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[center [i The world is always watching...]
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[center Meet Cole, the hottest online personality of his generation:]
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[center [ Colton Limery]]

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[center [i The story so far...]]

[p Cole was 15 when he began his career as a model, against his mother's wishes . Furious, his mother cut him off from the family, refusing financial assistance that she instead funneled into his older sister. His older sister followed their mother's demands and attended college to be a doctor while Cole, eccentric as always, set out to make a name for himself online when such a thing was next to impossible. With his modeling job, he created a name, and slowly he developed into the newest internet sensation, building a following through videos, podcast episodes, streams, and an ever expanding Instagram following.]

[p [b Muse B] was a photographer that worked alongside Cole from the beginning. They were always fond of the confident male, before he ever built his following and started being known on the streets for his work. Unfortunately, [b Muse B] was shy, hiding behind the camera and only ever talking to Cole in a professional manner. In private, [b Muse B] would watch all of Cole's videos and listen to all his podcast episodes, entertained by the personality Cole developed when he was being recorded. ]

[p One day, [b Muse B] entered a discord server meant for Cole's growing fan base and, on a whim, messaged Cole directly, thanking him for his work and dedication to entertaining his followers. To [b Muse B's] surprise, [i Cole replied].]

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[center [i Rules]]
~ If you are interested in taking the role of [b Muse B], please PM me with "Online Personality" in the title, so I know for what reason you are messaging me. [b Muse B] can be male or female, depending on my partner's preference.

~This is not first come first served. I want someone who will be consistent and will write with me, not just come along for the ride. Please be willing to write about 400 words per post, give or take. I can write more, as I'm sure many of you can as well, but I would like this to stay rather casual, allowing for more back and forth.

~As you can probably tell, this is a lighter RP, designed to be slice of life. This does not mean there will not be problems, ups and downs, and plot twists - trust me when I say that my plans for this plot does not include a straightforward romance. Just like real life, things are going to get complicated.

~PM me for more details, or with any questions you might have. I am looking for more RPs in general, so come to me with any comments or suggestions as well. I'm open to almost anything.


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Tessa saw him smile and it made her happy to know that he wasn't mad at her. He had such a great smile too. His teeth were as white as you would see them in tv commercials and were perfectly aligned. Maybe if she ever got over her nerves she would ask how he got them to be so white.

She looked up at Cole. [+blue "I know. I should have said something sooner. I am sorry. I will let someone know beforehand if I need time off. Today has just been a crappy day."] Tessa sat there and compared herself to a child getting scolded. The thought made her chuckle and smile. She probably did look pathetic but he was polite enough to not point it out.

Ric had always pointed out her flaws. He had said that she could always be better in some aspect of her life. She knew there was always room for improvement but he overdid it. He tried to get her to try new things when all she wanted to do was photography. Cliff-diving and swimming in a shark cage were not her forte.

She had escaped and moved on from then. Or at least she liked to hope so.

She took his hand and shakingly stood up. [+blue "I think so."] She noticed that she was touching his hand now. She willed him to not feel her clammy hands. When she had safely stood up she leaned on a nearby wall for support. [+blue "Thank you Mr. Limery."] Tessa took her hand back and hid it behind her back. She was embarrassed beyond measure.

[+blue "Y-Yes, please. I would appreciate help getting to the hospital. I will have to check all of my equipment before we go, however. I just want to make sure it is all still on the table where I left it in the studio."]

Tessa looked at the puddle of coffee on the ground. She felt bad about the whole thing as she reached down and picked up the empty coffee cup that had stopped rolling around. [+blue "What about all of this?"] Tessa motioned to all of the coffee on the ground even though there was nothing else that she would be pointing to.
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Cole smiled at her, understanding her need to continue working regardless of the situation. He knew she was the one typically behind the camera at his shoots, but he had never really [i seen] her; she was cute, even in the mess of a morning she seemed to be having, and her dedication was admirable. Even through an injury, she had shown up to give him her best work. It was hard not to continue smiling, even as his eyes glistened with concern over her physical health.

[#f82efa “Is the pain so bad that you cannot finish the first set of photos? I’m sure we can find a replacement, if that is the case...”] He trailed off and moved his hand from her shoulder, suddenly hyper aware of her warmth under his casual touch. He was not one to normally reach out, in comfort or otherwise, and he suddenly felt awkward.

[#f82efa “If you leave now, you can make the second round,”] he reassured, resting back on his heels as they continued to talk with her on the floor. He found himself looking down at her ankles, realizing that both were shoved into boots - if one of them was injured, he would not be able to tell which one. His brow furrowed over soft brown eyes.

[#f82efa “Also, and I want this to be very clear, if you ever find yourself so injured that you need a hospital, please just communicate that with those above you. Even if you have to tell me directly, if Jessica is too intense for you. I don’t want you to further harm yourself for the sake of some pictures. Such would be ridiculous.”]

He was going to have to talk with Jessica about this. Those who worked on his photoshoot should never have to fear for their jobs simply because they requested time off for an injury. He found himself wondering, again, if this was typical or if it was just this one girl that Jessica was unknowingly bullying with her aggression. Or perhaps this young woman was just that dedicated to her work... If the latter was the case, she deserved nothing less than a raise.

[#f82efa “Can you stand?”] Cole straightened up and offered his hand again, meaning to help support her on her feet. He was thinking of ways to postpone the shoot without further angering his manager, but this felt too important to allow to slide without doing or saying anything.

[#f82efa “Do you need help getting to the hospital?”] he pressed, still watching her with warm, concerned eyes.
  Colton Limery / LovableCurse / 196d 18h 47m 40s
She looked up at him not expecting any of this. She rubbed her eyes to get the tears to stop. When she tried to get her mouth to say something but she was speechless. What had happened just now? Had Cole really said that? Had she really just made a fool of herself? One thing for sure now was that everything looked like it may get better and not worse.

She was a little reassured by the fact that he had told her that Jessica would not fire her. Now at least she didn't have to worry about her coming into a room and telling her she would leave. She wasn't mean or anything but if she didn't need you or if you messed up bad then you wouldn't be around for much longer. She understood it if she imagined herself is her manager's shoes. If everyone was huggy and kissy then there would be no poverty or jobless people. Wouldn't that be nice...

He pulled her back to earth when he started telling her to stop worrying about his clothes. Why would he say something like that? Sure he had lots of extra outfits probably on a rack somewhere in a changing room. However, the words just seemed to stick out to her for an odd reason.

[b It's okay, love"] She looked at his face and felt him put his hand on her shoulder. He was touching her... She willed herself not to collapse. She had always imagined them talking like this in a more composed situation. Like when he was taking a break during his photoshoots or they have an impromptu meeting at a bar. This was crazy thinking and she knew it.

Was he serious?! She was the one who was taking the photos. It was rude, however, to refuse such a gift. She wrestled with herself for a couple of awkward seconds then made up her mind. She would stay at work but accept the lunch offer. She had rarely missed workdays and when she did it was to take Siamun to the vet. She had tried owning fish at one point and thought that Siamun would leave them alone but she was wrong. This caused him to have stomach problems that she had tried to forget but the memories were now surfacing.

He was very polite to offer such a deal. He was nothing like Ric.. Then an idea hit her! [+blue "I will accept the lunch but it would not be responsible of me to leave my work. You see, I am the one that will be behind the camera in your shoot. Though... can I leave work for about two hours then come back? I have sprained my ankle and I don't think I can endure the pain anymore."] She points at her ankle which is throbbing and looks back at him hoping for a positive answer.
  Tessa Fox / TessaFox / 200d 11h 48m 38s
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Cole watched the young lady falter under the gaze of the intense manager. Jessica earned her position through years of hard work and dedication, not due to her hospitality or caring personality. Cole knew she could be rough around the edges, but she was dedicated to her work, making her the perfect manager in times of intensity or even crisis. This was one instance, among many, that Jessica was not an ideal bystander.

[#f82efa “Hey, it’s okay, Jessica isn’t firing anyone just because of a little accident.”] Cole looked to Jessica, a little taken aback. Was is common for Jessica or the other managers to go around putting real fear in the hearts of the photographers and the others who worked tirelessly to make sure the shoots were perfect? Cole was the talent, so he knew he received special treatment, but certainly the workplace was not as hostile as the young girl was making it seem. Right?

[#f82efa “Don’t worry about my clothes, these are not the ones I will be sitting in today.”] Cole looked down, noting that there was very little coffee on his own clothing, but that the dark liquid had served to ruin hers. Why was she so concerned about him, yet without any consideration for herself? He was only human, just as human as she was. Underneath the online personality, he was only one man, and not a particularly talented one at that. He was attractive, a hard worker, but luck was the biggest contender in his climb to fame. As far as he was concerned, this woman was just as likely to become an internet sensation as he was, which put them on equal ground.

Cole knelt down beside her after she fell again, waving Jessica away. The older blonde woman made a disapproving noise in her throat, but obeyed the silent command, though not without reminding him that the shoot was in twenty minutes. After Jessica had left, Cole reached out and put a calming hand on the flustered girl’s shoulder.

[#f82efa “It’s okay, love,”] he said gently, noticing the tears that gathered in her eyes. She was a sweet thing, perhaps a little too emotional, but he had no idea what sort of day she was having; hell, he didn’t even know what her life was like beyond holding a camera. Perhaps it had been a rough week, a rough year, a rough life. Although he was sure she would never understand, he knew what it was like to have a rough life. He wanted to do whatever it took to make her understand that she was safe.

[#f82efa “Look, why don’t you take the day off? I have the shoot soon, but I will call you on my lunch break and we can meet somewhere - completely my treat. Just do me a favor and take care of yourself today. Your job will be here in the morning when you return.”]
  Colton Limery / LovableCurse / 200d 19h 20m 32s
Tessa looks at Cole and sees Jessica standing over him looking at her with disdain and annoyance. [+blue "I-I'm alright... Just spilled the coffee all over me."] she shyly looks away and gets up thinking about how awful her day has been and it has only just begun. [+blue "Is there anything I can do to help you? I could take your clothes to the dry cleaners? Or take you out to lunch?"]

Just the thought of lunch with Cole made her feel better. Her thoughts already filled with images of food and tasty small cakes with sugery powder lightly covering the top. The buttery bread rolls and warm soup that slides down your throat while making you feel like you are back at home in your mother's kitchen. However, with her manager standing near and lots of work that would have to be done, there would be no time for lunch.

She laughed to make it seem like it was nothing but a joke that she was sitting there with coffee all over her white shirt. Laughing made everything better she thought. Isn't that what always happened in the books she had read? Someone laughs and immediately your world was fine and dandy again. Everyone always seemed to love the person who would laugh at everything whether it was funny or now.

She then looked around to make sure her equipment was not harmed and remembered she had set it on the table. At least one good thing had happened so far today. She would have had to pay a fortune to get a new camera if she had spilled coffee on it. Looking towards her angry manager she said, [+blue "Please don't fire me! I will do] [b Anything!] [+blue But please, please, please let me keep this job!"]

Tessa stood up and was just about to offer to help Cole stand up when she slipped and fell onto the ground again. Her face flushed a bright red. This time she can't hold back the tears. They all come out regardless of all the people that are now gathering to see what all the commotion is about. She didn't care if Cole was there or if her reputation was now in reins. Her day could not get [b ANY] worse!!
  Tessa Fox / TessaFox / 203d 18h 40m 26s
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Cole sat for a moment on the ground, blinking. It had been a long time since he had been jarred in such a way, and it knocked the thoughts from his head as clear as the air from his lungs. Even his manager’s driving, as crazy and abrupt as it was, could not compare to the feeling he got as he fell and landed, unceremoniously, on his ass.

As a child, Cole had been bullied. He had been a quiet, sensitive kid, meaning he was perfect picking for the rough and tough crowd. Even though he was constantly harassed as a kid, he never once had he told his teachers, or his mother; he always toughed it out alone. The same could be said for his life after deviating from his mother’s wishes. Once he told his mother that he would not be attending college, but would instead attempt to make a name for himself as an icon through the various methods available to him online, his mother had all but abandoned him, leaving him with very little in terms of money, food, or support. It took him two years of living paycheck to paycheck and every day he wanted to quit, but he never did… now he was finally able to call himself successful and he had managed it all on his own.

Still, it hurt to be alone.

Sitting on the floor reminded him of his lowest points. It jarred him emotionally more than physically, and he was slow to rise. Jessica hovered protectively near him, saying something or another as a means of apologizing. Cole shook his head and extended a hand to the woman he had crashed into, his mind slowly clearing.

[#f82efa “That was my fault,”] he said. Jessica huffed and crossed her arms, glaring daggers in Tessa’s direction even as Cole offered a soft smile. [#f82efa “I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going. Are you alright?”]
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Tessa shoves some twenty-dollar bills in the cab drivers face. She had been late to the bus and it cost her 10 minutes to find a cab driver, who looked like he would be more fitting to rob a bank then drive people around. When she got out of the cab, her apple had fallen to the ground when she had tripped on the sidewalk, which caused her to have to unwillingly throw it away.

When she got inside the main studio she silently hoped and prayed that her manager wasn't there already. Although, if everyone was there she would try to sneak in and not be considered late.

She winced as her ankle, which was wrapped up and hidden in a pair of boots started to ache. [+blue "It is ok... I can last one day of work. After work, I will go straight to the hospital and get my ankle some attention."] Her ankle groaned in protest but it got no response from her as she continued on.

Tessa cautiously sped through the halls to the room where they were taking the shoot. She set up her equipment on a table that didn't appear to be used. [+blue "This should be good. I hope that no one needed this table."] She heads to the break room and grabs a cup of coffee to try to make it look like she has it all together. However, Tessa was wearing a white shirt that was too big and black jeans with the words [b Kiss Me!] on the sides in neon pink that clearly did not look put together.

Just then, she saw a plate of triple chocolate cookies. She looked to see if anyone was in the halls or around the room and quickly ate all the cookies. [+blue "Not the healthiest breakfast but I have a good excuse..."]

Tessa walks out of the room as she cools her coffee and instantly bumps into someone causing coffee to spill all over her white shirt and make a mess on the floor. Her ankle screamed at her and her legs buckled under the pain. Her eyes started to well up but just before she was about to start sobbing, she looks at who she run into and it is Cole! [+blue "I-I'm so sorry Mr. Limery."] She notices that Jessica is standing close but was far enough to avoid the coffee. [+blue "I am so sorry Madam. I will work extra hours if it makes up for my accident here!"]
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After a stream that extended a bit longer than Cole had originally intended, the male signed off and leaned back in his chair, sighing. He looked over at his clock and cursed under his breath, counting that he would only have about five hours of sleep before work demanded he rise and ready himself again. He was always so busy, but his schedule was one he created… he was the type who was never satisfied with the bare minimum, always working to do more, to do better. He had a name to create and maintain and, no matter how busy he was or how hard the work could be, he was going to continue to put himself through it.

After a restless few hours of sleep, Cole woke up again and got ready, managing to both get a shower and make himself a cup of coffee to go before her heard the demanding horn of a car sound in front of his house. Cole rolled his eyes and left the house, taking care to lock the door behind him as he went.

“God morning,” his manager said cheerfully, turning to look at him. Cole raised an eyebrow, watching the older woman with a look just shy of disdain.

[#f82efa “Morning,”] he finally grumbled in return, shifting in his seat to look out the window as she pulled away from his house and started toward the studio. [#f82efa “What today, Jess? More winter shit?”]

Jessica laughed lightly and shook her head, her short hair bouncing around her face. Cole continued to look out the window, resting his chin on his upturned palm.

“Today is, drumroll please,” she was smiling as she drummed her own fingers against the steering wheel, “Underwear!” Cole shot a look in her direction, surprised.

[#f82efa “You seem rather excited about this,”] he accused, watching his manager closely. The woman shrugged and took a sharp turn, jarring him slightly with the quick movement.

“You just won’t have the chance to complain about being too warm this time,” she offered in reply, pulling into the studio. Cole laughed dryly.

[#f82efa “I will always find something to complain about,”] he teased back, slowly starting to feel better, more awake. Jessica punched him lightly on the shoulder, still grinning.

“Ah, there he is. A proper good morning to you, Colton.”

[#f82efa “Yeah, yeah,”] he said, getting out of the car and entering the studio. He was walking briskly through the front entrance - the talent always showed up half and hour to an hour later than the others - when he crashed into someone, the impact causing him to lose his balance and hit the ground with a soft thud.
  Colton Limery / LovableCurse / 206d 15h 16m 47s
[+blue "Wow.. Cole actually replied..] She stared at her computer screen, startled. Tessa closed Discord so that her persona isn't online and starts squealing happily. Siamun comes in and stares at her wondering why his servant is making such an annoying noise. She pinches herself to make sure this isn't all a dream and winces when she feels the pain. Tessa picks up Siamun and speaks incoherently about what just happened.

[+blue "I didn't think that I was sending a private message to him!! I hope he doesn't know that it was me! Siamun help me out!!"] He blinks back at her in response and she set him down on the bed. Tessa sighs and gets an alert that Cole has started a Stream. She signs in and watches as he goes through the jrpg and reads through the dialogue with immense emotion. His skill entrapping anyone who watched as the amount of viewers soared.

Suddenly, Tessa's power goes out and she can hear the groans of all the people leaving around her. She goes to find a flashlight and trips over one of the many cords from her computer. [+blue "Oww! My ankle!"] She stands up and winces. [+blue "I think I sprained my ankle. This isn't going to be good for work tomorrow..."] Tessa crawls over to the kitchen by feeling around and bumping into objects around the room. She sits up and grabs the med-kit from the cabinet under the sink.

After applying basic aid to her ankle and wrapping it with a bandage, she crawls back to her room and onto her bed while letting as little pressure on her ankle as possible. [+blue "I will go to the doctor as soon as I can in the morning. It would be a waste to go now with this power-outage. I should just keep my ankle elevated and try to get some sleep."] She puts a pillow under her foot and pulls the covers over her body. Right as sleep starts to drift in, she feels something sliding over her skin. It curls over her body and Tessa's body goes rigid. [b It is a snake!] She grabs the snake and hears a cat yowling. [+blue "Oh! It is only you Siamun. I am sorry!"] She releases his tail as he hisses at her and lays by her feet. The stress of her hectic day hits her like a wave and she instantly falls asleep...

[b The Next Day]
Tessa yawns and groans as she feels the pain of her ankle and slowly starts to remember what happened. She looks at her watch and sees that she is 30 minutes late for work. She rushes around grabbing clothes, not caring if they don't match. She grabs her camera supplies and sees Siamun waiting for breakfast. [+blue "Don't give me that look! You have food everywhere but you just never eat it!"] She shoves an apple in her mouth and runs to catch the bus to work.
  Tessa Fox / TessaFox / 206d 16h 6m 56s
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The clock at the corner of his computer screen only read 7:10, but the young male was already yawning, considering taking himself to bed. With a groan, Cole got up from the computer chair and went to the kitchen, pouring himself a glass of ice water, hoping the cold liquid would serve to wake him up and allow him the opportunity to stream for a few hours. He was in the middle of a game, a popular jrpg called Shield, and his streaming schedule demanded he start within the hour, save he disappoint his many fans.

[#f82efa “Another long day, another long night…”] Cole downed the glass of water, finding he had been rather thirsty, and started to boil himself some water for tea. The game was dialogue heavy, meaning he would be doing a lot of reading, so some tea with honey would serve not only to wake him up a bit, but coat his throat and allow clear, concise enunciation as the night went on.

Once the tea was prepared, Cole returned to his computer, moving the mouse to wake up the screen. He found himself opening Discord again, rummaging through the private messages, looking for the right sort of motivation to keep him going after a hard day. He was watching the screen when a new message popped up. It was not uncommon for him to get new messages, but something about this one caught his attention and held it.

[b Hey Cole! Just wanted to tell you that your work is amazing and you have inspired me so much!! Keep up the good work!!] it read. Cole leaned back in his chair and smiled, the message managing to clear the cloud that had been forming over his head. It was hard to be upset with constant reassurance that he was doing something others enjoyed, to the extent in which they would go out of their way to message him. On a whim, he clicked reply.

[b [#f82efa Thank you so much,]] Cole wrote, pausing for a moment to consider his next words. After a sip from the still hot tea, he continued: [b [#f82efa “It is messages like this that keep me going. Thank you for making my night brighter.”]]

Without thinking too much about it, Cole clicked send and went about preparing his computer, microphone, and camera for the stream. Twenty minutes later, he went live, to the expectation of nearly ten thousand faithful viewers. Cole grinned wildly as he gave his intro, diving into the personality his fans had come to expect.
  Cole Limery / LovableCurse / 206d 20h 12m 54s
Tessa closes the door to her apartment behind her and shuffles to put her camera and supplies away. She goes to the kitchen and grabs a pot, fills it with water, and puts it on the stove. She scrolls through the messages from her manager telling everyone what to expect for the following days. When the water boils, she puts the Ramon in and starts to play some pop music to destress her from the challenging day.

[+blue "Siamun? You there?"] Tessa's hairless cat, Siamun, comes walking into the kitchen from the bedroom. A laugh bubbles from her throat as she sees that she has clearly awoken Siamun from his nap. [+blue "I am sorry buddy. Here."] Tessa fills his food bowl and gets the Ramon from the pot. Siamun knocks the bowl to the side and sits with his back turned to her.

[+blue "I agree. Cheers!"] She gobbles down the Ramon from not having much to eat all day. Tessa thinks about all the time she spent that day running around with her camera after the manager. It wasn't so bad if she looked at it from the perspective that she got lots of exercise from running around taking pictures of Cole in the winter attire he had to wear for the shoot. She throws the bowl away and goes to her pastel bedroom. She flops down in her desk chair and signs into Discord.

Tessa goes to the server featured around Cole and decides to look at all the amazing and positive comments by all his fans. She smiles knowing that she helped in the process of his career. [+blue "Maybe I should tell him how much he inspires me. No. That is too embarrassing to say directly! I will pretend that I am one of the fans!"] She goes to type in the server but doesn't realize that it is Private messages instead. [+blue "Hey Cole! Just wanted to tell you that your work is amazing and you have inspired me so much!! Keep up the good work!!]
  Tessa Fox / TessaFox / 207d 9h 9m 5s
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“Another one. Try to make the smile [i believable] this time.”

Cole rolled his eyes, looking over at his manager with a scowl on his face. He was dressed in something ridiculous, standing in the center of three intense lights that made him sweat under the thick, dark clothing. It was a winter set, meant to be revealed later that year, but the room was entirely too warm for the sweater and thick corduroy pants.

[#f82efa “It’s hot as hell,”] Cole growled in return, still scowling. The manager huffed disapprovingly and pointed to her own face, where she was faking a glorious smile. Cole mumbled something before clearing his expression, offering the camera a crooked smile designed to break hearts. The photographer snapped the remainder of the pictures necessary before the manager gave a thumbs up.

[#f82efa “Finally.”] Cole stood up and immediately pulled the black sweater off, the t-shirt underneath slick with sweat; it stuck to him as he tossed the sweater to the side and let out a long, exhausted sigh. [#f82efa “Can I go home now?”]

His manager, a middle-aged woman with fierce green eyes and a sharp blonde pixie cut, looked up from the screen, pausing in her conversation with the photographer and magazine manager.

“Everything here looks good,” she said, waving a dismissive hand and turning back to the computer screen. Cole shrugged and went to the changing booth, finally removing the winter pants for his soft, worn jeans. After a moment of thought, he changed out of his sweat covered t-shirt and exchanged it for another one, a spare red shirt with the magazine logo across the back between his shoulder blades. Another long day, another set of pictures in which only two or three would be chosen. Cole found it a waste, but somewhere deep inside he was always excited to get a magazine with his own face on the cover - it was hard not to be proud of the work, especially after his mother was so sure he would fail.

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[center [i Later that Evening…]]

Cole collapsed into his computer chair and pulled up his Discord server, spending his time reading over comments and conversations occurring between some of his fans. Occasionally, he would engage his community, but tonight he was in a less than ideal mood, still uncomfortable from the warm photo shoot and how it took time away from his recordings. He was going to log out when, on a whim, he opened up his inbox and started to scroll through the private messages.
  Cole Limery / LovableCurse / 207d 10h 15m 44s

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