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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/AdwyWE4.jpg]][center [size11 [i [font "times new roman" [b [u Note;]] Yes this thread is based off the Netflix show YOU. We know what we are doing, keep your noses out of our business. The picture layout was inspired by my Blossom as well. Don't touch. Thank you.]]]]

[center [i [font "times new roman" Hello. Who are you? All your accounts are public, you want them to see you, to listen to you, to know you. And I thank you.]]]

[center [i [font "times new roman" The first thing my beloved internet gave me was your address.]]]

[center [i [font "times new roman" Your social networks lie, they say you are carefree. But underneath that you seem to be someone authentic.]]]

[center [i [font "times new roman" The most important things are those that are fragile and must be protected.]]]


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[font "times new roman" As the blonde made her way away from the book shop, the book in hand, her mind wandered back to the male. There was something there. Something different, and something that made her wonder what it would be like to get to know someone again. It's been a while since she had really gotten along with someone. She rolled her eyes lightly, as she headed towards her favorite coffee shop. Darla on the other hand, was enjoying the walk more than she herself was. The dog stopped every few feet to sniff at something, or just to stop. She looked down at the golden lab and shook her head.]

[font "times new roman" Finally the coffee shop was in view, and she tied the dog up, and hurried inside. She walked up to the counter, and a male with red hair was standing behind the counter. [b "What can I get for you?"] he asked when she approached the counter. She scanned the menu in front of her, and then decided on her normal coffee. [#E37789 "Can I get a vanilla coffee please? Just two pumps of vanilla will be wonderful"] she said. The male nodded lightly and rang her up. [b "What's the name for that?"] he asked her. She gave her name and stood to the side.]

[font "times new roman" She still had the book in hand, and thought about starting it when she went back outside. She might as well show the rest of the world, that she was getting back into the reading world. Something she never dreamed of doing again. [b "Hattie, your coffee is ready"] the male called out. She walked over and took the cup from his fingers. [#E37789 "Thank you darling. Have a good day"] she said lightly as she walked back out into the warmer air. She moved over to a table where Darla was tied up. She was laying there, looking like a total lazy bitch. She couldn't help but smile.]

[font "times new roman" She pulled the chair out, sat down, and pulled her phone out. She placed the coffee up onto the table, and then placed the book against it slightly. She opened up the camera and snapped a picture of the items in front of her. Then she snapped a picture of Darla by her feet. She then leaned back into her chair, and opened up Instagram and started to post the pictures. She sat there drumming her fingers lightly against the table, trying to figure out what to put the caption as. Then she figured it out. [#E37789 [i Coffee date with Darla, also slowly getting back into different worlds. Hopefully it's as good as he made it sound.]] She read the caption and then posted it.]

[font "times new roman" She picked up the coffee cup, took a sip and sighed lightly as soon as the first taste of coffee hit her tongue. The weather was wonderful, and then she opened up Facebook and started scrolling through it. She added the same pictures there, and then people started commenting about who the [b [i He]] was. She rolled her eyes and answered the questions the best she could. She then placed her phone down onto the table top, picked up the book, and opened it to the first page. She might as well enjoy the day, before her and Darla headed back home. She was curious as to what the book held though.]
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[center [font "Times New Roman" [i What is with the sudden character change, You? That's rather intriguing. You go from a shy little mouse, looking for a gem among mystery books, to telling me not to catch aids, and that I'll see you if I'm lucky enough? What kind of person are you really? Which of these is the facade?]

Nathan cocked a brow when she made the implication that he might sleep with the girl. Aids was a pretty big one, that was a bit of a leap for him- he figured maybe she wasn't too familiar with STIs or something, but still wanted to tease him. He let out a bemused chuckle and shook his head some, the angle allowing him just enough to see the name on the ID in her wallet.

[i Hattie Bright.
Hello, you.]

He stored that information away for later and slipped the receipt back in the book, before handing it to her. He was careful to keep the contact light, and not to brush their fingers, as she had seemed scared enough by when he had taken her arm. Why push his luck now?

[b [#757575 "Right. I hope it serves you well, miss. I'll look forward to seeing you again."]] The almost bipolar nature of her mood swing had him confused, and he simply watched her walk out the door before returning his focus back to his job. And immediately shutting down the girl who next came to the counter. There was only one person he was interested in at the moment.

It took him until his next break to be able to disappear into the basement and pull out his phone, but he had been repeating her name over and over in his head so he didn't lose it. The first thing he did was check for her on social media.

[i Hattie Bright. What kind of information am I going to find out about you?]]]
[font "times new roman" The line slowly started moving when the male came back up. She thought she had seen someone else, and one of the other's in line was whispering to her friend. [b "He's always here. He's always so helpful, and God those eyes of his are amazing. I wouldn't mind if he ended up taking me home and fucking me till the sun came up."] she cooed to her friend. Hattie bit back a smile and shook her head lightly. When it was her turn she smiled lightly towards him, and nodded over her shoulder a bit.]

[font "times new roman" [#E37789 "Just as a heads up, one of the females behind him was talking about you. I think she has a crush on you, and I don't blame her. Just make sure you don't get aids or anything"] she said with a small smirk. She didn't know if he would catch onto what she was meaning, and it didn't bother her any. When he told her the total, and that it was his favorite mystery, she made a mental note to stop in and have a nice talk with him about it. She pulled out her wallet, along with some cash and handed it to him.]

[font "times new roman" [#E37789 "Keep the change, I don't really need it, and maybe if you are lucky enough I'll make sure to come by again"] she said lightly. She took the book back, and tucked it under her arm and stepped aside to let the female who had been talking crudely up to the counter. [b "Watch it slut. Stop hogging up the line"] she snapped. Hattie raised a 'brow slightly and rolled her eyes. Children these days really rubbed her the wrong way. She took her leave just then, and slipped out of the store.]

[font "times new roman" As she rounded the corner Darla stood and started wagging her tail at her human. [#E37789 "Let's go home baby"] she said lightly as she untied the leash, and the two headed back towards home, the whole time Hattie's mind on the handsome book store cashier.]
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[center [font "Times New Roman" Taking his proper place behind the counter, Nathan cursed himself quietly for letting a line form. Sure, this girl was captivating, but his coworker was notorious for ignoring the front counter, and the business was supposed to come before anything else. The look on his face was apologetic as he helped the next few people in line.

None of them stood out to him as much as the silver-haired girl, though. When finally she could approach the counter, his face was back in a smile, making brief eye contact before taking the book back from her again, and scanning it so he could get her a total.

[b [#757575 "I hope you like it. It's one of my personal favorite mysteries."]] he admitted, slipping it into a bag for her and reading the total off of the register. He felt a little foolish for sharing that kind of information, but it seemed that his mouth ran before his mind in the presence of a girl like her. [b [#757575 "I hope you'll stop in again sometime?"]]

[I I can be hopeful. You're... Probably not like [b Her]. I'm allowed to look forward to seeing you, right?]]]
[font "times new roman" The female looked towards him, and when he took the book from her fingers, and gently took her arm, she let him. There was something oddly strange about him. Something she knew would interest anyone else. Her eyes scanned along the shelves as they walked, and pretty soon he had stopped in front of a bookcase, and handed her a book. The moment his hand left her arm, she breathed a bit easier. She looked down at the book in her hands, and flipped it open to the first page. Her eyes slowly scanning the words on the page before her.]

[font "times new roman" Something small, different, something to capture her attention. Something that hadn't happened to her in years. As she read the first few lines, she was already sucked in. She looked towards the male and smiled a bit. [#E37789 "I'll take this one. It'll help bring me back to my old habits, and hopefully bring me back to my childhood days"] she said lightly. She rambled when she was nervous, and that was always bad with her. She then remembered that Darla was outside, and she was taking a bit longer than she should have inside.]

[font "times new roman" [#E37789 "Thank you for this, I'll let you know when I finish it"] she said with a small smile. She then backed up slowly, and her back bumped into one of the shelves. A couple books tumbled to the floor, and her cheeks turned pink. She bent down, picked up the books that had fallen, and placed them back onto the shelf. She then hurried and rounded the corner. She was already making a fool of herself, and she had only been inside the store for ten minutes at most. When she reached the front, there were a couple people before her.]

[font "times new roman" [#E37789 [i 'Stop it Hattie. You are just going to make matter's worse. Yes those eyes of his drew you in, the sound of his voice, and the knowledge he has about books, is fucking sexy. You on the other hand, shouldn't have to worry about that. It's not like you'll see him again anyway, he was doing his job and helping you out, nothing more was going to come out of that']] she thought to herself. She wouldn't mind it though. She looked over her shoulder, her eyes finding the other behind her.]

[font "times new roman" A small smile tugged on her lips, as she turned back to the line in front of her, her heart racing, wishing she was anywhere but here at the moment. Knocking those books off the shelf, seemed to rattle her a bit more than it should have. Something that rarely happened. She sighed lightly, and looked down at the book in her hands, holding it a bit tighter, as if someone was about to come and snatch it out of her fingers just then.]
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[center [font "Times New Roman" [i Sherlock Holmes, hm? Are you a mystery lover? You almost seem lost in a bookstore, like you haven't been here in a while, and I can certainly see it. I'm honored to be your reintroduction, to guide you through a world so vast and full of knowledge. Stick with me kid, I'll make sure you get by with the best of the best. Consider me your literary compass.]

[B [#757575 "Sherlock Holmes. The classic mystery series from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. An excellent read if you're into the classic mystery novel, but a bit overplayed in my opinion."]] he told her honestly, taking the book from her hands and looking it over. He set it back on the shelf, stuck out a bit from the rest of the books so it would be easy to find if she was still interested in it, but he very gently took hold of her arm, if only to guide her a bit further down, from D to L.

[i If I'm reading you right, you seem romantic. You can sense the love and care in a book, and you like something that's anything but ordinary. You, yourself, seem anything but ordinary, and much like a mystery novel, I find myself wanting to unravel your deepest secrets. I want to [b know] you. I crave it. You intrigue me as much as any Sherlock Holmes book ever could.]

[B [#757575 "If I might be so bold as to offer a suggestion?"]] A curious brow quirked, and he reached almost blindly to the shelf beside them, pulling down another book. [B [#757575 "Dennis Lehane. The genius mind behind [i Shutter Island], but if it's a detective mystery you're looking for, I would suggest [i A Drink Before The War.] He writes in prose, which is a bit grittier and far more smooth a read than some of Sir Arthurs more laborious language. It helps me lose myself in the story more."]]

His hand left her arm as he offered the book out to her, grey eyes shining with delight. It wasn't incredibly often that he got to suggest books, most people seemed to know what they were looking for, and moved with a [i get-in-get-out] attitude about them. This girl was [i exciting.]]]
[font "times new roman" The morning light shining into the woman's room made her wince a bit. She had been out late the night before, drinking, and just partying it up. That's when she felt Darla's wet nose on her cheek, and she let out a small groan. She turned her grey eyes onto the lab, and smiled a bit. [#E37789 "I'm up, give me a moment, and I'll take you out"] she said lightly. The lab wagged her tail a bit, as she waited for her owner to get her ass moving. The blonde let out a small sigh, as she rolled out of bed, and went to the closet.]

[font "times new roman" She found a pair of black leggings, and a white off the shoulder dress. Something she loved more than anything. The way the dress ended above her knees, and hugged her hips in the right ways, showing off a slender frame. She never dreamed she would look like this, and have the life she was living. She sighed lightly as she realized today she wasn't working. She had the whole day to herself, and Darla hadn't been on a good walk at all this week. Thinking about the dog, she looked over her shoulder at the three year old puppy.]

[font "times new roman" The only thing that kept her living, and breathing. Ever since her accident, and last break up, Darla was the only good thing in her life. She smiled lightly as she finished getting dressed, and made her way to the bathroom. She looked at herself in the mirror, and tilted her head to the side. She piled her hair up onto her head, and pulled a few strands out framing her face. She brushed her teeth, and then applied a little bit of make up. She was then finally ready to go. She walked out of the room, grabbed her knee high boots, and sat down to put them on.]

[font "times new roman" Darla looked at her and wagged her tail happily. The human and dog walked out of the room together, and Hattie grabbed the leash and clipped it on. She grabbed her phone off of the charger, and grabbed her jean jacket. She slid her phone, keys, and wallet into the pockets, and then unlocked the door. She walked out into the morning air, and waited for the lab to come out with her. She then closed and locked the door behind her. The two companions made their way towards town, Darla nearly yanking Hattie with her.]

[font "times new roman" When the companion's made their way into town, Hattie took in the sights. There was a small book shop along the way, and she felt the need to slip inside of a little bit. That's just what she was going to do. She found a place to tie Darla up, and she bent down, rubbing the dogs head. [#E37789 "I'll be back in a little bit"] she said. The dog huffed lightly, and then Hattie made her way into the book store. The feeling of being a little girl came rushing back at her, all at once. She hadn't stepped foot into a book store in years.]

[font "times new roman" This one was perfect though. She felt like a child once more. She slowly made her way through the shelves, running her fingers lightly along the spines. Her grey eyes looking for nothing in general. As she was rounding the corner, she nearly ran into the male working there. She put her hand over her heart, and smiled a bit. When he spoke about zoning out, she just shook her head lightly. [#E37789 "I was just apologizing for almost running into you. I wasn't expecting anyone to be right there"] she said lightly. Her heart was racing inside of her chest.]

[font "times new roman" She took her eyes off of the male before her, and randomly reached for a book on the shelf. It so happened to be a novel, that she hadn't even heard of. She then looked towards the male, and nodded to the book. [#E37789 "Do you know anything about this Sherlock Holmes person?"] she asked, as she quickly glanced at the title on the book. She felt like a total child just then, she was still flustered with running into the male, but she hid it pretty well. Or at least she hoped she had.]
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[center [font "Times New Roman" [i I can see your hesitation from the way that you walk into my store. You're nervous, trepidation clear on your face, from the way that you're biting your lip, to the way that your pretty, manicured nails dig into your blouse when you hug yourself for some sort of comfort. Come on in, we don't bite. Well, I don't. I don't know about my coworker, he's full of surprises.]

Nathan Amero looked up as the bell on the door went off for the fourth time in the past hour. It was more business than they usually got, but the raven-haired man wasn't about to object to a few more sales. Sure, he didn't work off of commission or anything, but making more money for the man who had helped him through so much already never hurt in his mind. His grey eyes were drawn to a girl with hair the same color that made her first appearance at the small, hole-in-the-wall book store that he was so fond of.

She was well-dressed, and looked like she probably came from a nice family. Not usually the type of run-down college student, excited hipster, or elderly people he usually got in the store, so he was glad for the fact that he was stocking shelves so close to where she seemed to be looking for a book. He made sure to keep an eye on her, noting which section she was in.

[i Romantic fiction. I can't say I'm surprised. I am surprised that a girl like you would choose a place like this over a more well-known chain, maybe something near a Starbucks, but it speaks volumes. It tells me you prefer the smell of used books to new ones, even though we carry both, and that you're probably more likely to go to a hipster coffee joint, though I might honestly be surprised if you drink coffee at all. You don't seem one for attention, but the interesting shade of your hair tells me you like at least a little bit. You intrigue me. I'll bite.]

As she slipped into the next aisle, clearly not finding whatever it was she was looking for, he picked up a new stack of books, and moved so they were on opposing sides of the aisle, and every time he looked up, he could catch a glance at her. He watched intently as she bumped right into someone next to her, lost in thought. Both she and the man apologized profusely, and he moved on to whatever uninteresting thing it was he was looking for, while Nathan continued to watch, and stock the books quietly.

[i The subtle embarrassment to your voice when you apologize... It's almost like you're afraid to be nice and apologize like that. Someone gets on your case about it, maybe, but they shouldn't. It's just so rare to find polite girls these days. That's when you say your first words to me.]

God she was gorgeous. As she approached him, obviously tipped off to the fact that he worked there by the apron and nametag, he found himself zoning out, watching her mouth instead of actually listening to her words. When he realized that she'd stopped speaking, he blinked a moment, and forced himself to look back up at her eyes instead.

[B [#757575 "I-Im sorry, could you repeat that? I haven't had my coffee today, and I think I zoned."]]]]
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