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“I love you more and I miss Macey too and I will be by to see her tomorrow and if Jason will agree to understanding that he might be her father but we are both raising her as her fathers now....I love that little girl more than life itself and I will not let anything happen to her and that includes being ignored and forgotten by him. I know what it feels like to be forgotten at school and forgotten at home with my dad and when mom was busy at the hospital working. I was the youngest and know what it feels like when no one cares enough to remember. I won’t let her feel like that.” He said letting that out for the first time. “She’s my daughter too even if it’s not by blood she will always be a Black.”

He wanted to cry right there and the tears were threatening to spill over but he wouldn’t allow himself to do it.
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[b “I don’t want to eat right now.”] she muttered as she climbed into the truck, defeated. [b “Jacob... It was only a week... I.... I don’t know how long it’s gonna take me to get over this.”] she said. [b “Of all people.... it had to be Leah? Why didn’t you just call me... You just ignored me. You didn’t answer my calls or texts for a week.”]

She was fighting the tears back. She didn’t want Jacob to see her cry. She didn’t want him to truly see how broken she was right now. She knew he was fighting his own demons inside himself, but that didn’t make up for what he had done to her. [b “I love you.”] she muttered.

[b “You can see Macey tomorrow... She’ll be back at the house around two... You can pick her up from Jason even.. I know she’d like to see you too. She misses you.”] she muttered.
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"Let me at least drive you back, its not safe for you to walk." He said sighing. "Plus if you show up to the station alone and wet from the rain, Charlie will actually kill me. He trusts me not to get you killed and leaving you out there like this will do that... and you were hungry... we should get some food." he said trying to convince her to give him a second chance.
He need a second chance with her. God she was amazing.

He sighed, "I love you too loca... more than you'll ever know." He said and helped her back into the truck, "Three minutes and you'll be back at Charlie's and not soaked from the rain and you can ignore me if you want... I just hope it isnt' for as long as it was this time... I will lose my mind." He muttered and kissed the back of her hand. "Can I... see you adn Macey tomorrow?"
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Megan looked at Jacob. She could tell that he was physically upset. She didn’t want him to go out and do anything stupid, like get himself killed. [b “I can’t stand you right now. I love you, but I can’t stand you. I just... I need some more time Jacob.”] she said as she leaned over and kissed his cheek. [b “I love you so much.”] she said as the tears streamed down her face. [b “But I need time now.. I need time to be mad and upset and cry too.”]

With all the said, she hopped out of the truck and headed back to Forks. Charlie was still at work, which wasn’t that far from the line, so she would just catch a ride with him. She just hoped he wouldn’t ask what was wrong.

Flashes of Jacob with Leah wouldn’t stop jumping into her brain. She was furious with everyone. Leah knee they were together! She had considered Leah as a friend... She was the alphas imprint and Leah was the only female in the pack right now... How could she do that to her?
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Jacob stopped the truck, "Stop please, I... I'll do anything Megan, I mean it... anything... I... I'll step down... stop phasing... anything... I can't lose you again." It had hurt him more than she understood or would ever understand. He couldn't explain it to her. "Please... Megan.. please." He said tears streaming down his face. "I am human but I'm also chief and a wolf and you know that. I'm not perfect and I regret what I did. Forgive me please." He was begging now.

"I will really do anything... just... I can't live with myself anymore if you can't forgive me." He was going to do the one thing that could kill a wolf... find a vampire to kill him... if they would kill him. Vampires were smart but the newer ones wouldn't understand what he was at all.
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Megan thought that things were finally getting back to normal
It’s their lives. She and Jacob were good again, Macey was spending time with her biological father, Bella was marrying Edward. Their lives were getting on track, right?

She looked down in Jacobs floor board as he drove to the Diner on the Reaervation. Sue owned it, all of her recipes were on the menu. It was one of the best places to eat in her opinion. [b “Why.... Why is Leahs sweatshirt and bra in your truck..] she muttered as she looked over at Jacob. [b “Why the hell is her bra in here Jacob?”]

She shook her head as she seen tears streaming down his face. [b “Your wolf is pissed? YOU’RE hurting because you cheated on me? Really fucking great. Jacob, you’re a HUMAN. I’m so tired of hearing this shit about my wolf. Think of how fucking hurt I am right now? I can’t even look at you. Stop the damn truck.”] she muttered. [b “I was with my daughter and her father and you’re out here fucking the only female in your pack?”]
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He nodded, "Let me get my keys." He said kissing her gently. "I love you." Soon they were on their way to the diner and he hadn't noticed that Leah had left her sweatshirt in his truck... he had just assumed it was Megan's... obviously not by how upset she was. "Meg please stop and listen to me... It was when I thought you were with him and I was so upset and it was either me run and never see you and Macey again, which I couldn't handle or let out my anger and agressions with someone who could take it."

Jake sighed and looked to her with tears streaming down his face, "I'm sorry and trust me I'll pay for it... betraying your imprint hurts a wolf... I've been forced into patrols and haven't slept... I... my wolf is angry and won't let me rest."
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Megan smiled softly as she listened to him talk about Macey. She knew that they had a bond that she could never understand. Macey would light up the minute Jacob walked into any room, and she only wanted her Jacob. [b “She loves you so much.”] she said [b “I know you’ve helped me... I know that you’ve helped raise her... But I think Jason should be given the same opportunity that you’ve had.”] she explained. [b “It’s only fair.”]

She rested her head against Jacobs chest, she was only five foot five, so he towered over here. [b “I missed you so much.”] she whispered as she took in the feeling of his arms around her. [b “I’m hungry.”] she said with a cheeky grin as she pulled back from him. [b “Can we go out tonight? The dinner or something? It’s been awhile since we went. The veggie burger sounds really good right now.”]
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He kissed her, letting his lips linger on hers. "I love you Megan... but I want it put clear to you that I am your boyfriend and that I have every right to see Macey because I've helped raise her and you know it... she just called me daddy Megan." He said holding her. "I love you and I'm sorry I'm a jealous idiot."

He thought of Leah... they had hung out but she had left furious because he wouldn't sleep with her... a kiss was innocent but he wasn't about to sleep with her when he had an imprint... it wasn't in him. Then he caved...he had slept with Leah to get out his frustrations. He sighed as he held her, "I'm sorry for how I behaved but hes going to have to be civil too." He said resting his head on her shoulder. He kissed her again, "I need you in my life, I... love you Megan.”
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Megan looked at Jacob as he let it all out. She knew that he didn’t like Jason, she could tell that from the moment Jason showed up in Forks. [b “Jacob.”] she said softly [b “Jason is Macey’s biological father. He wasn’t there when she was born. His parents sent him away. How in the world would it be right for me to keep Macey from him? He has his rights too.”] she said. [b “I can’t imagine what my life would be like without that little girl.. How could I do that to him?]

Her heart broke when he said she needed to chose him or Jason. [b “You listen me to me, ok?”] she said. She walked closer to him and wrapped her arms around his waist. [b “You’re my boyfriend. I’m your imprint. Jacob, I love you. I want you. I want to be with you until the day I die... But Jason is Macey’s father and he is going to be in her life...”]
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"Because you left me for him. You deserted me for him. You just saw how much Macey missed me, do you think I didn't miss her too? I love that little girl just like I love you and she needs me.....he doesn't even know her and its obvious he isn't capable of being a dad. He didn't even know how to buckle her carseat." Jacob said sighing.

"I want you to stay with me tonight but I need to know, are you with me or are you with him? " He asked upset. If she said him... his wolf would crumble... an imprint rejecting their wolf was the worst thing that could happen to him. It had never happened before but the elders said a wolf would die if that happened..... he didn't want to risk it but he needed to know. He couldn't live his life not knowing.

"I miss you and Macey and being with you and takign care of her. Shes my girl Megan." He said sighing.
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Megan’s anxiety started acting up the minute that they rolled over onto the reservation land. Jason was with her, he was taking Macey back to his house, but his truck was broke down so he was going to borrow Megan’s Jeep. She had decided that Jason was responsible enough to keep Macey overnight, and Megan herself was just going to stay with Jacob.

Jason scoffed when Jacob asked what he was doing there. Like he needed an excuse to be with his daughter and her mother.

She grinned as she parked the Jeep and Jacob came over to get Macey. [b “Hey Jake.”] she said soflty. She watched his eyes turn cold when he seen Jacob. [b “Hes borrowing my car... That’s all. Macey just wanted to see you and then they’re going back to Forks.”] she explained. [b “I was just planning on staying here with you tonight.. Or Charlie can come get me.”] she muttered. After Macey had seen Jacob for a few minutes, she was in the car seat heading back to Forks with Jason.

[b “Why have you been ignoring me this past week? I’ve called and texted...”] she said softly.
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A whole week, Jacob had immersed himself with the pack and patrols and seeing his father. He wanted his imprint back but the asshole that had abandoned her and Macey by going to military school was back and in their lives. Megan and Macey were his and he would get rid of that boy.

He was in his garage frustrated with how his life was going, throwing wrenches at the wall. He was upset. He didn't want this life. He wanted to be with Megan and Macey.

He was about to go on a run and phase when he saw Megan's car pull up. He smiled seeing Macey. "Hey princess." he said picking her up out of her car seat and kissing her forehead. The little girl loved him. Then he saw Jason, "What is he doing here Megan?" He asked seriously. He wouldn't talk to the man. Mecey was more Jacob's daughter than his and they both knew it, Jacob had helped raise her and the way she was with him showed how much she loved him. "Da!" She said hugging Jacob. That was her first word and she called the wrong man daddy.
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Over the next few weeks, Megan had gradually worked Jason into Macey’s life. It wasn’t easy by any means, learning how to share the baby girl, after she’d been a single mother for the past year. But it had also put a rough patch on her relationship with Jacob as well. She missed him, but he was hurt that Jason was back in her life.

Jason had graduated from Military School, and he had shocked everyone when he got a job at the police station in Forks with Charlie. He said he wasn’t going to miss out on being in Macey’s life anymore than he already had. He had told Megan he still loved her as well, and he wanted them to be a real family, all together. But she had Jacob. She loved Jacob.

She hadn’t spoken to Jacob in a week. She didn’t know if he had been ignoring her by assigning himself extra patrols, but something was going on. Jason was picking up Macey after his shift, and she had planned to go down to La PUsh and confront him. She missed her Jacob. They had to work this out.
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Jason spoke, “I was deployed...I’m home
For a couple took me so long to get ahold of you.,,your cousin said you moved in with them...can I see you? I...I got hurt...I’m not the same...I go back in a couple weeks.”He asked softly into the phone. Jacob held Macey. “Baby girl I’ve got you princess, your momma will be back, it’s okay.”

She loved being with Jacob and he bounced her on his knee. “Da!” She said and Jacob froze, that was her first word and she called him daddy. He was shocked. “Megan is going to kill me, I’ve never said that to her and she called me it and I’m not it.” He said worried. He knew Megan was upset already and they weren’t together like that yet and Macey had already called him daddy. This wasn’t going to end well. Not well at all. He held Macey and waited on Megan to come back to him.
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