Fist of the north star

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3 characters:

a female Mechanic

A female social brat

A male explorer

the explorer with a tepid disposition, worked on the small village fortification. the gate had been a little off kilter since the last savage heist from outsider intrusion. With little luck, he only made it worse and cursed the airs for better days.

Meanwhile, the young town social brat with the flaxen hair and heteroachroma eyes, sought out the chieftains mistress to address any news of current events. The chieftainess was found attending chicklings in the hen house and mentoring the young woman. Upon arrival, a boy approuched the young girl and handed her the most currently found relic from ancient times. A metallic round disc, light weight ~ a cd of unknown reference with no identifying markings.

Within moments, the village’s underlying mechanic tinker dropped in, her green eyes shining with excitement to announce the buggy has been fixed in working order. Grease smudged war paint mated her olive skin, set in contrast to her silvery lavender hair tied back in mottled loops. Seeing the cd, she pondered it’s familiarity for a moment, just before the town brat acted impertinent and greedily stashed away her prized gifting.

A calamity suddenly stirred outside the perimeter fortification. A whirling sandstorm of Dust clouds emitting a droning buzz provoked anxiety and a sudden call to action. Nothing unfamiliar to the villagers, another bullying raid from the infamous z gang - ax wielding savages from the outerlands whom pillage without mercy.

A man appeared from the blue of sky, the hoard of vigilantes falling to their death in waves as the mysterious dm stranger approached. Upon introduction of himself, he merely demanded with a diabolical determination in his eyes, “where is the man with the seven scars”. insulted, the man with rippling lard masses contorted “you killed all my men!” And as a counter flash response, a stillness befell the courtyard as the fat man fell death with an imperceivable gesture through the air by the man of blue. “My name is Toki”, I am in need of shelter and humbly ask for small provisions.” Everyone in the village gawked in silence, bereft of the slaughter littering their village sanctuary, as a shrug of hope alite their hearts in the presence of this mysterious outsider.

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I’ll be a male explorer, if I get to use the fist of the North Star martial arts.
  CrazyDiamondRivers / 207d 16h 38m 48s

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