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So hey, this isn’t going to be anything fancy, I’ve been on the site for years and don’t really know to work the fancy texts and stuff much anymore. However I am a semi to advanced literate roleplayer. Have been for about 7 years. I don’t expect a novel but I do appreciate a great story. I right now want something with the American Horror Story Hotel.. We can double up characters and can have cannon x oc. Unless you just like the idea of course. We can also just do OC. Though I really have a plot in mind, and a character already ready for use. I just ask someone to play James March. I know it’s weird but I can explain everything to you. Haha let me know if it’s easiest. Looking for someone comfortable with dark themes.

If you don’t prefer to roleplay on-site I am very easy going and do have a discord. If interested please reach out to me, I would love to start up a roleplay. Mature things are welcome but not required. Again I know this isn’t fancy but I hope that doesn’t turn you off from a roleplay with me. Thank you for taking time to come to this thread!

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A little note for anyone looking! If this looks familiar I have used it before! I just changed it because I didn’t want too many unused threads open! I’ve been searching everywhere for someone to write this with me, so I’m really excited haha. I always got good responses here.
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