Haikyu!! for Aria

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Kageyama hugged him close.

Suga smiled, "Where we goin?"
  Mason / SammisBaby / 7h 5m 33s
huffing, hinata crossed his arms and than smiled. "i guess your right."

Smiling daichi dragged him outside
  Soft_Angel / 7h 9m 43s
"Look at you then look at me, Sunshine."

Suga giggled.
  Mason / SammisBaby / 7h 11m 10s
scoffing he poked his forehead. "how dare you."

smiling daichi pulled away
  Soft_Angel / 7h 48m 51s
"You're definitely not a top." Kageyama smirked.

Suga ran his fingers through Daichi's hair.
  Mason / SammisBaby / 9h 59m 21s
okay good bye and have a nice time away, will miss u//
  Soft_Angel / 1d 3h 18m 35s

  Mason / SammisBaby / 1d 3h 20m 33s
"yeah how about that." he said grinning from ear to ear.

kissing him again, Daichi hummed lowly

//its in the activity stuff/
  Soft_Angel / 1d 3h 21m 4s
"And I'm underneath my boyfriend."

Suga nods slowly, kissing him again.

  Mason / SammisBaby / 1d 3h 24m 54s
"very nice kagey, now ur all dirty."

Daichi smiled a bit and nods, "well that is a good thing."

would u like to join my new one??///
  Soft_Angel / 1d 3h 26m 45s
THey landed with Hinata on top, Kageyama was still laughing.

Suga pulled away, "I like you too.."
  Mason / SammisBaby / 1d 3h 29m 50s
No!" hinata laughed

Kissing him back, daichi held onto him
  Soft_Angel / 1d 3h 30m 53s
Kageyama kept tickling him and they rolled down the small hill they were on.

"I'm not really sure what exactly to say. Actions speak louder than words so.." Suga grabs Daichi's shirt and pulls him in, kissing him.
  Mason / SammisBaby / 1d 3h 38m 8s
Gasping, hinata tried to sit up and pulled kageyama down with him

Daichi looked over and spoke, "so are you gonna say anything."
  Soft_Angel / 1d 3h 39m 27s
"Now you are weak to my power." Kageyama laughed.

Suga leans against the wall as well, looking at the ground.
  Mason / SammisBaby / 1d 3h 40m 50s

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