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[Left [Pic]] Lawrence understood all too well the pressures of the Council. He just hoped that they didn’t overwhelm his friend because and overwhelmed man could change in an instant, but he seemed to be coping with everything perfectly fine. He had fully expected things to get busy for them but as soon as the Council finished what they deemed as testing and training; things would seemingly settle down for all of them.

He placed a hand on his shoulder and shook his head. [b “You have nothing to apologise for. You must tend to your wife and your duties and I understand that. As long as I am still your most valuable friend, we have no issues here.”] He smiled and winked a little before he let out a more amused laugh at Elias’ question.

[b “Life is well. I am doing well to stay out of trouble, but I cannot deny that it is becoming harder.”] He said as he glanced towards Jinny. He certainly felt things for the woman that he had never felt before. [b “I wish things were different.”] He said more honestly, moving away from the humour as he looked back towards his friend.

[Right [Pic]] Adelaide was truly glad to have some time with her friend and when she squeezed her hand, she offered her and kind and loving smile. Hearing that her friend was proud of her meant the world to him. [b “Thank you. That means a lot to me. Especially coming from you.”] She kept her hand in hers and leaned in close to her. [b “Married life is treating me well. Elias is very good to me and I feel very lucky.”] She glanced back towards Elias and smiled, filling with love. She had not said the words to him yet, but she was sure that was how he felt.

[b “I promise you; things are very well.”] She looked back towards Jinny and sighed. [b “I wanted to talk to you about something.”] She said taking hold of her hand once more. [b “I do not wish for you to be a handmaiden or a servant Jinny. You deserve so much more…”] She tried to read the expression upon her face. [b “I want to grant you lands so that you become a Lady.”]
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Elias smiled for Lawrence as he sat and he nodded in agreement to his words. Adelaide had made a wise decision, both politically and morally. He eyed him at his question about life and had to think for a while.
[+green “Life has been content, although a little busy. The Council continue to push and pull, but then I suppose nothing is very new about that.”] He has to give a chuckle then because the Council would always find something to stress over and start problems about. It was their job to make sure everything went swimmingly.

[+green “I must apologise for being so absent.”] Marriage came with certain duties as did becoming the next rightful heir and he knew he had neglected his friend for such matters but with any fortune it was starting to all come down and settle. He glanced to Jinny and Adelaide and then back to Lawrence.

[+green “And how has life been for you? I trust you’re staying out of trouble?”] He said with a small laugh of amusement. It didn’t seem that long ago that he and Lawrence were rambunctious teenagers, young men with nothing more on their mind than to hunt and cause chaos.


Jinny took Lawrence’s ark without hesitation this time, no longer nervous around him but not quite bold just yet. She was glad at least for some quite and a time to rekindle the fractured bonds of friendship with Elias and Adelaide. She looked to Adelaide, giving her hands a squeeze,
[+red “I am so very proud of you.”] She admitted to the woman and it was true, she was proud of her and everything she was becoming. Adelaide had thought of the poor despite the great riches she held as Princess and Jinny was so glad.

[+red “Married life has been treating you well, Adelaide.”] She has noticed how at ease the woman seemed and how relaxed, despite the duties thrust upon her. She had taken to them like a duck to water. She looked to Elias and Lawrence, glad to see them both reigniting their own friendship together.

Jinny looked back to Adelaide as she had a little lunch, thinking for a while.
[+red “I trust all is well?”] She asked with a small look. She knew women were strong and would put on a brave face even if things were not as good as it was made out but wanted to believe that the woman was happy and content.
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[Left [Pic]] Lawrence nodded towards Jinny, knowing that the formalities were simply because of their surroundings, although the people in this hall were the last to be concerned with formalities, they would not even know that Jinny was the Princesses handmaiden. He was about to say something else when Elias approached them. He held his hand out to shake Elias’ hand and then looked towards Adelaide and bowed his head. [b “We would love to dine with you.”] He said with a smiled, offering a sideward grin to Jinny and offered his arm because they were simply good manners.

[b “Princess Adelaide I must congratulate you on your decree. I believe that you have secured a lot of loyalty from the people of the Kingdom in doing so. It will certainly make your reign that much easier.”] He knew that her purpose was to help the people though, rather than secure more loyalty and he admired her for that.

Once they were in the dining hall, he lowered himself to a chair and smiled at the interaction between Adelaide and Jinny. [b “I trust things are going well with your wife?”] He asked towards Elias.

[Right [Pic]] Adelaide hoped that she had not done anything to embarrass or disappoint her husband, that was the last thing that she every want to do. Since she was his wife, she always wanted to do him proud and that was certainly for out of more than simply duty to the Prince. She smiled and showed a sigh of relief when he seemed to approve of what she had chosen to do with her powers of decree and when she looked out at the crowd, she was happy that they seemed happy too.

When Elias neared her, she was overwhelmed by the feeling of butterflies in her stomach, which was something that had developed recently with their new blossoming love. He was kind and he cared about the same things she cared about and that certainly helped. [b “I am so glad that you approve. I do not see a reason why anyone under our care should have to go hungry.”] She smiled towards him and slipped her hand into his to show her affection and started to make her way out of the ceremony hall, at first not noticing that Lawrence and Jinny were there until Elias seemed to take a path towards them.

Adelaide was more than glad to see them, and she looked towards them both with a smile, offering Elias a smiled full of gratitude when he seemed to look towards her for approval. They had much to discuss and she was that Elias recognised how important Jinny was to her. They led their way to the private dining hall and when they were all seated, she leaned over to take Jinny’s hand. [b “My dearest friend, I miss you.”]
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Elias had every confidence that Adelaide had made the right decision and it was a huge testimony to her selflessness and generosity. He nodded to her when she looked to him, a smile upon his face at the townsfolk and their reaction. This would mean no family would go hungry again, even if they had nothing and Elias thought the idea was wonderful. He looked to see Jinny and Lawrence watching events and he nodded his head to them, politely. He had noticed a shift in their friendship, a dangerous one at such a time but it was hard for him not to be supportive regardless.

Elias stood at Adelaide’s side,
[+green “That went over well, a fantastic idea, my lady.”] He said to her l, glad that she seemed to be holding her own with everything. She was doing remarkably well and Elias was always there to lend support if she needed it. He knew they were bound to each other for the rest of their lives now, and he didn’t mind due to his feelings swelling for the woman who would one day become his Queen.

Elias watched as the townsfolk filed out, happier and they certainly all seemed relieved. He looked to Adelaide and then to Jinny and Lawrence. It seemed like a long time since they had all dined together and he missed his friends company.
[+green “Come enjoy some lunch with us.”] Elias offered and looked to Adelaide, hoping his invitation was alright with her as he lead them to a desperate and more private room.


Jinny looked to Lawrence and smiled, Boeing her head to him although her casual smile was a reminder it was formality only given there were others around.
[+red “Sir Lawrence.”] She greeted as she watched events. It seemed like she had more duties around the castle lately than actually with Adelaide to keep her busy but she didn’t seem to mind, a little bone tired by the end of most days and only ever seeing Adelaide if it was to assist her to dress. She was glad her announcement went over so well with the locals.

Jinny knew Adelaide would be popular and she was relieved she had been received so well. She was about to leave when Elias spoke up and she looked bewildered, glancing to Lawrence. She looked to Adelaide and Elias and nodded, still somewhat taken aback by the offer but she didn’t complain. She followed them to the small and private room, sitting at the table and feeling somewhat awkward. It was as if the tables had shifted and lately felt quite normal around Lawrence, but more of a servant to Elias and Adelaide.

She knew it was only dirt and everything had kept everyone so busy lately, so she didn’t seem to mind. She certainly didn’t think poorly of anyone for the situation at hand.
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[Left [Pic]] Lawrence offered her a smile and allowed his hand to rest in the air, giving her the chance to take it should she so wish to do so. He was glad when she did and the two spent some time simply dancing with no music out beneath the moon in the gardens of the castle. There maybe have been no real music but her was sure that there was a symphony playing in his head. One that he would be sure never to forget.

It had been almost a month since that night had passed and it was unfortunate that there had not been another opportunity since then to steal some more time with her. Of course there were exchanged smiles, and glances that meant so much more than simply a glance.

When the day of Adelaide's decree came he found himself in the ceremony hall, intrigued to learn if what Adelaide would do and it did not come as a surprise to learn that she had chosen to do something that would benefit the less fortunate of the Kingdom. It was a testament to her selflessness and it would do wonders to secure more support from the people of their Kingdom. He smiled to himself and watched as the crowd began to react positively to her decree and he found Jinny standing close by. He made his way towards her and smiled. [B "The people love your Lady."]

[Right [Pic]] Adelaide was unsure about what to do but if she was permitted to do both then she might just do that. She thought on it for a moment and absently chewed down on the inside of her lip as she always did when she thought. [B "I noticed that some of the people in the Kingdom struggle to gather enough food for their families. I wonder if some sort of soup kitchen would be more useful than another orphanage?"] She asked thoughtful but she knew that she had a little more time to think on this and she was sure there were no limitations to her first decree as Princess. She could do whatever she pleased.

[B "My father worked hard on Jinny to ensure she never put a foot out of line. She wouldn't tell me if she did want it. Of that I am sure. I...just want her to have the freedoms to be with someone. No one deserves to be alone forever."] She watched Elias climb out of bed and add to the fire, something seemingly catching his eye out of the window but she did not ask what he saw, fatigue overcoming her.

As the weeks passed, she found herself getting used to life as a Princess but she knew that someday this would all become more intense when Elias was made King. They had spend a lot of time together and she found herself growing more and more comfortable in his presence and she had no doubt that her feelings for him were deepening. She could only hope that the same was true for him.

The ceremony hall was full of people who didn't make he nervous for the first time in weeks. Usually it was the nobles who they met with and some of them made her feel nervous but this was different. She glanced towards Elias and smiled towards him and then rose from her chair.

[B "Our good and loyal citizens of the Kingdom. My first decree as Princess is to try and improve the lives of those who are the infrastructure of this Kingdom, those who work hard day in and day out to provide for the Kingdom but do not reap the rewards as they should. There should not be a single person here who cannot afford to feed their families or cannot afford go keep a roof over their heads. Therefore my decree is to commission the building of several more homes in the town, do add another orphanage for those unfortunate ones that find themselves without a family and to provide food for every single person who cannot afford to do so for themselves. There will be a soup kitchen built in the town and along with these, several more jobs will be created with a fair wage."] She glanced towards Elias then, as if looking for his approval.
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Elias watched her as she spoke, grateful she accepted his closeness. He pondered over her suggestions and supposed she did indeed have quite the choice on her hands. She knew Jinny better than anyone right that moment.
[+green “Hmm, well. You could do both. Perhaps have an orphanage built and some weeks down the line offer Jinny a chance to be a Lady if standing.”] It was surprising to him because Jinny evidently seemed happy enough in servitude.
[+green “Would she want such a thing?”] He asked her, curiously.

He supposed Jinny would never admit to wanting freedom. He figured that was better discussed between by Adelaide and Jinny together. He eyed the fireplace in the corner of the room and saw it barely embers. He got up and stretched, feeding the fire and glancing out of the window to see Jinny and Lawrence, raising an eyebrow. He set the bucket of logs aside. He smirked a little and knew his friend was playing with a very dangerous fire.

He returned to bed and the comfort of having Adelaide close, wrapping his arms around her cozily.

A few weeks passed and for the most things had gone smoothly. Elias dealt with important matters and allowed his feeling to flourish for Adelaide, seeing her more and more as a companion in life than just a dutiful wife. He Elias sat in the ceremony hall, ready for Adelaide’s first declaration as the Princess of the region. Of course the Council has been pressing about the next heir but he had assured them some things took time and they seemed to have eased off.

He eyed the room which was for once not full of nobles or high borns but rather the common folk. He waved a hand for silence and looked to Adelaide and gave her a reassuring smile and nod to proceed.


Jinny stared at Lawrence for a while before shaking her head in disbelief at him, taking his hand and the two danced in the moonlight. It was such a sweet gesture, one that she would remember for a lifetime and Lawrence had been nothing but kind since she had come to this place.

Over the weeks there was stolen moments, secret glances but nothing more and Jinny had found his presence to be a true comfort lately. And she had been enjoying not having as many responsibilities but she had been determined to assist Adelaide where it was needed. She was stood in the corner of the room, watching proceedings and feeling so incredibly proud of Adelaide. She had taken so much in her stride and each day she looked stronger at Elias’ side. It was a true sight to behold.

Jinny looked to the townsfolk and she had to confess they were smitten with the new royal couple, the future King and Queen of the kingdom and they were very well looked after. Jinny smoothed her dress, content to listen and watch events.
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[Left [Pic]] A part of him expected to hear Jinny disagree and tell him that there were titles and classes that would stop them from enjoying each others company, and perhaps she would end up going back to the castle and to her room and then he really would have made things bad this time. However, he was very surprised to see that she seemed to be taking things in her stride on this evening. Perhaps it was the remnants of the celebration or wine but he was glad of it.

[B "I have every reason to be persistent. Women like you do not come about very often and I would be a fool to ignore that I have been lucky enough to have you pushed into my life."] It was clear that Lawrence was a romantic at heart but he didn't know how far he could take that without making her run from him.

[B "I believe such people would take the opportunity to dance in the light of the moon."] He said with a smile and offered her his hand. [B "May I have this dance?"]

[Right [Pic]] Adelaide was glad that her Prince did not seem like he could ever be harsh with her. His nature didn't allude to that and she hoped that she could find herself falling in love with the man for both their sakes. She had certainly grown to car for him over the last week or so as they had learned more about each other and she knew that it would likely evolve into more as they continued to spend time together and learn more of each other.

She smiled a little as he hesitantly placed an arm around her and as if to make him feel less hesitant, she nuzzled into him a little, somewhat enjoying the closeness and intimacy of laying with her husband. She was glad to hear him chuckle at her words, knowing that she had managed to offer him some humour so he didn't feel bad about the situation made her feel better. Perhaps next time their intimacy would feel like ceremonial and more affectionate.

[B "I almost forgot about that. I do not know what to do. A part of me wishes to follow in your mother's footsteps and do something that really helps the people but I know that they are cared for and will continue to be cared for when you become King. The other part of me wishes to honour Jinny with a title and some lands to thank her for her service to me. I do not wish her to be bound to me by duty."]
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Elias watched her and he could tell she wasn’t a woman for riches and possessions and material goods but he did want her to know that anything wanted, she could have. She would do the very best she could and Elias knew she would do very well. She wanted to be loved and Elias supposed that was the biggest goal. He hoped Adelaide would come to love him one day. He certainly had a welling off emotion for her.

He chuckled a little at her statement about the consumation of their marriage and put an arm around her, hesitantly almost in case he made her uncomfortable.
[+green “Well, we can agree on one thing.”] He said to him. He watched the woman at his side and pondered on what good deed he had done to deserve such a woman.

[+green “Have you given any thought to your first decree as a Princess?”] He asked her, perhaps she would want something small and private or perhaps she would want to do something public and for the townsfolk.


Jinny watched Lawrence as he spoke, thinking upon his words carefully and looking around just in case anyone was watching. They were alone though, everyone no doubt resting after a good day of celebrations and most of the nobles had gone home.
[+red “You are rather persistent, Lawrence.”] She said with a small laugh, nodding to him. A night of bliss where nothing mattered except each other’s company.

[+red “What do people with no titles and no status do when they have a whole gardens at their disposal?”] She asked him, loosening up significantly given he had convinced her to leave the status in the castle. She looked out across the grounds, there was something nice about being outside, like this.
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[Left [Pic]] Lawrence was completely captivated by her. The blush upon her cheek made her all the beautiful to him. He wished that he could show her just how beautiful he thought she was but there was one thing her knew for sure: if he kissed her, he would certainly scare her off entirely and that was something he really didn't want to do.

[B "Perhaps you should look at the world differently, even if it's just for tonight. Right now, I am not a Lord and you are not a servant, we have no titles here nor does class exist when there is no one here to assign our classes."] He smiled briefly and looked out towards the castle. [B "Perhaps within those walls things are different but out here...out here we can allow ourselves a brief moment of bliss can we not?"]

He wondered then if he could somehow convince Elias and Adelaide to bestow land upon Jinny so that she would become a Lady and finally see herself as more than a servant.

[Right [Pic]] Adelaide could see the relief upon Elias' face and she was glad to know that she had calmed his worries in some way. She would hate the think that he assumed she was all about duty and nothing more. She allowed her hand to remain in his and she sunk back into the bed too, glad that they had cleared up the fact that she would be staying here. It would feel awkward to know that they had consummated their marriage she was going back to a room that had once served as her own.

She glanced up at Elias when he asked her something. [B "All I want is to be loved Elias. I hope that one day we can love each other. I am glad that you are a kind man and I certainly plan on making you as happy as I can. I am not one for material things. I don't want possessions."] She smiled and allowed herself to get comfortable. [B "I hope you do not think too much about the consummation. It really was quite...enjoyable."] She said with a blush.
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Elias stared at her and he couldn’t quite believe the words coming from her. They were a relief though, to know that she didn’t feel forced or obliged to stay here because of duty and he wanted to always have that choice, no matter what happened she had a right to choose. Everyone deserved that right the same as they had a right to breathe.

[+green “I want you to stay.”] He confessed in utter relief. He took her hand in his as he sank back into bed amongst the blankets.
[+green “There must be something you want, Adelaide?”] He asked her, watching her and scarcely believing she was here with him, tempted to even accuse her of being a sprite sent to bewitch him in ways he couldn’t even fathom. Whatever she wanted, he would be sure to do his best that she received it.


Jinny Jinny watched Lawrence as he spoke and she blushed softly when he tucked her hair behind her ear, almost losing herself entirely in his gaze.
[+red “You have wonderful views on the world, Lawrence. But the world does not agree with you.”] She said to him softly. She wished the world was as beautiful as he made out in his mind but it wasn’t. Jinny watched the area, the last of the carriages disappearing into the lowlight and she sighed out a little, glad the events were over.

Jinny wanted nothing more than to simply disappear for a few days with Lawrence, to know him better and find out what made him tick the way he did. She chewed her lip for a moment before looking back to the castle and then to Lawrence. She wanted nothing more than for him to be right about the world but right then, the world they lived in was unforgiving and cruel.
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[Left [Pic]] Lawrence was surprised to hear Jinny finally open up. She was normally so careful with her words and he wondered if she would start back-tracking with her words once she realised what she had said. He watched the expression of realisation swim over her and he smiled kindly towards her.

[B "I am full of surprises. I hope you can handle that."] He stopped them from walking any further, finding a spot not too far from the castle. He shook his head. [B "I do not like that you see yourself in such a way. You are not disposable Jinny. Society may tell you that your worth is very little but I can see you for all you are worth and I promise you that you have so much worth."] He reached out and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. [B "And you [i are] so very beautiful."]

[Right [Pic]] Elias was quick to close the distance between them and put her right about what he had truly meant. She was relieved to hear that she had no done something wrong and that was why he was telling her she didn't have to stay. He wasn't asking her to leave, merely offering her a choice which was something she had not expected. Although, Elias had made it very clear from the moment that he learned of his brother's death that she had a choice in this right up to the moment she had married him.

She leaned into the hand that cupped her face and she couldn't draw her eyes from his. It was as though he was looking into her very soul. His words finding her with so much sincerity. This kindness only added to the many reasons why she was glad that she had married him.

When he released her face, she wished that he hadn't. [B "Elias...I do not do everything out of duty. I married you because I felt that we could love each other, not simply because I was told I must. I would like to stay in our martial bed."]
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Elias watched Adelaide and immediately regretted his words, watching her stand and he shook his head, getting to a stand and looking to her. She looked so vulnerable right then and he couldn’t help himself as he approached her and cupped her face,
[+green “You did not displease me, nor did you disappoint me.”] He said as his eyes burned into her own, the woman seemed incapable of disappointing him.

[+green “I just wanted you to know that not everything has to be a duty to you.”] He explained to her, mapping her features with his eyes. She was beautiful and she didn’t even know it.
[+green “I want you to stay, but I want it to be your choice.”] he said to her. He had already taken so much from her in the name of duty and he wanted her to know she still had choices. He lowered his hands from her face, freeing her and sighing out.

[+green “I care for you more than my duty, Adelaide.”] He remarked to her with a softer tone.


[+red “I enjoy the events.”] Jinny piped up, [+red “And I enjoy your company. That is what makes me uncomfortable.”] She said to him as they walked and she paused when she realised what she had said. It was a fearful thing to enjoy someone’s company like Lawrence.
[+red “I do not often get compliments, Lawrence. It surprised me is all.”] She said to him, picking her words carefully.

[+red “My position with Princess Adelaide will never be the same.”] She told him but she had been expecting it for a while. She knew that eventually Adelaide would be moving on and that was okay and Jinny wanted that for her more than anything, she just was unsure of what she would do.
[+red “But that is the natural order of things, I suppose.”] It wasn’t a natural order, it was a social order but she seemed to confuse the two easily.
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[Left [Pic]] He was glad to see that she had taken his arm. Perhaps things would not be awkward forever. He smiled and started to lead her out of the great hall. He found it endearing that she felt the need to adjust her presence. Lawrence chuckled and led her out of the castle so that they had a little more privacy and that was more, so she didn’t have to feel awkward.

[b “The social events can be exhausting but I do enjoy most of them.”] He smiled and looked towards her a little. [b “I feel like you don’t like it so much here. I don’t know if that is because you actually don’t like it or whether you are just uncomfortable. I am sorry that if I have made that worse that night I…”] He didn’t want to repeat the words he had said then, but he still felt that it was true.

[b “I don’t think you need to worry about your position with Adelaide.”]

[Right [Pic]] There was a moment or two of silence after the men left. She didn’t really know what to say or whether she should move. It wasn’t until he spoke that he realised that he seemed to feel just as lost and awkward as her. She sat up and pulled the blanket around herself. Adelaide frowned a little. [b “You do not want me to stay?”] She asked as she started to wonder whether she had displeased him.

[b “I am fine. I am more worried that you are not. Did I displease you?”] Adelaide pulled the blanket around herself a little closer, feeling slightly vulnerable in that moment. [b “I…thought that this would be our bed now. Is that not the case?”] She watched him for a moment and then moved to the edge of the bed and rose to a stand.

[b “I am sorry if I disappointed you.”]
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There was no denying the woman at his side was beautiful, and now his. Elias watched the Council file out and sighed, running a hand through his hair as he looked to Adelaide in all her bare beauty. He wasn’t sure what to say and he wasn’t even sure the woman would want to stay the night. He wanted to make this as comfortable as possible for her.
[+green “You do not have to stay.”] He said to her as he watched her, how her hair tumbled around her face and how flushed her skin was. He wanted her to stay, but he wouldn’t push her. He He was glad they had been left alone though, at least for not as he pushed himself to it, pulling on a shirt.

He wasn’t sure what to say to the woman, he couldn’t make this particular feat any easier and he wouldn’t have blamed her if she hated him for what he had done. The moment shared consummating their marriage had left him with a tender spot for the female that ran deeper than care but a Prince or not, he feared rejection more than anything.

[+green “Are you alright?”] He asked as he looked over at her, worried slightly that perhaps she had a deep set hatred for him after what he had done or maybe he had hurt her. It had felt so right but at the same time, so wrong to take her in such a way.


Jinny looked to Lawrence and nodded with a smile, she knew Elias was no monster and would do his best to make sure that Adelaide was comfortable at the very least. She wasn’t sure what to expect however and she eyed him when he offered her a walk. She nodded,
[+red “Very well.”] She said to him as she took his arm and adjusted her dress and hair. If she was to be seen with a man like Lawrence she would at least make sure she looked presentable in case anyone happened upon them.

[+red “Do you like the social events?”] Jinny asked him, setting her pale eyes over the area around him. She supposed she was fortunate to be in such a place, she knew other orphans and such could go to terrible places. Adelaide was Kind to her and so was everyone else for the most part. She looked to Lawrence again and she wondered what sort of events he liked,’he certainly seemed the sociable type which was good news for Jinny given she tended to shy away from many things.

Jinny was also grateful that he was there to take her mind off of events and hopefully she would barely notice that she had a significantly less amount of duties and responsibilities which would no doubt take its toll.
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[Left [Pic]] Lawrence did not doubt that Adelaide was intelligent but there were some who would attempt to take advantage of her kind nature. Luckily, she had Elias to guide her and he was good at reading people. Perhaps Adelaide would have a good read on people too.

The celebrations were wonderful and he did truly enjoy them but he watched at the Council approached Elias and he knew that it was time for their consummation to take place. As he watched him leave with Adelaide in toe, he noticed that other people started to filter out too. If the future King and Queen were not longer in attendance then most of the guests were expected to go home.

He watched the expression on Jinny's face and he sighed. [B "Your lady will be treated well. I promise. He is no monster."] He smiled as he placed a hand on her shoulder and then watched as she started to wonder what to do. [B "One thing is for sure, you are not helping the royal servants. You are Princess Adelaide's handmaiden and if she does not need you, then you have the night off."] He smiled and offered his arm.

[B "Perhaps you will walk with me?"]

[Right [Pic]] Adelaide enjoyed the celebrations and she was glad to know that she had managed to ease Elias' mind about the upcoming events. She didn't want him to feel like he was doing something wrong. She would do her duty and his wife and she would try her hardest to pretend that there were no witnesses to the taking of her virginity.

Soon enough the time was upon them and she couldn't help but feel like nerves arise within her. She looked to Elias and took his hand as he started to lead her towards his room, a room that was now theirs. A room that she would share with him forever more. It was just as ornate as the room she had been housed in and she tried to focus on that matter rather than the matter of the Council members lined up ready to verify that they had indeed consummated their marriage.

It was time. Her cheeks flushed slightly as he ever so gently started to undo the lace upon her dress as they stepped towards the bed. She swallowed hard, trying not to let it show that she had never been so nervous about anything in her life. She lowered herself onto the bed when she was undressed and she tried not to let her eyes stray from his face, far to embarrassed to look upon his naked body with witnesses and there was a kindness in his eyes that she wanted to focus on. Although, her eyes closed when he kissed her and before she could react she became his. He was gentle and slow at first, which she was grateful for because it was uncomfortable to begin with, but soo she adjusted to the feel of him and she found it much easier to handle and she allowed herself to enjoy what she could of their intimacy.

By the time he was spent she started to remember there were people watching and that was mostly because one of the Council members brought her a blanket to cover herself. [I "With any luck Your Highness will already bare a son for His Highness."] He nodded and then turned to the other council members. [I "This marriage is now sanctified. We must leave the future King and Queen to enjoy the rest of their night alone."] With that, they filed out.
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