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- IF YOU WANT TO ROLEPLAY WITH ME, SEND ME A DM. Caps, because it's important. We won't be roleplaying in PMs, but it keeps things clean when we're setting a roleplay up. After everything is squared away, we can make a thread to roleplay in.

- Also, like... scroll down if you wanna see pairings, series I'm interested in for fandom roleplays, or prompts for original roleplays.

- Lit. / lazy lit. Basically, I need depth and detail. Posts don't have to be astronomically long and post length can vary wildly depending on how much detail is necessary, but I need something to work with. A paragraph is usually fine.

- An 18+ partner. I don't feel comfortable roleplaying with minors [b at all], so if you're under 18, then I won't play with you. Don't lie about your age. Regardless if a roleplay gets NSFW or not, I don't roleplay with minors.

- You [b must] be okay with trans characters. If you're not, don't bother contacting me at all; I have enough problems dealing with people who don't like trans people in real life, I don't need them in one of my escapist hobbies.

- You [b must] be okay with M/M, since that's what I prefer to do. Not yaoi. Yaoi is the fetishisation of gay men, made by straight women who see gay men as nothing but a kink to satisfy themselves and people like them. That being said, if you only like gay people or like to roleplay M/M because it's "hot & sooo sinful," then fuck off; I and other gay men are not a fetish for you. Yeah those last two are aggressive, but need to be said; if you've got a problem, don't bother. [b If we're doubling up, then I will play other pairings; for mine, I prefer M/M, but for yours, I can do M/F or F/F.]

- Anyway, you gotta be okay with communicating outside of the roleplay. Communication is a huge factor in roleplay and I need it for certain purposes. You're busy? Great, tell me. You can't reply for whatever reason? Cool, whatever, just tell me. If you disappear suddenly and don't get back to me if I send you a reminder to post, then I'm not going to bother with you. If you can't communicate, then why are you even roleplaying? This also goes for ideas you want to include, something to clear up in a post, etc.

- On the topic of the rule above, I understand if you're busy. I'm usually pretty busy myself, working every day and long hours at that, so I can't post every day or even every other day; I do try to get out a couple posts a week, [i at least], but sometimes it's not possible. I also don't expect my partners to be able to get posts out every day, but I do like some communication if, after a week, there has been radio silence; just something simple as "I can't respond right now, but I'll get to it [insert time here]." or something of that nature.

- I also do [b fandom] roleplays! The list is below, but if there's one you're interested in that's not there, then you can just ask about it. I do both animated and realistic fandoms, so it should cover a lot for everyone. Since I've lost interest in keeping up with the canon of most of these, I'd really like something canon divergent or AU for them.

- I think that's about it, but if not, then I'll add it later.

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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Roleplay Responses

[b Pairings]
I have a few prompts that I'd like to do and they'll be listed below, but first, I do have some pairings that I tend to prefer.

[b Fantasy]
Primarily looking for instances where dragons are paired with humans or other fantasy creatures. I'm also interested in arranged marriage scenarios where the two don't try to escape it, because that's... literally harmful to their kingdoms; a situation where they hate each other at first, but learn to get along and even fall in love the more they interact is loved. Aside from that, the typical knight and royal pairing is nice as well. As is the knight / thief pairing... Or anything involving thieves or rogues.

Other fantasy creatures like mermaids and the like paired with creatures they've never seen before would also be interesting.

[b Supernatural]
Primarily hunter / supernatural pairings, with maybe a dash of supernaturals paired with each other. As long as they conflict in some way, I'm down with anything.

[b Other]
Pretty much anything I didn't cover. Opposites attracting, such as flower shop and tattoo shop owners, rich and poor, things like that. I'm pretty open to anything within that range and sometimes even outside of it.
  nogitsune / 210d 22h 55m 19s
[b Series]
I also roleplay in pre-established universes, such as those in television series or movies! Or video games, since I mostly play those. The list is short and sweet. That said, I do prefer to do canon-divergent things within those universes, since canon often, uh... betrays my trust a lot and tends to do some pretty stupid things from time to time.

[b Animated]
Blue Exorcist. Stopped watching when Season one was the only one that existed, didn't read the manga.
Boku No Hero Academia. I, uh... recently stopped reading the manga and have yet to catch up.
Fairy Tail. I think I stopped reading sometime before / after the Edolas arc?
Inuyasha. haHAH. I don't remember when I stopped watching.
Soul Eater. Hey, something I actually finished! I watched the entirety of the anime and haven't read the manga.

[b Realistic]
Angel / Buffy. Season three-ish for both.
Lucifer. Season one, with no interest in continuing further.
Marvel. Ehhh, tenuous relationship with this at best.
Supernatural. Season three or early four-ish??? Spoilers are fine.
Teen Wolf. Season four! I had no interest after 3b.
The Witcher. Season one down, now to wait for more. Thanks based Netflix gods.
X-Men. So... like. Do people even know these movies exist any more? I've seen the original movies and the, uh... Rebooted? Remade? Whatever you wanna call 'em.

[b Video Games]
Assassin's Creed. Yikes. I don't remember anything about this series. I need to replay, eventually... and pick up the newer games. But I'm broke.
Bioshock. Yessss. I haven't played Infinite, but the other two are good; I have watched others play Infinite, tho.
Borderlands. Haven't played three, but that's fine because people tell me the storyline is kinda trash, so.
Devil May Cry. Haven't played five, scarcely remember four. Loved the reboot?
Dishonoured. Does... does anyone know this game still exists...???
Elder Scrolls. Ayyyyyy, what's up, it's ya boi gamergod88 and today we're playing some SKYRIM- Or Oblivion & Morrorwind.
Fallout. Hhhhhhh. Three, New Vegas, and four, pls.
Overwatch. I... am scared to play this game. But, uh. Let's go for it, anyway.
Watch_Dogs. Yet another game I wonder if people know exists any more.
  nogitsune / 210d 2h 55m 46s
[b Prompts]
Here's a collection of plotlines that I've personally written up and would like to roleplay! You can offer your own if none of these interest you, or we can plot something up aside from that. As I'm sure you can figure, asterisk (*) indicate my interest, three is highly, two is mid, one is low, none means I'm not interested.

*** Character A is a synthetic, or synth, detective who, though they look human outwardly, unsettle their coworkers when they're nearby; they give off an "uncanny valley" feel. Character B is their fresh faced partner who gets a little too curious and digs a little too deep, uncovering A's secret criminal activity, unbeknownst to them that A both a synth and easily hacked. As it turns out, someone has hacked A to access their admin codes, which puts A in a malleable state in which they will follow any direction given, no matter things like morality and legality. The question is, will our detectives be able to get to the bottom of this mystery or will they end up on different sides of the law when their hacker is found out?

* Character A is a pirate captain who has just plundered a ship owned by the local kingdom. Within the ship were plenty of gems and jewels, and gold to spare among other valuable things such as food that would keep their crew fed for days, clothes that could be sold or ripped up into scraps to wrap wounds, and even some more expensive ingredients that could be sold off to a port wizard who'd later sell them to adventurers in need. Needless to say, it was enough to keep themselves and their crew in gold for awhile. However, while their crew are moving things from one ship to the other, they come across something strange - a slave who had stowed upon the ship in order to seek freedom. Character B is a defiant, brooding type of person who has had it with being pushed around their entire life; after being captured and subsequently forced to work for the very people they've grown up hating, they'd do anything to stay free. Maybe anything could involve joining A's crew, working to earn their keep or perhaps it involves B tossing themselves overboard when they hear what A plans to do with them; either way, they're probably not going down without a fight. And A does have half a mind to return B in order to get reward money... After all, all the things they plundered from the ship have all been worth something, so it's likely B is as well.

*** In a world where Cyborgs are discriminated against and treated as lesser than human, Character A has to suffer through document checks, harassment, and even violence against them without being able to complain or fight back unless they want to be thrown in the scrap heap. They make their way through life, having to constantly prepare themselves before stepping out their door or repair themselves after they've been attacked. Character B, who is completely human, doesn't have to deal with this; they can bypass document checks, hardly get harassed on the street, and have likely not even been in a fight before. They do, however, advocate for Cyborg rights and go out of their way to help people in need, regardless of if they're human or not. Recently, A has been thrown out on the street when their landlord kicks them out of their apartment with no real reason aside from enforcing an "anti-Cyborg" ban as "no humans want to live with cybernetic neighbours." B stumbles upon A while they're down on their luck and after talking for awhile, B offers to let them stay with them. However, their own place has this ban as well and the two have to avoid suspicion in order for both of them to keep from getting kicked out... That is, if A takes B up on their offer.

*** Character A is a vampire hunter; they're very by the book and always get the job done. They generally don't have too much of a problem doing their job, at least unless someone close to them is involved. They're typically not the type of person to form relationships due to their job, but they do have a handful of friends, one being Character B, who is another hunter they often work with. Because of the two of them are close, it's easy to tell that they trust each other and they often confide in each other for some reason or another. However, after a solo hunt went awry, B is turned into a vampire and exiled from the order that they work for. However, whenever someone asks, the response is always "they left on their own accord." Now isolated, B tries to do their job while also be hunted down by the very order they built their reputation with. Unfortunately for them, A is the most recent hunter sent to kill them, not knowing who the vampire they're sent to kill is. Should they find out, it would be hell for both of them, particularly if A wants to continue with the job... Neither of them would want to kill one of their close friends, particularly because they have unspoken feelings for each other, but A always gets the job done and B isn't the type to go down easy.

*** Character A is an ancient forest spirit who has watched over a village for hundreds of years, watching from their perch, accepting prayers and thanks for their duty. However, they cannot leave the forest surrounding their shrine due to magic restricting them. Character B is an average human who enjoys a good spook or two. They've heard from friends who have explored the area about strange sightings, noises, and otherwise. Eager to explore and find out the mystery , they decide to investigate. Except they meet A in the process, revealing the cause of the strange events as a rather bored, lonely forest spirit.
  nogitsune / 210d 22h 52m 55s

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