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[Left [Pic]] Lawrence couldn’t help but allow a smile to take over his face when he heard those words. Knowing that she was committed to being his forever made him feel all the more confident about his plan to marry her so long as he gained the permission to do so. However, she was right, and they did have plans to attend to even if he would prefer to stay here and kiss her all day. He nodded and brushed a thumb over her cheek and then her offered his arm to her. [b “Let’s retire to our chambers to prepare.”]

Lawrence escorted her back to her room and once she disappeared inside, he made his way to his own chambers. He chose something smart, not just because he was going to be dining with the future King and Queen, but because tonight he would ask his friend for his permission to marry Jinny and he wanted to make a good impression.

Later that day he made his way to the dining hall, finding that he was the first to arrive. He was quickly poured a goblet of wine and he took his normal seat around the table and waited patiently for his company to arrive.

[Right [Pic]] The feel of a gentle hand brushing her hair back was the thing that roused her from her sleep. She completely slept through Elias’ preparations for their dinner and was quite surprised when she noticed that he was already dressed for their evening. Her eyes fluttered open and her lips curled up into a smile while he pressed a kiss upon her temple.

She pushed her hands down into the mattress and used her strength to sit up before she nodded towards him. [b “I’m feeling much better after getting some sleep. I wouldn’t miss dinner for the world.”] She leaned forwards and pressed a gently kiss upon his lips before slowly climbing out of bed. [b “Do you think you could help me dress? I don’t want the fuss of lots of people around me tonight.”]

When they finished getting ready, she took hold of his hand. [b “Shall we go?”]
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Elias sat for a couple of hours, working out where exactly to send scouts.
[b “I’d have them brought before me, alive if possible.”] He remarked and he had to admit he was concerned. His brother had been a fool but it wasn’t uncommon for small bodies of bandits and rogues to want to slaughter the monarchy. Elias was worried for Adelaide, she was carrying the future of the monarchy and he could honestly say that if anything happened to her, he wasn’t sure he would ever remarry or love another woman, tradition be damned. Elias didn’t want to be apart from Adelaide for too long and so he made plans to send some of his best scouts to search the land again.

Elias motioned to the servants to set his private dining chambers before he got to his feet and headed back to his and Adelaide’s room, avoiding the council members with their questions. He smiled softly at the sight of seeing her asleep and he kept quiet as he washed and changed into something different to dine in. He groomed and finally sat at the end of the bed, brushing some of Adelaide’s hair back from her face before leaning down and kissing her temple,
[b “Do you feel up for dinner, my love?”] He asked tenderly, careful not to jostle her in case she still felt nauseous.


Jinny couldn’t stop the hot blush that marked her cheeks, carefully disguised by the cold air as Lawrence wound his arms around her waist. Some time ago she would have rejected his advances for fear someone might see or the fright he was marrying well below his station. His words served to cause more of the blush and it was finalised by the kiss to her cheek as she laid her hands atop his,
[b “It will forever be yours, Lawrence.”] She murmured quietly as she looked out across the kingdom. Her heart was well and truly free to make its own decision and it had chosen its home in Lawrence. It wasn’t going to be easy, she knew that. She had accepted it, but she wasn’t ready to give up.

Jinny felt safe, warm and protected like this and she soon couldn’t deny the chill. She smiled softly,
[b “We shouldn’t leave the future King and Queen waiting.”] She commented to him with a smile. She had to admit she would be relieved to see her friend after missing her for some time. She eyed the stairs and grinned to herself, she looked to Lawrence and leaned up to press a soft kiss to his cheek, letting it linger for a brief moment.
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[Left [Pic]] Lawrence smiled as she spoke, glad that she trusted him. [b “I will always catch you.”] He said with a grin. He knew that he meant it too. He wanted romance her and continue to do so. It took a little bit of time to get to the top of the stairs, but he knew that the view would be worth it. It was one of his favourite spots in the entire castle. It was beautiful in summer and just as beautiful in winter. Somehow, winter made everything look delicate and precious and the white of the snow made things look pristine, clean and pure.

When they got to the top, he watched Jinny for a moment, watching the expression on her face and he could tell that she seemed to enjoy it as much as he did. His lips turned up into a smile when she spoke and he moved behind her, sliding his arms around her waist and stood closer to her so that he could shield her from the breeze.

[b “It’s beautiful up here isn’t it?”] He said as he looked out at the kingdom. [b “It looks so pretty when it’s untouched, but I can’t say that something will ever be able to compare to you. You are the most beautiful person I’ve ever laid my eyes on.”] He smiled and kissed her cheek. [b “You have completely captivated my heart you know?”]

[Right [Pic]] Adelaide was grateful that she had Elias to look after her throughout this pregnancy. It was clear that he was going to treat her like the queen she was going to be in a few months. He was clearly very happy that she was going to have his child and she knew without a doubt that they were going to be good parents together and honestly, she was more than excited to take this step with him. She knew that he would do anything for her and she would do the same for him. She was so glad that the two had fallen in love with each other after having an arranged marriage. Things could have gone very differently. They could have easily ended up being in a relationship that was cold but she was glad that was not the case.

She nodded towards him, closing her eyes a little as he kissed her head. [B “I will try to sleep a little while you are gone. I think that will help with the nausea.”] She got herself comfortable and watched him leave and she let out a contented sigh when he was gone. With her hands placed carefully and lovingly on her stomach, she started to drift off and she feel into a sleep that would take her nausea with it and when she awakened hours later she would feel better.
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Elias watched Adelaide and nodded at her words. They were going to be parents, actual parents to a tiny infant. Elias couldn’t give a damn about what the Council wanted right then, he was going to be a father with a woman he had come to love and adore over time. His own father would be proud and he couldn’t imagine what Jinny and Lawrence would react like. All that mattered right then was Adelaide.
[b “Rest, of course.”] He wouldn’t postpone dinner plans and he certainly wouldn’t be wandering off to tell the Council right then. They could be the last to know for all he cared.

[b “Very well, I’ll see to it you want for nothing, have the best care and that you rest plenty.”] He remarked, meaning every word because he didn’t want her to struggle or feel alone. There was little he could do for her in some cases, her body would rebel and change and he would be the foolish bystander, powerless to help even as a Prince. Nerves were overshadowed by excitement right then though.
[b “I have a meeting with the Council soon, and the master of war. They haven’t caught the men who struck my brother down.”] He explained although he hated to leave her. He kissed her forehead,
[b “Rest, I will return soon enough.”] He murmured.

He was still getting used to duties, as the next in line for the throne and his fathers teetering health so much was expected of him but he did want these men brought to justice. He sighed and couldn’t keep the smile from his face as he started down the hallways to the side chamber.
[i “Ah, your highness.”] The master of war greeted and Elias gave him a nod.
[b “Are we any closer to bringing the murderers to justice?”] Elias asked and there was an uncomfortable silence.
[i “I have men on the ground, searching but the dogs seemed to have taken to hiding. Rest assured we will bring them to justice however...”]
[b “What?”] Elias prompted and eyed the room.
[i “We are worried for the safety of you and Lady Adelaide.”] He replies finally, [i “We must ask that neither of you go unaccompanied anywhere.”]


Jinny looked to Lawrence and gave a small smile,
[b “Of course, you have certainly made my stay here much more enjoyable.”] She explained. She eyed the steps that went up to the tower and this was certainly a place she was not familiar with. She didn’t think she had explored this particular part before.

Jinny was wary of his warning as she started the climb,
[b “I have faith if I lose my footing, you shall catch me.”] Jinny said to Lawrence as she was careful with where she placed her feet. It was quiet in this place, no busy guards or chattering maids, then again Lawrence knew the castle much better than her and he had never disappointed her. After some time, she finally stepped out onto the flat surface, looking out at the snow covered gardens and she felt she could see for miles. She was quiet as she surveyed the grounds, so different when the flowers were covered in frost and snow. It had its own beauty.

[b “I never thought there could be such beauty in winter.”] She murmured into the cold air as she looked around. It was a different sort of busty, silent and akin to a painters blank canvas.
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[Left [Pic]] Lawrence looked over at Jinny and smiled widely. [b “Is that so? Are you suggesting that I cheer you up? I do make it my aim to make you happy every day and I certainly hope you give me the chance to continue doing so for you.”] He was so sure that he wanted to make Jinny happy for the rest of their lives if she would let him but he needed to make sure that he had the permission of the future king and queen before he decided to propose. No doubt he would have to talk to his parents too but he knew that they would just be happy that he had found someone he wanted to be with; someone he loved more than life itself.

Lawrence kept hold of her hand and the two of them continued to walk. He was taking her to the highest point in the castle so that they could look over the kingdom. It may have been winter, but the views were still wonderful and the snow-covered hills were always a vision to behold. He smiled down at her and then pointed towards the stairs. [b “We are going to climb to the top of these m’lady.”] He gestured for her to go first, mostly so he could make sure that if she lost her foot he was right behind her. [b “Some are a little steep so be careful.”] He said with a warm smile, allowing his hand to rest on her back.

[Right [Pic]] Adelaide didn’t know what kind of reaction she was getting to get from Elias about the fact that she was pregnant, but she knew that it wouldn’t be a negative reaction. It was important for her to produce an heir, but she knew that it would be about more than for him. He would be happy to become a father not simply happy that he would have an heir, of course as long as she produced a boy. That would be the next thing the council would bother her about. There would be no telling whether she would have a boy until the day that he arrived though.

She looked up at him, noticing that he was staring at her as he tried to come to terms with the news that she had given him. She gave him the time he needed, not wanting to interrupt his thought process. He looked down at her stomach and questioned whether he had heard her correctly as she smiled widely. [b “Yes, a child.”] As soon as she confirmed it, he was wrapping his arms around her and she couldn’t help but smile and hold him in return before he started to caress her stomach. [b “I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am Elias. I am so glad that I could mother a child for you. In several months our baby will be here and we will be parents!”] She smiled, her tone showing how excited she was before she met his lips with her own.

She shook her head then. [b “No, do not postpone it. I will rest for the day so that I might be able to manage this evening. I want to share our news with our friends before we have to tell the council. I want to celebrate with people who will celebrate this for the right reasons.”]
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Elias gave an apologetic smile to his wife for knocking but he didn’t want to wake her if she had been sleeping. Fortunately, there she was and looking oddly excited about something. Elias moved to sit on the eve of the bed, watching her speak and then she broke the news that they were going to have a child. Elias stared at her for several moments, as if trying to digest to the news himself.
[b “A child?”] His eyes slithered to her stomach where she carried such precious cargo.

A smile split his features as he wrapped his arms around her and embraced her tightly. A child!
[b “This is wonderful.”] He said as his hands moved to her stomach. He was to be a father and Adelaide was to be a mother, and he knew that she would be a perfect mother with all her gentleness and patience. Elias wanted nothing more than to scream it from the turrets of the palace and let the world know but he knew there would be great celebrations put in place for them once word got out. He leaned in a kissed Adelaide’s lips softly, with a tenderness only she ever got to see from him. They had so much prepare and he already knew that Lawrence and Jinny would be ecstatic and he wanted their friends to be the first to know.

[b “I have organised a meal with Lady Jinny and Sir Lawrence, if you feel too unwell I can postpone it to a later date.”] He said to her and moved some hair from her delicate features.


Jinny looked to Lawrence and smiled a little. He was such a calming presence in this new place and she would admit readily he had become a steady presence, somebody she could rely on and somebody she felt strongly about. Her fingers interlaced with his felt like an anchor, keeping her safe and steady.
[b “It is becoming a talent of yours, cheering people up.”] Jinny said to him with a small smile playing on her lips. She knew Adelaide would never really changed, whether she wore a crown or not and it did bring her some relief but she did worry that Kings and Queens were always at risk. What would happen if there was a war? Elias’ brother had been set upon in the most awful way and died with his child and wife.

[b “So where are you taking me to then, good sir?”] She asked and in the last few weeks she had really become comfortable around Lawrence, despite always being nervous that one day he would realise she was not of noble birth and the ladies of the court were certainly very appealing with their well spoken words and rich bloodlines.
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[Left [Pic]] Lawrence smiled towards the woman beside him. She was a marvel to him and it did not matter to him what she talked about because she could listen to her talk for hours. [b “Is that so my Lady? Well then this summer shall be something very special."] He hoped that they would be planning a special summer if things went his way. He leaned over and kissed the woman’s cheek as they walked and he kept her hand in his, never wanting to let go. He wanted to marry this woman and he planned to ask Elias for his permission to do so later.

[b “It is a little strange indeed but we also have to remember that they were our friends long before they became King and Queen and I assure you that will not change our relationships with them. They will be busier, yes, but they will always make time for us. Elias had a meeting today, which no doubt will have been rough so I think he will be relying on us to cheer him up later.”]

[Right [Pic]] Even though Adelaide had her suspicions that she was pregnant, hearing the confirmation made her feel something she never thought she would feel. Although the fatigue and nausea was not something she enjoyed feeling, the love she felt for her unborn child was something that she never imagined she would be able to top.

She smiled towards the doctor as he left her room and she placed her hands over her stomach lovingly as she sat smiling to herself in the knowledge that she was going to make her husband happy upon his return from what she figured would be a stressful meeting. Perhaps now they would leave him to do his job rather than berating him about not yet having an heir. After a short while servants bought ginger tea to her chambers and it did get to work quite quickly. At least now she could sit up in bed without feeling like she needed to purge.

The knock at the door made Adelaide look up and as her lips parted too permit the guest in, she realised that it was not a guest at all. [b “You do not need to knock to enter your own chambers my love.”] She said with a smile. Hopefully her smile and jest would do something to put his mind at ease. she could see the worry upon his face and of course she could not blame him. Sickness could be fickle, and he knew that if he became sick, she would be worried about losing him.

[b “I’m fine my love. The doctor came and sent me some tea to help with the nausea.”] She leaned over to take his hand and looked him in the eye. [b “I am with child, my love.”]
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Elias was exhausted even after the short meeting. Dealing with the Council and other matters was repetitive and dull, although he was looking forwards to dining with Lawrence and Jinny later on.
[i “You are to be King in the coming weeks, your majesty. These maters are important.”] One elderly man explained and Elias tutted. He looked up as a servant came in the room and nervously shuffled over. Elias listened to the news that the doctor had been and nodded to the young boy in thanks.

[+green “Thank you for your time today, I have to tend to my wife. We will meet again tomorrow morning.”] Elias said and of course nobody argued with the Prince or his decision to cut short their meeting. It could wait until he knew what was going on with Adelaide.

Elias made his way down the corridors and to his room, knocking before stepping inside.
[+green “My love, are you well?”] He asked as he took a seat on the edge of the bed, concerned for the woman he had come to love. She had been in good health since they had met and he knew how quickly sickness and disease could take hold of the body.


Jinny nodded to Lawrence,
[+red “They say a long and wild winter makes way for a bountiful summer, at least that’s what they told me on cold nights in the nunnery.”] She explained with a smile. She knew it was mostly to comfort and the end of any winter always seemed so divine.

She nodded at the mention of dining with Adelaide and Elias once more, it seemed they saw less of each other but Elias was going to become King soon and that would make Adelaide the Queen and they no doubt had so much to try and organise in the coming weeks. Jinny wondered if Adelaide had any further information since the last time they spoke. She didn’t say anything about it to anyone though, not wanting to spread false hope.

[+red “It’s still strange to think we will be dining with the future King and Queen.”] She said with a small smile. Of course, Adelaide and Elias would make a wonderful set of leaders and thankfully there was no wars to be fought but peace was fragile and easily broken.
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[Left [Pic]] Lawrence ran his hand through his hair as he waited patiently for the woman he had been courting appeared at the door of her chambers. He always seemed to have that little bit of a nervous feeling in his stomach, but he loved it and he never wanted the feeling to go away. It was the whole reason he wanted to see her all the time and spend as much time as possible with her.

Just seeing her face made him light up and a huge smile spread across her face. [b “Jinny. It’s wonderful to see you.”] He said as he offered her his arm and walked her through the castle grounds. [b “I miss the gardens too. The winter will be long and harsh, but it will be so much nicer when the gardens do spring to life again.”]

He glanced out of the window and then looked back to Jinny. [b “We are having dinner with Elias and Adelaide this evening I believe. It has been a little bit of a while since we have dined together so it should be nice.”]

[Right [Pic]] Adelaide did not need to see her reflection to know that she had likely lost the colour in his cheeks. She felt drained and completely nauseated and the idea of getting out of bed was entirely unappealing. Luckily, her husband seemed to be sympathetic as he leaned over and ran a hand over her head. She smiled up at him weakly and nodded, agreeing that it was probably for the best to get a doctor to check her over. Something like a fever could be deadly if left untreated but she thought that that it was just fatigue.

Once he was dressed and ready to go, she squeezed his hand affectionately and smiled. [b “I’ll see you soon my love.”] When she was alone, she let out and sigh and tried to get a little bit more rest, but it wasn’t long before the doctor showed up at their room. Apparently, her status as the future queen meant that they would leave nothing to chance and they would make sure that she was well as quickly as possible.

[I “Good morning.”] He said with a smile as he made his way towards the bed. He didn’t waste any time checking her temperature and asking about her symptoms. Once she had told him he inspected her abdomen. [I “Tell my, Your Highness, when was your last cycle?”]

[b “Two weeks before the wedding.”] She said and watched the expression on his face as he continued to inspect her.

[I “Well based on your symptoms, your cycle and the hardening of your stomach I would say that you are expecting a child.”] He said with a smile and he offered her some water. [I “I’m sure you are very happy about that. I’ll send for some ginger spiced tea. It usually helps with the nausea.”]
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Elias had been busy keeping the council at bay and sorting everything beside winter truly set in. Thankfully it had been rain and ice lately, no snow yet. He looked to Adelaide from where he sat on the edge of the bed. He reached over and brushed a hand over her forehead, worried about her almost immediately, she did look a little pale and worn out.
[+green “I will send for a doctor.”] he said to her. He didn’t want to take any chances and knew it was rosier to be safe in these times.

Elias washed and dressed after grooming himself and he looked to Adelaide, leaning down to kiss her forehead.
[+green “I will make the meeting quick.”] he promised as he started out the door and asked one of the guards to send for the doctor immediately to check on Adelaide. He made his way down to the main hall and eyed the table of council members. He sighed out a little as they began to speak of their worries.
“There is yet no heir”
“The winter is going to kill many”
“We should raise the taxes”

Elias slammed his hand down,
[+green “There will be no raise in taxes, anything we struggle with will come from our own supplies, if we raised taxes people will cease to be able to feed their families. And I suggest you all stop wildly obsessing over my wife’s womb.”] he added before getting up.

Jinny has taken a long time to get used to her new title and it still didn’t seem real most of the time. It was amazing how much time she had to herself given she wasn’t dressing Adelaide anymore, although some small part of her missed it now and then. When the men were busy, she would spend time with Adelaide, usually in the parlour room with tea and sweet breads.

Jinny finished putting her hair up and glanced to the door as it was knocked on. She smiled a little, knowing fine well it would be Lawrence. No other man had so much as caught her glance the way Lawrence has this past month.
[+red “Good morning, Lawrence.”] She greeted as she stepped outside and smoothed over the dress. She did wonder if Adelaide had truly conceived a child, she had told Jinny her suspicions many weeks ago but Jinny had remained true to her word and not spoken of it to any soul.

Jinny looked to the window and sighed, it was raining hard and there was definitely more of a chill to the air. She gave a soft smile to Lawrence,
[+red “I shall be glad when this winter passes, I would very much love to see the gardens in spring with new life.”] She said as she took his arm.
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[Left [Pic]] Lawrence sincerely hoped that this man’s attempts at charm did not work on Jinny and he hoped that he would not have the chance to seek her out later. They had agreed to try their hand at courting and while he would not be possessive and controlling, he didn’t want any man talking to her in the way he knew that he would. He liked to charm the ladies, but he was a bachelor at heart, taking the purity of women and never offering them anything in return.

When he left, he turned towards Jinny and chuckled a little. [b “You detected that well. I do not like the way he treats women, that is all. He can be very…flirtatious and wildly inappropriate.”] He said towards her as he continued to show her around the hall, introducing her to others.

A month had passed, and most people seemed to get used to the fact that Jinny was now a Lady. Of course, there had been issues at first but once people saw how easily the future King had accepted this, they had no choice but to do so themselves. Over the last month he had been romancing Jinny in any way that he could and he had decided to take her for a tour of the castle library. The weather had started to take a turn and there was not much joy in being outside now.

He knocked on the door of her chambers and waited patiently.

[Right [Pic]] Soon enough the young boy ran off to play with his friends but she was left with a smile on her face and a light heart hoping that one day they might have a child of their own to watch play at events such as this. She smiled to herself, subtly placing her hand on her stomach as she stood once more. She really hoped that this pregnancy was real and she wasn’t simply stressed. Adelaide smiled towards Elias when he spoke.

[b “I do not have much experience with children but I try to treat them the way I would have liked to be treated as a child.”] Of course, her life had been much more sheltered than most and she couldn’t help but wonder if their child would have to live such a sheltered life.

Another month of being the Princess and the future Queen had proven quite tiring but she was beginning to get used to the demands of it and she had learned to ignore the constant questioning of The Council. They were supposed to go to a meeting with them on this day but she woke up feeling very nauseous. She tried sitting up but instantly felt dizzy and lay back down.

[b “Elias my love, I’m not sure I should go to the meeting today. I do not feel well at all.”]
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Elias watched her with the young boy, smiling a little. He supposed some rules were utter nonsense. Children should never fear who was in charge, respect certainly but never fear. He chuckled softly and looked to James who still looked utterly star struck as he very gently took Adelaide’s hand and shook it, giggling and grinning from ear to ear as he scurried off to tell the rest of the children about his adventure.

[+green “This time of year it seems everyone and everything has a spring in its step.”] He remarked and he supposed it was the joy of the last of the sun. He rather enjoyed these sort of courts but only because it tended to be less common given everyone was looking after their families and townsfolk during the harsh winters.

[+green “You are rather talented with children.”] He said to her, bringing her close to his side as he watched everyone mingling around together.
[+green “Most youngsters tend to be a little afraid, or perhaps it’s just me.”] He couldn’t help but laugh a little at that. He knew things would be a little happier with her at his side, but he wanted her to be happy too. Being a princess was wonderful but it also had its drawbacks.

Jinny watched the man before her and then looked to Lawrence. She was a little confused by the other man’s attitude towards her and she looked to Lawrence again. She had a feeling there was some sort of tension. She watched Jonathon look her over slowly and she did her best not to pull a face. She had to remain polite, this was not a place to let her temper run wild.
[+red “Sir Lawrence has been doing a rather grand job of showing me around.”] Jinny interjected with a sweet smile.

Jonathon eyed them both, feeling a little rejected and his pride slightly dented but he didn’t let it show.
[i “Well, I would hate to interrupt such a tour. However, I will be sure to seek you out later.”] Jinny could do nothing but smile and grit her teeth because she didn’t want anyone else to seek her out. She was comfortable with Lawrence.

Jinny gave the man a polite bow of her head and watched him chuckle slightly and head off.
[+red “I have the lingering feeling there are tensions between you both.”] She said to him quietly as she lead them towards the balcony that overlooked the gardens which was thankfully not as crowded. She didn’t expect for many men to show interest in her and she was sure if Jonathon knew her beginnings then he would lose interest rather quickly.
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[Left [Pic]] Lawrence was lucky in some respects. If he had be born into royalty or a stricter family, he might not have been as carefree as he seemed now. His parents cared more bout the happiness of their children than they did their station but they were well respects in Court and his parents held a great amount of land.

Lawrence looked up at the sound of a man’s voice. He recognised his voice instantly and when he listened to the words he wished that he hadn’t come over to them. He didn’t know if he was trying to charm her or whether he was simply being polite. [b “Sir Jonathon. This is Lady Jinny. I have accompanied her to Court today since she is not from this Kingdom.”] He smiled warmly towards him, not wanting to cause any issues with him if he didn’t have to. Jonathon may have come across as polite but in reality he was quite manipulative and vindictive and had also resented the royal family for their status.

[I “Sir Lawrence. You seem to have swooped in rather quickly there. No one else had a chance did they?”] He said with a laugh before looking the woman over once more.

[Right [Pic]] Edmond didn’t stay and chat, clearly having other things to tend to whilst at Court and there were many guests for him to talk and she enjoyed listening to Elias tell her who he was. She liked learning more about hi family. He certainly had many relatives to learn about. Although, it was sad hearing about his wife dying in childbirth. It was certainly a risk in these times and it would be inaccurate for Adelaide to say that she wasn’t equally as scared as excited about the prospect of becoming a mother.

Once they were outside she felt a little more comfortable, having less people with their eyes upon them. As the future King and Queen of the Kingdom, it was hardly surprising that their time was not necessarily their own but that didn’t make it any less strange that this is what her life had become. [b “I think that would be a wonderful idea. I’d like to be seen as helping the people of the town physically rather than simply mandating things to help the people.”]

It seemed that their conversation had been interrupted then, a young boy having run into Elias’ leg and when she glanced around she could see a rather dishevelled governess. She chuckled to herself and knelt don before the boy, offering him her hand. [b “Maser James. My name is Adelaide. It’s lovely to meet you.”] She said with a kind smile as the boy looked at her hand as if questioning whether he was allowed to touch her hand.

[I “You’re the Princess. I do not think I am allowed to touch you.”] He said putting his hands behind his back. [I “I do not want to get locked away.”] He said and Adelaide couldn’t help but chuckle.

[b “Well I think it is only polite to shake the hand of someone offering you theirs. I’ll make sure no one gets locked away.”] She smiled once more and kept her hand extended, kindness reflecting in her eyes as she spoke.
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Elias watched Edmond and smiled a little as the man bundled off to greet others and he looked to Adelaide,
[+green “He married one of my distant cousins. She died giving birth to his son, how the man remains so jovial and happy is a mystery to me.”] He commented quietly and looked around the busy crowds. This would be the last courts where they used the gardens and he wanted Adelaide to see the brightly decorated gardens and enjoy the last of the summer sun.

Elias lead her outside into the gardens and thankfully it was less crowded.
[+green “Winter will be upon us soon, perhaps we should go to the soup kitchen ourselves.”] He said quietly, thinking about it. He had inherited his mother’s gentle disposition when it came to compassionate matters and wanting to remain humble, his brother had been much like his father. The balance had worked well for the kingdom.

Elias let his eyes drift over the scene outside. A Governess watched of the children that had come with family, she looked a little frazzled dealing with them. A small child playing a game of chase bumped into Elias’ leg and Elias smirked a little as the little one stammered an apology and messy bows.
[+green “Young Master James.”] Elias greeted brightly and looked to Adelaide, [+green “This is Edmond’s son, last time I saw him he was much smaller.”] He chuckled.


Jinny looked to Lawrence and she always found it surprising how the man took everything in his stride, nothing ever seemed to bother him or get him upset or angry. It was a rare trait to have in such times, to be understanding and compassionate. She offered him a smile at his words as she watched the masses of people.
[i “And who is this flower?”] A young gentleman approached and eyed them both, [i “Such a lady I have not seen at the Courts before, and I would remember.”] He said and Jinny looked him over. She didn’t know this man.

[+red “A pleasure to meet you, sir.”] Jinny said politely to him, Boeing her head. She wasn’t sure what was customary in these times. She looked to Lawrence and wondered if he knew the man.
[i “Ah the pleasure is all mine, my lady.”] It felt strange to be addressed as a lady still but she understood it would take some time for her to grow accustom to everything.
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[Left [Pic]] Lawrence couldn’t help but light up at her smile and a small part of him was glad that she hadn’t entered alone because it meant that he didn’t have to spent a long time looking for her because he didn’t want to be in there alone. He wanted to be with her and now he would be. [b “Well then Jinny shall we attend Court?”] He smiled and started to lead her towards the hall which was full of guests and there was no surprise that people were looking towards them.

He gave her a moment to adjust to the sights and he smiled down at her. [b “It’s always this bright and colourful. You should come more often I do think you would enjoy it and I honestly think that you will fit right in here.”] He led her further int court and they started to mingle with some of the guests and it was surprising to see that not too many people had said much about Jinny’s presence here. There were some looks but not a single word.

[b “Not too bad right.”]

[Right [Pic]] [b “Then it’s a good thing that you care a lot about the townsfolk. You are going too be a wonderful King Elias and they will certainly love you. I am glad that the people have you because I think that there would be a lot more suffering if the Council were in charge or had a puppet in front of them.”] She smiled towards him and straight the collar of his shirt with a smile as he spoke of the handmaiden. [b “I may be without a handmaiden, but I am capable of dressing myself, but I will accept their help for important events. I appreciate it.”]

With that they were both ready to go and she followed him down the corridor towards the hall. She waited with Elias briefly before they were announced into the room and she was happy that Elias kept her close because she certainly wasn’t ready to be left alone in a place like this, although she was sure that she would be eventually because Elias couldn’t be at her side for everything and for a while they busied themselves mingling with the guests of Court.

She watched the exchange between Elias and Edmond for a moment and she offered him a smile. [b “It is a pleasure to meet you Edmond.”] She smiled again when he offered his sympathies for Elias’ brother and she found herself hoping that she would never find herself widowed because she wasn’t sure how she would cope with being along in this world.
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