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[center [Varela+Round [i "Let's find comfort in each other.."]]

[Varela+Round [size13 [b Shouji] recently found out that his boyfriend of two years has been cheating on him. With a female, no less. Their relationship was built on lies. It sent [b Shouji] into a spiraling depression. He spends his days drinking, eventually fired from his dead-end job. Lost and broken, he believes suicide may save him.

[b Jack] is a wealthy and cold man. He's currently going through a rocky divorce with his wife. Mostly fighting between who gets what. This makes him bitter and angry. He frequents a bar almost every night. Drinking and smoking his troubles away.

[b Shouji] and [b Jack] get into a drunken conversation and sleep together after agreeing that relationships suck. [b Shouji] becomes obsessed with [b Jack]. [b Jack] only finds [b Shouji] as a worthy distraction. There's no love between them.. but they seem to both find comfort in each other. One-sided love. One man who finds pleasure in the other's blindness to accept the truth. The only thing they have in common is: to forget.

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[Varela+Round [size12 Shouji's eyes sparkled once his food came. His stomach grumbled loudly once his eyes laid upon the delicious food in front of him. He picked up the creampuff, biting into it. A bit of strawberry cream stuck on the sides of his mouth. He chewed happily, this distracted him from the bad feelings. If he wasn't drinking his sorrows, he'd eat them. Yet.. he had to be careful with his eating. He shook his head, not worrying about that right now.

He blinked once.. twice.. at the sudden comment. Wait, was he asking for them to get a drink together? For a moment, his heart fluttered. [i No no.. there's no way...] Shouji's cheeks became flustered. He's hurting right now. His vulnerability is right there on the surface for any man to take advantage. He took another bite of his creampuff while his thoughts ran rapid inside his head. [i Settle down brain!] Once he got halfway through, he came up with answer after a good ten minutes. [#ff8d00 "O-Okay.. I guess I could use someone to watch me and my drinking..."]

He avoided the male's gaze and became bashful all of the sudden, focusing his attention on his next meal; eggs benedict. Shouji cut through it and took a big bite, his stomach welcoming the food. [#ff8d00 "Always the best... mm. mm.."] He chewed whole-heartily as if this was the first time he ate it. Deep in his mind, he was panicking.. knowing bills were coming up and having to pay for his room later this week. Sigh.. why did his life become like this? He never realized how poor he was until this happened.. that job not paying nearly enough.
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[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Lato] [size14 [Lato Jack smiled, taking a bite out of a muffin and thinking over his words. Newly jobless, drinking helplessly and recently single. Maybe... this could work in his favor. Maybe they had something in common after all. [#658BAE “I assume a break up happened and now everything has fallen apart for you?”] He raised his eyes to meet Blondie’s. [#658BAE “And if you’re going to be stopping by my bar then you might as well take a seat next to me. I’ll buy your next drink.”]

It felt like an empty promise but a promise he could keep. Jack hoped that Blondie would take his offer of company if just for another night. He was growing tired of the change of faces and those faces usually ask for fifty dollars too much anyhow. The young man in front of him may have been down on his luck but he had a hunch he could be vibrant in his own way... And what the fuck was Jack doing with his life anyway? Wasting time...

[#658BAE “If it’s too awkward of a proposition, there’s no need to answer. Time is money.”] The dark haired sipped his coffee, glancing up through the steam.]]
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[Varela+Round [size12 This cafe became the only happy thing in his life. Much of the crew knew him. He always came here after a fight with his Ex. The boss-man let him eat for free every single time.

A small sigh escaped his lips. Once he stepped inside, the scent of coffee and pastries filled his nose. He instantly relaxed and let Jack choose a table for them. He raised an eyebrow when the man pushed out his chair for him. A small smile appeared his face. He slowly sat down and relaxed back in the seat for a moment. He looked over the menu for a moment, deciding on the Matcha Tea and a cream puff. He couldn't deny his sweet tooth. Yet, since the man offered to buy him whatever he wanted, he should take this chance to splurge. He also ordered an eggs benedict.

[#ff8d00 "You should also get the eggs benedict here, the best."] He side-stepped the question and stirred his tea once it came. He took a small sip of it, liking it better when it's hot. Exhaling deeply, he cleared his throat. [#ff8d00 "I'm a regular there, but I only go about twice a week unless my friends force me. I tend to frequent there on the weekends... but since I'm jobless for now, you'll probably catch me there every night."] Which reminds him, he scrolled through his phone, looking for updates on his applications.
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[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Lato] [size14 [Lato Jack couldn’t help but to smile despite the circumstances. Not a bum, huh? Could have fooled him. He knew a chump down on his luck and he was sure not to become something like Blondie. Money, after all, was their deciding difference.

As expected, the car couldn't have been newer than 2004 and the interior was at least holding itself together. The raven haired slid into the passenger seat, too accustomed to a ‘new car’ smell that he felt incredibly out of place. Usually he was the one driving around night interests. [#658BAE “Sure, that sounds fine.”]

The pair were in the car for mere minutes, Blondie holding true to his word. Once they parked and entered the cafe, Jack initiated his gentleman mask offering to buy the young man anything he wanted off the menu. The least he could do was feed him. He stuck to his usual, black coffee with two shots of espresso and a starch to absorb whatever the hell he drank last night. At least hangovers were becoming less and less as his bad habits persisted.

The suit found a table, pushing Blondie’s chair out with the tip of his polished shoe. He relaxed his posture, feeling no need to keep up appearances here. [#658BAE “This is nice,”] he said after a moment of silence. [#658BAE “I don’t remember you. You go to that bar often?”] ]
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[Varela+Round [size12 Shouji brushed his hair a bit more until it was perfect. He might as well look decent enough to show his face in public. He shut himself in after what happened, except the previous night. He need not to drink like that again. Hangovers are not fun at all. He smoothed down his shirt, slipped his shoes on and made his way to the door after grabbing his keys.

At least the man decided to stick with him a bit more. Usually, he'd be in a crying fit by now if by himself.

[#ff8d00 "Geez, I have a decent car okay? I'm not a total bum."] A small sigh escaped his lips. This man was something else. Definitely privileged through life maybe? He dated a wealthy guy before. No love there, although he spoiled Shouji. Still the best relationship, at least they ended on good terms instead of him cheating on Shouji with a girl.

He unlocked the doors and slipped inside the driver's side. [#ff8d00 "I know a cafe close by."]
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[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Lato] [size14 [Lato The younger man cracked a smile, seeming to be an unfamiliar motion across those delicate features. It was as fake as his own enthusiasm. Honestly, any way he could avoid the shell of a life he had was a welcome distraction. He was almost of the cusp of being slightly desperate for it.

Jack finished off the cigarette and pushed the butt into the metal railing with a small sizzle. [#658BAE “It’s only been three days?”] he started with a smirk, [#658BAE “I’d hate to see you in a week.”] He stepped back into the motel room following Blondie, finding his polished shoes quickly. He pocketed all his personals on the side table and slipped on the now slightly wrinkled jacket. Urg, he needed a shower. He could practically smell the booze still on him...

Selfishly, the privileged man hoped that Blondie’s car was something worth getting out of. By the looks of things currently, Jack was positive it was going to be a vehicle built in the early 2000’s. He almost cringed at the thought but didn’t let his disgust show. While he may have been a prick, he was bred to be polite in mutual company.

[#658BAE “After you,”] he said after Blondie was done preparing himself and held open the door for the other.]
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[Varela+Round [size12 Lost in thought again, he stared out into the city and watched the people below walk to and from wherever they had to go. Exhaling deep, it's best he not stay in here any longer. This was probably messing his moods anyway. He rarely lets any light in. Being like a vampire. It may have been rude of him to dismiss the male. He really didn't care at all. Only because why should he? They only had drunken sex. Besides, his kind self was buried deep and locked up somewhere. For a moment, he forgot about the man's prescence, not speaking to him anymore. Blue eyes scanned the busy streets. He used to be one of them. Unlike others, he loved having a job since it's something he could look forward to.

[i Not anymore...]

He banged his head against the rail and rested there. He waited to hear the door open and close, but he glanced over to see the man still standing there. Hmm. He looked down at his phone. Ah, the weekend. He should try to find something to do. He does need to go grocery shopping sometime today, although a part of him doesn't want to. Shouji looked at his bank account. Wow, about $500 left to spare. He [i may] be able to stay here in the next month. Hopefully, he finds a job within that time.

Jack's voice interrupted his moment of self-loathing. He turned to face him and examined his features. Yeah, this man is definitely attractive in a stoic, badass kind of way. He got the feeling Jack was going through some things to or had some demons to hide. Shouji's not one to judge a person. Last night, they seemed to get along despite being drunk. He swallowed down his depressed feelings, a smile appearing on his lips. It probably came off as fake or not a genuine smile, yet Shouji could put on a poker face. [#ff8d00 "I'm sorry for being rude, just... it has been a rough three days for me. I'll take you up on that offer, I'll even drive."] He stepped back inside and found a shirt hung up in the closet, buttoning it up. Warm tea and some crapes sounded nice. He needed something light on his stomach.
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[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Lato] [size14 [Lato Blondie, to his mild surprise, was actually quite attractive. Obviously younger than himself, lean and delicate. His face was smooth of almost any blemish and the light that gleamed across his blonde hair made him seem like he had crooked halo. Amusing and curious that they would formally meet this way.

Jack inhaled a long, deep smoke giving him a light buzz. What the hell did he have to do today anyway? Oh- that’s right. It was Saturday. He exhaled, the smoke wrapping into his dark hair. [i An ashtray], his ex-wife used to say. [i Nothing appealing about that.]

His amber eyes looked back at the other man, Blondie already giving him the option of dismissal. Was he kicking him out already? Before a customary cup of coffee? Even a motel as crappy as this could offer that. He glanced behind him to gaze upon his bedmate's situation. This fool must be down on his luck to keep all his belongings in boxes and everything was carelessly strone about. Kicked out of his parents house? Heart-break?

Jack pulled his phone out briefly, ignoring the texts from one of his closest friends to check the time. [#658BAE “If you want me to leave then I shall but I’m in no hurry.”] He breathed out a puff of smoke. [#658BAE “But you’re right, this little hole in the wall isn’t actually my cup of tea. How ‘bout I treat you to coffee elsewhere?”] That is if he wants to hang out with a [i prick] like him.]
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[Varela+Round [size12 Shouji looked down at his phone. [i 9:00]. Hmm. His male company must be really out of it. A small sigh escaped his lips. Memories from last night were all static in his head. Nothing came to mind. The [i only] thing he remembered, drinking. Lots of drinking. His headache disappeared though. Only a dull throbbing remained. If anything, he probably drank more when they came back here. Most of the cans were on his side of the bed anyway. Should he be considered a drunkard now? Another sigh came from the male. Even though the sun was shining, his mood remained sour. Not one feeling of happiness remained within his heart and soul. He felt worse, actually. Tears threatened to fall from his eyes, the more he began to think back to three days ago. This always happened when he drank.

After a while, the unlit cigarette stayed between his lips. He should go ahead and light this thing. The young blonde glanced down at his phone again. He checked the many missed texts from his friends. His Ex's friends still kept in touch with him. So nice of them. At least he had people by his side, though he wanted a lover. Should he consider having sex friends? Many men were drawn to him, because of his hair and blue eyes. It must be rare for them to see a man with blonde hair.

Shouji, lost in his own world, did not hear the man stir or walk up beside him until he heard his voice. He remained silent, taking the cigarette out of his mouth. He gave a dry chuckle, then a frown graced his procelin features. [#ff8d00 "Yeah... I guess it's stupid...."] He flicked it and let it fall to the ground. Bleh. He can't stomach smoking. Whoops. Wasted a good cigarette but oh well.

He found nothing to talk to the man about. They were strangers and he didn't remember anything they spoke about last night. Sighing, he rested his chin against the palm of his hand, scrolling through his phone. [#ff8d00 "You can leave whenever you want... pretty sure you don't want stay any longer..."] No emotion in his voice, though he tried to hide it. [i Not in a place like this..] Shouji wished he could do the same thing, leave this crappy motel room. He'd never wanted anyone to come here and start judging him. Something had to be up, a beautiful man living in such a place. It's obvious he recently moved here from the unpacked boxes. No room for shit. He could go for some warm tea right about now..
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[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Lato] [size14 [Lato [i It had been a long fucking day and the man was so tired of this reiterating bullshit. The creature of habit found himself at his usual spot in his usual bar, smoking his potent cigarettes. It was one of those low establishments that didn’t give into that ‘go healthy’ phenomenon. If you were here to slowly kill yourself then what opinion did they have to restrict all manners of ingestable sin? At least it wasn’t a place anyone of actual importance would find him.

With a platinum credit card on tab, Jack made sure that every drink pushed him further into forgetting about his gray toned life. The divorce with Faye was getting uglier by the day, rubbing in loose money, property, collectibles- even the fucking cat. At least now that he wasn’t living in that house, for now, he could hop from hotel to hotel, breaking out liquor every night and jerking off with whores he came across.

That night was different though, his drunken haze finding a male attractive and invigorating. There was something about that poor man’s life that he would never understand but it made those kinds of people desperate. Weak enough to take in conversation with the likes of him and drink until he was feeling needy again. Eventually, he began to black out...]

There was a chill that caressed his face, waking him from a dreamless sleep and gracing him with a slight headache and dry mouth. The dark haired male squinted as he drank in his surroundings. Clothes, beer cans, tacky decor... a motel room. Everything from utterly boring paintings to outdated lamp shades. [i Tch, how disgusting.]

He rubbed the bridge of his nose and looked over at the open balcony door, a scrawny blonde male leaning over the metal bars. He vaguely remembered him from the bar but couldn’t, for the life of him, recall if he had a name. No matter. All of these circumstances he’d been experimenting with were one night stands regardless. He’ll just name this one Blondie.

Jack groaned sitting up, itching for a smoke. He picked up his dress shirt, discarded in a pile of his belongings near his side of the bed, and pulled it on, buttoning it slowly. He watched the other quietly as he put on the rest of his garments. He wondered what drew him to this individual last night. Was it the face? The voice? The innocence?

He pulled out the nearly empty pack of cigarettes from his pant pocket and a lighter then slowly stood, taking short steps to the screen door to join his lucky overnight companion. Jack leaned on the bars to Blondie’s right, expertly holding a cig between his lips before lighting it. He duly noted the unlit one on his bedmate’s lips. [#658BAE “What’s the point of having a smoke in your mouth if you don’t light it?”] ]
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[Varela+Round [size12 [i A young man walked into the bar, blue hues scanned around the dimly-lit area. Crowded as always. The perfect place to drown away all his worries, stress, and emotions with liquor. Recently losing his boyfriend and being fired from his job all within three days, his life crumbled before his eyes. He reached into his pocket, many missed calls and texts he'd ignored for the past three days. He wanted to speak to no one. Do nothing but drink until he passed out. He walked towards the bar and found a seat, placing a $100 bill on the counter for the bartender to take.

"Just give me endless refills," he said.

He shouldn't be spending his money on expensive drinks. If he ended up on the streets, it'd suit him. He had no motivation towards finding another job with his emotional state. His eyes looked lifeless save for the dim sparkle within. His new home was sadly a motel room. The apartment he shared with his Ex was way too expensive for him, although it was one of the luxurious condos. He chuckled sadly to himself, downing the first two glasses. Not enough to make him drunk yet. He ended up speaking to a guy who sat next to him. They shared some laughs, knowing himself to be an emotional wreck. It showed on his face and how he dressed; clothes disheveled and wrinkled. Everything became a blur after that...]

[h2 ]

A pounding headache awoke the slumbering blonde. It grew worse once the dreariness wore off. He glanced up at the small, digital clock. [i 8:25]. Empty cans laid on the floor and some rested on the side table. Clothes were thrown about, mostly his own. He looked to see the same, ugly, forest-green walls which were chipping off. He groaned to himself and turned around to see an attractive man laying in his bed. Maybe they decided to continue their interaction in his motel room. Ugh, this is the last place he wanted anyone to see. Shouji wasn't a slob, yet his emotional state changed him slightly into one. He still paid attention to his hygiene though. His OCDness not fully gone.

He slowly sat up and got out of bed, holding his head as he wobbled a bit to the bathroom, closing the door. He swallowed back some pills for his headache before exiting the bathroom again. Shouji opened the screen door to the balcony and stepped out into the morning air, resting against the rails.

Some boxes were stacked up in a corner of the room. Mostly full with all his belongings. He had nowhere else to put them and didn't trust them in the storage. This motel seemed way too shady to begin with. A cigarette rested between his lips, he debated whether to light it or not. He's had an impulse to do it yet the smell of smoke disgusted it. He smoked only one time, ended up with him being deathly ill afterwards. If he decided to move back home with his parents, his parents would give him an earful and his pride would be hurt. [i Fuck..]
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