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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/SXb1ouE.jpg]][center [size7 The picture layout was inspired by my Blossom. Don't touch it.]]

[center [i [font "times new roman" Muse A and Muse B had known each other for seven years and had a very close relationship. They trusted each other more than anyone else and knew they count on each other for everything.]]]

[center [i [font "times new roman" One night, Muse B had asked Muse A if they could borrow their car for the night because . Muse A was initially suspicious and apprehensive but agreed anyway because of their trusting relationship.]]]

[center [i [font "times new roman" The whole night, Muse A couldn't sleep. They had a terrible feeling that something was wrong, and deeply regret allowing Muse B to borrow their car. They waited until Muse B returned. When Muse B returned they were as casual as ever and dropped the keys off with Muse A at the door. They waved each other off and that was that.]]]

[center [i [font "times new roman" The terrible feeling inside Muse A still lingered, and the massive urge to check inside the car was overpowering. They checked inside the car and saw nothing unusual... but the stench of death lingered inside.]]]


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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/EPxgPoy.jpg]] [font roman Clover swallowed hard and balled her fists as Allura started speaking. She was extremely pissed and nothing would've cooled her down at all in this moment. The whispers passing around the room didn't help at all and they only succeeded in infuriating Clover even more to the point her nose wrinkled up with anger, and Clover stepped back with hatred. She didn't really know why she was so angry right now, and yet, Clover wasn't backing off anytime soon. The retort from Allura only made Clover laugh with clear aggressive sarcasm and respond back with the same rage as before. [+crimson "Call the cops on me? Friends for years and this is where you're heading?!"] She shouted - and that was when the other women stepped in.

Clover turned her head to stare at the women and started snarling under her breath. She was breathing hard and looked almost insane, and Clover really didn't know why. She had never acted like this before - the young women felt like she was having some kind of mental breakdown in the whole situation. For years, Allura had run off to attend to some other [i private business] and used Clover's car almost daily for whatever the woman had planned, and now Clover just wanted to know everything. She had been kept in the dark for so long and that all bundled up into a gigantic cloud of unstable anger. [+crimson [i Why now?]] She thought as she really started assessing the situation. Why was everything coming to the surface now?

[+crimson "This doesn't involve you! Stay out of it."] She hissed at the woman before almost shoving her away to get closer to Allura. She really didn't care about all the people surrounding her and off-handly talking absolute smack about her behind her back; whispering profanities and creating rumours about drugs and mental illness. Only one of those things was true... Clover would shrug sarcastically as she waited for Allura to finally say something and laughed again at the response. [+crimson "Get out? Allura! You've been avoiding my questions all day. All I want know is what you were doing in my fucking car last night. [b My car!] Blood in the backseat? The smell - oh my god the smell..."] She started going off again and her facial expressions melted into one of sadness and near betrayal. [+crimson "What the hell?"] Her voice lowered into a quiet tone and Clover stood there waiting for something to happen; the woman's voice in the background merely nothing but white noise. She'd be lying if she said she didn't want to completely stab the women in the chest right now for butting in.

The threat of being thrown in jail wanted to make Clover burst into tears and curl up into a pathetic ball of betrayal and sadness; that was clearly shown on her face, but Clover abstained from doing such a thing and stood there in silence - almost frozen to the floor. She was practically paralyzed... and then something popped into mind - something incredibly unlikely and stupid... but this was something. [+crimson "What about the car? What do you think the cops would have to say about that, huh? The blood. The fucking blood. Tests. Tests. Tests."] She'd threaten and almost dared Allura to call the cops with her eyes alone. [+crimson "They'll find something and then I'll know. But y 'know what? I'll leave and I'll never come back."] She started walking backwards towards the door with her arms pushed and held out in a clear gesture of [i calm down] and Clover would smile with sardonicism. [+crimson "My apologies for ruining such a beautiful morning. So sorry ladies and gentleman. I'll leave you alone with the bitch to sort the rest out. Fuck you all! And fuck you, Allura.]" And Clover turned around and violently yanked the door open before stepping out and leaving. She closed her eyes and looked up at the sky and held her head into her hands for a little while.

And the young women would let out a muffled scream of an amalgamation of rage, betrayal, sadness and spite as hot tears stung her cheeks and fell down past her jawline and onto the pavement below. Clover just felt terrible now... This wasn't worth the effort at all. She kicked the floor and rushed to her car before opening the doors and stepping inside. Starting the engine and keeping the radio off - Clover stepped on the gas and sped away.
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[font "times new roman" The pink haired female was behind the counter on the phone when Clover came barging in. She could tell the woman was pissed off, and she told the customer to hold on, and put the customer on hold, so they wouldn't hear Clover yelling in the back ground. She was cool, and collected as she let the woman bitch at her. She then crossed her arms, and looked towards the other customers. [#FFCCCC "Sorry folks, she's a little off the deep end right now, don't worry about her. Just go about shopping"] she said. And that's when the whispers started about Clover being on drugs, and Allura wasn't helping the cause either. She then turned her cool eyes on the other.]

[font "times new roman" [#FFCCCC "If you insist on being a God damn bitch right now, I will have to get the cops involved. You can't just coming into a place of [i business] and start yelling like that. You honestly made yourself look like a damn fool, and look like you are high on drugs. Are you really that fucking stupid Clover? Are you?"] she snapped back. Her eyes then moved to the woman, and she shook her head. She didn't want to feel these feelings towards her friend but what other choice did she have? Clover was making a fool of herself, and she hoped to God she would realize that. She then went back to the customer on the phone.]

[font "times new roman" [#FFCCCC "I'm sorry dear, I'll have to call you back. I have a customer in front of me, who's acting like a total fool. Yes I will call you back in about an hour. Again I apologize"] she said and then hung up. The other customers that were there waited in line. She rang them up, and one of them spoke up and loudly too. [b "You should have called the cops right away. You didn't deserve to be yelled at like that. If that's your friend, she should understand that if you are having an issue, not to badger you about it"] the woman said, and then turned to Clover and spoke once more.]

[font "times new roman" [b "You have no right to come in here like that. You made yourself look like a total idiot, and I hope to God you realize that, because if you really are her friend, you wouldn't have attacked her like that. You are a horrible human being for treating her like that. I don't know what's going on, but don't come into a place of business with a mouth like yours. There could have been children inside of here as well, and you didn't care. I hope that karma bites you in the ass for this"] the woman said. Allura was shocked, and her mouth dropped open.]

[font "times new roman" No one had stood up for her like that, and she loved that customer more than ever. [b "Good day Allura, and I hope you dump that horrible woman on her ass, and hopefully you'll be able to take care of yourself"] she said. Allura didn't know what to say to that. The woman was right. Did she really need to have Clover bugging her like this? Clover knew for a damn fact to keep her mouth shut, and not badger her, because then it would make her close off even more. She turned her eyes to Clover and she was all of a sudden angry herself. [#FFCCCC "Get the fuck out of my shop"] she hissed.]

[font "times new roman" [#FFCCCC "If you don't leave right now, I will call the cops, and have your ass thrown in jail Clover. If you leave on your own, I'll come and see you when I get off work. Then you and I can talk like adults, instead of you attacking me like this. So make your choice now"] she said. The other's that were still in the shop looked towards Clover and one of them spoke up. [b "I would leave if I were you. Odette was right, you have no right to attack Allura like that"] and the other's backed her up. Allura's anger was getting the better of her. She bit her tongue though, waiting to see what Clover would do.]

[font "times new roman" She picked up the phone and looked towards the woman. [#FFCCCC "If you don't leave now, I really will get the cops to escort you out"] she threatened. She wasn't about to play this game at all. She stood there, her finger hovering over the 9 button, waiting to see if she would have to call the cops or not.]
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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/EPxgPoy.jpg]] [font roman Of course! There was no answer, and Clover slammed the phone down on her couch with an angry huff. She should've known; Allura was always the deceitful and secretive type, and this here just proved that. Clover was frustrated and annoyed, and she stared into space with her 'brows furrowed into a deep frown and thought about what Allura could've possibly been hiding - or at least about what happened last night for her to be this reserved. They were supposed to be best friends, and yet, Clover felt like she was the only who truly cared.

She knew exactly where Allura worked and considered driving over to quickly greet her best friend and possibly strike up a conversation about last, but Clover knew that wasn't a very good idea right now and opted to continue watching TV instead. She kept her eyes glued onto the colourful moving pictures dancing around on the TV screen until her phone finally vibrated with a reply from Allura. For a moment, Clover felt a pang of anxiety deep inside her stomach, and she immediately grabbed her phone to read the message out in her head... She wasn't pleased with the response at all.

She had to stop herself from screaming out loud at the poor excuse for a reply and slammed her phone back down onto the couch again with a furious growl. She was absolutely infuriated by the attitude of Allura and whipped her head around to stare at the clock ticking away at the wall; Allura would be arriving at her workplace soon. Perfect. It was rather unusual for Clover to be wrathful at all about these things, and she was usually the calmest person in all her friendships group, but something had snapped inside her and Clover just couldn't hold back; not today.

She stormed upstairs and into her bedroom to fling her closet doors open and violently grab whatever clothes looked decent enough to wear for an argument in a flower shop. She quickly changed out of her PJs and into the randomly selected clothing items and shoved on a pair of converses before rushing downstairs and grabbing her car keys. She didn't care about what Allura would think about her confronting her at work. She exited the home and unlocked her car before scootching in. Being inside the car felt awfully strange and terrible; the atmosphere inside was incredibly eerie and wrong and Clover couldn't help but blame Allura for that. With her teeth gritted and her eyes staring angrily down the driveway, Clover started the car and drove off to the flower shop.

The drive wasn't long at all and Clover sat inside the car park for a few minutes to ponder her decision on actually coming here to reprimand and interrogate Allura about her behaviour and last night. Was this really a good decision? She was starting to regret coming here... Whatever. She was here now and the deed had to be done. Exiting the car and walking to the entrance of the flower shop with anger in her footsteps, Clover would open the door and notice Allura right away at the counter. She didn't smile nor offer any pleasantries, Clover just stared with ominous fury in her eyes. [+crimson "What the fuck?"] She'd suddenly say before approaching the counter. [+crimson "[i Back the fuck off for a while?] Are you kidding me? I was worried sick about you and that's your response? What happened with the goddamn car last night?!]" She sounded quite frantic and almost obsessed; clearly Clover wasn't doing too well at all. [+crimson "What happened?! Why do you have to be so secretive all the fucking time?! You never tell me anything!"] Clover didn't think about the possibilities of something else more sensible happening that night at all and immediately hopped onto the worst possibilities straight away. She would've appeared quite crazy and nearly desperate if she'd continued with her angry tirade towards Allura, but Clover wisely held back and waited for Allura's excuse to come pouring out.]
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[font "times new roman" The woman's eyes read over the text message and she rolled her eyes once more. She knew that Clover was worried about her, but she knew not to bug her when sleeping. She sighed lightly as she replied back. [#FFCCCC [i Everything's okay I promise you that. Just don't blow my shit up when you know I'm having to sleep.]] She hit send, went to shower and get ready for work. She had to work till midnight that night, and she wasn't in the mood to deal with Clover and her so called being worried about her. She was a big girl after all, she didn't need to have someone watching over her all of the damn time. It made her sick honestly.]

[font "times new roman" While she was in the shower she heard her phone ringing. She knew it was Clover and she sighed. She wanted to be left alone. Couldn't the woman understand that? She ignored her phone and finished her shower. A moment later it stopped ringing, and she could enjoy her shower in peace. The only place she could really think straight. What had she missed in the car though? She knew that Clover would keep hounding her, but she had to think of a good story to tell her. That's when it hit her, she was going to tell the woman her sister had thrown up blood. There we go, that'll be perfect.]

[font "times new roman" She finished her shower, climbed out and wrapped herself into a towel. She walked back into her room, grabbed her phone and sent another text message. She was getting really pissed off at this point. [#FFCCCC [i Listen. I know you are worried about me, but don't sweat it. I have to get to work in the next twenty minutes, and you are really getting on my nerves right now blowing my shit up. I have to work till midnight, I'm not in the mood to deal with you and your shit right now. So back the fuck off for awhile.]] She hit send without reading it. She hoped this time the woman would get the hint and leave her alone.]

[font "times new roman" She adored Clover to no end, but sometimes the woman was smothering, like right now. She was trying to focus on something else, and the woman wouldn't leave her alone for five fucking minutes. She knew she had snapped at the woman, and she didn't care. She was trying to get her point across, and that's the only way she knew how to do it. She finished drying herself off, and got dressed. She loved her job as a flower shop owner, and she could work her own hours, and tonight the shop had to stay open a bit late. She had some orders to catch up on. That's why she had to work till midnight.]

[font "times new roman" When she was done, she grabbed a bagel out of the kitchen and unlocked her car, slid inside and headed into town. Five minutes later, she was turning her volume down, to where she couldn't even feel the vibration from her phone. Which she knew would piss Clover off even more. She wasn't in the mood to deal with this bullshit. She opened up the shop, and went about getting the orders started. She helped a couple people here and there, and the time seemed to pass a bit quickly. She was in her element, and she wasn't about to let anything ruin that for her. Including Clover.]
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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/EPxgPoy.jpg]] [font roman For the entire day Clover waited for Allura to reply to her concerned messages, and all Clover could do was sit cross-legged on her couch with her teeth nibbling her lips from pure anxiety. She lightly quivered and turned the TV on for a few minutes to maintain some slight normalcy for the time being and tried to concentrate on the current show playing. She was quite enjoying the nonsensical cartoon playing on the screen until one of the main characters was ran over by a car - numerous times. Clover had switched the channel over straight after that as her nerves tingled...

Her phone sat right next to her and Clover couldn't help but keep glancing over and over again, waiting for the screen to light up with Allura's reply. Every single time was unsuccessful though until two hours into watching TV and the screen finally lit up with something worthwhile. A message from Allura lied out on the screen for Clover to read... She grabbed the phone and read the message in her head. She couldn't help but roll her eyes at the rather frustrating response and exasperatingly sighed. She knew she had made the biggest mistake in texting when Allura was clearly sleeping, but Clover was way too worried and suspicious to care.

She replied back after a few seconds of mulling over the response. '[+crimson [i whatevs. im worried about you! did u get hurt last night? there was like jelly stuff in my car. u better come over and clean it. xxxx]] Her response was a mixture of concerned and humorous and Clover hit send. Allura hadn't explained anything yet and Clover was increasingly getting anxious and irritated at the lack of information in that single text for Allura. She could have at least said something about the mess! Clover leaned back into the couch and sunk into the comfy fabric. She hadn't eaten anything all day because of how disturbed and shaken up she was.

She was about to head off into the kitchen and grab some breakfast until the idea of calling Allura finally entered her head. Why didn't she think of that before? She grumbled to herself and grabbed her phone from the couch arm and went into her contacts. She scrolled down to Allura and stared at the contact for a few minutes. She was hesitating to call Allura and was growing a little worried, but she had no clue why. Allura was her best friend - and crush. How could she so nervous? She shook her head at her own foolish thoughts and hit call. The phone started dialling and Clover's stomach dropped. [+crimson [i 'Please pick up...']]
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[font "times new roman" The night's events wore the woman out more than she figured it would have. She pretty much turned her phone all the way down, no vibrating would wake the woman up, nothing. She didn't want to be bothered, all she wanted to do was sleep. When her body did finally wake her up, she rolled onto her side and saw that the time was a little after eleven in the morning. She hadn't slept that good in ages. She stretched her arms over her head, and let out a small groan. She then threw the blankets off of her body, and slid out of bed. She then walked over to where her phone lay, and picked it up.]

[font "times new roman" She saw that there were two messages form Clover, and she narrowed her eyes. What had she forgotten? She checked the time, the second message had come in a little after six in the morning. What had the woman been doing up so early anyway? She rolled her eyes as she read them both. Her heart seemed to drop into her stomach. What had she forgotten? She was going to play dumb for the time being, and pretend she didn't know what Clover was talking about. She then hit reply and her fingers started moving over the keys.]

[font "times new roman" [#FFCCCC [i I just woke up. My phone wasn't on at all, because when I'm that tired I turn the volume completely off so I can sleep. What's got you bugging, that you had to text me so early in the fucking morning? You of all people should know, that when I'm this tired I'm not to be bugged at all.]] She read the message over and over, and then hit send. The rest of it she sounded like a bitch, but she didn't care. Clover knew [i never] to text her that early in the morning, so whatever had her buggin that early, better be that important. Her stomach growled, as she realized she was starving.]

[font "times new roman" It was close enough to lunch time, that she could make something to eat. She walked out of the bedroom, and went to the kitchen. She found some bread, and some lunch meat and put everything onto the counter. She then made herself a ham and turkey sandwich, and then sat down on one of the chairs. She kept checking her phone, and still nothing from Clover. If she had been buggin that bad, she would have called her. She rolled her eyes lightly, as she waited for the woman to reply.]

[font "times new roman" She had so many replies in her head, that she would tell the woman. She just needed to know what she was talking about, and she made a mental note to get on Clover's case about texting her that early in the morning too. She sighed lightly as she ate, watching for the incoming message that she knew she would be getting any moment.]
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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/EPxgPoy.jpg]] [font roman The affectionate hug and kiss would make Clover noticeably blush, and she'd bashfully giggle. [+crimson "See you later, Allura."] Clover watched the other woman drive off before walking back inside her house. There was a terrible feeling settling nastily inside her stomach, and Clover knew this was something more than just a simple bellyache. She brushed the feeling off, however, and walked into the kitchen to grab a glass of water. [i [+crimson 'It's fine. Everything's fine, Clove.']] She'd mentally say to herself while taking sips from the cool glass of water.

No matter how much water she sipped or how many deep breaths she took, Clover just couldn't calm herself down. She just felt like something terrible was going to occur this very night. She didn't know what though exactly... She stared over at the kitchen counter holding her phone and sighed. Should she call Allura? She wasn't sure... Her phone quickly buzzed as soon as the thoughts left her head. Her heart would pang a little and Clover would feel nervous. She'd walk over and grab the phone and read the message left on her screen. It wasn't anything bad... just a stupid app notification. Clover would exhale with relief and shove her phone into her hands before walking upstairs to her bedroom.

She thought that perhaps some sleep would ease her nerves, and hoped the foreboding terror oozing into her thoughts wouldn't invade her dreams. She didn't want to think about any of this any longer. Stretching out her arms and letting out a drowsy yawn, Clover would pull back her already ruffled covers and slide into bed. She twisted and turned and mumbled and grumbled but just couldn't get a lick of sleep. What was going on? She turned over to her bedside table and stared at her phone. She wanted to message Allura so badly...

After a while, Clover would finally get some rest, at least a few hours, and was left completely unaware of last nights murderous events, but throughout the entirety of her slumber, Clover had nightmare of a bloody-soaked car parked on her driveway with a deceased person curled up inside... She groggily woke up from her sleep and slowly reached for her phone. The time on the screen read [i 6:00 am] and Clover stared in minor surprise. She'd never really woken up this early before... at least not on accident. She then noticed the text message left by Allura on her phone and read the message immediately. She was relieved at the idea of her car being returned but also felt the sickly anxious feeling bubble up inside her again. She had to check the car, but before that, Clover would reply. [i [+crimson k thx babe call me later k? Wanna talk.]] Message sent.

She didn't bother grabbing her dressing gown or covering up her PJs in any way, Clover just wanted to check the car. The feeling was almost obsessive and she felt slightly crazy for the being this rampant over the car, but this all had to mean something deeper than simple concern. Grabbing her housekeys and unlocking the door, Clover would walk outside and reach for the keys in the flowerpot. The car outside was in the same condition as last night, albeit one of the windows opened. This wasn't unusual. Clover would quickly unlock the car and check inside. There was nothing inside... apart from a few neglected dark and pale stains and... a peculiar smell. The smell was quite sweet and sickly with a metallic hint; the smell reminded her of the butchers' shop down the road. She'd feel the fabric seats and check for any patches and possible tears. There was nothing but these stains and the stench invading the air. What had happened? She had no clue. She was about to leave and text Allura until her hand hit something wet... She immediately recoiled and grimaced with disgust at the gross feeling and checked her hand for the source of the wetness. This fluid on her hand was... dark red and... sticky, like coagulated blood...

Clover's stomach would immediately drop and her heart would start hammering. She'd immediately whip out her phone and begin frantically texting Allura.

[i [+crimson 'Allura... is everything alright? Did something happen last night? Plz reply!’]]
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[font "times new roman" Allura nodded lightly. She smiled a bit as she closed the gap between them, and hugged the woman. [#FFCCCC "Thank you so much"] she said, and kissed the woman's cheek. She then grabbed the car keys, and she went back out the door. She closed it behind her, and walked to the car. She unlocked it, slid in behind the wheel, and started it up. She backed out of the driveway, and headed towards the highway. She pulled her phone out of her pocket and sent a quick message, saying she was on her way. It wouldn't take too long once she was on the highway. She would be there in less than an hour. As long as she didn't speed too much.]

[font "times new roman" When she pulled off awhile later, she pulled off to the side of the road, and found the directions she needed. She was on the right road, and her target should be awake still. A small smirk passed over her lips as another incoming text appeared on her phone. [b [i Are you almost here? Because I've been dreaming of you all day, and I can't wait to feel that body against mine.]] The message read. It made her stomach turn a little bit. She hated bedding a male, but what other choice did she have? She was going to get him into the car, and take him into the mountains. She then hit reply. [#FFCCCC [i I'm almost there, be in there in five.]] and hit send.]

[font "times new roman" She was kind of nervous, but she would deal with that later. She put her phone back into her jacket pocket, and then went to pick up the male. He lived alone, so it would take a couple of days for anyone to realize he was missing. This was the perfect job for her. She pulled into the driveway, and sent a message. [#FFCCCC [i Just pulled up, let's get a move on.]] and then waited. Not even five minutes later, the male was inside of the car, and putting on his seat belt. He looked towards her and smirked a bit. [b "You look good"] he breathed out. She smiled a bit.]

[font "times new roman" [#FFCCCC "Thank you, so do you"] she said back. The male grinned and let himself get comfortable. She pulled out of the driveway, and headed into the mountains. She wouldn't have cell service for awhile, but that didn't bother her in the least. She liked it that way. Wouldn't have to worry about anything at the moment. Could get the job done, and then drop the body off. Once they were far enough into the mountains, she parked the car, shut it off, and looked towards him in the darkness. [b "You really do look amazing.."] the male breathed out. He then leaned over and closed the gap between them.]

[font "times new roman" They spent the next few minutes making out, and then his fingers were moving to places only a lover should go. She didn't care though. She pulled back a moment later, and looked into the back of the car. [#FFCCCC "There's more room back there"] she breathed out. The male didn't wait. They were both in the back, and she was straddling his waist, his hands roaming over her body, and pretty soon he managed to get himself unzipped, and got her jeans down far enough for him to gain access too. It didn't take too much time, before he entered her.]

[font "times new roman" The two groaned out, and Allura had to pretend she was enjoying it, when in reality she wasn't. She wasn't going to waste any time though. She grabbed her knife, and slit the man's throat. Blood splattered the windows, and she watched as the shock of what happened filled his eyes, and she smirked a bit. She slid herself off of him, and pulled her pants up. [#FFCCCC "You weren't that good of a lover anyway"] she breathed out. She watched as his life slipped away, and then he was gone. She then went to work about cutting up his body, and put it into black garbage bags.]

[center [i [font "times new roman" [b [u ~*~ Hours Later ~*~]]]]]

[font "times new roman" The female washed the car out the best she could, and she changed her clothes as well. She threw the bags into the trees, and then headed back home. It was well after six in the morning, and she knew she had to drop the car back off, and then she could get home. That's just what she did too. She pulled into the driveway of Clover's house, knowing the woman would be sleeping, and she parked the car. She then rolled the windows down a little bit, and then climbed out. She locked the car behind her, shut the door, and went to put the keys in the flower pot by the door.]

[font "times new roman" She grabbed her things, and then headed home. Once she was locked into her own house, she sent Clover a message. [#FFCCCC [i The key's are in the flower pot by your door. Thanks for letting me borrow the car. I will see you later, when I've gotten some sleep.]] was all the message said. She then took a hot ass shower, and then fell into bed. The night had been long, but she finally got her kill in for the week, and she fell into bed, pulled the blankets up to her chin, and fell asleep.]
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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/EPxgPoy.jpg]] [font roman The mere sight of the other woman made Clover tingle on the inside. They had been friends for years and only recently had Clover started feeling something different towards her. She was terrible at confronting her emotions, though, and never suspected that Allura could ever feel the same way about her. She quickly caught herself staring at the female's uncovered skin her shirt failed to cover and sighed a little. [+crimson "What's the problem then? You only ever do things like this when you really need something. Remember when we were kids? I still can't believe you actually left your house at two in the morning just to see me."] The memory would make her giggle softly before Clover's attention went back to the topic at hand.

The question was a little sudden but Clover was no stranger to helping her best friend out. She loved this girl more than she could possibly say, and would do anything to make her happy. She was the one truest things in her life and Clover wanted nothing more than to show Allura how much she truly cared about her. She thought she knew everything about her...

Initially, the thought of allowing her best friend to borrow her car worried her slightly, a feeling Clover rarely felt with Allura. She chewed the inside of her cheek for a second and looked at the ground. She didn't want to decline at all and wanted to help the other woman out but that feeling just wouldn't go away. [+crimson "That's fine and all, but are you sure? It's really late."] Clover felt like an asshole for being hesitant towards the idea of allowing Allura her car for the night, especially with that very convincing excuse, but her gut was telling her something else. She turned away and looked at the backdoor in the background whilst battling with her conflicting thoughts before finally making up her decision. [+crimson "Okay. You can borrow my car for the night but please be careful. The last person to borrow my car was my sister and the car came back keyed."] And Clover would walk into her kitchen to grab the keys off the key rack. She still felt really nervous about something.

She'd walk back to Allura and drop the keys in her hands. She had a look of uncertainty on her face and was clearly trying to cover that up with a soft and reassuring smile. She'd sigh. [+crimson "Drive carefully, alright?. Get your sister somewhere safe and tell her Clover said hi."] The sentence was finished with a half-hearted chuckle and Clover would wait for the female to leave. That awful feeling just wouldn't go away...]
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[font "times new roman" The night air felt amazing on the pink haired females skin. She wanted nothing more than to just stay in the breeze until the end of time. She was sitting in her front yard when her phone went off. She reached for it in the dark, and opened the message. [b [i I have another one for you. It's a male who's been prying on innocent women. They have asked him to stop countless times, but he won't. I need you to work your magic. Here's the address.]] Allura read the message over, and smirked a bit. She was finally going to get her kill in for the week.]

[font "times new roman" She pushed herself to her feet, and walked into the house. She had to borrow a car, and the only person she could think of was Clover. The only person she trusted more than anything. She knew the woman would allow her to borrow the car. She went into the house, changed into a pair of black jeans, and a shirt that showed a lot of skin. She might as well play the part. She grabbed her jacket, and slid her arms through it. She then slid her knee high boots onto her feet, and she was ready. She turned her phone off, and slid it into her pocket.]

[font "times new roman" She made sure she had her keys as well, as she walked out of the small house, locked it up, and walked down the street. Clover didn't live that far from her, so it wouldn't take her that long to get to the house. Right at midnight, she was walking up the front steps of Clover's house, and she rang the door bell. She stood there, her heart hammering inside of her chest. When the door was opened, she saw the fear in Clover's eyes, and she smirked a bit. She was then let into the house, and she stepped inside.]

[font "times new roman" [#FFCCCC "I know, I'm sorry. I was just out walking, and I figured I would stop by. I had a feeling you were still awake, so I took a chance, and I'm glad I did"] she said lightly. She stepped into the house, and closed the door behind her. She then turned and looked at the other female. She was a beautiful creature, and her mind was racing a bit. She wanted nothing more than to bed the woman, feel her skin, her lips, her touch, just get her naked, and please the woman's body in more way's than one.]

[font "times new roman" She couldn't think about that right now. She had a job to do after all. She shook her head a bit, as she wrapped her arms around herself. [#FFCCCC "Listen, I need to borrow your car. I have to go and get my step sister from campus. She keeps calling and texting me, something's wrong and she won't call the cops. So is there anyway I can just borrow it for the night? I promise I'll being it back in the morning, or sometime tomorrow afternoon"] she said lightly. She hoped the lie would be enough to make Clover let her borrow the car. She did't have much time, and she stood there, waiting for the woman's reply.]
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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/EPxgPoy.jpg]] [font roman Clover stirred restlessly within the comforts of her bed as the alarm clock in the background continuously counted down until midnight. The noise was infuriating. She kept twisting her body into contorted shapes, trying to determine a relaxed sleeping position, and hopefully forget about the noise, but nothing helped, and the only two options Clover had left was to either destroy the damn thing or go downstairs for a cup of coffee in hopes of securing her head. A cup of coffee sounded nice...

Dressed in her usual nightwear garb, a spaghetti strap top and a pair of pyjama shorts, Clover fumbled out of bed and made her way downstairs. She sluggishly walked into the kitchen and leaned on the kitchen counter for a few minutes, as if the walk downstairs had tired her out. The thought of being awake this late after such a strenuous day wanted to make her wail as loud and dramatically as she possibly could. She remained composed, however, and moved over to the coffee machine and shoved in a pod of black coffee with her favourite mug underneath.

She continued leaning on the counter and stared out into the window in front. Her car sat in the driveaway undisturbed, and nobody in the neighbourhood was around, as per usual at nighttime. The dark of the night had always frightened her, a phobia from childhood seeping into her adult life. Just staring out in the darkness made her quiver with slight fear, and Clover always went outside with a torch, or at least the one in her phone.

As the coffee machine would spill out the black coffee into the mug, Clover would go and grab the filled mug before the doorbell rang. She almost gasped loudly at the sudden noise, and shivers of nerves ran coldly down her spine at the frightening surprise. She hated that damn doorbell as well. [+crimson [i Who on earth could that be?]] She thought to herself, wondering why someone would be ringing the doorbell at practically midnight. She’d be lying if she didn’t say this scared her a little bit... Wiping away the night-scum from her face and scrunching up her nose at an attempt to maintain calmness for herself, Clover would walk over to the door. The shape in the window was familiar, and Clover instantly recognized who this was.

She'd open the door and see the one true person in her entire life. [+crimson "Allura?"] Her voice comprised a mixture of both pleased and sapped. She smiled, but her eyes would squint with drowsiness. [+crimson "Geez, girl. Do you have any idea what time it is right now?"] She'd half-sarcastically say before widening the open door as a small invitation for the other female to come in. [+crimson "You didn't call me so I'm gonna assume this is urgent. It better be urgent."]]
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