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[i her purring gets louder and her leg starts twitching lightly as he scratches her ears] Sweet what's your username? [i watches his tail feeling the urge to pounce]
  ~Nyan~ / V1rg081tch / 9d 2h 28m 12s
He smiles and continues to rub her hair and starts scratching her ears. " mew." he said as his tail sways slightly faster.
  Neko boy / IKage / 9d 2h 32m 32s
[i smiles and lays her head on her knees] those sound cool you posting them anywhere? [i purrs softly at his petting]
  ~Nyan~ / V1rg081tch / 9d 2h 34m 10s
He pats her on the head. "They are two ideas I had for Naruto and Harry potter, They are turning out ok I think. The Naruto one is about if they was another tailed beast and the Harry potter one ins a time travel one mixture some one or two other things" he said as he continues to stroke her hair
  Neko boy / IKage / 9d 2h 36m 46s
[i cries silently for a few minutes before letting go and sitting up wiping her eyes on her sleeves] Sorry... so what are your fanfictions about?
  ~Nyan~ / V1rg081tch / 9d 2h 38m 54s
blinks and hugs her and strokes her hair to try and make her feel better, His tail gently sways behind him.
  Neko boy / IKage / 9d 2h 46m 57s
[i shrugs] I don't wanna bother them... [i sighs and nips at his paw before wrapping her arms around his middle] I'm sorry that's happening maybe they sent you a blank PM but it's probably because this site is falling apart quicker and quicker ever since the move and Webmaster Jimmy's abandonment. [i sniffs softly trying not to cry] I don't want to lose this place, but it's falling apart more and more everyday. [i buries her face in his sweater to hide her tears]
  ~Nyan~ / V1rg081tch / 9d 2h 48m 13s
"ya is good if you play with friends when you play for the first time, I would try asking them and if they say now there are placings online you can fine groups with other people mew."blushes as she licks his hand and blinks before poking her cheek and pawing at her hair.

Also its not the limit I got a pm a few days ago and when I click on the title it won't open.
  Neko boy / IKage / 9d 2h 54m 1s
@Vossy That's why you save what you like especially if you're that popular

@IKage Cool I wish I could play DND but all my friends are online and I'm too chicken to ask them to play with me. [i purrs softly and licks his paw giggling lightly]
  ~Nyan~ / V1rg081tch / 9d 2h 58m 34s
blinks as she lays on his lap and paws at her hair and ears more. . "Personal wise, two fanfics and some dnd stuff. mew.
  Neko boy / IKage / 9d 3h 7m 25s
Very adorable pics. ^^

Also yeah...I wish we didn't have a 10 page PM limit...I want to reread my old messages.
  HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 9d 3h 7m 46s
[i her ears twitch at his touch and she giggles] that's awesome whatcha workin on these days? <3 [i lays down on his lap and paws at his ears]
  ~Nyan~ / V1rg081tch / 9d 3h 10m 23s
He smiles and paws back, poking her ears playfully. I'm ok mew, just relaxing, going to do some fanfic writing tomorrow mew
  Neko boy / IKage / 9d 3h 14m 51s
[i purrs softly and paws back] So how have you been?

  ~Nyan~ / V1rg081tch / 9d 3h 15m 55s
rolls over to her and paws at her and tilts his head cutely.
  Neko boy / IKage / 9d 3h 25m 42s

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