A Whisper of White Mane

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[h3 [center A Whisper of White Mane]]
The Kirin has always been an elusive beast. There is said to only be one of these majestic beasts left, yet is unknown.
The Tonitrum Highlands is where it is said the last Kirin remains. Glimpses of this 'Phantom Beast' is on extremely rare occasions. It is said when lightning starts dancing across the highest peak of the highlands, the Kirin is present.
But alas, these are only legends...or are they?
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____, A young warrior whom was down on his luck. He had little to no food to keep him going, his weapons were even barely holding up to the jobs he had been taking just to stay alive.
He was walking through the streets, going to the village's notice board. A certain contract caught his attention. Grabbing the paper, his eyes quickly scanned through the letter...this could be his big chance!
Some stranger was looking to capture a Kirin. Sure, it was pretty damn far-fetched, but at the moment ____ was willing to do just about anything. And so, he set out towards the Tonitrum Highlands.

It was a long road, but ____ finally made it to his destination. Now to just start looking for signs of the beast, track it down, and come up with a trap to capture it.
[h3 [center Rules]]
~In need of a male
~I prefer anime pictures, but you are welcome to use what you are most comfortable with
~Do not god-mode my characters, and I won't do it to yours, less we come to an agreement for a scene, etc.
~Posting, take your time, sometimes takes me several days before I am able to post
~Semi-lit to literate RP partner preferred, a few paragraphs really isn't much to ask for
~Please, if you are going to be gone for a lengthy amount of time, PM me
~This will be 1x1
~Since it is 1x1, you may play multiple characters if you think it will add to the RP
~Please send me a PM if you are interested in this RP. Do not request access without asking me first
Any requests without a PM beforehand will be denied

I'm willing to listen and work with a partner to further this idea/story
Feel free to throw something in to twist the story and keep it interesting, and I shall do the same

Any questions or wish to discuss more about it, feel free to PM me


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