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[center [size11 A roleplay with [b MATURE] themes; blood, violence, drugs, ect. Not a roleplay for the [b faint of heart]. Inspired by a certain BL visual novel.]]
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[center [Varela+Round St. Burk's Academy; a well-known Christian Academy that sits up high on a hill, far from town. The Academy is known to have a bad history of cults and those worshiping the Devil. Even teachers were involved. Kidnappings. Murders. Rituals. Sacrifices. Sex. Drugs. All these took place centuries ago. The school remained closed for years until a new generation rebirthed the school to its formal glory.

[b Muse A] is a new student who transferred in the middle of the year. His parents were graduates of the Academy. Close to the previous Headmaster who was forced to retire.. [b Muse A] has never heard of the bad history there and thinks it to be a normal, catholic school his parents raved about. Of course, his parents hid the truth from him.. being victims themselves. [b Muse A] is happy and willing to stay on the path of righteousness.

[b Muse B] is a senior. One of the most popular students there. Student body president. Son of the new, secretly twisted Headmaster. Stricter rules were put in place. [b Muse B] is head of his "clique". A new group of students who worship the Devil in secret. They rely on the powers given to overpower the student body; brainwash, mind-control, impulsive urges. Sacrifices have to made every five days. [b Muse B] finds himself interested in [b Muse A], how unaware he is of the situation. He uses that to have his own fun.

[b Muse A] begins to get suspicious of a recent suicide. Both the student body and the Headmaster seem to not make it a big deal. [b Muse B] is aware of [b Muse A]'s suspicion and tries to stop him from getting any outsiders involved. [b Muse A] comes upon an old diary in his room of a recent student dated in the late 1700's. It reveals the truth. [b Muse A] must stop history from repeating itself.. even if he has to commit the sin of killing.

[http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=370265 General Rules]
[center [size10 [b This RP will require a few NPCs despite it being a 1x1. So, we'll have to work together. This is the best time to explore your imagination and make this fun despite the seriousness.]]]
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