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[Varela+Round [size13 [b Shouji] recently found out that his boyfriend of two years has been cheating on him. With a female, no less. Their relationship was built on lies. It sent [b Shouji] into a spiraling depression. He spends his days drinking, eventually fired from his dead-end job. Lost and broken, he believes suicide may save him.

[b Jack] is a wealthy and cold man. He's currently going through a rocky divorce with his wife. Mostly fighting between who gets what. This makes him bitter and angry. He frequents a bar almost every night. Drinking and smoking his troubles away.

[b Shouji] and [b Jack] get into a drunken conversation and sleep together after agreeing that relationships suck. [b Shouji] becomes obsessed with [b Jack]. [b Jack] only finds [b Shouji] as a worthy distraction. There's no love between them.. but they seem to both find comfort in each other. One-sided love. One man who finds pleasure in the other's blindness to accept the truth. The only thing they have in common is: to forget.

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[Varela+Round [size12 [i A young man walked into the bar, blue hues scanned around the dimly-lit area. Crowded as always. The perfect place to drown away all his worries, stress, and emotions with liquor. Recently losing his boyfriend and being fired from his job all within three days, his life crumbled before his eyes. He reached into his pocket, many missed calls and texts he'd ignored for the past three days. He wanted to speak to no one. Do nothing but drink until he passed out. He walked towards the bar and found a seat, placing a $100 bill on the counter for the bartender to take.

"Just give me endless refills," he said.

He shouldn't be spending his money on expensive drinks. If he ended up on the streets, it'd suit him. He had no motivation towards finding another job with his emotional state. His eyes looked lifeless save for the dim sparkle within. His new home was sadly a motel room. The apartment he shared with his Ex was way too expensive for him, although it was one of the luxurious condos. He chuckled sadly to himself, downing the first two glasses. Not enough to make him drunk yet. He ended up speaking to a guy who sat next to him. They shared some laughs, knowing himself to be an emotional wreck. It showed on his face and how he dressed; clothes disheveled and wrinkled. Everything became a blur after that...]

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A pounding headache awoke the slumbering blonde. It grew worse once the dreariness wore off. He glanced up at the small, digital clock. [i 8:25]. Empty cans laid on the floor and some rested on the side table. Clothes were thrown about, mostly his own. He looked to see the same, ugly, forest-green walls which were chipping off. He groaned to himself and turned around to see an attractive man laying in his bed. Maybe they decided to continue their interaction in his motel room. Ugh, this is the last place he wanted anyone to see. Shouji wasn't a slob, yet his emotional state changed him slightly into one. He still paid attention to his hygiene though. His OCDness not fully gone.

He slowly sat up and got out of bed, holding his head as he wobbled a bit to the bathroom, closing the door. He swallowed back some pills for his headache before exiting the bathroom again. Shouji opened the screen door to the balcony and stepped out into the morning air, resting against the rails.

Some boxes were stacked up in a corner of the room. Mostly full with all his belongings. He had nowhere else to put them and didn't trust them in the storage. This motel seemed way too shady to begin with. A cigarette rested between his lips, he debated whether to light it or not. He's had an impulse to do it yet the smell of smoke disgusted it. He smoked only one time, ended up with him being deathly ill afterwards. If he decided to move back home with his parents, his parents would give him an earful and his pride would be hurt. [i Fuck..]
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