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[Left [Pic]] Lawrence readied himself for bed but it wasn't that long time until someone was knocking on his day. The only person that it could be was Elias and that proved to be true when he ducked inside. He looked up and sighed before pulling a night shirt over his head.

[B "I'm fine. I made a mistake that's all."] A mistake that could potential make things very uncomfortable over the next few days at the very least. He hated the look upon her face when he had said those words to her and she hated how quick she was to make out like she was the one who needed to apologise.

[B "I told Jinny that I thought she was beautiful and she didn't really take it all that well."]

[Right [Pic]] Adelaide decided that she should at least try not to think too much about The Council and what they might think about her. Elias was right. They had known about her since she was a child and had likely spent years monitoring her and meeting with her father to check that her upbringing and making sure that she was still suitable to be married to royalty. However, there was a difference between being suitable to marry a Prince and being suitable to marry a King. She certainly needed to calm her mind with regards to these matters.

She nodded when they arrived at her door and watched as he placed a kiss on the back of her hand. It was a rather romantic gesture and she blushed a little bit before she made her way into the room, smiling as she bid him goodnight and closed the door. When she turned around she was greeted by Jinny who was quick to help her get ready for bed.

[B "He is a good man, or at least what I have seen of him so far proves that he is a fine man."] She noticed how quiet Jinny was but she didn't address it until she had started to brush her hair.

[B "What is on your mind Jinny? You seem bothered by something."]
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Elias gave a small smile as the lady walked with him. He could tell she was nervous about the Council and he didn’t blame her. The council could be a frightening bunch when they wanted to be and they tended to influence a lot of decisions.
[+green “I highly doubt such a thing would occur. They have known about you for years, I expect since we were children. They will just want to talk your ear off about this and that, perhaps some questions about your family.”] He explained with an assuring smile.

He rounded the corner and saw Lawrence leaving looking rather upset and he raised an eyebrow but said nothing.
[+green “I will see you for breakfast tomorrow, Lady Adelaide.”] He explained as she He explained as he brought the back of her hand to his lips, pressing a soft kiss. He wished her a good night before heading down the halls, a definite spring in his step given everything had gone well and Adelaide had chosen to still marry him despite being given the option not to.

Elias pauses for a moment before knocking on Lawrence’s door and ducking inside,
[+green “I hope everything is well?”] He asked as he eyed his friend, seeming somewhat bewildered at what he had seen and it wasn’t like his light hearted friend to look so downtrodden.


Jinny was conflicted, she hadn’t expected any of this to happen and she watched the night sky out of the window of Adelaide’s room, feeding the small fire that would keep her warm at night and she glanced up when she heard voices. She smoothed her dress and stood by the fire, waiting patiently. She looked to Adelaide when she entered and gave a pushed smile.

[+red “You and the Prince seem to be getting along very well.”] She said as she helped Adelaide get ready for bed, trying to not think about earlier with Lawrence. She trusted Adelaide more than anyone in the world but she didn’t want to disgrace the woman by admitting that there was something intriguing about a man far above her status. She knew the next few days were going to be awkward even though she didn’t want them to be.

Jinny neatly put away Adelaide’s gown and made sure everything was prepared for tomorrow. She helped Adelaide unpin her hair and handed her a brush to comb out her rich coloured hair. She was unusually quiet, and of course she was excited to see her friend get married but it had been an eventful day.
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[Left [Pic]] There was some silence between the two for moment if their journey back to the castle and once they arrived on the corridor where her chambers lay he found himself searching his mind for something to say to make this all better.

He stopped when Jinny came to a halt and listened carefully to the words she said. It was as though they were words she had learned and been told to repeat. It made him frown a little but he couldn't really do all that much to change her view on the matter. He didn't want to say anything else to offend her so he thought it best to leave his thoughts to himself and nodded his head before she disappeared into Adelaide's room where she would wait to help the woman get ready for bed.

Lawrence sighed heavily and retired to his own room, although he knew that he wouldn't be able to get much sleep at all.

[Right [Pic]] She would honestly enamored with such a place and every where she kiiked she saw something that she had never seen before. She was sure that there were more animals in there too but after being told she could use the room whenever you wanted, she wanted to leave some more discovery for the next time she would use the room but she allowed herself to explore her nearest surroundings, a smile permanently fixated upon her face and she was so distracted that she barely even noticed the way that Elias watched her.

However, before long his voice broke through to her and she turned to look towards him with a smile as he complemented her and stood close. A blush found her cheeks and she looked to the floor for a moment as she swallowed down the nerves that were creeping up inside her. There was only a moments silence between them before her was offering his arm and inviting her to breakfast.

[B "Of course."] She said with a smile as she took his arm and walked with him, although the idea of meeting with members of the Council did make her feel all the more nervous. [B "Might they decide that they do not approve of me?"] She asked after a moment.
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Elias watched her expression and he seemed content and glad that she had such a reaction. He didn’t mind this place and it was always quiet and peaceful, a nice place to forget certain worries and troubles. He chuckled at her reaction and nodded,
[+green “You May use this room at your leisure, of course.”] He said to her and the way she was so excited, so happy made his stomach twist. He ignored it and looked around the starlit room. He had spent a long time in here as a child, catching butterflies and inspecting them. It had become a hobby of his.

Elias watched her and he knew he had to be so precautious and careful with her, much like the very butterflies that fluttered and settled around them.
[+green “You are a fine woman, Adelaide. One I will be glad to have at my side.”] He said as he approached her, still wary because he didn’t want to frighten her. He cleared his throat then, catching himself before he did some foolish.

[+green “Will you join me for breakfast tomorrow morning? I believe the Council will want to meet you properly and talk of the wedding?”] He said as he offered his arm again to the woman, leading her out and towards her chambers.


Jinny looked to Lawrence, noticing how apologetic he seemed and it only served to make her feel worse. She followed him and when they came to her corridor, she paused and looked to the man.
[+red “I’m sorry, I did not mean to cause you upset. I am not used to… Sir- Lawrence.”] She corrected herself and found herself faltering in how to explain everything.

[+red “I am a servant and at your command and my Lady’s. No man of your stature has or ever should speak to me in such a manner. It is beneath you.”] It sounded so rehearsed and in truth it had been rehearsed over the years, drummed into her time and time again by those who were teaching her. There was a somewhat sad smile passed over her features as she bowed her head and turned to go into Adelaide’s room.

She waited in the quiet for Adelaide to return and it was evident she was upset but she wasn’t sure why. Lawrence had been kind and he had complimented her, but she wasn’t sure why it made her feel such a loss.
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[Left [Pic]] Lawrence felt guilty the moment he spoke his truth. It was true that he found the woman to be beautiful but it was never his intention to make her feel uncomfortable and he could see that he had done exactly that. He hadn't been thinking clearly and he silently cursed himself when she spoke, claiming that it was late which was enough to suggest that she planned on retiring to her chambers.

[B "Jinny, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to cause you offence or discomfort. I simply... wanted you to know."] He sighed and nodded towards her. [B "Please at least let me escort you back to the castle and to the corridor where your chamber lies. I promise after that I will leave you alone. I do no wish to make your time here uncomfortable."]

He cleared his throat and gestured for her to follow him back to the castle, all the while he was wishing he had kept his mouth shut.

[Right [Pic]] Perhaps she shouldn't have said anything about swimming. She did not wish for it to come across as anything that it wasn't. It was simply an innocent wish to go swimming one day, because her father had never let her. It seemed that he didn't seem to take it that way though, instead he was commenting on his library and a menagerie in the grounds. Honestly, Adelaide had pretty much every boom possible since that was really the only thing she had been permitted to do aside for grooming.

The menagerie sounded like the perfect way to spend the evening and she was glad that was the decision he made. She smiled widely and took his arm, allowing him to lead her through the castle until they reached the greenhouse. Once they did she couldn't help but gasp at the beauty of it. A smile danced across her lips and once she was free of his gentle grip she ventured in further to take it the signs. [B "Elias... this is the most wonderful place I have ever seen."] She turned back towards him and smiled. [B "I can't believe something like this exists."]
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Elias watched her and smirked a little, nodding.
[+green “Swimming, I see.”] He made sure to try and remember that for a later date but she was right, it would not be appropriate for him to accompany her to such a thing. Perhaps, in future if she wanted. He thought for a while,
[+green “That depends, I have a library full of books, I have a menagerie in the greenhouse of animals brought in from different kingdoms.”] He looked thoughtful for a while before getting to his feet and offering his arm.

[+green “I’ll give you a tour of the menagerie.”] He did recall her love for animals and he supposed some of the beings he had in the greenhouse might lift her spirits some and make her much happier. He lead her down some corridors and towards the back of the palace, opening a door and eyeing the guards as he escorted the lady inside.
[+green “Ah, my mother set this up a long time ago.”] He explained.

Butterflies fluttered in the pale moonlight, wings glancing off of the sharp silver moonlight at being disturbed and there were some bright birds roosting in the treetops under the glass. He smirked a little and released his arm for her so she could explore. His mother had always had a fascination with exotic animals, one trait that had been carried on by himself. She looked stunning in the light and it was odd to him how her presence seemed to make everything a lot more bearable.


Jinny looked to Lawrence as he spoke and smiled a little. It was nice how he stayed with Elias through friendship and not out of duty. She supposed it was very much the same for her when it came to Adelaide. Even if Adelaide told her she could go and live her own life, Jinny would stay. She would always stay.

Lawrence’s words took her off guard and she fought the blush that threatened to mar her cheeks, fumbling for words. Irregardless of whatever she felt, it was inappropriate for such a man to speak to her, a servant, in such a way. Jinny had little experience with men like Lawrence and she stared at him for a while, utterly speechless.
[+red “It is getting late.”] She managed after a while and fixed some of her hair back in place.

[+red “Thank you, for the tour of the gardens. They’re beautiful.”] She explained as she smoothed her dress and got to her feet. She was nervous, embarrassed almost because it was not at all how things were supposed to go. Lawrence was a man of status, of good lineage, Jinny was not. She was a servant, a hand maiden to her lady.
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[Left [Pic]] Lawrence couldn't help but notice how beautiful Jinny looked in the moonlight but she knew that it was also the look of wonderment upon her face that highlighted her beauty. He couldn't help but notice a hint of sadness in her eyes though at the idea of serving for the rest of her life. Adelaide seemed like a kind woman, surely she might grant her some freedom? He didn't really know.

He neared her a little. [B "I'm his friend first."] He said with a smile. [B "I will because it's where I want to be."] He was perfectly content with his position. Lawrence sat next to Jinny and hesitated to say something for a moment but then decided he had no need to do so.

[B "You are a beautiful woman Jinny."]

[Right [Pic]] Adelaide truly had no idea what been Queen entailed and she had no idea what sort of Queen she would be but one thing she did know is that she would always be true to herself. She was kind at heart and that wasn't going to change simply because she gained status. If anything, she would attempt to use her gained status to perhaps help those less fortunate more than she was able to now. She just hoped that Jinny would remain with her because she was truly a friend. Perhaps she could relieve her from her handmaiden status if that is what she wanted.

The gentle squeeze of her hand was enough to pull her out of her thoughts. She smiled towards him and wondered what they would do with their evening since they apparently had their whole evening alone. However, she couldn't deny that the idea of being alone with him made her slightly nervous, but that was simply because she was unused to the company of men.

[B "I do not think that the one thing I have always wanted to do is appropriate for a Prince and a woman who is not yet his wife."] She chuckled a little, realising how ominous that must have sounded. [B "I've never lived near the waters before and I've always wanted to go swimming."] She smiled a little and shook her head. [B "We could do something that you like doing perhaps?"]
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Elias looked to her when she brought him out of his memories by taking his hand and he marvelled at the soft skin, how delicate she looked right then and he gave a small smile to her.
[+green “You will be just perfect, Lady Adelaide. My mother did not wish to be Queen, I do not think anyone wishes for such things when they truly know what it entails.”] He pointed out and gave her hand a very gentle squeeze. He watched her for a while,
[+green “ We have a whole evening to ourselves, and I’m tempted to say we won’t have interruptions. Is there anything you would like to see? Anything you would like to do?”] He asked her.

He knew this was difficult for Adelaide and her close handmaiden. But this land would be somewhat safe for now, and he wanted her to understand the best of it. He had no doubt that in the years to come there would be conflicts and with the death of his brother, he knew that it could be a real issue when it came to the monarch and some would disagree which would only serve to cause issues and disturbances. He hoped it wouldn’t come to wars but every kingdom had their disagreements.

[+green “There must be something you wished you could do but never could.”] He remarked as he watched her and smiled a little. If it would make her more comfortable then even the littlest thing would help, he was sure.


Jinny smiled a little and nodded along with Lawrence’s words. She supposed at least he got to see his family and that must have been lovely . She looked to the fountain and smiled brightly, it was beautiful and she touched the stillest part with her fingertips, glancing to him at his question. She hadn’t given it too much thought, mostly because it seemed so far off.

[+red “I… suppose I will continue to serve my Lady. With any fortune, she will make me a governess to her children, so I might serve them the same way I served her.”] Jinny gave a weak smile at that because all she knew was how to serve. She didn’t ever think much more would come from her life and she looked to Lawrence.
[+red “And what of you? Will you always be the Princes next in command?”] She asked him. He came from a good family with status, surely he aimed for something else.

Jinny realised it wasn’t really her place to question but she just gave him an apologetic look as she took a seat on the edge of the fountain, looking around the beautiful gardens and thinking for a while. She didn’t believe Elias would force Adelaide to get rid of her, that wasn’t her concern and she would be happy to keep serving because she didn’t know anything else.
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[Left [Pic]] Lawrence noticed the way that Jinny eyed the gardens and he decided that he would take her for a walk around them. [B "I go to visit them as often as I can and whenever there is a special event or party here they come along. I'm sure they will be at the Prince's wedding. Things will move pretty quickly now that..."] He didn't want to finish his sentence, instead he allowed the conversation go change direction slightly.

He smiled at Jinny's words. [B "We see class but only the injustice in it. There should be no reason for anyone to be treated negatively because of their birthright. It it only luck that brought us the privileges we have, nothing more."]

He led her towards the centre of the gardens where they happened to be a water fountain. [B "Before the year is out your Lady might provide the Prince with an heir and you will likely have more responsibilities here. How do you feel about that?"]

[Right [Pic]] Adelaide looked up when she noticed the Jinny and Lawrence were about to leave. She smiled towards Jinny and watched them both leave before she looked back towards Elias. Her future husband. [B "I just don't really know if there is anything specific I would like. I haven't been to many weddings. I will go along with whatever you want."]

It was nice to hear the story of his mother's first act. She seemed like a wonderful woman and she admired her choice. It made her wonder what it was that she would do as her first act. It was clear from Elias' words that it would pretty much be her choice and she could do anything she wanted. She would take some time to think about that though, not wanting to rush that decision. She couldn't take her first act more than once and she didn't want to make a mistake.

Then he was reminiscing about his brother and his wife. She felt sadness for him and she took his hand again. [B "I'll think carefully about it. I promise that I will do you proud."] Adelaide smiled. [B "So, when you said earlier that there wasn't any rush."] She chuckled a little and sighed. [B "I will try to be a good wife and...princess."]
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Elias watched Adelaide and looked to Lawrence and Jinny who were evidently going off themselves and he was grateful for the privacy. He nodded to them both, excusing them informally. He looked back to the woman before him,
[+green “Traditional is fine, but anything you want, you only need ask.”] He assured her and looked thoughtful when she mentioned her first act.

[+green “It can be anything. My mother opened a popular orphanage in the middle of town, a proper one with good care as her first act. I believe her sister in the neighbouring kingdom overseas promoted some friends, freed some servants.”] Elias shrugged but of course he was sure whatever Adelaide chose it would be wonderful and people would adore her for it regardless. She seemed like a proper woman.
[+green “My brothers wife, Anastasia, she came from rough beginnings, so she made her first act that she wouldn’t part from her husband. She never did.”] He murmured.

As romantic a gesture as it was, that was one thing he did not want Adelaide to do. She was under his protection and if he went to war or battles, he wanted her safely tucked away at home. Then again, Anastasia had been unable to produce an heir so perhaps that had driven her to stay with his brother the way he had. Elias shook himself out of the nostalgia and raised an eyebrow,
[+green “You don’t have decide now, of course.”]


Jinny watched him and smiled a little. It was nice he knew his family’s roots and he had such rich heritage rooted in the kingdom. Lawrence wasn’t like other rich blooded people, it wasn’t what she had come to expect. He wasn’t cold or cruel, which was a relief and she supposed of it was different she would be rather lonely and concerned in this place. Jinny looked to his outstretched arm and it still baffled her how the man was no embarrassed to be escorting a hand maiden around.

Adelaide and Elias would need their privacy though and she was quite content to allow them that time as she took his arm and got to her feet. She saw Elias’ nod as a signal they were fine to go and she looked to Adelaide with a small reassuring smile. She walked with Lawrence and eyed the gardens as they exited, the sun setting and she had to admit this place was grand and beautiful.
[+red “Do you visit your family? Or do they come here?”] She asked and she figured a family of such standing would be the top of the guest list for many events.

Jinny was glad the gardens were quiet, no lingering stares aside from messengers scurrying from here to there.
[+red “You are not like others.”] She stated, thoughtfully as she looked to some birds swooping overhead and no doubt starting their migration as the colder months drew in.
[+red “I only mean that you and his highness do not seem to see class.”] She explained, inc awe she seemed rude or abrupt.
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[Left [Pic]] He could tell that Elias was relieved. He could see it in his expression and he was glad that he didn't have to help his friend deal with the backlash of The Council. Now he would leave his friend to have a more private conversation with his soon-to-be wife. As private as things could be considering they had company at their dinner.

When food was served he attempted a conversation with Jinny as best as he could. She brought up his family up and he smiled towards her. [B "They live in the manor on the outskirts of town. My family have been here for as long as my family have existed. Our heritage is rooted here."] He glanced up at Elias and then back to Jinny. [B "We should go for a walk and leave them to have a more private conversation."]

He stood and offered his arm, nodding towards Elias before he left the dining hall.

[Right [Pic]] Adelaide could have easily walked away and used this as a chance to really live her life, whatever she wanted. However, she wasn't a selfish person. She couldn't put Elias through that and she didn't know what that would mean for Jinny. Of course, that wasn't the only reason she had made the decision to marry him regardless. She knew that it was the right thing and she had connected with him even though they had only know each other for a day. He would make her a good husband and who knows what would come of her if she turned away from him.

Adelaide shook her head. [B "No debt at all."] That is not what she felt at all but when he started to speak of the wedding she had no idea what she wanted. She was growing nervous again at the thought of how many people would come to watch them get married and she knew that one day she would be looked upon as Queen.

[B "I...never really thought about the wedding. I've, never really been to one as grand as what will be expected. I will simply follow what is traditional for your family."] She looked towards Jinny but she was in conversation with with Lawrence. She looked back to Elias with a smile as she ate the food she had placed in front of her.

[B "My first act? Am I expected to do something specific?"]
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Elias was nervous for her answer, of course he was. If she really didn’t want to go through with this then it would cause a storm and the council would not be pleased. He watched Adelaide as she spoke, a little surprised that she didn’t want to turn heel and run and he wouldn’t have blamed her. She was still young, both of them were. He couldn’t stop the look of pure relief on his face when she said she wanted to stay and fulfil her duties as a wife. Adelaide was a marvel and she was made of a different type of strength.

Elias has wanted to do this the right way, the proper way but things were not to play out that way. And yet this woman stayed. He nodded to her,
[+green “Then I will spend the rest of my life repaying That debt.”] He said with a small smile to her. He knew if she did not love him then he would make things as comfortable as possible for her and do his best to at least make sure she was happy in this place. He looked to Jinny and Lawrence, watching them both and looking back to Adelaide.

[+green “You can have whatever kind of wedding you desire. I am sorry to say it will be a grand event regardless as I’m sure the townspeople will celebrate and we will have visitors from all over the kingdom come to witness it.”] He remarked. But he knew Adelaide would be able to choose much of the day to how she wanted it. He had never quite gotten around to thinking of a wedding and all it entailed.
[+green “And you will have to choose your first act as Queen, or princess rather.”] she wasn’t King yet and with any saving Grace it would be a while before his father passed on.


Jinny looked relieved and watched the small exchange. She was not a well travelled young woman by any means, she had been very sheltered but she could see Adelaide and Elias had some sort of connection, enough that Adelaide didn’t want to turn away from him or turn down a marriage to him. She knew her father would have been furious but she also knew Adelaide could have ran and started a new life somewhere out of his reaches, so why had she chosen to stay?

Jinny looked to Lawrence again,
[+red “That is a relief.”] She murmured quietly as she ate a little, thinking upon earlier. He had mentioned a family and Jinny was curious as well as wanting to make casual talk with the man who had been kind to her since arriving.
[+red “Where is your family? Are they from here or a different place?”] She asked him, it must have been hard to be away from his family but she supposed he had a good life here.

Jinny set aside what was left and she took a drink, glad at least the tension seemed to be lifted. It was strange that so much had come out of a terrible situation and Jinny knew that Elias would still have to face the death of his brother and the ceremony. It wasn’t her business though, and so she wouldn’t dare speak on it.
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[Left [Pic]] It was very hard not to listen to the conversation between Elias and Adelaide. After all they had been invited along and they were dining in such close quarters. Jinny's voice broke through the conversation and he looked down at her.

[B "Yes, technically he is but he will upset many people by doing so. If she declines..."] It seemed like things were not going to go that way thought because Adelaide wasn't declining his offer of marriage and he breathed out a sigh of relief. It would certainly make things a lot easier. He wouldn't have to explain things to The Council and he wouldn't have to find a new wife to help secure their lineage.

[B "It doesn't look like we have to worry about that though."]

[Right [Pic]] There was not much more Adelaide could do that offer her condolences. She couldn't change what had happened and she certainly had no idea how to make things better. She knew what was to come and she didn't really know how to stop the nerves she felt. She thought that she had more time to get to grips with this but time was slipping away from her. Adelaide had hoped that she would be able to fall in love with him before they married.

[b "Precarious indeed."] She repeated as she offered him a small smile so that she didn't look much as nervous but she doubted that it did much. Adelaide listened to the words that left his lips then. The Council would indeed try to push things now and only a few hours ago they had talked about the fact that there was no rush at all. However, it was his next words that shocked her the most.

[B "Elias..."] Adelaide swallowed hard and then shook her head. [B "I was promised to you as your wife. I would not turn away from that."] Her father would be angry if she walked away from this, but that wasn't why she didn't want to turn away from him. [B "I agreed to be your wife. The situation does not change that. If it is what you want, I will be your wife. Whether that means tomorrow or in two years time."]
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Elias was grateful he had Lawrence, a man he could rely on but he didn’t want Adelaide to feel like she was just fulfilling a duty to him. He sighed a little and patted the man on the shoulder before going off to get changed for dinner. He didn’t want to have this conversation, he wanted for everything to happen naturally. That wouldn’t happen now. He had sent for a young messenger to relinquish his offer of an alone dinner in the hopes it wouldn’t be so intimidating for Adelaide.

He looked to her when she entered and gave a small smile as he settled in his seat, looking a little surprised by her touch but it felt like the most natural thing in the world and he met her gaze.
[+green “Thank you, your condolences mean a lot.”] He murmured and took a small drink,
[+green “I’m sure you can understand this puts us in a precarious situation.”] He started nervously. He wasn’t sure how to approach this with the woman because this wasn’t what he wanted.

He looked to Jinny and Lawrence and how he wished things could be so simple.
[+green “The Council will push for me to marry you sooner, secure the throne due to my fathers ailments.”] He explained and watched her. She was so delicate, so kind in amidst all of this and he knew she shouldn’t be pushed like this or pressured.
[+green “I want you to know that you will have my blessing at any point to decline the offer of marriage, Lady Adelaide.”]


Jinny followed with Adelaide and greeted Lawrence with a small smile as she sat and listened somewhat to Elias as he spoke and she almost dropped her glass when he explained he would relieve Lady Adelaide of her duty if she wanted it. She was shocked. Jinny followed with Adelaide and greeted Lawrence with a small smile as she sat and listened somewhat to Elias as he spoke and she almost dropped her glass when he explained he would relieve Lady Adelaide of her duty if she wanted it. She was shocked, and it wasn’t something she expected. She looked to Adelaide and then to Lawrence, wondering if Elias has the power to do such a thing. However, she did wonder if Elias was doing this to make a point and because he was still shaken from his brothers death.

[+red “Is that permitted?”] She asked Lawrence quietly so it looked like simple small talk and wouldn’t be so obvious that she was eavesdropping although it was starkly obvious given her reaction. She avoided looking to the other couple at the table and focused instead on Lawrence. If Adelaide did choose to not go through with any of this, she knew her father would be displeased and Jinny would be moved into most likely to another woman to serve.

Jinny moves some hair out of her face, setting the glass aside as she chewed in her lip. Royalty and people of standing had so much politics to contend with and so many expectations to live up to. She knew Adelaide was strong but she wasn’t sure how strong.
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[Left [Pic]] There was not much he could say to comfort his friend. His brother had died and with that, his whole world was about to change and he couldn't help but feel like he might be a little useless in making him feel better. How could he possibly made him feel better about this situation.

[B "You may not have been born to be King but you will be a fine one. Elias, the people love you and you will be a fine king and Adelaide will be a fine wife. She will be dutiful and she will understand the need for haste. She has been told to do as you ask and she will."] He continued with his hand on his shoulder and he nodded. [B "Whatever you need, I know I am here for you and I will do my best to serve you."]

After that he left and readied himself for dinner. He knew Elias' brother but he didn't have a relationship with him. Now he needed to help his friend in whatever way he needed. He made his way down to the dining hall where Elias was already waiting. He offered him a smile but he didn't say much, simply waiting for the women to join them and it wasn't much longer after that.

He smiled towards them a little when they entered. Jinny seated herself opposite him while Elias helped Adelaide to her seat next to him. [B "Good evening."]

[Right [Pic]] Adelaide sighed and shook her head. This was not a life she was prepared for and she genuinely had no idea how she was supposed to be a wife nevermind a queen. Things were changing fast but she couldn't change anything now. Jinny was right. She just needed to be what Elias needed and she would be whatever he needed. She simply let Jinny pick out a dress for her and she remained relatively passive from that moment.

[B "The people here do not know me. They could not possibly love me. Elias is going to be forced to marry me now. Before he even has a chance to know if he could possibly love me."] She sighed once more but allowed Jinny to dress her and fix her hair. After a little while she was ready and there was news that Elias had changed his mind about the fact that they were dining alone which put her at ease a little bit. She wondered if that was his intention; to put her at ease.

When they were ready they made their way to the dining hall where Elias was greeting her and pulling out a chair for her. [B "Thank you."] Once she was sat she looked him over and placed a hand on his. [B "Elias...I' sorry."]
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