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"Our people and when we marry you have just as much power as I do.."
”which also means you have people to lead. Be a good example. Help so it doesn't look like you some so shit but boss people around” she says getting into the car.
  Sasha Mari / Simply_Random / 7m 47s
“I’m the chief I’ll always be around.” He said before going to clear her windows and mirrors.
”What if you're not around?” she says making sure her windows are locked before following him outside shortly after.
  Sasha Mari / Simply_Random / 1h 15m 44s
He smiled, “That’s my job and I’ll always make sure it’s cleared off. If it’s not there’s something wrong or I’m dead.”
  Jake Black 2.0 / Polkadotrocker / 1h 23m 1s
”How am I going to get used to it if you won't let me drive?” she asks grabbing her keys. She goes into her closet to get something to help clean the snow off her car. She hands it to him. ”Please and thank you. I don't wanna freeze.” she says auto starting her car.
  Sasha Mari / Simply_Random / 4h 20m 16s
“Your car, no use of taking both out in the weather when we have to go the same place. But I’m driving until your used to the snow.”
  Jake Black 2.0 / Polkadotrocker / 4h 23m 25s
Sasha makes a face. Not because of him wanting her to make dinner. But him expecting her to go with him to tell them the news. She pulls out some ribs to defrost. The girl goes into her closet to look for something warm to wear. It took a while be just was dressed. “I guess I need regular undies now cause thongs and winter don’t work...” she mumbles to herself.
Sasha makes their tea to go. “So we’re taking my car or our own cars?” She asks handing him his tea.

[center [https://i.pinimg.com/564x/99/ee/f9/99eef939f269dfff1e83945a57ee52f1.jpg Outfit]]
  Sasha Mari / Simply_Random / 4h 36m 49s
“We can drive thru and get breakfast on the way but would you make dinner?” He asked with a smile. “We have a council meeting to tell them of our engagement.”
  Jake Black 2.0 / Polkadotrocker / 4h 44m 31s
”My truck is better. Plus I got new and improved tires. There's even a snow mode option on it.” she says walking to her closet to pull out hiking boots that works with all types of weather. “I can get better ones but this should do...” she says opening the box. “So should I cook or order when we get to the shop? Or pick something up on our way.”
  Sasha Mari / Simply_Random / 5h 30m 2s
“I’ll drive us in my truck and I’m getting you a present and no saying no because I’m letting you pick them out. Find snow boots you like online because it’s this everyday for a third of the year baby.”
  Jake Black 2.0 / Polkadotrocker / 5h 46m 10s
”Do we have to go in? I know it'll be good because of all the accidents, but snow...” she says going to make tea.
  Sasha Mari / Simply_Random / 6h 22m 33s
He smiled and kissed her, “But I’m your personal space heater.”
  Jake Black 2.0 / Polkadotrocker / 7h 9m 11s
”Don't smother me.” she whispers smiling, ”I could be pregnant and it needs to breath too.” she says teasingly.

In the morning, Sasha slowly sat up. Her head is killing her. She may have over done it. She walks over to the window to see all the snow. She curses under her breath. She goes to shower and wash her hair so it can stop smelling like weed. The girl walks out in a towel and into her closet to look for something to wear.
  Sasha Mari / Simply_Random / 8h 24m 39s
Jacob crawled into bed beside her and just held her. “Sleep, I’ll protect you.” He muttered in Quileute. He hoped she understood what it meant.
  Jake Black 2.0 / Polkadotrocker / 9h 26m 15s

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