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come join us as creature hybrids under the water as sirens, mermaids, sharks, and more


name: adda

age: unknown

species: siren

likes: sand

dislikes: the unbeatable heat

personality: she is a curious person but shy


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Roleplay Responses

Stopping, She than went back above water and enjoyed the air above
  Soft_Angel / 194d 13h 29m 24s
[+teal "Cabbage? Outer.. Space? Stars? Planets?!"]
  Sydney / TessaFox / 194d 13h 34m 29s
swimming around more, adda sat back down on the rock and felt the seaweed under her.
  Soft_Angel / 194d 16h 47m 24s
¨There is something called outer space where there is beautiful stars and other rocky and watery huge masses of land called planets¨
  NatakaStargazer / 195d 9h 2m 57s
¨We have foods similar to kelp, like lettuce, cabbage and other stuff.¨
  NatakaStargazer / 195d 9h 4m 0s
[+teal "What kinds of foods? Like.. different kinds of kelp? And how can there be different worlds?"]
  Sydney / TessaFox / 195d 11h 4m 49s
"It is good There's beautiful sights, flowers, alot of sweet and tasty food...Theres even other worlds above our surface!"
  NatakaStargazer / 195d 12h 40m 28s
[+teal "Really! What is it like!"] She gets comfortable as if about to listen to a story.
  Sydney / TessaFox / 195d 14h 28m 2s
watching the two, adda swam outwards and hummed silently smiling
  Soft_Angel / 197d 14h 15m 59s
[i Nataka stared at sydney and giggled slightly at the question] "Im from the surface and Im Nataka!""
  NatakaStargazer / 197d 14h 29m 33s
watching the two, adda tilts her head in pure confusion of the two
  Soft_Angel / 197d 17h 18m 14s
Sydney smiles at the kitsune and waves. [+teal "Hi! I am Sydney! You don't like any creature I have ever seen! Where are you from?"]
  Sydney / TessaFox / 197d 20h 7m 32s
[i Nataka waved at the new person and looked at the surround setting, it was....jawdropping and quite new to him. It amazed him at how there was life under the surface]
  NatakaStargazer / 198d 11h 7m 13s
Sydney sees that Adda is swimming with some weird creature next to her. She swims over to them and sees that it is a creature with extra tails and long things that it is using to swim with. [+teal "Hey Adda! Who is this?"]
  Sydney / TessaFox / 198d 11h 59m 50s
smiling, adda than swam forward and pulled him down using the water to make a big air bubble around his head.

¨i do hope you can swim.¨
  aria_hashima / 198d 20h 17m 18s

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