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[I [center The rebellion against the matriarch was successful, although with it came the reveal that humanity is on the brink of a growing food shortage. Face with humanity facing another threat of dying off from mass starvation, and the inhospitable terrain outside the city. Humanity's only option is to go below and scavenge outside for humanity's final hope.] ]
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[b "I knew it."] Marcus muttered underneath his breath as he sat back after hearing everything that Ryan had to say. Though now wasn't about him at all. It was about the future of humanity and advancing it forward so that they wouldn't starve to death in the city which. Shifting to one foot to another, Ryan let out a sigh before placing his hands in his pocket. Sure; he'd been down there before and the they were hard press to let him go again.

"When I visit them below, they thought that I was a god. So they tried to keep me lock up so that they could praise me and do all sorts of crazy stuff. They're extremely superstitious.. If we can somehow convince them that they're blood could be used as a sacrifice for the God's above it could work. Only problem is, I'm sure that some of them saw through the ruse and could see that I'm an ordinary human."
As much as he'd like to be able to solve all of humanity's problems to simple and easy he couldn't. There was a long way to go before all the damage that had been done could be fix.
  Ryan Parker / Mr-X / 11d 3h 54m 47s
Though everyone was quiet and waiting, it took Ryan a moment to speak. Sawyer wasn't sure what the hold up was. He seemed rather eager only moments ago, but eventually he did pipe up. His words were a double edged sword. The thought that the despicable doctor Jaeger had been left living and to continue his work was horrifying. Not unbelievable, because as mentioned before, the woman would put nothing past Lillie at this point. It wasn't even really surprising, just unpleasant. So, she sat with a scowl. However, on the other side of that, there was another possibility for humanity to step back into the light. It was a shoddy theory at best, considering this guys other brilliant ideas, but it was something. And it was more than just the blood of two people who happened to survive his experimentation. Though, if this pocket of people was half as hokey as the artificial blonde seemed to think, it wasn't likely they were going to be chomping at the bit to test this theory out by coming to the surface, or give blood samples to their doctors to try and come up with a cure for the surface dwellers as well.

[+teal “It is a long shot.”] But so was just about everything else she bet her money on up till this point. It was something, so she had to let some hope in. [+teal “But it is still worth looking into. We are running out of time, so even if this option isn't guaranteed to be viable, we should still put some resources into it.”] Not all them them of course. It was stupid to put all your eggs in one basket. Figuring out just how much effort should go forth would have to come later though. There were more things that needed to be sorted out. [+teal “What do think is our best way of convincing them to test this theory?”] The question was directed back to Ryan again, as he was the only one to experience these other people and their culture. He may have made contacts down here that were willing to go the length they needed, but as of right now she wasn't even sure how much he had told them about the surface.
  Sawyer "Lyric" Barlow / Loxi / 12d 17h 49m 37s
The voice of Ryan came out softly as the all filed into the meeting room. Sitting at the top of the table the male closed his eyes as he rubbed his temple not sure well or even how exactly to begin. Afterall, this all started with the madness of Dr Jaeger and his awful infant experiments. In one sense, Ryan felt as if he were partially to blame. Seeming as the was the very first infant which Jaeger experimented with and he was successful at making him immune to the toxins despite it having a serious side effect. He couldn’t help the fact that he was well in his forties and still looked as if he wasn’t a day pass 13. Tapping his hands on the table Ryan slowly spoke up as he started to go into it.

“Dr. Jaeger, as we all know, was a madman responsible for the infant experiments. But, what you guys might not know is that… Originally, he was task with working on an immunity to the toxins outside of the city. He spent years formulating chemicals and vaccines that could help Lily with humanity’s survival. After.. what happen, the doctor’s death was publicly executed. Or at least that’s how it when down on Paper. We all know that Lillie was always scheming and doing whatever she pleased, so, she had Jaeger locked in a special prison cell in one of the underground tunnels. It was there that he’d continued, under supervision, to experiment with immunities with the toxins. I… he… used my blood as a base for it.. But while I was gone, I heard that Lillie need another blood sample to replace mine. I guess she got that from you?”

Here the male slowly reached into his pocket and pulled out several vials of what seemed like red substances. Swirling it around the male slowly set it down on the table and slowly spoke. “Jaeger ended up dying, originally that was the reason why I came back here. To check on his research labs and see if he was able to come close to cracking the case of immunity to the toxins. Before I came here I stopped by his prison cell and this was what the guards who’d been station there had told me he’d left me. An untested solution.. Jaeger hypothesis that the people, were lillie was originally from, not have built up a higher resistance to the Toxin outside of the city. Mostly because there’s no way that some of there food wouldn’t have been 100% free of contamination. After generations and generations of eating slightly contaminated food, it’s possible that they would be able to have a stronger resistance. Jaeger’s finally hypothesis is that with this vial and the blood from one of the villagers… We might finally be able to synthesis a cure and humanity would be able to be finally once again be saved and thrive out there in the toxic waste. Though admittedly it’s a long shot.”

Looking at the group which gather there he sighed as he finally told them all that had been hidden from them.
  Luke Fairway / Mr-X / 46d 15h 17m 54s
Lyric wasn’t sure she’d ever seen Black embarrassed about anything that wasn’t graphically sexual in nature, so it was more than a little surprising that this call to reflect brought it out of him. What’s more than that, she hadn’t expected her words to have any effect on him. The bright haired woman really wasn’t a part of this, her opinions were probably close to irrelevant, but she was glad to see him come more to his senses.

With a breath of relief, she let them kind of come to their conclusions on things. However, she could not stop herself from making comment when talk of the military’s corruption came into play. [+teal “I’d say.”] Sawyer had lived through it getting worse, though to be honest she was so young before the transition that her views on that were radically skewed. The conversation didn’t stay there, of course. Her snide comment would go without retort as they were ushered back to the building so that Ryan could go ahead and brief them.

She had thought she had seen the last of him, at least for the night, but fate was a mysterious thing. So here she was again. Albeit this time they weren’t out in the middle of bum fuck nowhere, so that was nice. Believe it or not, just because she could meet up with strangers outside the confines of the rest of humanity, Lyric wasn’t exactly a fan of it. Even if they were relatable or interesting to her.

Coming to a conference room, there were seats enough for everyone. Taking the one next to Barret, the dark eyed woman waited for the others to settle so the ball could get rolling. She wanted to know just what it was Ryan had to share with them.
  Sawyer "Lyric" Barlow / Loxi / 51d 13h 20m 23s
When did lyric become the voice of reason? Now, there was nothing but a blush that came over the face of Marcus. Of course he'd reacted the same way had he'd know sooner. He'd even gone out and acted recklessly and ended up getting himself. Needlessly killed for throaing caution to the wind. Turning his head away his eyes. Closed for a brief moment. Shard of memories flashed through his mind before dissipating and now he was back to his normal calm headed self. Shifting around, Ryan slowly moved his hood back now revealing his youthful face and he slowly muttered an apologize before that was echoed by Thorn and now everything had gone back to seemingly being normal for the time being at least.

[b "In hindsight, I should've handle things better instead of quitting the military after finding out. I just.. I lost all trust that what we were doing was helping people after that."] Barrett spoke up as he slowly got use to the pain that was coursing from his jaw. Nodding his head Black slowly closed his eyes before opening them and shook his head. "No. You were right to leave when you did.. the population police started getting corrupted around the time we both left "

It wasnt something that the man didn't like to admit. But they'd had found the people responsible for it and they've been punish severely. Thorn had overseen the punishment for all parties involved with them. While it had been more humane than what would've happen during the reign of Lillie, it was still pretty damn brutal. At this time, Ryan interjected himself with a cough before he moved to stand before then. [i "I think it's time we went inside so that I can fill you guys in on all the missing events that happen." ] His voice came out softly and as the two looked him Barrett blinked.

It was his first time ever seeing Ryan. While it was obvious that his hair was dyed blonde the same couldnt be said about him. Ryan was older than both Marcus and Barrett yet he barely looked like he was old enough to vote in the election. No doubt it was the side effect of that mad doctors experiments. Dr. Jaeger was a bastard. Turning upon his heel the male slowly led the way towards the building and paused to look at them all.

[center [i "Well come, I got alot of explaining to do".] ]
  Marcus Aurelius Thorn / Mr-X / 53d 15h 19m 30s
Her eyebrow twitched slightly as she stared at him still irritated. He was being insufferable. Black was the one who brought up his kidnapping in the first place, but now it wasn’t what he was talking about. Still, she remained silent as he launched into his story. Over the years she had heard bits and pieces. At least when it came to him being pit against a woman from the rebellion and their seemingly complicated relationship, this was Lyric first time hearing all the details though. Still, even with all that, there was nothing monumental. Just another story about losing someone you care about in this horrible world. Sawyer had heard a million of them, so for her this was not much different.

When it came down to it, it all sounded exactly like something Lilly would do. She had a hard time seeing where Marcus was experiencing disconnect? Whether his commander was pulling the strings or not, what happened still happened just the same. Even if it was some big incident, it was so long ago. She vaguely remembered hearing about it at the time, though really it wasn’t anything that concerned her. It would be another year or two before she joined the resistance herself. As for him though, maybe this was just making it fresh again and resurfacing old feelings he hadn’t really laid to rest. Sawyer had her own things like that. Sure they were in the past, but they still shaped her and her view of the world. So in that regard, she did feel a bit sorry for him.

Then Barret jumped in to say his piece and she sighed. Exhaling took a lot of her irritation with it, but as always some remained. [i ‘Safer for him, maybe.’] The thought crossed her mind, but she narrowly avoided saying it aloud and making everything worse. It was difficult for her to think about all those lost lives and think of it as the better option. Black had grown on her, but the dark eyed woman’s mind always went to what was better for the many. Individuals came second. [+teal “I know it’s irritating, but do you really think you would have been any better off knowing the truth before now?”] What would he have done differently? Would it have changed anything? Lyric doubted it; still the words weren’t said in a patronizing way. At least, they weren’t meant to be. [+teal “Stupid as it is to have kept quiet this long…] she glanced over to the scientist, [+teal “seems like Barret had your best interest in mind. No doubt you’ve been in the same position.”] He was basically second in command over humanity until a few years ago. Secrets were a part of the game. This was the same thing, just on a smaller scale. And that was assuming the dark haired man hadn’t outright lied to his friends to protect him. He was known for his manipulation skills, after all.

[+teal “So can you like calm down a bit so that you two, or three…”] Lyric looked over to Ryan unsure whether or not he should be included. [+teal “Can actually talk about this instead of beating the shit out of each other.”] She didn’t know why she was trying to mediate. This didn’t exactly involve her, but she would prefer if she didn’t have to watch her friend get too beaten up. If she could help it.
  Sawyer "Lyric" Barlow / loxi / 62d 9h 16m 47s
[b "I'm not talking about my kidnapping!"]
Marcus exploded as he threw his hands up in anger. [b "And I sure as fuck am not talking about Cade! Cade was Ryand replacement when he went awol..I'm talking about..] Marcus closed his eyes as he balled his first together. Gritting his teeth he tether on the age of snapping and not but he had to remain calm. After all, it had been a long sixteen years ago when it had happen. Sure enough Lyeic had been a child and hadn't even known what had happen. So he exhaled and slowly spoke those words together.

[I "Lyric, There is a reason why I hate the rebellion. When I was commander in chief of the military police force, I met the leader of the Rebellion. She was a girl name Penny who was older than me. The first time I met her I mistook her for one of my soldiers and since I had been taking a nap without my military outfit on.. she mistook me for a a rebel. At the time, I didnt believe that a woman could... was capable of leading a rebellion so I let her go and continued my search for the rebel leader.."]

[I It was the winter of my first year as Military police chief when a tragedy had happen. The weather had turn unpredictable and it brought with it a snow storm that wiped out the power in the lower sections of the city. Without food and without heat many of the people face both starvation and freezing to death. I, couldn't.. I couldn't stand to see many women and children suffer at the this turn if events. I knew that the rebels were more than likely to get the people to cooperate than we were.. so. I order my men to help the rebels save as many lives as they could during the winter.]

[i "Of course, many rebels assumed that I would abuse the power outage and use this as a means to snuff out the rebellion for good. And, many of those in higher position as mine ordered me to do so. But, I couldnt. I went directly to Lillie and told her that I had order explicit orders for my men to offer temporary pardons of the rebels to help with the winter cold. I didn't give a damn what anyone said. I had a duty to uphold the peace and serve the people. So, my police officers and rebels enter a temporary truce. It was during that time that I came to learn that Penny had been telling the truth when I first met her.]

[i She was indeed the leader of the rebellion. I had unknowingly let her escape in front of my entire platoon. Once the winter had pass and as many lives that could be saved had been saved, I was sentence to a public beating in front of the military. It was so severe that I ended up being hospitalized for almost four weeks. During that time some of the rebels who had worked with me decided that...to start planning my assassination. Because during the time in the hospital I was given an order to bring my girlfriend in. So, I swallowed my feelings and did it. I led raid after raid wanting to prevent as many causalities as I can in repayment for the rebels who had help earlier. But...]

[I Then... ] Black turned his head as he felt himself tense up. [i then... the day came. It was the second anniversary of tragedy that had cause so much pain and suffering. Me and the rebels had agreed to a cease fire because it was to be for the people of the city to grieve love ones. It was to show that the goverment cared about it's people. That peace could be obtain. I told my men to ignore the rebels and leave them be. To not raid the places because I was sure that our truce would hold up. But...]

[i The rebels hid themselves in the crowd. I was giving a speech to when shots ran out. The rebels started killing people indiscriminately. We knew that the rebel were planning a meeting that day. We just didnt expect them to betray our truce. I ordered my men to shield the people to evacuate as many people as they can. A child had fallen down, to save her from being trample I decided to carry her. It was while I was carrying that child that a rebel shot us both.]

[i I... I always wondered how they rebels knew I would be the one giving the speech. It was never announce that I would be unarmed and leading the celebrations. I always wondered when they knew precisely to attack and precisely what my orders were.. my exact orders were to protect the civilians and not fight back. The rebels knew and attacked without any hostility. It was that very event that led to the people betraying Penny's and publicly lynching her. She was the only rebel leader to be killed by the people she swore to protect."]

Barrett slowly spoke up again. [b "I had been given the day off by someone higher up in the food chain.. They had forgotten that I lived in the same section of the city that the speech was given. When I went outside to explore, I found Marcus bleeding out and... I tried my best to save him. The... the higher ups.. thought that Marcis got off light with just a beating and were furious that he'd agreed to pardon rebels just for helping out during a snow storm. They were planning on lynching Marcus themselves. But.. Lillie thought this surprise ambush was a safer alternative."]
  Marcus Aurelius Thorn / Mr-X / 66d 10h 5m 20s
Oh great. They were here to stop one of the most powerful men in the world from throwing a tantrum. And it did not start well as he hauled off and hit Barret squarely in the face. By the way he was cradling his jaw with his hand, it had been one hell of a hit. But surprisingly he was still on his feet, taken aback and with one hand on the car, but he was upright. Lyric was impressed. She was less so with the feral one who started up his shouting. There was that excuse again? Why did people, especially those who were used to being in charge, think they could do whatever they wanted just because they lost someone they loved? It was selfish, and quite frankly the young woman was tired of it. It wasn’t her problem though, so she stayed out of it at first, coming about the car, in case she did need to help jump in at some point. Not that she thought she would be a ton of help, but something was better than nothing.

Well, that was her plan before Marcus turned on her. Narrowing her eyes, she glared at him, not one shred of sympathy in her dark gaze. [+teal “I am well aware she had a spy in the rebellion, Black. It was obviously Cade. I thought you had put two and two together by now.”] He was what linked them all together. Given how things had gone with the resistance's coup they let him off, or rather never bothered to look too deep into his affiliation with the late supreme commander, but Lyric knew damn well it was him. Lilly had all but confirmed that at their pleasant little luncheon. He’d tried to get in touch with her over the last couple of years. She’d done her best to avoid and ignore him though. The woman was still bitter about being traded over as a pawn, plus she already knew what he wanted to say. [+teal “That petulant bitch had a hand in everything that was going on. I don’t know why it’s suddenly a surprise to you. She’d use anything and anyone to get what she wanted. You were on that list too.”] That woman was the devil and when Sawyer got to hell she was going to make sure to spit in her damn eye. [+teal “And I am sorry to burst your bubble, but I had very little to do with your kidnapping. Even if you want to project that onto me as my brilliant plan so you can have someone else to blame, I think you will recall I was rather tied up.”] She was another gear in the cogs, just like him.

Lyric wasn’t really sure if she was helping or just riling him up more. He always was difficult to read. But she stood her ground with arms crossed in front of her chest. It was a stubborn stance. They’d argued a million times before and she was sure they would do it a thousand more times. All she knew for sure was if he came over here and tried to hit her like that she was going to kick him in the balls. Anyone who sucker punched their friend straight out of a car deserved at least that much.
  Sawyer "Lyric" Barlow / loxi / 66d 14h 4m 29s
[i “Where are your parents little one?”]
[i Eighteen-year-old Marcus had been sleeping underneath a tree comfortably before someone decided to wake him up. Freshly shaven and baby-brown eyes, he’d been used to his own men making accusing him of being a child. It was no secret the vitriol that the older commanders had for him. Frankly, his ears and arms were tired from listening to and giving floggings to those who had disobey his orders just to spite him. The position of Population police Chief was not something he had asked for. Just like the supreme commander’s perverse obsession with him and her nonstop consistent insistence that he was more than adequate for the position. Her point well proven whenever his fellow officers decided to start a hand to hand confrontation with Chief Thorn. So far, not one person had been able to lay so much as a finger on him.]

[i So when the voice came to try and raise him from his sleep, the male simply just rolled over. ‘Not in the mood for your bullshit.’ He muttered. That was when the voice who’d woken him had reached out for him to shake him. It was honestly, mere instinct. His body reacted on his own, and within seconds he found himself atop of a redhead whose eyes were staring directly up into his. Hands pinned to hers, his sleepy eyes looked down at hers before he blinked. “What the hell?” he muttered still half asleep as his hands moved downwards. That was when he found himself being throw about and then it started. He’d had mean to start a wrestling match but, there he was wrestling with a female till he was somewhat out of breath and once he found himself pinned for the umpteenth time, that was when she started screaming at his face. “Chill the fuck out!”]

[i “I would chill the fuck out, but you didn’t answer my question. Where the fuck’s your uniform!?”]
[i “Who the fuck do you think you are giving your commanding officer questions little boy?”]
[i “Fucking Christ, this shit again? You know goddamn well I’m the chief of the population Police. Now, why aren’t you in uniform?”]
[i “Oh that’s bullshit! We’re not training here! What the hell do you think we are back at our base?”]
[i “Fuck no.” Full awake not, Black was once again found himself in control of the match. It didn’t take long for him to get her in a triangle chokehold. “Tap out soldier, tap out! I’ll break your goddamn neck, I swear I will.” It was than that he felt her hands tap and that was when he released her. Gasping for breath, she suddenly started breathing heavily. “Where… did you learn that?” She asked him.]

[i “Don’t be stupid, we learnt it at the academy. Now hand me my uniform, it’s time we both went back out on patrol.” He spoke looking at her. That was when she stood up. She came up to his chest. Despite her being shorter than her, she was admirably adapt had grappling. In truth, he hadn’t had to fight that hard since facing his Jiu jitsu instructor back at the academy.]

[i “What academy? And what is this uniform you keep on going on about? We’re both rebels, we don’t have…. Holy…. Shit.” The look on her eye widen as she reached for the black jacket which was unmistakable. Snatching it from her, Marcus started to dress before her before he turned and looked at her and then it clicked. ‘You’re not a police office?” he asked her.]

[i “You’re not a rebel? Holy shit! You should totally join us!! This is the first time I’d ever been tapped out, and you’re fresh out of the academy. This is a god sent! We might actually be able to pull off this coup d’et! I’m Penny, current Leader of the rebellion and you are!?”]

[i As soon as he got done dressing, Marcus looked at her with a smirk. “You’re kidding right Penny?” It was then that several police officers came rushing into the garden where Black was sleeping. Among them was a young Barret who was wearing a red-cross showing that he was the designated squad’s medic. Stopping before the young Marcus, the offered a fresh salute before Barrett barked out. “Police chief Marcus sir! We’ve believed to have found one of many the rebel’s bases we’ve come to get you to lead our attack sir.”]

[i Turning around looking all smug at the girl, he reached out and grabbed her chinned. “What are you~” before the girl could finish, Marcus was firmly planting a kiss upon her lips before throwing her to the ground. “These elaborate pranks are getting out of hand. Sending a prostitute to try to sleep with me while on my break honestly. Just because I look twelve, does not mean I am twelve. Let’s roll out.”]

Back in the present day, thirty-six-year-old Marcus was waiting outside just when Barrett and Sawyer had pulled up. Ryan was standing right beside him. Before Barrett could get a word out, Marcus was on him and swinging a right hook towards his face. Stumbling backwards, Barrett held his jaw as Marcus shook out his hand. He held himself back. Otherwise Barrett would have been having a broken jaw right now. [b “Did you know? Is that why you quit?”]

“Marcus..” Barrett groaned as he held his jaw before spitting out some blood. “No… I didn’t have anything to do with it. But Marcus, you brought it upon yourself! We had the rebel leader right there! Right There! And you let her go. What else was Lilly supposed to do! She saved your life.”

[b “At the cost of my subordinates. At the cost of half of my internal organs! And… at the cost of the only woman I loved.”]

Stepping up, Ryan was badly bruised yet he was still able to speak. [i “If its any consolation. You did my job a hell of a lot better than I did. Then I ever could.”]

Looking at Sawyer, Marcus gave her a grim smile. “I’m glad you’ve made it Lyric. Remember the dinner we had at Lillie’s house? When she mentioned her left hand? Turns out that all this time, Lillie had a spy in the rebellion. All because the rebellion knew the secret routes underneath the city. What was Ryan’s job as her spy? To help bring down the rebellion. Oh no, no. That’s to much to ask. It was to simply map the underground passageways and once that was done he was to leave to go exploring. But I wonder, was this before or after Lillie had you use the rebellion to orchestrate my faux assassination?’
  Marcus Aurelius Thorn / Mr-X / 71d 11h 42m 55s
It was satisfying to see Barret so elated. He often had his little breakthroughs it seemed, but they were getting fewer and farther between as they approached the natural limitations set by the barriers they lived in. This journal though, it was massive. This was validation of everything he’d worked toward and Lyric was happy for him, even if she caught the brief glint of smugness in his eye when he glanced over at her. He could have this one, she wouldn’t even complain.

Then came the question, or questions. The first being who she met with. Her orders were unclear if she was supposed to divulge that particular bit of information, so she began to shrug, but there wasn’t time to complete the gesture before he guessed. Somehow he managed to hit the nail squarely on the head. Mouth dropping as if to ask how he could have possibly known that, nothing came out. Her expression would be enough of a confirmation though. Or it would have been if he had noticed it. Her dark eyes caught a far off look in his gaze. Head tilting slightly, she wondered just where it took him. The urgency in his voice as he popped back to reality revealed it was no place good.

[b “Yeah, sure, let’s g-“] she was unable to finish before the sound of his phone interrupted. The conversation, or half of one she heard, was brief before Barret bid farewell to his friend. His sign off gave her a general idea of where they were going.

She kept any questions for when they were in the car, which she hopped into the passenger side of when the time came. It had been a while since she’d been in an actual car like this. Generally she took public transportation. Sure, she’d taken the test to officially get her license, but it felt like a waste to have a vehicle all to herself. Besides, she was used to getting around other ways. Still, there was a time and a place and right now it was next to her friend as he drove them into the central part of town. [b “What’s going on?”] Shifting slightly in her seat so that she could better look at the scientist, she continued before giving him a chance to answer. [b “Is it Ryan?”] It was just a hunch since his intuition went off right after mentioning the other altered human, but she thought it was a pretty fair assumption. She would have never guessed Marcus would have immediately gotten tangled in whatever mess was already made.

Contrary to the time estimate given, the pair made it to their destination in about twenty-five minutes. Barret wasn’t driving like a madman, but it would have been a lie to say he was following every rule of the road. That was fine by her, Sawyer was anxious to get where they needed to be.
  Sawyer "Lyric" Barlow / loxi / 72d 7h 31m 43s
He’d just doze off for felt like a second. The daily ins and out of working on this “project” had a habit of making him tired at times. So, when Sawyer had come in barging in, he found himself taking a little tumble from his chair. That was surely enough to wake him though. Shaking his head from side to side and giving himself a little pat, he blinked once and then twice. Taking a moment or two to get orientated he heard her words but processing them was a whole different thing. It wasn’t till she brought the journal which he’d never seen before his face lit up. Like a little kid getting his favorite toy for Christmas, Barret eagerly accepted the gift before giving her a huge smirk. [b “I’ll be.”] His voice came out softly, as if, as if he didn’t want to believe it to be true. Taking the leather-bound books, he slowly started flipping through it before turning and looking up at the girl. This! This was the clue which could potential lead to saving the people who were now inevitably facing extinction once more.

Opening the book, he started flipping through the pages. Detail drawings of underground cities and descriptions of mechanism and machinery. Facial features flickered from incredulous, to giddy, back to concerning, and back once more to normal. For a moment he forgot that friend was sitting across from him. Hazel eyes stared into the eyes of his friends before he allowed a moment to compose himself. He was never one to toot his own horn, yet he as if the desire to do so was almost overwhelming. He was above that of course. Afterall more pressing concerns were of the matter besides him being immature and gloating over the fact that he was right. [b “So, who was this guy you met?”] he asked looking at her with those eyes. [b “Was it Ryan?”]

He had a feeling that it was even without her telling him. Which made him more uneasy. Hopefully the loose cannon didn’t decide to overreact after learning the fate of their once “beloved” ruler. If so the only thing which would come back was a burning shit show and disaster. One of potentially catastrophic proportions. There was a reason as to why Black wanted to find Ryan, the reason going back years and years ago. It had been right after the ambush, when Barret found Marcus. The shape he was in was horrific not to mention that the dead rebels that laid around him gave him a rather bad hunch.

[i “Marcus! Marcus, come on buddy, don’t you die on me. Don’t you die!”]
[i His screams came out frantically before he heard sirens wailing in the distance. He’d done his best to administer first aid but his old military buddy was in horrific shape. Bordering between the line between alive of dead he had a sickening feeling that he’d be burying him soon. “Where’s the goddamn Medic!” Where’s the fucking Goddamn Medic!”]

[b “Sawyer, we need to go right now.”] The normal Jovial expression which was on his face suddenly turned dark. But before he had a chance to say anything, his phone suddenly rang. Answering it, he paused listening to the voice on the other in. Nodding his head once then again, he nodded before sighing. [b “Okay Marcus, see ya in thirty.”]
  Barret Wallace / Mr-X / 73d 22h 18m 45s
To be quite honest, Lyric had expected more of a dialog here, but it seemed Ryan was going to need some time to take this all in. She also hadn’t thought he would be returning to town. As far as she had known this was just meant to be a rendezvous. Somehow she was never given all the details. It was frustrating, but by this point she basically just accepted it as a fact of life. Her life, anyway.

Nodding to confirm what she had said and answer his likely rhetorical question, the woman stayed quiet for a while longer. She did not see the need to ceaselessly fill time with words, not when someone else was trying to process life altering news. So, Sawyer’s silence persisted until he spoke first. [+teal “Alright,”] she did hot hesitate to take the slightly warn journal. [+teal “It’s been nice meeting you. I am sure we will run into one another again, so until then.”] No doubt this sounded like nothing but pleasantries, but Lyric really did mean it to some level. It was interesting meeting someone else like her, or kind of like her. It seemed he had his own set of quirks to deal with.

Double-checking that her new package was wrapped tight and tucked securely in the pages of that journal, she reached out to touch it. With how bright it had been, she almost expected it to be warm, but it was cool through the cloth. It was odd to her, but definitely interesting. Now satisfied that it wouldn’t come loose, the vibrant-haired woman tucked the book away into her inner jacket pocket and started on her way back into town. It was a long trek, not so much that a vehicle was required, but getting back to anyplace considered inhabited was going to take a bit. And considering her first stop was slated to be Barrett’s once again, that was only going to add time to her little jaunt. The sun would set by the time she made it. But until then, she spent her time thumbing through the book. Reading details here and there about the foreign place that Ryan described. It was nearly unbelievable.

Not bothering to knock, as she seldom did, she walked right in. Her first stop was the study that the botanist spent most his time in. He practically lived in there, so Sawyer was not surprised to see the man sat at his desk, just where she left him earlier. He seemed surprised to see her though. Normally she wasn’t in the habit of visiting more than once in a day. If she had business, she’d normally take care of it all in one fell swoop.

[+teal “You were right.”] Her opening statement was vague at best. But considering how serendipitous it was that his crazy hunch turned out to correct, Sawyer was okay in letting him sit in suspense for just a little while. Or at least for as long as it took for her to wiggle the journal out of her pocket and take out the crystal. She didn’t want him blinding the two of them on accident. [+teal “I met with someone who has been to the underground. They’ve lived in that city you were imagining. Here, this has all sorts of details for you.”] Stepping forward to his desk, she offered the book to him, keeping the gem herself for the time being. Lyric would spring that on him after he had a chance to read through some of what was written in there.
  Sawyer "Lyric" Barlow / loxi / 92d 17h 58m 18s
[b "Lilly died..."]
Those words echoed in the distance between them as he stood there. His face had a look on it as if he were frozen in disbelief. It seemed almost improbable that such a vicious and vivacious woman would suddenly die. Moreso, before her goal was realize which was to be reunited with her home after training Marcus to be a successful ruler. It seemed as though the plan to do so ended to going to ruin. Yet, the even more shocking twist was that now his very own Mother was the one who was holding the keys to the city. At least the silver line was that democracy had been establish. He wonder if fairness was something that had come about as well. Or was humanity still quick to discriminate and assume that those from the lower crust were unable to ascend to greater heights? Those in the rebellion prove that such notions were wrong still. Stepping forward, he slowly closed his eyes.

[b "Here.. Take this.. We've got quite a trip back to the city ahead of you. I'll take my time. I'd rather walk it back."]

Passing by the Woman he left the crystal in the journal within the hands of Swayer before heading towards the city which loomed in the distance. In his walk of solitude he knew that dusk would probably set in before he would arrive. He welcome the darkness nevertheless. Spending all that time wondering the maze of tunnels had made him use to the dark but know he wanted to see how much the city had change truly for himself. He remember the rebels always running away and clashing with the military police. Down below there was a sorta secret civil war which the Media tried it's best to keep hidden from the people of the upper realms. Best to not have they blissful stupidity interrupted by the fact that death fester and consumed.

By nightfall as he enter the city he saw that the lower streets weren't as dangerous as he'd remember. For starters, the military police weren't as heavily arn. Instead of wearing bullet proof vest and helmets they wore sleek black uniforms and kept they guns holster. The skittishness which the poor normally had towards the officers weren't as well pronounced. If anything it seemed as if they were able to coexist. As for the food lines, it seemed as if he saw less people begging for food on the streets.. That heaviness which always pervaded seemed to now be lighten up

As he continued walking. He looked to the screen which was on and he saw what looked to be w familiar figure. Yes. It was Sawyers father pausing for a second he watched his voice speak and tried to take in his words. [i "Contrarily to popular belief, even before I found out that my daughter was raised in the slums. I've always wanted my gift of architecture to benefit the people. And now in times of peace, I think it's time that this comes to fruition. I do indeed plan on unveiling the elevator which will connect the bottom center of the city to the top. It'll take fifteen minutes in total but I believe it to be worth it."]

He had no idea what he was talking about. Only that he was lost in a world which had change for the better. Yet, instead of feeling happy about it he was even more lost. As he kept on walking around the city, he'd eventually found his way to traverse the upper levels and as he did so he knew exactly where he need to head to. For some reason a boiling anger was growing inside him. The sensation of loss and change all colliding into one. The plans which Lily had carefully laid. Ironically they came to fruition. But she wasnt there to see them. So someone had to pay.

He'd wonder around the city for a total of 26 hours before stopping at the place of the goverment building. Of course due to his size and childish statute one of the guards smiled as he saw him approach. [b "Hey there kiddo! I'm Luke! Luke fairway, and I was wondering would you like the tour of this place?"]

Underneath the hood, Ryan had almost forgotten how childish he was. Pushing back the hood he slowly cocked his head. "Is Black here?"
"Black? Of course we have black people working here. Do you think we would be racist?
"Is Marcus Black Thorn working here.."
Blinking. Luke look at him before laughing.
"Holy shiy! Black didnt tell me he had a [I nephew] yeah right thus way."

Taking his hand which was offered to Him Ryan slowly followed the male who led him to where his old partner was. That anger which rose him kept on rising and rising before once he saw him, he couldn't take it anymore.
[b "Hey Black! Why didn't you tell me you had nephew?"]

Turning around, Black looked at Luke with eyes filled with nothing more but a coldness. "All my family is dead."
[b "But.. this kid was.." ]

Letting go of his hands, Ryan suddenly threw off his Cape revealing a nicely toned body. Without warning he looked at Marcus before shouting.
[b [#b62711 "You were suppose to be her right Hand man. Yet, you let her die."] ]

Instantly, Marucs squared up. "Luke.. you need to leave now."
Confuse Luke just stood there. Taking the whole scene in he watched as Ryan kept on growling. [b [#b62711 "First, I'll make you bleed. Than I'll kill you for~"] ]
"What's going on.. Marcus?"" The voice of Maria filled the room as she walked around the corner, stepping in she froze as she looked at the scene.. instantly Ryan turned and look at the mother only to widen his eyes. Before he'd the time to react she was throwing her arms around him and weeping. "My baby.. Oh my God."
Standing there still he slowly wrapped his arms around her before whispering
[center "I 'm home...mom.."]

Shifting from one foot to another Marcus slowly spoke "I didn't.. want Lily to die of old Age. It just happen.."

Letting go of his mom he turned towards Black. [i "You didnt Kil her?"]

Blinking Marcus looked at him. "Why would I want to kill her?" He asked
[i "Because, in order to force you to step down from the military Police, she had me tell the rebels ambush you."]
  Ryan Parker / Mr-X / 98d 2h 6m 54s
Despite her eyes being shut tight, she could tell the world around her had become excessively bright. It was an odd feeling, as though someone had brought a flashlight right up to her eye as she was trying to sleep, but still not quite. This was more foreign than that. Normally light came with warmth, however, this had none. It was a cold brilliance, one that did not linger on her skin as the sun might. Lyric was unsure how she felt about it. That being said, it was strange to judge something without having seen it. She grew curious, but was sure to keep her eyes closed until she was given the okay to open them again. Even after having them shut, white spots temporarily danced across her vision.

In silence she listened to his explanation, her eyes stayed trained on the darkly wrapped package. Sawyer was having a hard time wrapping her brain around the fact that this crystal of sorts that made all that light fit compactly in the palm of this man’s hand. Though, regardless of her not fully understanding it, she found it fascinating. This little rock was the answer to the question Barrett had been seeking. No doubt he would be ecstatic to hear his hypothesis on the mole people was confirmed. She almost didn’t want to be the one to tell him in fear that she would never hear the end of it, especially after she had been such a doubting Thomas.

The woman listened carefully to everything else he had to say. She was trying to commit every last detail to memory so that she might bring it back to the others as wholly as possible. That was the reason she was here after all. But then he asked how the world he left had changed and she froze. How long had he been gone again? Some years before he rebellion, right? That meant he was unaware of anything that had transpired regarding the political system… Sawyer wasn’t entirely sure how to break it to him. Why wasn’t all this relayed to him in the correspondences that brought them together?!

[+teal “Things are… different.”] She tread lightly, even though she saw everything she was about to say in a positive light that didn’t mean he would. [+teal “Around four years ago the rebellion that had been growing in the lower levels rose up. They didn’t entirely take power, but they forced Lillie’s hand into cooperation, at least for a moment… she died shortly after that.”] Sure, when she said it like that it kind of sounded like an assassination, but she only wished that had been the case. Still, she watched his expression carefully here since she was unsure of his opinion of his previous boss. Lyric found it was difficult to read his youthful face and pressed on despite it. [+teal “She set to leave Marcus Thorne in charge as the next supreme, however he quickly stepped down in lieu of a more democratic option. After a carefully monitored election, Maria Kyle was named president. And under her, things are getting better.”] She would leave it at that unless he wanted more precise details. But really it was more that humanity had been brought together to survive as a unit, as opposed to letting the few thrive while the rest shrivel away. [+teal “She has about another year in office before the process renews itself.”] The dark eyed woman kind of dreaded having to go through the whole process again, but such was the price of progress.
  Sawyer "Lyric" Barlow / loxi / 105d 2h 13m 0s
[b "Good. I must warn you, this crystal is extreme bright."] Words weren't able to properly convery how bright it truly was. Down below they had shaded glasses which helped those who mined the crystal not go blind. So as be put on his own pair, he exhaled before he unwrapped the bright crystal and exposed its light to the world. Its brightness shone and could've been seen from miles and miles away. Like a homing beacon in the dark, lifting it upwards he watched as the light radiated and shone down on both of them. Surely, even with her eyes closed she'd be able to see the brightness shine through. He was insured whether it'd be enough to blind her. Yet, he'd rather not take any chances exposing her to it any longer than he'd had to. Wrapping the crystal back up, he spoke to her again. [b "You can uncover your eyes now. This, this crystal is what they use to create an artificial sun of sorts down below. They've manage to mine it and use it to make plants grow."]

As he explained the whole thing to her, he now took of his hood revealing his true youthful features. He was well into his thirties. He'd be the same age as Marcus truth be told, but he still looked like a teenage boy. As he tied the black cloth back over the crystal he held it out towards her. Asking her to give it to Barret he'd reached into his cloak and pulled out several journals which always went with him where ever he went. It contained several of his notes whilst he was held underground by the over zealous people.

[b "These journals contain detail maps of my journey throughout the underground. But more importantly, I'm curious. What's happen in my absence. I've planned on returning.... I know that we were suppose to meet sooner but certain thinks kept me from making it."] He spoke those words again softly before he looked at the girl and once more that bitter look grew on his face once more. He resent how he looked like a child and wish for more than anything that he'd grow.
  Ryan Parker / Mr-X / 116d 8h 36m 46s

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