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Idk what we’re doing but I guess we’re doing it.


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Oh I just love killing people. Mhm I noticed. *Rolls her eyes excessively back, searching the bodies. Grabbing what is left off them. Including a simple handgun. Handing it over to her partner.* Wekk I have a new toy, and of all things a bag of Cheetos.
  funky monkey / AdaptOrPerish / 209d 3h 46m 1s
*stands up and dusts off* I panicked ok! *walks around the bodies* You really did a number on em! Anything good on them?
  Kitarii / DreamKiller / 210d 4h 9m 23s
*Watches the scene play out, rolling her eyes.* Broke her leg, I wish. *Grumbling, she charges out into view. Hooking her arm over the one named Jack, without hesitation slitting his throat open pushing him forward.* No blood on me thanks. Oh yeah, you. *Elbows the other man in the face, jabbing each one of his eyes with her used knife.* Let the blind be free. Search the bodies, they better have some goodies for me. Oh how’s your leg princess?
  funky monkey / AdaptOrPerish / 210d 4h 57m 48s
*starts the fire*Someone please help me! I think I broke my leg. *Suddenly the two men come from up the hill* "Hey lady we are here to help" " Well, we'll.. Whats that around your neck? Look Jack she has water, why don't we have some fun?" Terra! Now!!
  Kitarii / DreamKiller / 210d 5h 4m 57s
Oh you are quite the needy companion. *Rolls her eyes, undoing her pendant. Buckling it around her partners neck. Chucking the water bottle by the fire starter.* Don’t do anything I would do. *Raises a brow, hiking behind a tree just a few feet away, gripping her pocket knife ready for what is to come.*
  funky monkey / AdaptOrPerish / 210d 5h 21m 7s
*laughs* I have a good idea once in a while. Now I just need some....ahha! Perfect! *shows off collection of sticks and leafs* Now find a good hiding spot. I'm going to start it. I need to make it look worth coming twords so let me barrow your pendant and the last of the water.
  Kitarii / DreamKiller / 210d 5h 25m 22s
If I wasn’t dragging you around constantly you would be trying to eat my face. *Shrugs, wavering my hand forward.* A decent plan for a damsel in distress.
  funky monkey / AdaptOrPerish / 210d 5h 27m 23s
If you weren't dragging me around constantly I wouldn't be so tired!!! *stops walking* Wait. I hear voices. 2 men at least. Maybe we should try to ambush, they sound really close. I think we still have some lighter fluid; I'll start a fire and pretend to be in distress, when they come close you do your thing.
  Kitarii / DreamKiller / 210d 5h 34m 9s
You always want sleep, I wouldn’t be surprised if one of those face eaters got you during a nap. *Digs through her pockets, pulling out just a simple pocket knife.* I think we don’t have much of a choice, die or take the risk.
  funky monkey / AdaptOrPerish / 210d 5h 39m 43s
Get ready. We might have to take it by force. I just want some sleep. *starts to dig through the backpack* We have one pipe bomb left. What do you think?
  Kitarii / DreamKiller / 210d 5h 33m 42s
We’re probably gonna have to find the camp soon. Night is dawning as we speak. One granola bar, and a half of a water bottle left to get us through.
  funky monkey / AdaptOrPerish / 210d 5h 44m 9s
I think I saw a camp past that hill. Maybe we should check it out, we are running low on supplies.
  Kitarii / DreamKiller / 210d 5h 49m 40s
That's not fair... You know I wanted to play. Come on! Get in the spirit!!
  DreamKiller / DreamKiller / 210d 5h 52m 34s

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