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She shrugged her shoulders. "If that's what you want to do."

Mason laid back. He wrapped his arm around her, pulling her down to the bed. He nuzzled his head into her neck. "I love you."
  Mason / RecklessDreamer / 198d 20h 26m 7s
"It's a bit... complicated." He ruffled his own hair. "It's like she said, she doesn't want to lose me. Not that she will, but you know with her ex-husband around... she's scared still."
  Mason / RecklessDreamer / 204d 12h 39m 59s
"Why not?" She asked with a smirk. "Mason, you've had plenty of women falling to your feet, and you can't even win the heart of the one that you love? I mean come on son... Do you need a little help?"
  Agaetha / Sin / 204d 12h 44m 45s
Mason's smile dropped. "I have one for her, yes. Planning a wedding, no."
  Mason / RecklessDreamer / 204d 12h 53m 52s
"Hiding?" She smiled. "So does this mean you actually have one for her and are planning for a wedding?"
  Agaetha / Sin / 204d 12h 56m 5s
Mason shook his head with a smirk. "Hiding."
  Mason / RecklessDreamer / 204d 12h 57m 15s
Agaetha looked over at him with a raised eyebrow. Her mother only chuckling. "Come on, Ags... just let him be your husband. I know he's a wild and rough catch but... He has a good heart."

Her daughter chuckled and nodded. "You're right... he is." She looked back at her mother. "Would you like anything as a treat? Anything I can do to make you happy?"

"You at least giving him a chance to be yours... and... maybe a fruit salad." She smiled.

Agaetha chuckled. "Fine... I'll get you the fruit salad." She turned to Mason. "Mind staying with momma while I go fetch the fruit salad?"

"Oh, Mason will be fine." She smiled as she shooed her daughter out of the room. Her eyes trailed over to Mason. "So... where's the ring?"
  Agaetha / Sin / 204d 13h 9m 27s
Mason smiled brightly. "She will be, the death of the Mason everyone claims to know... You know since no one really sees me settling down and getting married."
  Mason / RecklessDreamer / 204d 13h 47m 13s
Kimberly chuckled. "Oh Aggie, you really need to keep this fellow. He'll be perfect just for you."

She shook her head chuckling. "I'm not sure about that, momma. Besides, I'm pretty sure I will not be perfect for him. After all, he did say I was going to be the death of him." She smiled.

"oh did he now?" She looked at Mason.
  Agaetha / Sin / 204d 13h 50m 22s
Mason glanced over to Agaetha before looking back to Kimberly. "I'm whatever she wants me to be, but just between you and me." He leaned close to her. "I'd marry her in a heartbeat if she'd let me." Mason winked.
  Mason / RecklessDreamer / 204d 14h 20m 48s
"Oh you will. If my daughter will finally accept you." She smirked over at Agaetha who only sighed.

"Momma..." she mumbled as her mother smiled.

"Mason you should go find a ring while I convince Ms. Agaetha Eleanor Nyx here to be your lawful and wedded wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do you part..."

"Momma I'm not getting married again." Agaehta chuckled. "Besides... Mason isn't the marrying type." Her eyes shifted back to him. "He's more of a... lover."

"Lovers can marry. And a good woman can change a good man's point of view."
  Agaetha / Sin / 204d 14h 25m 14s
Mason chuckled. "I can always make your dreams come true too." <he's also joking.
  Mason / RecklessDreamer / 204d 14h 32m 3s
"Like the world came down crashing and I was in the middle of it." She chuckled. "So... when are you marrying my baby girl?"


"What?" The woman chuckled. "I want to know if I'm ever going to see my youngest daughter happily married to the man of her dreams. I'm selfish, just want the Leonidos to be in the family. You know, since I'm too old to catch their eye." She winked at Mason." <She joking lol
  Agaetha / Sin / 204d 14h 34m 15s
Mason walked over to her. Standing behind Agaetha, Mason reached over and took Kimberly's hand. "I'd say the same... if it wasn't for the circumstance your in. How are you feeling?"
  Mason / RecklessDreamer / 204d 14h 41m 52s
It didn't take long for Agaetha to hit the car into high gear and pushing the car to it's limit. It was the first and only time Agaetha wasn't afraid of driving and had in fact driven like a race car driver. Speeding down the highways, and to the hospital with no crashing, no problems with shifting gears or anything. Parallel parking like nothing and finally rushing out of the car. She tossed the keys to Mason and ran towards the Emergency Room.

Bursting through the doors, her eyes shifted over to the nurse that stared at her. Agaetha quickly made her way over. "Kimberly Anne Nyx." she spoke out of breath. "Where is she?"

The woman blinked twice before getting up and dialing the doctor. She could hear the woman whisper something into the phone before turning away. Then hanging up the phone. "Bed 304." The nurse spoke as Agaetha instantly ran off. Searching through the beds and plate numbers above, she had finally reached the room and walked in. Her eyes settled upon the woman who had looked nothing like the mother she remembered... "Mother..."

Her mother's eyes fluttered open. She looked exhausted and pale. "Aggie..." A faint smile adorned her lips. Her fragile hand struggling to reach out to her daughter.

Agaetha swallowed hard and approached the young woman. Her hand reached for her mother's and grasped it tightly. "Yes, momma? I'm here..." She smiled at her mother, pressing the back of her hand to her cheek.

"I'm so happy to see you." Her eyes traveled down her body. "You look a mess. Has Mason been treating you well again?" She chuckled softly.

Agaetha managed to chuckle softly in return. "Yes, momma... Mason has been very good to me..."

"He's such a good man... so well mannered when he wants to be." She smiled. Her eyes shifted behind her only to notice the male standing in the doorway quietly. Her eyes reverted back to her daughter. "I always hoped that you two would be together one day... And even though you're still not with him like that... I'm just happy that you're still allowing him to be around you."

"He'll always be around me no matter what, momma. He's always promised me that'd be be here for me... So as long as I allowed him to."

"What is keeping you so away from him? Why don't you accept him as your one and only?"

Agaetha sighed softly. "Because I can't momma..."

"What are you afraid of my dear?"

Her daughter remained silent before taking a deep breath. "I... I'm afraid of losing him... after I have him... I don't want to lose anyone else... Especially someone like him..."

"So then... does that mean that you love him?"

Her daugther smiled. "I... I like him a lot..."

Her mother chuckled. "I'm sure that you do..." She reached up and placed her other hand on her daughter's hand. "But you need to accept what's in your heart, my love... And you and I both know that what's in your heart is greater than what you say... From what I have seen... you're already as much as his woman as much as he is already your man."

Agaetha blinked twice. "You... you sound just like Mason..." She chuckled along with her mother.

"Well... he is right you know." She winked at her before looking behind her. "Oh, Mason... it's so good to see you." She smiled as she held her hand out to him.
  Agaetha / Sin / 204d 14h 54m 18s

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