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Elias smiled to Adelaide and her chaste mention of him being handsome somehow meant more to him than anyone else paying him a compliment. He lead her into the dining hall and pulled her chair out for her, looking to Jinny and nodding to her and Lawrence.
[+green “Evening Lady Jinny.”] He said and it was nice to at least use a title with her. He looked to Adelaide, his attention on her as she looked radiant.

Elias poured some wine for the table, more than happy to play his part in this because he was waited on and served so often he didn’t want to forget his own humble beginnings.
[+green “I suppose the new situation will turn heads at Court tomorrow, but of course my invitation to attend extends to everyone.”] Elias explained and looked to Adelaide.
[+green “You especially, I’m sure the nobles and dukes will want to meet you informally after our wedding day.”] He commented and he wasn’t going to abandon her to the nobles because they were like sharks sometimes. They could be ruthless. .


Jinny had to admit it was strange hearing herself referred to as a Lady. She looked to Lawrence and smiled at his comment about the Council. She kept quiet though, not wanting to say anything about what Adelaide had told her. She looked to Elias and Adelaide and greeted them respectfully.

[+red “Court?”] She has been a shadow at the courts before, sticking firmly to the walls and assisting with wine and assisting Adelaide. She knew people of the court could be cruel and it was easy to lose track of someone.
[+red “Id be glad to.”] She said and knew she couldn’t avoid court for her entire life. She at least hoped it wouldn’t be as bad as she imagined it could be.
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[Left [Pic]] Lawrence poured himself a glass of wine and waiting patiently, expecting Elias to come alone and for the women to arrive together but he turned at the sound of footsteps to see Jinny arrive alone. Perhaps Adelaide had to return to her room for something.

[b “Lady Jinny.”] He said with a smile that told her that he was extremely happy to see her. [b “You look captivatingly beautiful.”] He said as he pulled out a chair for her before going back to his seat. The dress suited her beautifully and the colour brought out the colour of her eyes.

[b “It was alright. Far more interested in Princess Adelaide and whether she had yet produced an heir. I fear that the more pressure they place, the harder it will be for her to conceive.”] He took a sip of his wine and looked up at the arrival of the Prince and Princess.

[b “Good evening. Thank you for this invite. It is a lovely gesture to celebrate.”]

[Right [Pic]] Adelaide chuckled at his response with regards to the Council meeting. She didn’t expect it to be anything less. It was a time of peace and there was nothing serious to discuss aside from the upcoming winter and her pending pregnancy.

It was true that she was not much for material things, but she was certainly attached to things that mattered to her. He had gifted her the jewellery and that made it mean something more than just the worth of the jewel. She offered Elias a smile when he took the necklace from her and helped her place it around her neck. The action, feeling very intimate and the gentle brush of his lips against her neck made her breath catch in her throat and her cheeks flush a shade of pink.

She turned to face him when she let her hair fall back into place and she offered him an affectionate smile. [b “And you, my Prince, look very handsome.”] She said with a chuckle before taking his arm and moved towards the dining hall where Jinny and Lawrence were already sitting.

[b “Evening Sir Lawrence. Evening Lady Jinny.”] She said with a grin.
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Elias watched Lawrence head off and smiled a little to himself. He supposed it would be strange having Jinny sit at a table as her own woman for the man, rather than simply because of Adelaide. He ducked into his chambers and prepared for dinner. Given this was somewhat of a private celebration, he did want to make an effort despite nothing being official yet but he would be sure to announce it at the next gathering of the towns folk. He looked over his shoulder when Adelaide entered, smiling at her appearance.
[+green “Dreary and pushy, nothing new.”] He said to her question and he was glad he could at least save her the hassle of the council.

Elias watched her search for the gifted necklace and he had to admit for a woman who didn’t like material possessions or rich jewels, she certainly suited them and he was glad she wanted to wear the gift. He smoothed his hair back from his face and took the He smoothed his hair back from his face and took the necklace in his fingertips, gently moving some of Adelaide’s hair to expose her neck. He looked the necklace around and fastened it, slowly, marvelling at the delicate skin of her neck. Elias leaned down and pressed his lips just next to where the necklace had fastened before letting her hair fall. He couldn’t help himself and he looked to Adelaide.

[+green “You are beautiful.”] He said to her softly, as if she might forget such a thing and she took her arm, escorting her to dinner and stepping inside to see Lawrence and Jinny and he smiled a little, giving Adelaide a look.


Jinny watched Adelaide and she certainly had a good taste for fashion as she chose colours and garments, far more expensive than anything Jinny had ever worn in her life. Each gown was like a jewel and Jinny wasn’t used to such thins. She eventually settled on an emerald dress, fixing the lace and layers as she fixed her hair into place, looking to her reflection and then to Adelaide as she mentioned a necklace. Jinny smiled at her and assured her she would be alright.

Adelaide was no longer a frightened shadow of a woman, loyal only for sake of duty. She had flourished in this place and it was so heart warming to see such a thing blossom. Jinny spent some time fussing over her appearance, she didn’t wasn’t to look like one of the ladies of the court with powdered faces and brought lipstick but she did want to look as beautiful as Adelaide and as respectable. Jinny made her way down to the dining hall, fully expecting to be the last one to arrive. She paused when she saw Lawrence and he looked wonderful. She bowed her head to him and smiled a little,
[+red “Good evening.”] She said to him, unsure of how to act.

Jinny sat at the table and fussed with her dress once again, determined not to crease the dress or ruin it, given it had been a gift from Adelaide.
[+red “How was the Council?”] She asked and glanced up as Adelaide and Elias entered.
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[Left [Pic]] Lawrence could see why Elais would be frustrated by the constant badgering of the Council. He wondered whether the added pressure would make it harder for the two of them to conceive. However, he knew that his friend wanted the pregnancy to happen organically. If it were up to the Council they would no doubt have them on a schedule that they would be expected to stick to, likely making love at every opportunity they would get and for a couple learning to love each other, the would be far too much.

[B "Well as long as you do not treat her as a breeding cow then I'm sure Adelaide is perfectly happy. It will happen, in time."] He smiled towards him, knowing that his friend would be a wonderful father when the time came. He nodded then at the suggestion that they ready themselves for dinner and his followed him until he reached his room.

[B "I'll meet you in the dining hall."] He said with a nod and disappeared off into his own room where he spent some time grooming himself and getting dressed up for dinner. He felt oddly nervous but also completely happy knowing that he would dine with Jinny as an equal tonight. As soon as he was ready he made his way to the dining hall, this time being the first there which was probably a sign that he was keen.

[Right [Pic]] Adelaide smiled. [B "If I am, the Council will certainly be pleased that I have secured the line of succession so rapidly, although it feels like not know the day after my wedding day wasn't soon enough for them."] She chuckled and nodded her head, walking with the woman to the room that used to be hers. It was suggested that she keep it so she had somewhere to get ready for events such as this.

[B "You just need to be yourself Jinny. The only this you need to change is the way you look down on yourself. You must begin to see yourself as equal because now you are."] She smiled as she entered the room and started to show her the gowns and by the end of it, she gifted the woman around six gowns, all of which she hadn't worn in such a long time. Then, they helped each other get ready and it was nice being able to help her do so.

[B "You look beautiful Jinny. I'm going to return to the chambers I share with Elias before I go to dinner. There is a necklace he gifted me that I would like to wear. I'll meet you there."] She smiled and kissed her cheek and made her way to the bedroom where she found Elias was there getting ready himself.

[B "Elias, how was your business with the Council?"] She asked as she moved to the dressing table to find the necklace she loved so much. Adelaide smiled when she found it and turned towards him. [B "Would you help me with this?"]
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Elias looked to Lawrence and rolled his eyes a little, seeing off the Council member and he was grateful for Lawrence’s defence.
[+green “They treat her as though she is a piece of meat or breeding cow.”] she muttered in distaste and sighed. He didn’t want to rush having a child, not at all. He knew he loved Adelaide, but he wasn’t sure if she loved him in such a manner. Duty was different somehow and it caused doubt in his hand.

Elias looked to Lawrence and shrugged,
[+green “There’s certainly no signs of her being with child, I know it would be quick, surely the pressure won’t help in such matters.”] Elias remarked and looked to Lawrence with a small smile. Lawrence was the closest thing to a brother that he had never lost and he knew his brother had been crueller than him in many ways but also stronger in many ways. He looked to Lawrence,
[+green “Let’s get ready for dinner.”] He remarked and headed down towards his own room.


Jinny looked at her apologetically when she mentioned that Jinny sounded like the Council and she gave a small smile.
[+red “That’s so exciting and do not worry, I am sworn to secrecy.”] Jinny said softly and she wouldn’t tell another soul of the suspicions of the woman. It was awfully exciting and she knew Adelaide would be a wonderful mother.

[+red “Even if you are not… There is still time, do not let anyone pressure you.”] Jinny knew it was all well and good to say such a thing but she knew it was more than likely going to happen whether they wanted it or not. She looked to her and stood,
[+red “We should get ready for dinner.”] Jinny was nervous and wanted to make a good impression given it would be her first dinner as a Lady. She offered Adelaide her arm and thought for a while as they walked.
[+red “What are ladies expected to do?”] She asked her.
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[Left [Pic]] Lawrence chuckled and held his hands up as though he had been caught out and after a moment put them back on the table before him. [B "I do not intend to keep secrets from you but I also do not want to embarrass you. That is why I feel so elated that your wife has granted such freedoms to Jinny."] He could court her properly this way and no one could say or do anything that went against them. She was a Lady with lands of her own now and it did not matter where she had come from. He certainly didn't care.

He enjoyed spending this time with his friend but soon enough the meeting started and he was so very proud of the man that he was. He would make an excellent King one day and he was so very glad knowing that he got to watch him become that one day.

He was kind and thoughtful and he cared alot about the people. His brother would not have sacrificed his luxury for the people of the town and he doubted that he would have cared about providing for a soup kitchen during a tough winter.

[I "Any news of an heir Prince Elias? It has been four weeks since your wedding night. Surely by now there would be a sign. Has your wife recieved her monthly bleed?"]

Lawrence couldn't believe that they would be so outright about such matters. [B "I think that if the Prince learns of an heir, he will inform you."]

[Right [Pic]] Adelaide smiled a little. Perhaps she was right and that Elias' heart was in line with her own. She had no doubt that she had fallen in love with him but for some reason she wished the words to come from him first. She needed to know that he felt that way before she relinquished her own emotions.

[B "You sound like the Council."] She said with a chuckle and shook her head playfully. [B "They ask every day that they see me, wishing to know of my cycle. In their minds it has been four weeks since the wedding so if I did conceive an heir for Elias I would have seen the first signs by now."] She sipped her tea and then placed it down in front of her. [B "I have not bled yet, but it is still early days and I want to be completely sure before announcing the possibility of being pregnant. I think that I would have to miss two cycles for me to be confident that I am. This stays between us though, I do not want to be giving anyone false hope."]
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Elias chuckled a little at him,
[+green “I did not, that was all Lady Adelaide.”] He said to Lawrence and eyed him,
[+green “Aha! So you do want to be with her?”] Elias picked up and chuckled a little at his friend. They made quite the pair and it took him back to their teenage years when they would go looking for the prettiest ladies in court and snicker about this and that. He was glad at least Lawrence admitted that he wanted to be with Jinny, it was a start.

The council filed in and read over the calculations for wheat and food growth as opposed to the cost of coin. It was dreary and nothing had really changed although apparently it was going to be a hard winter for them all.
[+green “Try and set aside as many provisions as possible for a hard winter, a I want some to be kept in safety for the soup kitchen.”] He commented and the council members scrawled down the details of his wishes and Elias rubbed the back of his neck.

[+green “If the winter does truly get awful, then I will have a tax relief put in place.”] Elias added and the council members grumbled at that.
[+green “The tax can come out of our own stores. We have more than enough, I’m sure we can go without expensive wines for a while.”] Elias said and waved them off, dismissing them.


[+red “I think Elias’ heart made its own decision.”] Jinny said when Adelaide explained and she smiled softly. It was so evident that Elias loved Adelaide and Jinny knew the woman loved him in return.
[+red “And what of an heir?”] Jinny asked her with a girlish giggle. Of course she loved Adelaide like a sister, and she was excited for the prospect of her to have children and she would love them dearly. It didn’t matter about the throne so long as Adelaide was happy and she would be a fantastic mother.

Jinny had some tea and thought for a while. She didn’t seem as afraid of losing Adelaide or losing out on a lot after Adelaide’s assurance but there was a small amount of worry for her friend. Adelaide was a Princess now, a public figure and given what had happened to Elias’ brother and his wife, she did worry perhaps the same fate might befall them one day. She shook the thought from her head, knowing full well such a thing would never happen.
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[Left [Pic]] Lawrence had never been so happy about something in his entire life. He didn’t know how to thank Adelaide for this, but he had to remember that he wasn’t doing this for him. It was likely more her way to repay Jinny for everything that she had done for her. He glanced towards Adelaide and Elias and couldn’t help but feel happy about the fact that his friend had found love.

He nodded towards Elias when he said that there was business to tend to. [b “Very well. It will do them both some good to spend some time together.”] He said with a smile and then pat Elias on the shoulder. [B “Us too.”] He grinned and followed him towards the chambers and once they were settled, he looked to his friend.

[b “What look?”] He said with a chuckle. [b “Did you do this for me? Did you ask her to do this so I could be with her?”]

[Right [Pic]] Adelaide smiled toward Elias, willingly accepting the kiss to her forehead. [b “I just want to do what I think it right, nothing more.”] She smiled and gave his hand a squeeze and watched him leave with Lawrence, glad that she might have some time to spend with Jinny. It felt like it had been too long.

[b “It is I who should thank you. You have done so much for me and I really do not know of a way to fully repay you. I only hope that this goes some way to doing so.”] She said as she accepted the tea. [b “This have been wonderful. It has been really nice getting to know him and he had taught me much about the Kingdom.”] She said, taking a sip of her tea before answering her next question.

[b “I am very happy. I hope that he is too. I imagine that not being able to choose the woman he wants to be with might not have been what he wanted but I would like to think that we are a good partnership.”]
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Elias looked to Adelaide and smiled a little, her kindness knew no bounds it seemed as she offered Jinny some of her own dresses. He pressed a kiss to Adelaide’s temple softly, a small token of the love he felt for her.
[+green “Do you always have to be so remarkable?”] He murmured to her with a small smile playing on his lips.
[+green “I have some business to attend with the council, nothing serious. Lawrence, care to escort me and we can meet these two rare flowers later?”] He remarked and wanted Adelaide to have some privacy with Jinny.

Elias got to his feet and looked to Adelaide,
[+green “I’m sure these two have some gowns to sort and speak of all things Ladies speak of.”] He chuckled some and looked to Lawrence, leading him along to the council chambers and sighing. These events never failed to bore him senseless most of the time. He looked to Lawrence and chuckled a little,
[+green “I know that look.”] He said to him with a smirk as he took a seat and eyed the council members as they droned on about this and that.


Jinny smiled to Lawrence shyly, grateful for his acceptance and she looked to Adelaide. She was sure the woman would gift her some gowns and her gowns were always so strikingly beautiful. She looked to Elias and Lawrence, nodding to them.
[+red “Thank you.”] She said quietly and watched the men leave. She sighed out and definitely looked more content and relaxed.

[+red “Adelaide I cannot thank you enough, after everything over the years.”] She said to the woman and she knew the woman knew her so well.
[+red “How have things been with Prince Elias?”] She asked, now that they were alone and in private as she poured them both some tea whilst Elias and Lawrence dealt with whatever politics was warranted.
[+red “Are you as happy as you look?”] She said with a small giggle and the two of them in the room took her back to the days with Adelaide’s father, the quiet conversations they would have.
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[Left [Pic]] Elias seemed to avoid answering his question, but he could tell by the look on his face that it was true. Perhaps he simply wanted to admit his feelings to Adelaide herself before telling anyone else which he respected. He would want to do the same if had had been in the same situation. However, right now he was far more focused on what seemed to be happening with the ladies. He fully expected Adelaide to be the one to announce the news but instead it was Jinny and he was surprised by that. Had Adelaide chosen someone to marry her? Sometimes it was common for servants to be permitted to marry other servants.

However, the news was far more than that and he was in disbelief. He knew that Adelaide was a good woman, but he did not expect her to free Jinny from service so easily. He smiled widely and glanced towards Elias, wondering if he knew that this was coming at all. It didn’t really matter.

[b “Dinner sounds wonderful.”] He said towards his friend with a smile before looking to Jinny who seemed to find a confidence in her new title. [b “Lady Jinny, it would be my pleasure to be your escort to dinner this evening.”]

[Right [Pic]] Adelaide watched as Jinny shared her news and she could tell by the look upon Lawrence’s face that she had done the right thing. Part of her reason for doing this was because she had noticed the signs of romance between the two and she didn’t want her friend…her sister to suffer a broken heart because she loved someone she could never be with.

When Elias took her hand, she looked towards him with a soft smile and resisted the urge to lean into him. She had grown to long for affection from him, but she did not want to force it upon him or act inappropriately if she was not supposed to do so in public.

[b “I have many gowns, far too many for one person to ever need. I would be more than happy to give you some of them.”] She looked back towards Elias and mouthed words of gratitude towards him, hoping that he knew how much his acceptance meant to her.
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Elias gave Lawrence a look when he asked if he had fallen in love with Adelaide, not white answering but the look on his face said it all. He looked to the women as they buzzed about something and Elias could tell there was a change in atmosphere. He raised an eyebrow at Adelaide and wondered what had happened.

He listened to Jinny and chuckled softly, looking to Adelaide. He reached over and took his wife’s hand gently and looked to her. He smiled w little and nodded to her, in acceptance of her decision because Jinny would never have been his servant. She was Adelaide’s to do with what she wanted.
[+green “Well then, might I suggest that we all have dinner together this evening, as equals?”] He suggested and looked to Adelaide.
[+green “I am sure my wonderful wife can find some lovely gowns for you.”] He remarked and looked to Lawrence, pondering how his friend would take the news. Lawrence May well have just liked the thrill of the forbidden element and Elias wouldn’t have blamed him.

Elias was very proud of Adelaide for showing she could make good decisions and decrees and he could tell it meant the world to Jinny right then.

Jinny looked to the men and then to Adelaide, feeling a little out on the spot but she supposed if she was going to be a proper Lady, she would have to start finding her voice and being more bold and assertive and strong like Adelaide. She looked to them both,
[+red “Lady Adelaide has granted me some land and a title, so that I might be free of my service.”] Jinny said and looked to the two before hearing Elias speak and she nodded.
[+red “I would like that very much.”] She said to him, looking rather pleased and yet a small element of fear.

Jinny had spent many years dressing Adelaide for fine dinners and celebrations but she had never had to think upon herself of what to wear or what the latest fashions were. She finished her drink and looked to Adelaide, she would never be able to repay the woman for freeing her like this. She looked to Lawrence, giving him a small smile.
]+red “Would you… Care to escort me to dinner, later?”] She asked him, fidgeting her hands on her lap slightly.
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[Left [Pic]] Lawrence too, glanced towards the women, not wanting them to feel uncomfortable about their topic of conversation because he was sure that Adelaide had enough of people asking her about whether she was with child yet and he certainly didn’t want to add to that pressure that must have been mounting up.

He looked back towards Elias and offered him a smile when he admitted to trying. It meant that their wedding night have skewed any kind of intimacy between them which he was glad about. He smiled once more when he talked of them growing together. [b “You have fallen in love with her, haven’t you?”] He asked just before he started to talk of him, his eyes automatically falling on Jinny. It was true that he had been thinking of such things, but to admit it?

[b “I’ll let you know if I should ever need assistance.”] He said with a chuckle as his eyes went back to Jinny who seemed as though she was glowing. He wondered if Adelaide had announced some news of a pregnancy. [b “Do you have news you wish to share ladies?”] He flashed them both a smile.

[Right [Pic]] She hoped that she would accept her offer, and she knew that Elias was supportive of her doing this. She wouldn’t have done this if he did not approve. She waited for a moment and then was relieved to hear that she was going to accept this gift.

[b “That’s wonderful. I would not allow this if it meant you would not stay here. I want you to help me with my children but because you are a friend and love them, not because it is your duty.”] She squeezed her hand once more and smiled towards her. [b “I love you Jinny and I am so happy that you have accepted this.”] She looked back towards Lawrence when he spoke and let go of Jinny’s hand.

[b “I think that Jinny has some news.”]
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Elias watched Lawrence and gave the women a look at his question but they seemed wrapped up in their own discussions and not paying much mind to theirs. He nodded to Lawrence,
[+green “We are trying.”] He said but he still wanted it to be a natural occurrence and not something forced. Things had been easier lately, both of them warming up to one another.
[+green “We’ve been growing together lately.”] He said to Lawrence.

[+green “And what of you? Have you thought being wed? I know you can choose your own wife, but if you should ever need assistance…”] Elias said with a small smile. He knew Lawrence was sweet on Jinny but right then the woman was a servant, and not a woman of standing that would only serve to disgrace his family. Elias wanted the best for Lawrence but he also wanted him to be happy and it seemed those two did not coincide with one another.

Elias didn’t press the matter too much with Lawrence, supposing it was a rather sore topic overall given the circumstances and he looked to Adelaide and Jinny for a moment. Both were fine women, Adelaide especially in his eyes and he wasn’t sure he could think of a life without her at his side.


Jinny looked to Adelaide and she was shocked.
Jinny looked to Adelaide and she was shocked, the opportunity at a new and fresh life was both exciting and frightening to the woman. Adelaide was offering her a freedom she never thought she would have. She met Adelaide’s gaze and finally nodded,
[+red “I would love to call you my friend instead of my lady.”] she said with a small giggle.

[+red “I want to stay with you, and still assist you when I can, with children and everything else that comes with your new standing as Princess.”] Jinny said to her. She knew Adelaide would always be above her in standing but that didn’t mean she couldn’t be friends with her and still continue to be part of her life. Adelaide was the closest thing she had to a family and she didn’t want that to ever go away.
[+red “Thank you.”] She said quietly, doing her best to keep her emotions from overwhelming her too much.
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[Left [Pic]] Lawrence laughed a little and couldn’t help but show that he was equal amounts of happy for his friend and frustrated that he couldn’t have the same as him. He was lucky that his match was so nice but that was because she wasn’t from around here. The woman who would be suitable for him were not cut from the same cloth and he did not want to settle for something he did not really want.

He sighed and looked towards his friend once more, glad to know that things were working out. [b “I never asked you about the wedding night. Did it take a while for her to warm to you?”] He asked, knowing his friend never had any issues talking about such things before. Elias was not new to sex, the Council wanting him to be experienced. The same would not be allowed for a woman. To be married, one must be chaste, and Adelaide was certainly more than chaste.

[b “Have you been trying for an heir?”]

[Right [Pic]] It was true that she was nervous about her friend and how she might react to such. She didn’t want her to think that she was being cast out of the castle because that was far from the case. If she was granted lands, she would be a lady and would be permitted to court. She would still have a room here, much like Lawrence. She would become her right-hand woman, a friend that she could have out in the open and that’s what he wanted more than anything.

[b “Jinny, you [I are] my sister. You have absolutely no idea how much you mean to me.”] She turned and got closer to her. [b “I want to grant you the freedom to be who you want to be…”] She looked to Lawrence. [b “…to be with who you want to be. You would have your place here. You would stay here but you would own lands and have a title.”]
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Elias watched Lawrence and raised an eyebrow at his friend. He wasn’t blind to how the two had become close but he also knew the difficulties it would prove should anything happen. He glanced to Adelaide and supposed it wouldn’t be a problem for much longer if his wife had her way. He chuckled a little,
[+green “It seems you have a penance for getting into trouble.”] He pointed out to his friend with a nod.

Elias looked to Adelaide and then to Lawrence,
[+green “I believe everything is working out well, certainly.”] he gave his friend a knowing look because she hadn’t expected that he would ever fall for this woman, despite hoping that maybe he would learn to love a wife arranged by the council and others. But he did, and he had fallen hard for the woman who had shown such grace and beauty in all of this.

He ran a hand through his thick hair and watched Lawrence. Of course he wanted things to be different, they all did and that was one thing that bonded them together but he knew not many other high borns or nobles or royals shared their views of such matters. He wasn’t sure how to explain to his friend or offer condolences because there was no words that could describe how Lawrence felt no doubt.


Jinny could see how much Adelaide adored Elias and Jinny could see the Prince adored her in return and it was such a heartwarming thing to behold. She never expected any of this but she was so glad it had turned out well for them. She looked to Adelaide when she took her hand again, looking confused. For a second she thought Adelaide was perhaps with child or had some big event coming up in which she would need to attend to her.

Jinny was surprised at her statement and she watched Adelaide, knowing it was from a place of kindness but the prospect was frightening to her somehow.
[+red “Adelaide- Where would I go? My entire life has been in service to you, I own nothing and…”] She trailed off, taking a moment to think properly.
[+red “You are like a sister to me, ever since we were children we have been together.”] She knew it was selfish. She didn’t know a life out of servitude and her entire mannerisms were catered around simply knowing her place.

She looked to Lawrence and right then she knew she would give it all up if it meant some small chance at being with him.
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