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Elias supposed she was right, wine would of course cause people to be loose lipped and more likely to fight and be less careful of their attitudes. He looked to her as she spoke of tonight and it was some relief to know she wasn’t entirely uncomfortable with it because he would hate to think he was taking a woman against her will. He looked to her hand on his and sighed out,
[+green “You are a marvel, Adelaide.”] He said to her, giving her small hand a gentle squeeze.

He watched the proceedings and soon the night was rounding up, coming to a close, all too soon it seemed. A council member approached and gave Elias’ shoulder a squeeze. Elias only nodded and gestured for a moment because nothing could truly ever prepare him for this moment. He looked to Adelaide as he stood and offered his hand, still feeling apologetic. He was glad at least that the council seemed tolerant enough to not rush them away.

Elias steppes into his room and looked around, it was grand and large with an excellent view of the city from the overhanging balcony. He eyed the handful of council members who stood at the wall. They were silent and Elias looked to Adelaide, reaching up to remove the veil from her hair, setting it aside. He was trying to be careful, slow and tender with his actions. This was not a common whore, this was his wife and a lady of standing. His hands were very careful as he undid some lace from her dress, edging her towards the bed.

It was awkward, he couldn’t deny it was awkward and strange to have eyes upon him during this as he shed their clothes, slowly. He looked to Adelaide, her beauty radiant as he looked upon her and the attraction he held for her was evident as he leaned down and kissed her lips, gentle as the first time but with a growing passion he couldn’t deny as a man. He lay her back on the bed and moved forwards, claiming the woman as his own and as his wife for the first time and hopefully, not the last. He started slow, careful with the flower beneath him but his actions got more feverish, desperate even before the act was done and he fell at her side amongst the blankets, breathless.


Jinny looked to Lawrence and she supposed he was lucky to have such a freedom and slowly the awkward atmosphere faded.
[+red “My lady has always been a rather good judge of people’s character, sharp too. I hope she will see through people wishing to take advantage of her kind nature.”] She supposed Elias would assist her in that department too. She watched as people began to filter out and she felt ever so slightly lost. Adelaide would not return to her room and would not require her help this evening. Of course people would want land and such, titles and money spoke volumes in these times.

Jinny watched as Elias and Adelaide left, escorted by a council member and she cringed slightly at the thought but said nothing as she looked around the emptying hall.
[+red “What do I do?”] She said as she looked to Lawrence. Adelaide would be bush that night and Jinny had never really been without her to keep watch. She looked up as servants filed in to start cleaning up and she stood, smoothing her dress and wondering on whether she should help with the cleaning and tidying. She looked to Lawrence and wondered what he did without Elias around.
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[Left [Pic]] Things were not the same between Jinny and Lawrence since the night he had commented on her beauty and now, more than ever, he wished he hadn’t because he really didn’t like how uncomfortable he had made her feel. He smiled and little and nodded. [b “That does not mean you cannot enjoy your food and a little bit of luxuries this celebration has to offer. You are a guest here too, are you not?”]

It seemed that she was thinking about the evening ceremony also and in honesty he was glad that she didn’t have to witness it too. It was not going to be a comfortable experience for anyone, and he did feel guilty about the fact that Adelaide’s first time laying with a man would be in a room full of people. He was one of them. [b “It is the only way the Council can prove that the marriage has been consummated, therefore completely legitimate in the eyes of The Church. It’s not pleasant but they want to ensure there are no disputes with the line of succession.”] He sighed and welcomed the shift in conversation, and he started by shaking his head in reply.

[b “I have the rare gift of being permitted to choose my own match as and when I am ready. There is no pressure for me to marry as of yet.”] He glanced towards Adelaide and Elias before looking back to Jinny. [b “They have the power to grant lands to anyone they wish and to do such would turn a woman into a Lady or a man into a Sir. There will be many who seek that from them and I wonder if Adelaide is too kind-hearted to refuse the greed of some.”]

[Right [Pic]] Adelaide couldn’t help but wonder what type of woman Elias would have chosen if he had the freedom to choose a wife of his own. She wondered if she would be the kind of woman he would have chosen or whether he would have preferred someone more like the other women in court. It didn’t seem likely though as Elias didn’t seem to see class in the same way that others did, that much was proven by the way he allowed Jinny a better room and by the way he interacted with the people of the town near the lake. She noted that he hadn’t ignored them then.

[B “Fighting?”] She chuckled and looked around the room. [b “I assume that when people are full of wine, they are not so keen on minding their mouths. I do hope our guests avoid such altercations for your sake.”] She smiled towards him and for a moment it felt almost unreal that she was now a princess, but it was indeed true. It didn’t mean she had to change who she was though, although it did offer her relief to hear that she had been well received by the kingdom.

When he brought up the proceedings of the night, she couldn’t help but blush, not expecting him to want to talk about it so directly. She shook her head after a moment. [b “You do not need to apologise. I have been brought up to understand the importance of consummation and having witnesses to such. They want to ensure that any children we might bare are legitimate and to ensure that they must…witness the only act that truly makes us man and wife.”] This was where she started to sound like she was reciting something that had been rehearsed and in some ways that was the case, since it had been what her father had taught her. [b “I know what is expected of me.”] She said with a smile and placed her hand on his. [b “You should not feel the need to apologise to me. I agreed to marry you and in turn, everything that comes with it.”]
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Elias knew Adelaide hadn’t asked for much for the wedding which seemed a little odd to him but he supposed this was a duty more than anything. He did wonder how it would have been different if it had been something she had actively chosen for someone she loved. He followed her gaze to Lawrence and Jinny, somewhat relieved they weren’t on awkward terms still. He glanced to Adelaide at her question and smiled a little,
[+green “Of course, everyone seems so pleased with today and there’s been no fighting yet.”] That was always a good sign.

Nobles could sometimes bicker and fight at events, old grudges resurfacing but thankfully everyone seemed to have the dignity to not argue this day.
[+green “The nobles like you, the Council likes you and the townsfolk adore you.”] Elias said and he figured she had made a lovely impression on his people, their people. He eyed the hall and kept a close eye on some people.
[+green “You are a Princess now, Princess Adelaide, I apologise in advance for the amount of events you will be dragged to.”] He remarked and knew she would have duties and he would have many more.

Elias supposed when it came to dealing with farming issues amongst the townsfolk and sorting out petty dramas, Adelaide would be a warm face and most likely had the attitude and disposition to deal with such matters. He nodded to a few and looked to Adelaide, thinking for a while.
[+green “I also must apologise for tonight, I understand it’s not something most people would have to endure.”] He murmured.


Jinny watched Lawrence as she picked at her food and only smiled a little at his mention of her company. She supposed in time Elias would find him a suitable match in a duchess or noble woman, perhaps even his family would push for such a thing. She looked to the nobles around them when he told her to simply enjoy tonight and raised an eyebrow.
[+red “I am still here to serve my lady.”] She reminded him, keeping a careful eye in case her presence was needed.

Jinny looked thoughtful for a while.
[+red “I’m grateful I won’t be needed tonight.”] She said quietly, giving him a knowing look. She loved Adelaide as a sister and it still seemed like a strange tradition to her but she was at least appreciative that she wouldn’t be needed to witness the event. the event. She fidgeted slightly and looked to the top table, hoping that Adelaide would be alright.

She tore her gaze away and back to Lawrence, giving him a small smile of assurance that she was fine but she just didn’t want to think on certain aspects of the marriage.
[+red “So, will the prince himself choose you a suitable woman, or your family?”] She asked, given it was a wedding it only seemed correct to speak on marital matters.
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[Left [Pic]] Lawrence smiled, glad to know that the woman was doing fine but before he could say anything in reply, the whole room went quiet as Elias took to his feet. He knew how much his friend hate speaking to large crowds like this, but he also knew that it was something he would have to get used to if he was to be King someday soon. He wondered whether his father would wait for there to be solid news of an heir before abdicating or whether there would be news to come with regards to the King’s plans since no one really had any solid idea.

Still, he held up his glass and sipped the wine when the toast was over. When he placed it back down on the table he looked back towards Jinny with a smile and nod. [b “Oh, indeed he did. I have been running errands all week and sitting in on meetings with regards to all sorts of matters, but I shall not bore you with them.”]

He raised his brow when Jinny mentioned admirers, but he did not even look in their direction. [b “Then they might be disappointed with the fact that I have far more interest in my current company than any one of them.”] He smiled kindly and took another sip of wine. [b “It is the wish of your future King and Queen that you enjoy yourself today. Forget about your duty and simply enjoy the festivities.”]

[Right [Pic]] Adelaide looked out at the sea of faces as she sat herself down, finding Jinny and Lawrence amongst the crowd and knowing that she had company that she could rely on put her at ease. She would hate to think that she would spend the whole day alone and uncomfortable.

She picked up her own glass of wine and looked up at Elias as he greeted their guests and gave the indication that it was alright for everyone to indulge now. She took a sip of the wine and did not hesitate to start eating when Elias was back in his seat. She smiled and nodded. [b “Everything is wonderful. Thank you.”] Adelaide had not made any specific requests with regards to their wedding, simply that it follow tradition of his family and she knew that it made his father happy to know that he was so compliant with such matters.

Adelaide knew that there was much more to come from their wedding day, but he tried to focus on other things for now, wanting to enjoy the celebrations rather than worry about sharing a bed with her new husband. [b “And is everything to your taste? Are you happy with how the ceremony went?”]
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Elias watched how Adelaide carried herself, with such pride and dignity and a smothering if grace. She was beautiful in every sense of the word and he was so incredibly lucky to call her his wife, even if it was out of duty, rather than actual love right then. He couldn’t deny he cared for the woman, the time they had spent together had been wonderful and she was a calming persona.

It was a shame that Jinny and Lawrence couldn’t sit with them but they had been seated at a good and quiet table so that none of the nobles would bother them. He looked around the hall and nodded to a few familiar faces before assisting Adelaide to sit at the table that overlooked the hall. He looked to Adelaide as food was brought out but no one ate as Elias raised his glass and stood. He was never much good at public speaking but he supposed he would have to learn.

[+green “Friends, family, brother and sisters from all kingdoms, I extend my gratitude to you for sharing this momentous day with me and my new wife. We wish you all good fortune in the seasons to come and ask that you indulge in fine food and good wine.”] He said and sat back down, watching as everyone began to eat.

Elias looked to Adelaide and smiled a little,
[+green “I hope everything is to your taste.”] He said and he really was nervous about the consumation of the marriage, he didn’t want to lie with a woman through force ever but he knew the marriage wouldn’t be legitimate until such an act occurred. He had slept with woman before, the council explaining he should have experience before laying with a wife. It was strange and he wasn’t sure he liked this tradition. He figured a little wine would help with nerves or at least help him forget it for the time being.


Jinny looked to Lawrence and gave a small smile, glad at least there was one familiar face around her. She had to agree that Adelaide looked radiant and Jinny watched her at the top table with Elias, she would make a wonderful princess and queen of the people here. Adelaide had always been kind and gentle, which was exactly what was needed. Jinny looked to Lawrence and gave a nod,
[+red “I am fine, somewhat grateful this is all over and my lady is happy.”] Jinny said to him as she looked to the man. She eyed the food as it was brought out and looked to Elias, listening to his toast and she took a small sip of the wine, glad to toast to the health and thanks of those in attendance. She looked to Lawrence, very careful about how she spoke and how she acted in the presence of so many nobles and high borns.. A stark reminder that she was still a servant but right that moment it didn’t matter. Adelaide and Elias mattered.

[+red “I am sure his highness has kept you busy, too, sir?”] She said, grateful for the small talk. She still got some odd looks for being seated with prestigious people but she didn’t seem to notice or pay it much attention. She looked over Lawrence’s shoulder, noticing a few ladies giggling and looking to him.
[+red “You seem to have a number of admirers.”] Jinny said with a small tone of amusement.
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[Left [Pic]] The ceremony was one to behold and Lawrence had ever been happier for his friend. He knew that this was a good match and that the two would be good for each other. It was still early days, but he had no doubt that the two would grow to love one and other. They had practiced the ceremony several times in the last week to ensure that they all knew where they were to stand and what to say and when to say it but there were some parts of the day that they could not prepare from. The evening ceremony would likely be strange for all those involved since the marriage was not fully legitimate until the consummation and it that had to be witnessed by the men of the Council. He wondered how prepared Adelaide had been for that or whether she had even been spoken to about such matters. It was not his place to ask but perhaps he could ask Jinny later.

When the ceremony was over they made their way towards the castle and he barely exchanged a word with anyone until he was led to his seat in the grand hall, seated not too far away from the Prince and his new wife but it was tradition that they should dine at a table of their own. He glanced towards Jinny who was shown to a seat near him and he smiled. [b “Your friend makes a very beautiful bride. She looks positively radiant, don’t you think?”] He said, trying to make light conversation.

[b “You have had a busy week of preparations. How are you Jinny?”]

[Right [Pic]] All it took was his hand taking hers to calm the nerves that she had been feeling all morning. There were no words exchanged between the two as it was not acceptable to talk during the ceremony, but that action made her feel at ease. They hadn’t been intimate in any way before today, not even holding hands since the day his brother had passed but after their marriage she knew much more would be expected of her.

The ceremony was beautiful and the entire time she felt the emotions she always thought she would the day she got married. She didn’t feel like it was wrong, and she knew that she was being married to a good man. Adelaide kept her eyes trained forward as the cloak was placed over her shoulders. It was a symbolic gesture that she knew would be more than just a gesture from this day. The priest was addressing her directly then and she nodded along with his words before bowing her head slightly as he removed the veil from her face. She turned to face Elias and she felt the nervous tug at her heart, knowing that they were about the share their first kiss, but he was gentle and not at all forceful or lustful with it. When the brief kiss was over, she offered him a smile as they made their way to the carriage for the short journey back to the castle.

[b “As do you, husband.”] She looked out of the carriage also, smiling and waving towards the people who had gather there just for them. Soon enough, they were back at the castle and she was being gifted with the most beautiful tiara she had ever seen. [b “Thank you Elias, I will treasure it now and always.”] Then Jinny arrived and she had to resist the urge to embrace her friend because there were so many people watching them, but she extended her gratitude in helping with the finishing touches to her hair now that the veil had been moved. She offered her a smile and turned towards the doors as they swung open for them to be greeted by an even bigger crowd. It seemed there were ten times the amount of people who had been permitted to the ceremony. Adelaide held her head high and greeted their guests as they made their way towards their seats.
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Elias was speechless when he saw Adelaide walking down the aisle and for the briefest moment he thought there had been a mistake, this woman could not be his wife. He took her hand gently and looked to the priest, wanting nothing more than to tell the woman how beautiful she was but he doubted the priest would look favourably on such a thing. The priest looked to the two youngsters, he was an elderly man and was of a kind disposition.

[b “Take this woman under your cloak, and under your protection.”] He said finally as Elias undid the cloak he wore and placed it around Adelaide’s shoulders, a symbolic gesture that he would protect her and watch over her from this moment on. The priest nodded to him and looked to Adelaide,
[b “Lady Adelaide, as of this day you will be a dutiful wife to your husband. Prince Elias, as of this day you will be a dutiful husband to your wife.”] The priest said and reached out to remove Adelaide’s veil from her face, nearly tucking it.
[b “It is my greatest honour to announce you as man and wife, Prince Elias and Princess Adelaide.”] He said to the church full of bibles and high borns.

Elias looked to Adelaide, taking her other hand in his as they were wed and she looked so beautiful, radiant and above all others in his eyes. He leaned in and brushed his lips overs hers, hesitantly and tenderly. It didn’t last long as he pulled back and the two were lead by a band back towards the carriage as people cheered and applauded. He helped her into the carriage, getting in himself after she was settled.
[+green “You look wonderful, Adelaide.”] He said finally, looking out of the carriage at the townsfolk cheered and clapped, waving their banners.

Elias stepped out and he paused as a messenger brought a small wooden box to him,
[+green “This was my mother’s, she wanted it passed down to my wife.”] He said whilst they had a moment of privacy just inside the castle as he opened the box and there was a thin silver tiara, sapphires engraved into the metal and he placed it atop Adelaide’s head. She wouldn’t have to wear it all of the time, just for important events.


Jinny watched the ceremony and she had to admit it was rather lovely. She gazed at Elias and Adelaide and she felt a surge of pride for her best friend. She knew Adelaide would be a wonderful Princess and when the time came, a Queen. She watched them kiss and smiled softly, refraining from cheering as it wouldn’t be becoming given her stature. She watched them leave down the aisle and get into a ceremonial carriage, following a few steps behind and awaiting her carriage. Of course she wouldn’t travel with the newly weds. Lawrence looked incredibly handsome in his best dressed and she did her best not to stare.

The footman assisted her into the carriage and she followed some way behind the newly weds and she had to admit it was a heartwarming sight to see the townsfolk cheering and applauding the new Princess. A grand feast would take place back at the castle where all of the greatest nobles in the land would attend and Jinny was nervous. She knew that Adelaide must have been nervous too and she would do her best to assure the woman.

Jinny stepped out of the carriage and awaited Adelaide just inside before they could go to the hall, so she could add some touches to her hair and such. She smiled at her,
[+red “Your highness.”] She curtsied mostly for show given the amount of nobles in the area as she fixed her hair slightly, making sure the tiara was front and center as she looked to Elias and bowed her head, stepping back to her usual spot behind Adelaide as they were introduced and the hall doors swung open.
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[Left [Pic]] Lawrence held his tongue as much as he could as the week passed by. He did not want to say or do anything that would make Jinny uncomfortable and have that look upon her face again. He wasn’t sure he would be able to stand it. However, wedding preparations seemed to keep everyone busy enough and he was busy working with the Council to ensure that the right people were invited, and he worked with Elias to ensure that everything was in place from his side of things. He also made sure that he was available as a friend to Elias since this would be a huge change for him, getting married and then soon after becoming King due to his father’s ailments. Lawrence knew that he was ready for the task though, and he would be a wonderful King, adored by all his people.

On the day of his wedding he tried his best to calm his friend’s nerves. The church was heaving with guests and he could see the nerves upon his friend’s face. He, too, was dressed in his best armour and he offered the man a reassuring smile. He couldn’t quite tell if he was nervous that she might change her mind and that she would not turn up to marry him, or whether it was simply jitters born from the pressure of the day.

It appeared the first was not the case though as he cast his eyes to the back of the church as the sound of horses. He looked towards the crowd and signalled for them to rise from their seats and to lower their voices and as soon as they were in place, he nodded towards Adelaide’s father who waited at the door to escort her inside. With any luck, this would all go smoothly. He smiled and watched her glide down the aisle and caught sight of Jinny behind her who looked beautiful in her dress. When she fixed her train, he held out his arm to her and guided her to stand with him so that she was best positioned to help Adelaide if she needed it. For now, he kept his thoughts to himself and focused on the ceremony.

[Right [Pic]] Adelaide enjoyed spending some time getting to know Elias a little better, but their private moments were few and far between after that day with the Council. They were thrust into wedding plans soon after that and before she knew it, it was the day of her wedding and she couldn’t remember ever feeling as nervous as she did now. It did help her knowing that Jinny was there, and she tried not to think of all the people who had gathered in the castle to watch her marry the future King.

The tailor made some last-minute alterations to her dress, adding some regal flare to it whilst matching it with some jewellery fit for royalty. She was not used to being so heavily adorned, but it was what was expected of the future Queen. When she was ready, she glanced towards Jinny nervously but smiled at her compliment. [b “As do you Jinny.”]

Soon after that they were beckoned to the carriage and transported to the church where her father waited outside for her. She climbed out and smiled towards him as he held out his hand to her. He was beaming with pride, but he would not say such because he was not a man of emotion. Instead, he waited ceremoniously to be told to come inside and when he received the signal, they started to walk down the aisle. All she could do to get to the end of it without forgetting to breathe was focus on Elias. People whispered, gasped and cheered but she could not focus on any of that. Instead, she steadied her breathing and adjusted her veil slightly until she reached the alter and stood next to Elias, looking towards the priest as instructed.
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As time passed, so did the world around them and Elias had to admit that he would have preferred to wait for a wedding rather than rush it but the option was taken out of their hands. He had done his best to spend as much time with Adelaide as possible in between everything and it had proved fruitful, each day with her he discovered something new to her. He was of course still worried the morning of their ceremony.

The castle was filled with guests and beautiful flowers. He had sent his brother to the next life as was tradition and it had been a hard night, but now was the time for new beginnings. He sighed as he waited in the church, which was brimming with guests and even the townsfolk had lined the streets with flags and such to wave for the newly weds. He was dressed in his best armour before a priest as he looked around the large church, still a touch apprehensive. He had expressed to Adelaide that she could still choose to break the alliance and leave if she wished it.

He looked to Lawrence as he waited and sighed out, his sword strapped to his side as he did his best to not look nervous. There was a small grown set amongst his usually wild hair which had been smoothed down for the sake of the ceremony but already it was choosing to be stubborn. He glanced up as he heard the clatter of hooves against the cobbles of the street and held his breath.


Jinny had done her best to serve and do everything she could to help Adelaide. The tailor had been gracious enough to find her a suitable gown for the wedding, given she was Adelaide's personal maiden. She was dressed in a light shade of green with her hair woven up in an intricate design, a few flower petals scattered amongst the strands and she looked to Adelaide.
[+red "You look beautiful, Adelaide."] She said to her best friend and smiled softly as she fixed a few strands of hair and looked to the messenger who explained the horses and carriage were ready.

Jinny followed behind Adelaide and sat in the carriage, looking at the swarms of townsfolk who littered the streets and waved and cheered. She smiled a little and knew Adelaide would be popular amongst the locals. She got out of the carriage first and eyed the church, it was beautiful. It was so bitter sweet for Jinny because after today she was unsure of where she would stand.

She looked to Adelaide as she was helped out of the carriage and people gasped and cheered at the sight of her. Jinny followed behind her and once she was at the altar with Elias, she fixed the train of her dress and stepped to the side, clasping her hands and watching the two.
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[Left [Pic]] Lawrence narrowed his eyes a little towards Elias when he suggested that they go into town. Was he trying to make them spending time together or was he simply trying to get them out of the way? Either way, he would not ignored his friend's request. He nodded and escorted Jinny down the hallways, giving one of the guys a nasty glare for the way he looked at Jinny although she would not have seen that.

He whispered to another guard on his way passed and he nodded and went off to get a carriage ready for them. [B "We should get you a coat. It might get chilly on the journey."] He said as he made his way to a cloakroom where he found her something suitable.

He then led her outside where there was a carriage waiting and he offered his hand to Jinny. [B "Let me help you climb in. I thought this would be far more comfortable than riding into town on the horse."]

[Right [Pic]] Adelaide was also very relieved when Lawrence use his away to disband the Council. It was very clear that the King intended on abidcating and passing the throne on sooner than either of them could have imagined. There was no more than a ten days left before the month was out and then she was expected to conceive a child soon after that. It was indeed a lot of pressure to contend with, especially if she couldn't do so quickly.

She too thanked Lawrence before Elias felt the need to apologise too. [B "You have no need to apologise. I understand the situation."] She smiled and nodded. [B "A ride to the lake would be nice. Some alone time before we are thrown into chaos sounds wonderful."]

Adelaide looked towards Jinny and Lawrence, who were about to endeavour into the town. [B "You take your time Jinny. You should get to know your surroundings better and enjoy your time."] She glanced towards Lawrence before watching the two leave.

[B "To the lake then?"] She said turning back towards Elias.
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Elias Elias has to admit he wasn’t expecting things to go so quickly or move so fast and it was certainly not leaving much time for anything but he would see to it that Adelaide had all resources at her disposal so if there was something she wanted present then she would have it. He breathed out in relief as Lawrence moved the Council members on and gave him a grateful look.
[+green “Thank you, Lawrence.”] He murmured and eyed those left, only the four of them and he realised this was all very abrupt.

[+green “Apologies, I did not think they would want things to move that quickly.”] He expressed his concerns and looked thoughtful.
[+green “The royal tailor of course will see to your dress, she will no doubt drop by sometime tomorrow.”] He explain and sighed,
[+green “Perhaps before wedding plans come crashing down upon us, I could interest you in a ride to the lake again, future Queen?”] Elias said with a small laugh at his comment.

He figured some time private time with Adelaide would be good before the marriage plans took over and he at least wanted to make sure she would comfortable around him and he had more intimate matters to discuss with her. He got to his feet and looked to Lawrence and Jinny,
[+green “Perhaps you could escort Jinny to the town, Lawrence, set for the Tailor to arrive tomorrow?”] He didn’t want the two at odds and it would lift any awkward atmosphere as well as five Adelaide and him some privacy.


Jinny watched as Lawrence came to the rescue and shooed the Council off and Jinny was visibly relieved. She watched proceedings carefully and looked to Elias when he suggested that they set up an appointment for the tailor. Surely he had other messengers and Jinny figured he wanted Lawrence and Jinny to spend time together. [+red “Of course.”] She said as she got to her feet.

She didn’t know why she was so nervous, looking to Adelaide with a small smile.
[+red “I will endeavour not to be too long, My Lady.”] She said to her as she stepped out of the room and allowed them their privacy. She looked around the halls and she wasn’t sure how far away the tailor was or how they would get there but she supposed she was in good enough hands with Lawrence. Jinny fidgeted her hands as she watched some guards go past l, one of them looking at her in a way she was not entirely comfortable with but she kept quiet.

It was a stark reminder that if she did find herself out of employment of Adelaide, she would be incredibly vulnerable to situations out of her control, ones that could be dangerous.
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[Left [Pic]] Lawrence arrived before the rest of the Council and made it clear that he would be here to support to support Elias should he need it. Soon enough the rest of the Council joined them and they started to eat their breakfast, everyone only stopping when Adelaide arrived at the breakfast with Jinny.

She took her regular seat not too far from him and Lawrence met her gaze briefly offering him and slight smile before she was brought into the conversation at the mention of her being Adelaide's Governess. He wondered if he could convince Adelaide to free her from her service and give her a title. Maybe then she could live her life the way she wanted to.

[B "I think that we should let the future King and Queen have some time to themselves now."] He said and The Council agreed and started to leave the room. He could see the look of relief on Adelaide's face and he smiled. [B "You're welcome."]

[Right [Pic]] The moment she walking into the room she tried to put a smile on her face in order to hide the fear she felt. Seeing Elias did make her feel a little more at ease and she smiled towards him, thanking him before she lowered herself into the chair he had pulled out for her. [B "It's a pleasure to meet you all."] She said with a smile as she looked towards the man who was the first to offer his own greeting. She blushed slightly and started to eat her food, answering any questions that they had.

Soon enough they made the announcement about their expected marriage. The end of the month wasn't that far away and it didn't really give them much time to prepare. Before she could say anything else in reply, they were then talking about their expectations of an heir. It was a lot of pressure for her to behold. What if she could not provide an heir so soon? It scared her.

Elias cleared his throat and brought Adelaide into the conversation but she didn't really have much to say. She couldn't deny them of it though so she simply nodded before looking towards Jinny. She would need to talk to her later because she could see that something wasn't quite right her.

[B "I will do my best to provide for the future King."] She said as she looked back towards Elias, smiling a little to let him know she meant it.
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Elias looked up as Adelaide entered and looked to the Council members who had joined them.
[+green “May I introduce Lady Adelaide.”] Elias said as she pulled out Adelaide’s chair for her, sitting beside her at the table and looking to the council members who eyed her.
[b “A pleasure to make such a beautiful woman’s acquaintance, finally.”] A man said as he picked his way through some breakfast. Elias kept a close eye on proceedings and it still felt odd for him given he hadn’t even held a funeral for his brother yet but time stopped for no one.

[b “The Council have spoken and we would like for you both to be married by the end of the month, if that suits the Prince, of course? Your father will likely abdicate due to his health and you will be the next King.”] The man continued as the others murmured in agreement.
[b “And hopefully an heir by the end of the year.”] One woman said as she took a drink. Elias raised an eyebrow at that comment. The council were not patient and he understood the need to assure the monarchy but he didn’t want too much pressure.

Elias cleared his throat slightly,
[+green “If everything is suited to Lady Adelaide’s wants, of course.”] He put in and the Council agreed quietly mostly out of duty and Elias glanced to Lawrence and Jinny.
[b “Your handmaiden will become your governess for the future heir, we expect.”] The woman said and nodded. It was the natural way of things.


Jinny sat at the table and felt oddly out of place despite dressing in the nicest gown she owned. She watched the proceedings and looked to Lawrence. He looked smart, handsome even in his chosen attire and she averted her gaze before she could be caught staring. She listened in and knew it seemed so soon but she would endeavour to support Adelaide in any way she could.

Jinny looked a little startled when the Council mentioned her and she saw a few looking at her.
[+red “Of course, it would be my pleasure.”] She said and gave a polite nod. Lawrence’s questions the day before though had stayed with her. Did she want to serve the rest of her life and watch Adelaide start a family and have her own children? Part of her wanted to stay involved with Adelaide but a different part of her wanted to experience a life of her own. She had no choice in the matter however and a few Council members just nodded.

Jinny watched Adelaide and hoped it wasn’t going to overload her. It was so much pressure to put on a young woman she did notice Elias and how he looked at her. He wasn’t going to let her get lost at sea in all of this and she was very glad he seemed to have a genuine care for the woman.
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[Left [Pic]] Normally Lawrence would have laughed at his comment but he really wasn't in the mood. He looked up and nodding, knowing that it would likely be the case. Why would a servant have any need to receive compliments at all? It saddened her to think that he might have been the first person to call her beautiful when she had so much to behold.

Then came his warning. He knew it was coming and he knew it was foolish to even entertain a thought about the woman but she had captured him in a way that no other had. [B "I know! I know!"] He sighed heavily and bid his friend goodnight before he tried turning in himself.

He woke up no sooner that he fell asleep and it was likely clear that he didn't sleep that much based on how he looked but he dressed smartly for breakfast intending on being there to support his friend through what could be a very challenging breakfast now that he was next in line to be king.

[Right [Pic]] Adelaide knew Jinny well enough to know when something was wrong and a part of her wondered if she would ever withhold the truth from her. Had someone said something to upset her? Had someone hurt her? She wouldn't be pleased if that had been the case, especially since she cared about her as though she were her own sister.

Adelaide frowned at first when she mentioned the comment Lawrence had made but the frown disappeared when she realised that the man had actually complimented her. She sighed a little and took hold of her hand.

[B "But you are beautiful Jinny. You are so very beautiful."] He smiled and kissed her cheek and went to bed for the night, trying not to worry too much about the breakfast.

It was bright and early when Jinny came back to help ready her for the day and she ensured that she looked suitable for a meeting with The Council and they made their way down there, trying her hardest to hide the nerves as she entered the dining room where everyone had already gathered.
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Elias watched Lawrence and raised an eyebrow at his statement.
[+green “You old dog.”] He chuckled a little but realised it had not been an enjoyable experience and he sighed softly. He wasn’t exactly sure how to approach this situation because he didn’t understand why Jinny would react in such a poor manner. Women could be a mystery and he watched his friend.

[+green “I suppose she isn’t completely used to being complimented.”] Elias suggested thoughtfully.
[+green “Lawrence, you know you are my closest friend and as a brother to me, but I beg of you to be mindful of the birth difference.”] Elias didn’t agree with it but it must have been difficult for Jinny and Lawrence to put aside social structure. Not to mention the Councils and families of prestige would be furious. Elias sighed a little and gestured he was going to bed.

[+green “Good night, Lawrence.”] He expresses before heading out and thinking upon the day. The council was sure to be an endeavour tomorrow after breakfast but he was confident Adelaide would make a good impression. He changed for his bed and settled for the night.

Morning came around and Elias was up and dressed, waiting in the dining hall for the others, a tad nervous because the Council could be a little frightening and he knew Adelaide was nervous also. Then again, he was the prince and he would exert that right if he needed to.


Jinny smiled a little as she listened to Adelaide. She was relieved that everything was going well between Elias and Adelaide and that was what she truly wanted. She looked to her when she asked what was the matter and she sighed a little, taking a moment to word it properly.

[+red “It’s nothing, really. A silly comment made by Lawrence.”] She murmured with a small assuring smile.
[+red “He called me beautiful and I’m sorry, my lady, but it was nice of him but please don’t fret, it was a passing comment and nothing more.”] She explained as she got to her feet and gave a polite smile before retiring herself for the night.

Jinny woke the next morning after a restless night and helped Adelaide get ready for the morning, dressing her in a nice gown as she escorted her to breakfast, sitting at the table and remaining quiet, mulling over everything in her mind as she picked at breakfast.
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