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[font ‘Courier’ The one who wishes upon the bloodied moon will be given the Devil’s Kiss. To make one’s wish come true, one must offer what is closest to their heart. The day of claiming will then be set and on that day one’s offer is taken away and the deal is complete.]

21 years ago, a mother just had her first child. However, things weren’t perfect like she had hoped. The woman was sick, having been diagnosed with cancer just 3 months prior to giving birth. The cancer was terminal and she only had maybe 6 months to live. When her child was born, she was saddened knowing they would grow up without a mother. However, it all changed when she found an old book in an old book store about three weeks after having her child that spoke of making a wish on the night of a blood moon.

Thinking it was just some superstition, the woman waited for the blood moon to rise and she made her wish. She wanted to be healthy so her child could grow up with a proper family. At first nothing happened but then, moments later, a man appeared.

The man was shrouded in darkness, his face unable to be seen. However, it was clear there was a sense that there was nothing human about him. The silhouette of what seemed like small horns on his head and glowing red eyes gave a demonic look to the man. But was that just a trick of the eye or were there really horns? He spoke as if his voice was made from silk, a sound so smooth and soft that anyone would sink into it. It was the sound of seduction and danger all rolled into one.

[font ‘Courier’ ‘You have wished upon the bloodied moon and your wish has been heard. What is closest to your heart that you offer to me?’] The man said.

Of course, the woman said it was their child but she didn’t realize at the time the mistake she was making by saying that. [font ‘Courier New’ ‘Well, then. A generous offer. Then on the day of claiming, 21 years from now, I shall return to take what I am owed. In return, I will grant your wish and give you good health. I will take away your sick and your pain so you may live for your family. Until the day of claiming arrives, your child remains with you.’]

And then the man gave the woman and child a gentle kiss on their foreheads. The kiss smoked and sizzled but held no heat other than his own body heat. It was a strange night for the woman but she already began to feel healed. This was the Devil’s Kiss. He then left in a plume of fiery smoke.

It was then as the man left, that the woman realized what she just did. She just sold her child to the devil.

For 21 years the woman kept that night a secret from her child. Her husband knew but also kept it a secret. Her cancer was gone like it was never there. Her child was healthy. All was good.

And now the day of claiming is quickly arriving and the woman is becoming increasingly protective, scared and emotional. The child is confused, knowing nothing as to the reason why their mother is acting so strangely and why it keeps getting worse.

Soon, they will learn of the truth. But how will they react? Will they resent their mother for giving them away to the devil? Will they not believe a single thing? Or will they have a different reaction?

Let’s find out.

[b What I’m Looking For]
* I’m looking for a male or female unique character to play the child. Must be 21 as they recently just turned 21.

* Romance can be apart of this if desired. It will not be instant. I’d also like to add a bit of emotional suspense and tension during some spots where applicable.

* I’d like to add a bit of a comical touch to this.

* Mature themes will appear. I will not do this with anyone under 18 years of age.

* If anything sexully explicit begins to happen, it will be time-skipped. However, I am not opposed to going to another site. If moving to another site is fine, I have one picked out that is easy to use and allows adult content to be written out freely and it can be fully private. This will be up to you. I WILL NOT use emails or messengers for roleplay of any kind.

* I expect proper grammar. Occasional mistakes are understandable though as even the best writers make them.

* I expect quality more than quantity. Though having both helps. I want high quality detail that lets me ‘see’ the scene. I don’t expect novels but I do expect more than a few lines. The aim is to give what you receive. Equivalent exchange basically. To get something, you first must give something of equal value. Give a good post, get a good post. Give a crap post, get a crap post. Simple as eating cake.

* Picture styles preferred are artistic/semi-realistic/digital painting. They should also be reasonably sized. They should be tasteful in accordance with ES rules.

* Communication is key. Let’s talk about the plot and toss ideas around. Let’s help each other out in developing each other’s posts and help plot for possible future events. However, let’s not push each other to post. I’m patient so you should be, too. I know you have life to deal with so understand that I do as well.

* Please keep in mind that I deal with medical issues. There may be long wait times between posts when my illness flares up and zaps everything out of me. If this is an issue, then please pass on by. Also keep in mind my eyes are bad so avoid using bright colors that clash with a white background, overly fancy fonts or tiny fonts but still have a way that allows me to easily determine character dialogue from descriptive text. I’m not saying it’s required, I’m saying it would be helpful so my eyes don’t strain.

* I don’t expect a post every day so don’t expect it from me. I don’t expect this to be fast paced unless there’s points where posts start flying out. If that happens, let’s not let the quality go down.

* Any questions let me know. I’ll be happy to clarify anything.


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[right [pic]] [font "Times" [size15 Mavis listened intently, hesitating a bit when the 'solution' was only to signal when he was managing to come by. Her thoughts went to like if there could be a snooze button or a do not disturb she could add. Would she have enough time to hide if she were showering or dressing? And.. why precisely were those her first thoughts when she was troubleshooting this setup?

Outwardly Mavis' face flushed a little and her eyes dropped, feeling a bit too flustered to ask about that right this second.

But the idea to have someone, something, at her side like that made her thoughts turn a moment 'I bet you're more effective than pepper spray' a part said. The other hushed that part, not wanting to insult the man before her as she pulled her eyes back to him, getting her flush under control.

Her smile widened a bit, "[B Doesn't that irony make it all the sweeter?]" she asked, dark lips pulling up a bit almost in a smirk. That was part of why she was drawn to it, seeing all of the good the church, even the nontheistic one, took in direct opposition of the Church, even viewpoint wise.

Mavis hesitated, envisioning that conversation. It wasn't as if she felt [i completely] fine about all this. There were still little hangups, little doubts... this had gone so differently than she was expecting she was hovering in a strange, numb, shocked space looking up at Damion as he almost seemed like he was asking for her help. The devil asked for the friendship of a mortal...

"[B Alright,]" she responded, feeling a smile come up on her face, the part of her that hoped this was true. The part that wanted to be enough, hoping it truly was what he sought. The smile was hesitant, thinking about how her parents would take this. Her father... might come to terms a little better. Her mother, having made this deal, having feared for so long and who had [i hid] this from her, she wasn't so certain she would believe her.

"[B Can- can we meet? Tomorrow? Or- when you have time? To talk about this? Or- start on that- path?]" Mavis wasn't sure she wanted to say something so casual as 'get to know one another' or something as simple as that. It felt strange to be so in front of someone she had wondered about for so long, had spent time imagining what the devil looked like. It was all a bit much, and perhaps more contact would help her settle into it more.

"[B Or- would you prefer more to go down to Eldritch's, that nightclub downtown? Little more your style?]" She arched her brows.
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[size12 Damion smiled. Seeing the smile on her face when he said he simply wanted a friend, someone he could be himself around, made him smile. He had a feeling it brought a bit of a good emotion up in her that cooled any worry she had though he knew there were still some there. There was still too much that should be spoken about to fully be at ease.]

[size12 When it came to ways of contact, there really weren't many. He had to somehow come up with a subtle way to let her know he was arriving. Maybe a small floating flame or spark? Perhaps a creature bearing a mark? Or maybe a tiny hellhound carrying a note? What would be a good method till something better is established? He shrugged.] [b “Maybe just something simple? A critter or small flame or spark that only you can see? I honestly don’t know. I never actually thought I’d be able to pull this off to be honest. To make a friend in this realm.”] [size12 He had a look of ‘I honestly don’t know’ on his face. He was, for once, at a loss.]

[size12 Damion let out a laugh. It was a short, amused sound. He shook his head in amusement.] [b “Oh, goodness, no. Just say my name and I’ll hear it, loud and clear. But if you really, really need me, say my true name, my god given name, and I’ll be right by your side faster than you can blink.”] [size12 What Damion didn’t mention was that using his human name opens him up for a bit of shenanigans. Just some of his casual devilish gags that he’ll pull from time to time. Some did say the devil was a bit of a joker. He isn’t a rebel for nothing. Using his true name meant he had to arrive with a proper serious attitude. It helps that his true name brings out that seriousness in him. He’ll know something’s up when he hears ‘Lucifer’ ring through his head.]

[size12 The change in her was interesting to watch. His words hit a spot that really seemed to ease something in her. Like a knot being untied to release tightly bound hands. It was like watching something being washed away by the rushing water of the ocean, wave after wave. It made Damion smile, a soft pleasant smile. It seemed he spoke words she needed to hear and he was glad. And he spoke the truth, too. He let her see that he meant it because he felt the same way. Treated like a monster when in fact, he wasn’t. Treated like the enemy when he was just seeking something but couldn’t get it. He huffed a laugh, realizing the two of them may have more in common than he expected.]

[size12 He blinked when he was asked a question.] [b “Ah. Those things. Honestly, those are human made. I don’t really have any influence over what humans do as far as the whole Satanic religion thing goes. But they seem to understand that I’m not evil. They have very simple rules and promote a healthier idea of who I am and what I stand for. As far as religions go, they have better morals and far more acceptance than much of the others. Even more so than the ones that worship my father. Funny how that turned out, don’t you think?”]

[size12 Damion chuckled. If she was going to pass out, she would have done it already. He knew that much at least. She wasn’t a weak soul and that was something he liked about her. She could take a surprise. He smiled in agreement about dogs.] [b “You’re fine. Really. But dogs can be a handful.”] [size12 Her change when he compared her to a cat made him smile. She was quite cute. She almost looked as if she wanted to shrink away into a shell like a turtle. His eyes sparkled for a split second.]

[size12 He stood there, prepared to leave but not leaving yet. He was stopped before he even took a step anywhere.] [b “It’s more about your parents than it is anything else. I guess you could say I wanted to break the ice, show you I’m not the big bad everyone says I am. Answer some questions though I’m sure you have tons more. But the important thing is that I wanted to make sure you understood what I was seeking and what I wanted to do. You can explain that to your parents and maybe they would understand better, feel more at ease about what happened knowing you’re not going anywhere. You should rest, think things over a bit and figure out a way to explain it to your parents. Because I’m sure they won’t listen to me.”]
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[right [pic]] [font "Times" [size15 Mavis gazed at him, processing that. What she was gleaning was something like the Devil, Damion, wanted to make friends. He wanted to have friends. He wanted to make friends he could be himself with. And Mavis was that friend. Beyond that, she made a friend with the devil.

"[B You-]" she said, voice soft, wondering. "[B You want- to be friends?]"

Those words made sense. Mavis felt her face heat a little, excited at the prospect, and as that processed, she smiled. Perhaps he really meant it? There was a stroke of fear that cooled that feeling, that made her hesitate when dealing with 'spirits' in this context. She would be essentially inviting him into her life. But maybe- that wasn't a bad thing?

"[B I wouldn't mind that.]" Mavis paused, wondering if he would just. Lurk, invisibly, whenever he felt like it. Her hand came up, raising a finger, "[B But- we'll be talking about boundaries. Maybe- even though I know you don't have social media, shoot a text, or, I guess- send a- sign? Beforehand? Just to have some warning.]"

She pursed her lips, "[B Is- can- do I have to do all this if [i I] wanted to reach you? I don't know how many times I can cut my hands and stuff to like do this.]"

Imagining organs coming out, wrong side out, and being placed back inside of someone made her brow furrow a bit. "[B Point taken,]" she admitted.

Listening to him speak of himself had a very different tone, which made her fall into quiet. Her eyes dropped, nodding softly. His words here were simple, to the point. Not the meandering imaging that he seemed to speak in generally.

But that respectful, and slightly anxious feeling about trespassing on him too closely that brought her gaze down made her not see his shift until his fingers touched her skin. Mavis' eyes jumped up to his when his touch dripped across her cheek. He tipped her head up to look at him, freezing a bit at his words. Her brows pressed together, face turning in the near painful amount of need that those words addressed. She wanted to be told that so badly. She didn't ever feel like the monster, it always felt unfair in the things that fed that doubt in her. But that doubt had betrayed her trust in herself, and now here he was looking her straight in the eye, and making her feel absolutely exposed and raw before him. It was a powerful feeling, and she looked to him, not realizing the need in her eyes that she had let him glimpse.

Her face turned into a semblance of a smile, an understanding that she believed he was hinting at. "[B Only one side gets told, and then soon the other is forgotten.]"

She leaned forward, hand pressing into the earth before herself, eager eyes on him. "[B I have to ask. Did you- design the tenets of Satanism? The eleven rules of the earth?]"

Mavis had to smile a bit. "[B I won't pass out. At least I don't think I will.]"

She sat back, spreading her hands with a shake of her head. "[B No, no! I spoke over you, I'm sorry. I like dogs, too. They're just kind of a lot, sometimes...]" But she stopped when he compared her, Mavis' face heating. He was pretty bold there, and she wasn't sure if he was just teasing or- being flirtatious. A strangled, embarrassed smile pulled across her face and she dropped her eyes, hand pressing up behind her head.

But that all fell away when he stood, her eye darting back up to him. Mavis' hands spread, and she raised on her knees. "[B No, it's okay! I don't have school tomorrow, and I'm a night owl anyways. You're alright. I'm sorry.]"
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[size12 Damion twitched. Physically twitched. It was a slight movement but it was there. The young woman asking that simple question with only those two words hit him like a slap to the face. Either she got the wrong idea or he’s digging himself back to hell. He could feel the dirt closing up around his eyes now. He closed his eyes, took a breath and thought about his words carefully. He looked back to her once he knew how to fix this.] [b “If I want to get out of that molten pit of screams, it’s nice to have someone I know to come to. Talking, going places, doing things. Sure, hanging out with strangers is fun but it gets repetitive. And I still have to hide. I don’t want to keep hidden all the time. Having someone that knows who and what I am and they don’t mind me popping in from time to time would be…”] [size12 His voice trailed off as he searched for the right word, his eyes averted by a turn of his head. He blinked and brought his head back, a small smile on his face.] [b “Lovely.”]

[size12 Damion had an almost sad look in his eyes at this point. He was kind of messing this whole thing up but of course he wasn’t used to this. He kept who and what he was a secret from everyone every time he came to earth and always moved to a different place each time. He never stayed in one place for too long. He might break that code if he can befriend this one girl. However, it’s a 50/50 chance of things going either way.]

[size12 Damion chuckled at what the girl was saying. She seemed proud and that made him smile. He smoothed his pant legs as he crossed his legs so he could sit a bit more comfortable. Though slacks weren’t exactly meant for sitting on the ground in the first place but he managed.] [b “Glad to have made your night. At least with this anyway.”]

[size12 Damion shrugged.] [b “I could if I wanted to. Just not that easy to do. Having to whack myself in the chest every time and having to hack up a lung kinda defeats the purpose. It’s easier to just use my abilities and turn invisible or just poof. Now, if you needed a getaway and you panicked and gut punched me out of the blue, yeah, it would work quite well. Though I’d be left trying to put my lungs back where they belong and getting ash off me.”]

[size12 He had a feeling the topic of he-who-shall-not-be-named was making her uncomfortable so he wasn’t going to push it unless she wanted to continue. He wasn’t a bad guy. Just mischievous. He heaved a sigh.] [b “Everyone has their own theories about me. I wasn’t born the devil. Maybe one day I’ll tell you the whole story as to why I rebelled against heaven and the reason for my fall. Keep this in mind. The true monsters are the ones that can’t see the monster in themselves. There are the obvious monsters like murders and rapists. But then there are the monsters that call themselves good people while still treating others like trash because they don’t conform to what they believe is proper.”] [size12 Damion leaned forward and reached out to the girl. He trailed his fingertips gently across her cheek till he hooked a finger under her chin gently to bring her to eye contact.] [b “You are not a monster. Not by a long shot. You’re too sweet of a person to be one.”] [size12 He moved his hand away and leaned back to where he was.] [b “I do admire your willingness to learn about stuff like that though. Most people just take things as they are and don’t really look into it at all. They never truly understand the full story. But of course there’s usually only one side to the story anyway.”]

[size12 Damion smiled. So she was influenced by him in some way. In a way, he was happy.] [b “Everyone has free will to be interested in what they want. It’s how what’s-his-face designed humanity. Of course, people have their theories as to how their lives go and whatnot. But in truth, the only steering that happens is if you up or down. Otherwise, you’re free to make your own choices in life. I try to leave it that way.”]

[size12 He made that face with head tilt and slight shrug gesture that was the wordless version of maybe. He then chuckled a little.] [b “Yeah, I get that from everyone that learns of who I am. Though I have had a couple pass out when they found out. Like fall over backwards like a plank of wood passing out. Kind of funny yet I was still concerned for them.”]

[size12 Damion heaved a sigh.] [b “Both, I guess you could say. It’s a long story. A bit of a trek down a thorny memory lane. So you are right. It is something personal but something I’m not ready to go into right now. Maybe one day though. Maybe one day.”]

[size12 Damion went wide-eyed and facepalmed with an audible slap.] [b “I’m sorry. I don’t get to talk like this much. Having someone to talk to and not feel overly judged is refreshing for once.”] [size12 He smiled a bit.] [b “I can see you being more a cat person anyway. You remind me of a cat. Calm, cute and I’m sure occasionally feisty with moments of spazztic energy you have no idea where it came from.”]

[size12 Damion heaved a sigh. He feels like he’s dug himself into a big enough hole as it was so he thought maybe it was enough for one night.] [b “It is quite late it seems. There is much that I’m sure you need to ponder on. Perhaps it’s time I head off so you can rest and think on everything. Thank you for at least listening to me even though I kinda rambled a lot.”] [size12 That’s when he stood and dusted off his backside. He pulled out his pocket watch to check the time and heaved a sigh before tucking it back in again. It’s been a bit of time but it was time well spent. At least, he hoped it was anyway.]
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[right [pic]] [font "Times" [size15 Mavis gazed at him, blinking. "[B Need me?]" That sounded a lot more like what she was talking about, or working towards talking about earlier. What were the kinds of things that he would expect from her now that he had her? It was a mix of terror and adrenaline, at the idea. But what honestly could she do for him?

What would he expect? There was where the fear lay.

She watched as he reached forward to nudge her idol, hesitating as he did, but all he did was touch it. Looking back up, she couldn't help the smile that spread across her face at having at least done that. It felt like most of a complete success, if not one anyways because he was here. That was the goal. A little poke in the noggin, eh? It was small but it was good.

Mavis leaned forward, her hands pressing on her knees, and smoothed her face to deadly serious. "[B I summoned the devil himself on my first try.]" She sat back again. "[B How's that for a highly caffeinated, nonfunctional college student. I did magic on purpose today.]"

"[B Oh my me.]" Her eyes widened a bit, processing the almost cartoon-like action. He really wasn't kidding with this ash thing. "[B It's almost like squid ink,]" she said, watching it fall off of him and into the straw. "[B Do you ever make a getaway like that? Like some accursed chimney sweep, just as jovial as Dick Van Dyke, but thrice as dangerous, I'm sure. Maybe less dancing.]" Mavis gave him a glance over, nodding her head to the side in a shrug.

Mavis looked to him as he had a visible shiver to what she said, showing what she had suppressed. It wasn't something she really wanted to discuss. It was giving her a pit in her stomach. Worse than was already there, at least. This was a lot to take in, this whole evening was. Sold to the devil was a lot to kind of unravel, here.

She swallowed, "[B I know.]" When he looked at her, Mavis nodded, dropping her gaze again. "[B I, uh, know- about you. At least what was available to me, topside.]" She ran her fingers through her hair again, letting it fall over her shoulder. It was difficult to say, she didn't want to insult him, though Damion seemed aware of it. "[B I like to research the concept of monsters, or villains, in different mythological cultures. And some historic,]" she gestured to him, now knowing he was real. Like she had hoped, as a younger person. "[B I like to learn why these figures are considered monstrous. Because- I've been that monster, too, in some people's eyes.

I did it because when I saw you as a figurehead for the Satanist theology, it felt right. It's weird to me to think that this was... destiny? A predisposition of mine? Instead of a personal choice.]" Her face scrunched up a bit, searching for the words as she looked at the devil there, sat down on her barn floor. "[B It makes me wonder if you were steering.]"

She shook her head, "[B My family, I feel, would kill me if they knew I had you on our barn floor.]" Mavis smiled a bit dabbing at her makeup. "[B But I'm just- amazed that you're real.]"

She gazed at him, feeling like she shouldn't ask. But the words came out anyways, "[B Help? Or family?]" When he looked at her again, Mavis' face got pale, sitting back a bit and putting her hands up. "[B You don't have to answer that, if you don't want. It's personal. I'm a minion, or whatever. It- yeah.]"

She huffed her breath out, frowning at him. "[B You're prone to tangents, aren't you?]" the student remarked, glancing over him. Sitting back, Mavis sighed. "[B I don't particularly love dogs, I'm more of a cat person, I think. At least from an owner's perspective. I used to be afraid of them.]"
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[size12 Damion chuckled softly. He did think a bit on the internet thing and remembered what year it was. He almost, ALMOST, rolled his eyes when he realized he could have fit right in amongst a particular crowd if he just changed his looks a tad. Still, he stuck with what he said about his feather brained ‘brothers’ upstairs getting on his ass because he exposed himself like that. It’s bad enough that he walks among the humans as it is. Putting a big blinking ‘I’m the devil’ sign over his head is just asking for big time trouble.]

[size12 Ah, the mark. Now that got his attention.] [b “It’s nothing bad. Think of it as a beacon. If I need you, I can find you. It’s not on your soul but on your aura. It just lights up your aura like a giant light bulb so I can find it and therefore find you. Think of it like one of those little microchip things or maybe a GPS collar you put on your pet. I’m not calling you a pet. It’s just that is the closest thing I can think of to something in this world to relate it to.”] [size12 He kept his voice sincere as he spoke of the whole pet thing. He didn’t want to come off as offensive but he did want to make some sense of what he was trying to say. He gave a gentle smile and hoped she understood he meant no harm in the comparison.]

[size12 Damion leaned forward and poked at the statue, making it wiggle back and forth a little on the slightly uneven ground.] [b “It’s not bad for a first try. As for a sacrifice, if it bleeds, it works. It just adds a bit of punch to it. At least that’s what they say anyway. Another tip is to clear your mind and focus on what you’re doing and who you’re trying to bring out. Magic is a focus related trade so if your mind is muddy, the magic will be, too. But you did good for a first timer. I did get a little poke in the noggin so it counts for something.”]

[size12 He watched her reaction to his sudden change in mood. His face softened to something neutral as he no longer knew what to feel. He tried to ignore the tears or at least appear as if he didn’t notice them. It was clear there were more thoughts running through her head and he was prepared to answer anything she may have. He was feeling more human than he ever had in his life and it was odd. His emotions were all mixed up and he didn’t quite understand it. Maybe it was because he was there with this girl sitting in front of him and she was still there. She hasn’t run away.]

[size12 He wasn’t expecting that void to slip out of him but maybe it was a good thing it did. Maybe it made him seem more human. Or maybe it showed that he wasn’t the evil bastard people throughout the ages kept saying he was. He heaved a sigh, a small smile forming on his face. But then the smile quickly vanished when he heard a particular name spoken.]

[size12 God. That name made him cringe and he was not afraid to let it show. It sent a shiver so violent up his spine it made something crack.] [b “Ugh. Unfortunately, yes, he does exist. If you ever heard of the rebellion and the fall of Lucifer, that would be me in those stories. If I could go back up there and punch his lights out, I would. About a thousand times. But hey, I have my own kingdom. Not exactly glamorous with all the screaming, fire and ash everywhere but it’s something. Still can’t get used to this though. Watch.”] [size12 He sat up a bit and whacked himself hard in the chest with a fist, forcing himself to huff out air. But instead of air, it was ash. He gagged for a minute and waved the ash cloud away.] [b “I have enough of that crap in me to be my own smoke grenade. Punch me in the gut or get me to sneeze and poof, ash cloud. Annoying yet effective.”]

[size12 He thought about the question then gave a shrug. Then he was caught totally off guard. The look of surprise on his face came far too fast for him to stop so he had this look of ‘deer in the headlights’ on his face. He struggled to get his face under control and failed. Lonely? No. It goes so much deeper than that. He thought about his words carefully for a moment, his brows scrunching together.] [b “It’s deeper than that. Much deeper.”] [size12 He went into his thoughts more. Then, his eyes flashed bright red, a small growl escaped from his chest.] [b “Che. Now I remember why I started doing the ‘contracts’, especially the ones that involved pleads of help for a family member. To give to people what I lost.”] [size12 Damion went silent and his mind ran wild with memories of his past. Memories he has been keeping locked up for a very long time. The memories of why he rebelled and fell from grace. But he snapped out of it when he was asked about hellhounds.]

[b “Ah, Hellhounds. Basically really big dogs but not as pretty to look at. Though they can appear like normal dogs, er, mostly normal. They come in all shapes and sizes and styles. The skeleton ones are kinda amusing. Don’t have to clean up after those and it’s funny when they run into the wall. Smack and they fall to pieces. Just a pile of bones till they put themselves back together. Though sometimes it doesn’t quite work out that great and their head ends up in a really odd place. THey are all great guards though and do great work in the torture chambers. Lot of people down in hell that have abused and neglected dogs in their lives so they get torture by hellhound. Fido gets payback by brimstone, fire and a lot of sharp teeth.”] [size12 Damion chuckled.]
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[right [pic]] [font "Times" [size15 Mavis' brows arched, "[B Well, you wouldn't be the first...]" she grumbled, mind flashing to the edgy, alt-flavored fuckboys on the internet she had come across. "[B At least you'd be-]" her voice faltered at that, realizing she was speaking stream of consciousness. She almost called him a pleasure to come across, she almost said a lot of things. Mavis still had this tremulous pit in her stomach that told her to be wary of complimenting a creature like him. Something that spoke of more debt, of danger. Her eyes went to his, those brown, kind of burgundy depths.

Her hand went immediately to the back of her neck, dropping her gaze again. "[B you'd have something to back it up with.]"

His gesture showed her much, but his explanation made her heart light a bit. "[B So I had the groundwork laid. That's- good!]" her hands clapped together, eyes bright. "[B What- what sacrifices would- work? Would you like?]" However, at the last, she seemed to come to a pause.

"[B My- mark?]" Her hand drifted as he explained, coming up and pressing a bit against her chest. As her eyes stayed on him as he spoke, explaining their connection now, her brows drew together. It felt- violating. What was the extent of it? Did he know her thoughts?

She didn't like the idea of being [i owned] like that. He said she was still herself. Mavis had to wonder if that were true the way he made it seem.

What took her off guard was how he seemed to drop his. The haughty facade seemed to fall away and he, for lack of a better way to say it, seemed to crumble in on himself. Her head tipped, following him a bit where he moved. Her brows pressed a bit, feeling a bit of a pang at being compared to collateral. Like an item. Her eyes dropped.

He made it sound so simple. A 'connection'. But what was that? That meant there was an afterlife, and did that mean that she was slotted for hell? Was her mother? Was the afterlife something that wasn't understood in that one, binary sense? Her lips pressed over these questions. She didn't want to know. Mavis had spent so much of her life hoping it [i wasn't] just that. She didn't like the idea of heavens and hells in the Christian sense.

It was now that those tears fell, that had up until then been shimmering at her lash line. They fell, catching mascara on the way down and tracking some of the black down her face.

Her face twisted, shaking her head. "[B I can't believe god is real...]" she croaked, realizing her voice had broke. Anxiety flushed her face and she covered it with her hand, looking away from him. "[B I.. I don't know how to feel about that.]" Not good. She had spent her whole life unwelcome and uncomfortable in the midst of his followers, in his churches. They were cruel, narrow people. She couldn't keep the discomfort about that hidden in how distant her eyes got. But perhaps this all made sense as to why.

She dabbed a bit at her face, risking a glance at him. "[B So you collect things,]" she summarized, taking that bloodied kerchief again to try and save her eyeliner. "[B Are you- lonely? Is that why?]" Something to kind of fill an emptiness? Mavis knew she was guilty of the same thing. Material therapy was one of her vices.

"[B What are hellhounds like? Real ones.]"
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[size12 It was an expected reaction but at the same time he was still a little surprised. Damion wasn’t entirely expecting to knock the wind out of the girl but he knew it would give her quite a start. He refrained from looking amused but his eyes did shimmer a bit with it. He sat there patiently, ready to answer anything thrown at him.]

[size12 Once the girl was able to regain her breath back enough to talk, she was able to speak albeit with a bit of a wheeze.] [b “You do have a point. But I didn’t think it was a good idea to prance around on the internet advertising myself as the king of hell. I get enough crap from upstairs as it is. The next angel I see is getting their feathers plucked out so all that’s left are raw chicken wings.”]

[size12 Upon the mentioning of the circle, Damion made a bit of a face the wiggled a flatted hand in a that ‘so-so’ gesture.] [b “In a sense it did work. I did get an itch of something going on but I couldn’t pinpoint where it was coming from. I only figured out what was going on when I tracked you here by following my mark that you carry. So to answer your question, no, I wasn’t watching you.”]

[size12 Damions face softened when he watched her face change through so many emotions. She fought to gain control and he watched her struggle. But with a sigh, she seemed to regain herself. However, she kept her eyes averted from him. He listened to every small word she said till the next question catching him a little off guard. When she asked, her eyes came back to him finally. He could see there was a threat of tears there but she held them back.] [b “What are you now? You are still you. You just have a link to me. Nothing about you has changed. I can just track you to wherever you are in the world whenever I need you for whatever reason.”]

[size12 And then he was caught off guard. The contract. Not many have asked him about his deals. Usually he didn’t disclose those details mainly because no one ever asked. He heaved a sigh. His face went from pleasant to dull. He rubbed his forehead as he leaned forward, raising a knee to drape his other arm on it.] [b “To be honest, I don’t know the ‘why’ either. I’ve been doing these contracts for so long now that I’ve lost count as to how many of them I’ve done and I’ve forgotten the reason I started doing them in the first place. Humans want different things for different reasons and they will give up anything to get what they want. But it’s the pure souls that catch me off guard. All they want is what’s best for themselves and their family. Your mom is one of those pure souls. She wanted to raise you, see you grow into the young woman you are today. To be happy and love her family for years and decades sickness free. But she didn’t know what I would do when I came back for you. That’s why she was scared.”] [size12 Damion paused and closed his eyes, his face blank. A memory then flashed through his mind, one from before he was banished into hell. There was a faint feeling of happiness there somewhere but it faded before he could grasp it.] [b “Perhaps my ‘why’ has something to do with my past.”] [size12 He said in a low whisper as he opened his eyes again, a look of loss floating around in his eyes for a moment.]

[size12 Damion could sense fear building up in the girl and he hoped his words calmed that fear even just a little. He honestly didn’t want to cause fear in this girl. He scared off a good number of people in recent decades and most of what he kept getting for his contracts was items. Cars, jewelry, books, decor, art, papers and everything else under the sun. Even potted plants and rocks. This was the first time in a long while Damion could sit down and talk to someone that didn’t immediately haul ass in the other direction. The thought brought a small smile to his face, brightening his mood up again to be a little more pleasant than being so empty looking. He was able to talk to someone that would actually listen to him and somewhat tolerate him even though he kinda stalked her just a tad bit. Things were looking up. Down? Upside down? Whut?]

[size12 When he was asked his name, he smiled more.] [b “Of course I have many names. But on this side of the inferno, I go by Damion. But if you ever need me right STAT now, say my true name, the name I was given by the fat, cloud farting, bearded fuck upstairs, and I’ll poof right next to you in about 1 second flat. Flames and hellhounds not included. Well, maybe a bit of ash but that stuff gets everywhere. It’s like glitter but not as pretty.”] [size12 He said with a grin. Of course he had to toss in a bit of a devil joke.] [b “And don’t worry about it. It’s understandable in such a situation. Especially since it’s me we’re talking about.”]
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[right [pic]] [font "Times" [size15 Mavis kept pressing the kerchief intermittently to her lip until the spots got smaller and smaller. Sighing, she crushed it in her hand and went to look back at her work. Well, the circle was certainly there. Her intention was in her work, but was it enough to 'seal' the spell? Or like finalize her submission into the wider world? Her mind wandered back to blood, feeling her stomach curdle.

The sound of a voice, not even a breath of movement giving her any notice that she wasn't alone beyond the animals, made Mavis start. A cry was pulled from her, and the word Christ somewhere, the woman flinching back to see the pale face of who she now knew was the devil across from her outside the circle.

The flinch was hard enough to actually hurt, and the wheezing, inelegant huff of breath that was squeezed from her. Her arms wrapped around herself, trying to catch her breath now that her chest was sore from the spasm.

"[B Well, it's not like- you have a huge social media presence or anything.]" Mavis wheezed right back at him.

She frowned, though. "[B So it didn't work?]" she mused aloud, her face tightening in confusion as she looked up at him. "[B Then- if I didn't complete it- were you [i watching] me this whole time?]"

The momentary outrage was gone within moments, replaced by a certain, anxious, embarrassed heat when he turned his attention back onto her. Mavis discovered herself quite speechless for a moment, put on the spot like this. She always told herself to write these things down when questions occurred to her: in class or lecture, in a seminar she was attending, anything.

When he sat down, looking at her expectantly, Mavis felt her face get hot. That heat shot up immediately into something painful behind her eyes. No sooner had she looked down in confusion than her vision blurred. Her brows pressed together and she dabbed at her lash line with the curl of a finger, her lips pressing.

"[B Sorry...]" she pulled herself together, face growing stern as she forced herself to compose. Mavis pulled a sharp breath, clearing her throat. "[B This is a lot.]"

"[B Um-]" her eyes hadn't made it back to him yet, embarrassed by the yet present threat of tears. "[B I guess- I need to know. What- I am now?]" her eyes returned to him finally, looking at Damion. Those eyes distanced, shaking her head.

"[B I'm- forgive me, but, my only frame of reference is the media. Do- what were the parameters of your agreement with my mother. She only knows what she gave and what for. Not why.]" Mavis' voice was deceptively calm as she regarded him. It was often how she handled in this moment things. Numbness. It was what she was feeling earlier, and it was what she was feeling now.

She gestured, helplessly. Mavis could feel her stomach practically bottoming out as she reached for words, feeling something like fear begin to crawl up in her. She was afraid to say it- if she were being literal, if she were being [i truthful] Mavis would say 'do you own me?'. But she feared putting that thought into his head, if it wasn't there already, or hopefully denying its existence by not mentioning it. But it weighed. Weighed heavy on her.

Fear was tightening in her, like it had stuck to the insides of her rib cage and was winding tighter, making her breath short. The fact that her mother had no idea what she had gotten into, what 'claiming' meant, infuriated her. She wasn't mad she made the deal, simply that she didn't push for more information, and had refused to try, and that [i he] hadn't offered any. Did that mean she didn't have a life any longer, or choices? Would hers end? A life for a life? And she would be spirited away?

Mavis was still wondering at him in front of her. It was distracting her from actually articulating these questions and words. All these years she thought she had an idea of what the devil looked like. In all his guises, she thought he had so many. Was that true, she mused? Did he have facets like the Baphomet? Or was that solely symbology?

"[B Um-]" she pressed her lips together, trying to make a full sentence. "[B What's your name?]" she found herself saying, voice quiet. "[B What name would you have answered to, actually?]"

"[B And I'm- sorry I thought you were a creep earlier...]" Mavis mumbled at the last, rubbing the back of her neck, eyes low.
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[size12 It was a chilly night but the cool air didn’t bother Damion. It was refreshing, in fact. Compared to his usual environment this was a lovely change. The fresh air of the surface on a cool night was a wonderful, cleansing feeling. That is until a sneeze comes along and a plume of ash flies out. Eh. Just what happens when one lives in a place that burns all the time.]

[size12 Damion had hopped from one bar to another and is now sitting at his third one. So far, he’s drank 3 people under the table and wasn't so much as buzzed. The third guy fell over backward, chair and all. Damion jumped up out of his seat to see if the guy was alright only to see the guy passed out with the glass resting on his face, the rim caught on the guys nose which kept if from falling. He couldn’t hold back a small laugh. Humans were quite amusing creatures. Damion bought the bar a round of drinks and then headed out, having had his fun there. The patrons gave him a ‘cheers’ for the round as he walked out the door.]

[size12 Inhale. Exhale. The cool refreshing air seemed to bring memories back from long, long ago. Was it the chill or was it just the gentleness of the breeze? The memories were always bittersweet. There were good memories there but they always seemed to turn sour after a point. He shook his head to chase away those intruding thoughts and moved along.]

[size12 Aimless. It’s the only way to describe the way he moved around town. He didn’t have a goal or a place to be at. He just wandered, a blank look on his face as he glanced around at his surroundings. Damion’s eyes had glazed over with that dullness that seemed to be filling him. He was an expert in hiding it though and could change his outward emotional appearance in a split second. Dull one moment, perfectly pleasant the next. It was like throwing a switch. But for now, he let himself be dull.]

[size12 Compared to hell, earth was quite peaceful. Beautiful, even. To think that Damion was once a part of its creation. Humans made the world even more beautiful. But they also made him frustrated. Why create something that was so flawed? That question got Damion thinking. What if perfection wasn’t the goal? What if there was a reason for the flaws? Who the hell knows.]

[size12 As Damion wandered the darkened streets of the hushed town, he suddenly felt an itch on his head. It was like the feeling of getting poked with a tiny piece of hay that’s stuck in your sock. Kind of annoying but not painful. He didn’t think much of it really. Until the itch happened again a few moments later.] [b “That’s odd.”] [size12 He mumbled then shrugged. The itch happened again and then went silent. He rubbed the back of his head.] [b “Huh. A case of itchy brain? Is that even a thing?”] [size12 He mumbled before he shrugged it off and moved onward.]

[size12 It wasn’t long till he decided he was bored and decided to see what the young girl was up to. He turned on his special vision and tracked her down.] [b “Like the north star to the three wise men, guiding me to treasure. Or something like that. Never did pay attention to that tale.”] [size12 He did a little skip and off he went.] [b “I’m off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Oz!”] [size12 He sang as he made his way towards his destination.]

[size12 Damion made himself invisible by the time he got to the barn that was in the back of the girls house. He remembered the place quite well despite it being 2 decades. He peeked in through a side window to see the girl sitting on the floor holding a cloth to her mouth. In front of her, though, nearly broke him. She was trying to legit summon him! So that was where the itch came from. This was both hilarious and damn adorable. Damion forced himself to regain his composure.]

[size12 Once he got his head back in the right spot and his ribs weren't trying to break from holding in laughter, he vanished then reappeared in the barn a couple feet from the girl and her attempt at a summoning circle. He squatted down to see the circle better.] [b “Not a bad attempt but I think it would have worked a bit better if you used a sacrifice or something.”] [size12 He said as he casually poked the statue.] [b “Or you could just say my name.”] [size12 He smiled with a soft chuckle. He knew he probably spooked the girl but he kept his voice soft and calm as he spoke.] [b “This is just adorable though. You’ve gone to quite a length to get to me. I’m sure there’s some burning questions on your mind now. I’m all ears.”]

[size12 Damion leaned back and planted his butt on the ground despite being in such a nice suit. He didn’t seem bothered by the dust and dirt and grime that was in the barn. He was more focused on making sure this young girl understood what her mother got her into. Damion sat there with a soft smile. It was going to be a long night.]
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[right [pic]] [font "Times" [size15 Standing out in the field was clarifying. The cold of the evening kind of calmed down, or legitimately numbed, the kind of weird mess of things she was experiencing. And in doing so, that just heightened the feeling that that she needed to speak to him directly. It was the one thing that didn't calm and disappear. Mavis knew her parents had given her all of the information they had, and made it clear they didn’t want to involve themselves any more in this deal, this claiming. They would be of no further help. She needed Lucifer. The Devil. Mavis actually realized she didn't know his name, or honorifics, or anything. Or how to contact him, to even speak. Much as she had kept his iconography with her, there really was nothing. But he knew her.

She began to wonder why he never was present, or if she just didn't see him in her life. Had he ever even been there? Or was he just cashing in, now? Her lips pursed, feeling that cramping need twist tighter in her again.

Unable to stand still anymore, Mavis set her jaw, turning back towards the house. She would be damned if she didn't try something, at least. Casual research into and interest in the new witch movements- publicized by people on the internet everywhere- didn't mean she was completely clueless. Only mostly.

But this sort of thing, Mavis really didn't know what she was doing and so many people warned and warned and warned about doing spiritual stuff like this without proper protections or knowledge or strength. And those people were all pagans, earth-worshippers, not Satanists. All the Satanists she knew were non-theological. It was all just theory and logic, nothing spiritual about it.

There seemed to be some blend, as far as she could tell, between 'spirits' meaning ambient, ancient things, unnatural things, and the dead, at least in the things she [i had] seen. However, there really weren't any black witches in anything but fiction, that she knew of. And that felt like the kind of person she needed to ask. The kind that actually believed in him- in the Devil. Because surely she wasn't the only one?

Mavis' stomach hurt. She had no idea what else to do. Surely the Devil himself didn't have social media she could stalk, so... what else was left?

Sighing, Mavis turned and went back to the house. She slowed down just outside. How [i does] one legitimately go about this? Mavis realized that most of her 'knowledge' was drawing from movies, television, and some 'witches' online. But she never knew if she wholly believed in it. A part of her always wanted to. But would that even work? Was she too amateurish to have this work? Or not fuck up royally and make something even worse happen? Get something attached to her that she knew nothing about?

Hesitating, Mavis looked down at her hands, feeling torn. She needed to speak to him. Her mother couldn't help, she was a Catholic casual. And she had kept this hidden from her since she was born. She might even try and stop her.

Well, best to try something and see if it worked. In her limited knowledge, Mavis went and found the box of Epsom salts under the sink. Would this work? They certainly had enough of it, their little canister of cooking salt wouldn't make a very big circle... but did size matter? Epsom salts were inorganic. Something in her stomach told her that might not work. Organic compounds sounded best. Small circle, then. Normal salt. She grabbed that.

Creeping upstairs, Mavis knew she couldn't do this in the house, so she would grab what she needed and go somewhere else. Her parents would freak out. She knew that. Considering they kept this from her for this long, they would want to keep as much of this away from them and her as possible. Maybe the barn, then.

Drawing on each and every thing she knew about witchcraft, Mavis grabbed candles. She knew each color would be ideal, but she only mostly had white pillar candles, one purple taper, some black pillar candles and one red one. So, would white be able to represent the other elements well enough? That was neutral, right?

Anxiety was pulling at her, but she was doing this anyways. She went into her room and grabbed the Baphomet idol she kept with her in her kind of decorative altar. Mavis always felt like such a poser, never actually practicing, but looking the part. But she had some bits and pieces. And most of magic was intention, wasn't it? Putting that out into the ether and hoping that nothing else bad came through?? She just wanted Satan himself, that's perfectly fine and a normal thing that people did their first time trying to contact something spiritual, yup, what could go wrong here?

Juggling her armful of candles, holders, matches, salt, her one quartz crystal, a bowl, water bottle and idols, Mavis went back outside and into the barn, flipping the light switch on with her elbow. It was a large hay and dairy barn and she was sure the horses, goats and Hilde their cow wouldn't mind her using the barn floor. The lightbulbs were old, and so spread out that it made the barn kind of dim. You probably shouldn't read in here, but you could work, and feed the animals. That's all you really needed. But in this instance it made it kind of spooky. It was so quiet out here, now that she had taken her earphones out. She swore under her breath, softly, and went deeper inside.

Carefully setting her spread down on a hay bale next to the short set of stairs up into the hay storage area she looked around at her surroundings. The hay scattered dirt floor and the silence made it almost seem like the animals, the very air knew what she was about to attempt.

Mavis looked down at it all again, sitting there. It all looked right, at least.

She swallowed and knelt, and thought about it a bit. A lot could go wrong here. But she was closing her eyes to that, heeding her desperation now. She was wearing her pendant, it would be fine, right?

Taking a deep breath, Mavis took the salt and went to the spot on the floor she wanted and made the five points of the star, closing the pentacle with a circle. She seated herself at its top point, at the spirit point . Bringing up her phone, Mavis thumbed through until she found at a diagram that showed at which point each element went. Four points for the elements, and one for soul/spirit.

White for water, since she didn't have blue, and on earth. In front of them, she set down her bowl and filled it with water, and then set her quartz in front of earth. She [i did] have a red one, so that went in its place, and there she had no idea what to put there. The candle would be burning so is that enough? Did she need... more fire?? A bowl with burning things in it? That sounded about right, and she did have something like that she could set up...

She took her idol and paused there. What element was he associated with? Popular media would suggest fire but his supposed realm was in the earth, so was it earth? Old world religions worshipped the earth, and her spirituality with him regarded the self. So... spirit? Should he share her element? But he was the subject, the summons, so shouldn't he be in the center?? She sat there, glancing between all of them, and considering how the Baphomet symbolized balance and binaries, and the self and all of these things.

"[B Fuck, I don't know,]" Mavis breathed, shifting the idol to one hand and googling the Satanic circle with the other. That had symbols in it. And the goat was the whole thing, so... Center?

Setting her phone down, she reached out and set the idol in the center. Taking the salt again, she poured it in her hands and drew the inner circle of the pentagram, which was what it was now, officially, now that she added in these symbols. She did so by letting the salt slip through her fingers as she drew the symbols, dusting the rest off on herself when she finished. She surveyed her work. This was the difference between the pentacle and the pentagram, right?? She was wracking her brain to try and put all of this together.

Mavis took the black candle and put it next to the baphomet so she could see it better; the subject. The purple she put at her knees in its holder, for spirit. Or was it white that was spirit? Because it was neutral? Shit. She still didn't know, and no matter how many google keywords she tried, all she got was how to buy pentacle [i shaped] candles in purple and a bunch of Catholic pentecost stuff. Not what she needed. Oh well.

Sighing and taking a match, she lit each candle, and lastly the black one at the center. Sitting back, she took in her work. it certainly looked legitimate now. Her pocket knife she was deeply aware of in her back pocket.

Looking out at the circle, Mavis hesitated on that. TV always said offer blood, but the idea of giving this thing pieces of her made her very Irish superstitions about body parts hesitate.

What did she do now? Mavis stared at the face of the Baphomet in the center as if it would give her answers, searching her thoughts again as to what she could do. She knew how to do spirit boards, because who didn't when you were white and were once a middle and high schooler in a small town? But she didn't know how to open and close [i this] correspondence.

Sitting there on her knees she bit her lip, chewing on it in thought. The real silence of the night was getting to her now. The animals would shuffle, now that some of them were awake since she had turned the lights on, and the crickets outside. An owl somewhere gave her a start and her teeth caught on a chapped bit of skin, pulling it off. Mavis' hand went to her mouth, knowing the feeling of pulling off something too deep, and pulled her finger back with a bit of blood on it.

"[B Mother of-]" her hand went to her pocket, pulling out her handkerchief, and pressed it against her lip. "[B fuck, goddammit.]"

It was a bad habit of hers that she was trying really hard to kick.
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[size12 Damion had returned, for the moment, to hell. He had a satisfied smile on his face. The screams of all the tortured souls were dimmed by the walls of his castle as he sat upon his throne.] [+red “I take it your trip to the surface went well?”]

[size12 The voice came from one of the demons that worked as a servant in the castle. Not all the demons were grotesque in appearance. Some were quite lovely like this one was. Of course, Damion couldn’t keep track of names as there were so many of them.] [b “Indeed it has. I will be returning soon.”]

[+red “Contract, I assume?”]

[size12 The devil simply nodded. The demon handed Damion a golden goblet filled with wine. Once the room was cleared, Damion’s mood instantly changed. He went from smiling and upright to blank and slightly hunched over. He heaved a sigh as he rubs his eyes.] [b “This repetitive life has made me so…..dull. Or maybe empty is better? Hasn’t it been long enough?”] [size12 He said, voice empty of it’s usual silk and instead sounded more like a tired man. They say the devil doesn’t sleep but right now, he needs a nap. And honestly, that sounds like a brilliant idea.]

[size12 Damion made his way to his bedroom, if anyone could call it that. The room looked as if it came right out of a billionaires mansion. Silk, fine wood furniture, and expensive electronics. Being the ruler of hell, Damion could have anything he wanted. And what he wanted right now was the bed, which was massive and big enough to hold at least 10 people comfortably. He undressed down to just his undies, flinging the pieces of his suit here and everywhere. A shoe landed on the coat rack somehow and his tie on a lamp. He then flopped into the bed face first. It was that ‘I’m too tired to move the covers so I’m just gonna flop here like a dead fish and sleep’ flop. His feet were off the edge of the bed so he wiggled up a bit more and then just stayed there. It wasn’t long till the sound of muffled snores could be heard through the comforter. He was out cold. Guess he really needed the nap.]

[size12 Some time had passed when Damion finally woke up. He had rolled onto his back sometime in his sleep and sprawled out. He sat up and yawned.] [b “Guess I needed that. Been sleeping more than I used to. I have no energy these days.”] [size12 He mumbles before hopping over the edge of the bed and making his way into the bathroom. Of course, the bathroom was just as luxurious as the bedroom. Massive jacuzzi tub, gold goats head faucet and shower head, gold trimmed brimstone vanity counter with a white marble sink and gold goats head faucet. Even the mirror was trimmed in gold.]

[size12 Damion looked in the mirror and chuckled. His hair was in such disarray that it was almost an afro. He quickly got the shower running and took a quick shower. It helped wake him up and put a little spring in his step. Once he was dressed and his hair styled back, he was back to looking sharp and, well, devilish. He had a little more spring in his step and seemed more uplifted. He wandered to the throne room only to be met with a face he really didn’t want to see.] [b “Ugh. Why did you have to ruin my good mood, Micheal.”]

[+red “What? Can’t your brother come visit every now and then to check up on you?”]

[b “It’s called a phone. Learn how to use one.”]

[size12 Micheal huffed then smiled.] [+red “Don’t be like that.”]

[b “I know what this is about. You’re trying to weasel your way into my heart again to get me to stop making contracts with humans and to stop going to the surface. I know you and countless others oppose me doing that but it’s not up to you to decide what I do. Either give up and leave me alone or risk pissing me off and forcing me to start another war.”]

[size12 The angel's face changed to a more serious look.] [+red “You don’t have the power.”]

[size12 Damion’s eyes glowed bright red with his anger.] [b “I have an army of demons that’s several times larger than what I had during the rebellion. Don’t fucking test me.”]

[size12 The angel’s face twisted with anger but under it was fear.] [+red “Che. Sometimes I wonder why He let you live.”]

[b “I wonder the same thing. Now get out of my kingdom before I throw you out.”] [size12 With that, Micheal left without a word.] [b “Of all the faces I had to see when I first wake up, it was that ugly mug. I'd rather wake up to a horse's ass in my face than that. Hell, I’d rather wake up and see tickets to a Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber concert super glued to my forehead. Yugh.”] [size12 He said as a shiver went up his spine from the encounter.]

[size12 A maid came by with a tray carrying a mug of coffee. Damion plucked it off the tray and downed the whole thing in about 10 seconds. He adjusted his suit, ran a hand through his hair and he was ready to go. He ripped open a portal between hell and the surface and stepped through. The current time on the surface should be early night. Maybe he would hit a couple bars. Maybe he’d just wander around. And who knows. He might just run into the girl again. Or perhaps, because of the seed he planted in her mind, she’s out there seeking him out.]
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[right [pic]] [font "Times" [size15 She couldn't help the flush of compliment that bloomed in her face at being described as devilish. It made her eyes drop from him. Maybe she was being a bit judgy and defensive... Beyond that she was in [i no] way expecting that to affect her so much. Though, at that last, weird mention about 'being like him' she had to give him another look, confused and wary about that.

She gave him another glance over to see some form of indicator that he was potentially- goth? alternative? Satanist?? Luciferian?- similar to her. Studs, certain black on black patterns, any emblem... Nothing gave. What an odd thing to say.

And he apologized. Mavis' stance, defensive, turned deliberately away from him and toward the bookshelf, opened a bit, as did her face to him. Her features softened a bit, put at ease with how well he took her rejection. That was really what she had been afraid of. Making him mad. Making him lash out at her. Men did that. Rejection tantrums, potentially even mean, harmful things to women.

But all of those thoughts were dashed when he gave her a last, parting comment. Her mother??

Mavis' first thought was wondering why the hell he didn't just introduce himself as so and so, hello, I know your mother from here and there and I recognize you (probably) from this or that. But he disappeared before she could properly call him back.

Meaning he left in the sense that Mavis found herself unable to follow, even when she called 'hey wait!' and got back out of the aisle to follow after him, reaching around to catch him if she could, he literally was gone. Like, poof. She stood there a moment, mouth hanging open, and stared around, holding her cup against herself with both hands to try and find him if she just somehow missed him. But nope, he was legitimately vanished, and she soon gave up, feeling a pad of uncomfortable upset about the unresolved conversation sit in the pit of her stomach for the rest of the day. She still didn't want to go home yet, but things were weighing on her now...

So she finished shopping around until at least the anxious energy was gone, and headed home.
[center [pic]]
Mavis opened the door, stepping into the house. "[B Hello~!]" her standard greeting, both of theirs, walking into the home. "[B Mom?]" she called into it, hearing her mother answer from deeper inside.
[center ♥]
What Mavis had initially thought was going to be a normal conversation about some work friend or someone Mavis just didn't know had turned into something other. She didn't know what to call it other than simply that; other. Different. She felt that pit in her stomach begin to yawn in fear as she saw the expression on her parents' faces when she started to describe the Devil, she would learn shortly thereafter.

Initially she was hurt. Fear tingled at the back of her skull, briefly, at having assumed he was just some rando creeping on a woman alone in a bookstore. Secondly, she was wounded at the prospect that this- idol? Figurehead?- that she had begun to silently cling to in the vapid space left by disillusionment with God, with life, with 'devout' Christians she had met him with so little ceremony. A little bit of embarrassment followed at her own actions, and what shocked her was it was a bit of- relief. She [i did] belong somewhere. And that somewhere was outside of the house of god, where she thought she belonged, but had no idea if it was real, was there. But fear was overtaking all of that. Of not knowing what this meant, what she was, now, and what he would desire of her, how she was [i property] and how angry that label made her.

It was a lot.

Mavis swallowed, exhaling softly, and dropped her gaze to chew on that for a few more seconds. Many seconds.

Her mother clasped her hands, eyes locked on her daughter, and gave her some time. Her dad was standing next to mom, just behind, with his hands on her shoulders in silent support. This wasn't his talk he needed to have with Mavis, though a part of him felt deeply guilty for not tellign her anyways, much as he had wanted to respect his wife's wishes on the matter above all.

The silence ate at them, feeling whole and large and thick, separating the three of them. They could practically see Mavis pulling away from them, even as she sat there, quiet, outwardly calm.

"[+teal ...I don't want to rush you, but I'm feeling a bit nervous.]"

Mavis' brow furrowed a bit, looking back up at her mother. "[B What was your reason?]"

Her mother's already trembling, tearful eyes spilled over, leaping down her face. "[+teal I wanted to live,]" she said, voice cracking, now more breath than words. "[+teal I wanted to raise you, see you, and love you. I had no idea he would [i take] you.]"

[i He hasn't taken me yet,] thought Mavis to herself, her mouth pursing, screwing tightly to the side. And now what to do about that.

Another few moments of silence as she mulled this over. Surprisingly, Mavis wasn't feeling too many emotions at once. She had expected to have a breakdown herself, this void was a bit strange. It was probably because she wasn't fully comprehending all of this. The part of her that was relieved was settling a fine dose of dissociative calm over everything. It felt so far away, like she was watching something on a show, or reading for a part in one.

"[B Why didn't you say anything?]"

Her mother wiped her eyes, sniffling, and covered her mouth briefly. "[+teal You were a baby, initially, I couldn't think how to explain it all to a toddler. And then... I didn't know how to explain it. I half wondered if he didn't visit you at night, or when you were walking home from school or... when you- [i decided] to start dressing the way you do, I sort of assumed.]"

Mavis then looked to her father, "[+green And I wanted to respect her decision.]"

That sounded like movie plot material, the same type of drama she had been, basically, illogically, expecting to have right now. She almost felt validated, in a way. Her hand went to her baphomet pendant. Why visit only now? What were his limits? Powers? [i Demands?] This was a lot to take in. A part of her wished she had the both of them here, sat down, to talk out the details of this contract, but it seemed relatively straightforward.

"[+teal I can't ask you not to be mad at me, I can't- explain most of it. I was scared.]"

Mavis looked back up at her again, "[B Of course you were,]" she said, feeling her voice deaden and grow quieter.

As much as this was generally her reaction to panic, or upset. Numbness. Emptiness. Mavis wasn't a fan. It had the tendency to all leak out on accident some other, inopportune time in the future.

"[B I can't- I don't really understand your circumstances, so I'm- upset, of course, at the being sold part. But a part of me is- okay with it? Like-]" she felt a laugh come out of her, something brittle and on the verge of something else, worse. Her hand brushed over her head and hair, needing the texture to continue sitting in this chair. "[B I don't think I can like, logically deny- or- I don't know. I just- need to figure out [i how] owned I am, I guess.]"

She looked up at her father, confusion lining her face in that way that she understood what was happening, just not what she was feeling. The information was coming in, processing, but the emotional knot wasn't exactly untangling with the presentation [i of] said information.

Mavis was already making up her mind that she wasn't going to get pulled into any other realms, dimensions, or places at all. Not a chance. She had to figure out what catches her mother definitely didn't get informed of when she made this deal. That was popular fiction about any creature like this. Demon or fey. There's always more they don't tell you by omission, if not a straight out lie in the former's case. She would have to see, which meant she would have to see him again, and hopefully on neutral ground, if she wasn't about to get pulled through some goddamned portal now that this information had been passed to her and the big man himself had visited her.

It was a lot to think about.

She stood up, eyes still absent, not focusing on anything specifically.

"[B Hey, uh, I think I'm going to go change into some pants and take a walk.]"

And so, after standing and kind of just walking into her parents, needing the physical contact of being enveloped in a rather uncomfortable hug for a moment, Mavis went upstairs. Pants. Boots. Black coat. All black, actually, so not great walking in the evening clothes but it was the wardrobe that she had at the ready right now.

She needed to kind of just wander and be alone and not in the house right now, so she went out into the fields behind the house, traversing the boundary patches of trees. Towards the one field she knew was young hay grass right now, so basically just a huge lawn at the moment, with one, standing oak tree in it. It was where she just sort of went, either alone or with friends. God and the Devil both, probably, knew that she and her friends had climbed all over it. And there she stood, staring over the still landscape with her earbuds in her ear trying to filter out the music and playlists that didn't make sense with what she was feeling right now. Which was a lot of things. It was a tiny, obsessive, controlling thing she could do to sort of begin to organize all of this.
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[size12 Not the reaction expected. How could a compliment be creepy? Damion’s smile faltered just a little. It seemed his good natured air he wanted have didn’t have the intended effect. In fact, it was having the opposite effect.]

[size12 Being the master at what he does, Damion has never failed to charm a person. Maybe this young girl has some sort of natural defense against him? Or maybe she unconsciously knew who, or rather what, he was and didn’t fall for his tricks? Or maybe she can see past the charm? Who knows what the case is. It kinda made Damion a touch bit annoyed. Of course it never showed.]

[b “It’s just a compliment, dear.”] [size12 He said.] [b “Most people stick to the normal and boring looks. It’s nice to see something a little devilish to stand out from the crowd. Unique. Lovely. Like a dark flower among all the white ones. Reminds me of me, really. The wolf among all the lambs.”]

[size12 He had given her quite a shock but she had regained her composure. Though she was still flustered and probably wanted to bolt out of there. He wouldn’t stop her, of course. He’s not that mean. She seemed to have given him a couple glances as if getting a better idea of his form over the past few minutes since his arrival. When she declined his offer, he gave a small frown.] [b “Aww. Alright then.”] [size12 He said with a small sigh. He then pulled out a pocket watch from the inner pocket of his jacket and popped it open. The cover on the watch had markings that appeared to be an intricate goats head design in an inverted star. The eyes held rubies that were as crimson as freshly spilled blood. Only those that recognized that particular design and what it symbolized.] [b “Oh dear. Look at the time. I do apologize if I caused you any distress.”] [size12 He turned to leave but stopped and glanced back.] [b “Oh, and be a dear and tell your mom I said hello and that I hope she has been doing well.”] [size12 And then he left.]

[size12 Damion had mentioned the girls mom as if he knew her. And he did, in a sense. Leaving the girl with that little jolt might get the ball rolling in his favor a bit more. But who knows what will happen now that he left a bombshell in the girls hands. It’s a matter of what sets it off.]
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[right [pic]] [font "Times" [size15 Sighing softly, Mavis looked at the color palette change in this section of the mange. From the cute pastels and fonts, it changed to black, yellow, and red mostly. She was satisfied here, trying to pretend she wasn't buzzing with anxiety at being spotted again and started to look at the spines of the series' again.

A voice summoned her attention to glance over, thinking she was overhearing a conversation of someone else. Mavis was the only person in this aisle right now, so perhaps it was a passing individual, or a clerk looking to assist her wandering around. But when she looked over, the man had appeared next to her. He was leaned casually against the end cap of the shelves she was looking at.

Mavis' mouth slipped from the straw of her drink, staring at him. At first it was in incomprehension as her brain caught up to the fact that just moments ago he was so far away, she thought. Right? And that meant he had not only recognized her, but had decided to tease her. Her face heated again, this time in confused consternation, feeling distinctly infantilized by being 'lovely'. This would be the first time anyone approached her like this, though.

Her brows pressed together, "[B That is the creepiest thing you could say to someone,]" she said, glancing him over. Jaunty grin, suit and all. He at face value didn't look like her type. Mavis was covered in chains, studs, Baphomet and skull imagery, and he had... a tie pin. Dear god. She bet he drove a BMW to top it off. Her eyes returned to his face, arching a brow.

She shook her head, "[B No thanks, I'm good.]" It took a bit, but she had regained her composure some after the shock earlier. That didn't mean her face hadn't stopped feeling hot, panic simmering in her throat and chest, fear for making him angry, but she stoically stood still and turned her attention back to the books.

She reached for a title that looked interesting on one of the higher shelves. Mavis was tall, so she could reach. The employee back stock was above most people's reach, that wasn't what she was after, just this thing that looked spooky. She slipped it out and turned it over to read the back.
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