryder’s smile, but suddenly began feeling heat rise in his body. “Ryder...” He reached out to his friend.
  Paxon / Kay- / 170d 5h 40m 0s
Ryder tried to smile. “Yep.” He sat back down on the bed, sighing.
  Ryder West / Kitten- / 170d 5h 42m 14s
“That means we have some time to think of... something to do about him,” Paxon said, trying to stay optimistic.
  Paxon / Kay- / 170d 5h 43m 44s
“Yeah. Dad… is an Alpha. That might be harder.” Ryder winced. “He’s at work right now, though.”
  Ryder West / Kitten- / 170d 5h 45m 25s

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