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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/SXb1ouE.jpg]][center [size7 The picture layout was inspired by my Blossom. Don't touch it.]]

[center [i [font "times new roman" Muse A and Muse B had known each other for seven years and had a very close relationship. They trusted each other more than anyone else and knew they count on each other for everything.]]]

[center [i [font "times new roman" One night, Muse B had asked Muse A if they could borrow their car for the night because . Muse A was initially suspicious and apprehensive but agreed anyway because of their trusting relationship.]]]

[center [i [font "times new roman" The whole night, Muse A couldn't sleep. They had a terrible feeling that something was wrong, and deeply regret allowing Muse B to borrow their car. They waited until Muse B returned. When Muse B returned they were as casual as ever and dropped the keys off with Muse A at the door. They waved each other off and that was that.]]]

[center [i [font "times new roman" The terrible feeling inside Muse A still lingered, and the massive urge to check inside the car was overpowering. They checked inside the car and saw nothing unusual... but the stench of death lingered inside.]]]

[center ━━━━━━━━━━━━ ♥ ♡ ♥ ━━━━━━━━━━━━]

[center [i [font "times new roman" [b [u The couples that end up together.]]]]]

[center [i [font "times new roman" Clover & Allura.]]]

[center [i [font "times new roman" Blythe & Maylea.]]]

[center [i [font "times new roman" Maxwell & Gwendolyn.]]]

[center [i [font "times new roman" Primrose & Oliver.]]]


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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/EPxgPoy.jpg]] [font roman Throughout the entire session of love-making bliss, there was something unusual lingering in the back of her head. That was mostly ignored with pleasurable moans and wandering fingers, but her mind kept on flittering back and forth to this stranger invading her thoughts, to whatever was trying to break through and destroy this moment for them both. She pushed this back as much as she could - continuing with the night pleasure and satisfy her lover as much as she possibly could.

[center ━━━━ ◦ ❖ ◦ ━━━━]
Her body slick and shiny with sweat from the aftermath of last night, Clover merely stayed lying on the bed with her brown-eyes staring vacantly at the ceiling above, with her mind empty of any thoughts. Any words uttered by Allura surely fell upon deaf ears, and Clover just grumbled quietly before turning on the opposite side, away from Allura. She appeared annoyed with something or at least distant.

Allura's wandering fingers quickly finding their destination just made Clover let out a small sigh of exhaustion, and the woman finally turned over to stare at Allura with her eyes full of what appeared to be deep-rooted scorn and spite. Something was wrong but there was no telling what - nothing significant had happened to make Clover completely [u switch] sides. [b [+crimson "Allura, I'm not in the mood right now."]] Her voice was incredibly deadpan, perhaps a little too much.

She sat herself up and pushed her matted hair back with a slight huff and looked away from Allura with her arms crossed in front of her bare chest, covering her more delicate attributes. [b [+crimson "What the fuck even happened? Why..."]] She sounded genuinely quite disgustingly surprised at the turn of events from last nights as if her memory had been completely lost. There was no recollection at all, Clover was convinced that she couldn't remember, and in response, wasn't quite happy. [b [+crimson "Why are you even here? Fuck... We didn't..."]] Her voice trailed off into a mere quiet utterance and Clover just looked away...

There was something dark brewing inside of her, the urge to just lunge forward and do - something was quite strong. She still innately hated Allura for earlier and that was all clear in her eyes, but just earlier that had all disappeared, now everything seemed to have suddenly resurfaced. Though Clover wasn't herself and that was clear...
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[font "times new roman" Knowing what was about to happen, wasn't going to stop Allura from taking what was rightfully her's. Listening to Clover speaking, and the moment she had said that she was all her's, her lips pressed roughly against her own, made the woman shudder. Her fingers moved towards the items from giving her the access she rightly deserved. She kissed the woman back, as her fingers slipped under Clover's shirt, and she pulled back long enough to pull her shirt off, and tossed it to the floor. She wanted nothing more than to have the woman fully naked under her, and that's just what she was doing.]

[font "times new roman" When both of their clothes had been shed, she pressed her lips to the woman's neck, and gently bit down. The way her skin tasted under her lips, the way her fingers stroked places she never dreamed she would have touched, made her heart race. She pulled back and looked down at the woman. [#FFCCCC "You are so beautiful"] she breathed out, and then went to work on pleasing the woman in ways only a lover could do. When they were both satisfied, Allura rolled onto her side, and looked at Clover. It finally happened. She had made love to the woman she adored more than anything, and she wanted nothing more than to do it again.]

[font "times new roman" A small smirk passed over her lips as she moved her hand to the woman's bare leg, slowly sliding her fingers between her legs. [#FFCCCC "How are you feeling baby?"] she whispered as her fingers found their detestation. She leaned over and kissed Clover's shoulder lightly. She wanted nothing more than to please the woman all night, and that's just what she had in mind. She slowly worked her fingers where they were, and she looked up at Clover to get her reaction. Everything had finally fallen into place, at least for her it had. She kissed the woman's shoulder once more, and waited for the woman to speak.]
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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/EPxgPoy.jpg]] [font roman The sudden rush of emotions was almost too much for Clover to handle and all the woman could do was feebly gasp as Allura professed her feelings and took her into the bedroom. She already knew what was about to transpire and Clover was excited and thrilled for this moment to finally come - but again - that conflicting feeling deep inside made her want to push her away and shout profanities whilst kicking her out of the home. That moment never came though and Clover successfully held back - allowing the other woman to do whatever she wanted.

The kiss was returned by a playful lick on the lips and Clover sunk into her bedsheets with a blissful smile. This was everything she ever wanted from Allura - since they were both in high school and Clover had realised her feelings. She wanted Allura's touch more than anything in the world. She didn't worry about the car or anything else - her mind was too preoccupied with her own carnal desire. [b [+crimson "Shhh. Don't worry about any of that..."]] She whispered as she pulled Allura closer to her body.

That conflicting feeling inside was buried deep and hidden - Clover couldn't really feel much trying to breakthrough. That small moment from earlier with the knife - Clover had already forgotten. But her grip was tight on Allura and almost threatening and a sadistic shine was in her green eyes - there was something innate going on. But Clover didn't act upon her secret desires...

She gazed into Allura's eyes and just warmly smiled. The feel of her touch on her body made her pleasantly shiver with anticipation for what was to come next. [b [+crimson "Allura... I'm all yours."]] She hotly whispered before pulling Allura into a deep and passionate kiss...
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[font "times new roman" The pink haired woman looked up at the female, and she could hear the change in her voice. There was something there though. Something that didn't feel quite right. She wanted nothing more than to kiss the woman again. Forget about the whole thing, just take the woman to the bedroom, please her in way's that a lover knew how too. She stood there watching her though. The air between them was different as well. A small smirk passed over her lips just then. [#FFCCCC "Let's just forget about the car for now. Let's focus on something else"] she breathed out. They would tackle the car subject later. Right now, she had something else on her mind.]

[font "times new roman" She closed the gap between them, took the knife from the woman's fingers, which seemed to be odd at how tightly she had been holding it. She then placed it onto the counter, and took the woman's hand into her own. [#FFCCCC "I know we need to talk about everything, but right now, I can't think straight. I just want to get you into bed, and show you how much I really do care about you"] she breathed out. She then turned and led the woman to her bedroom. The bedroom the two had always spent time in. This time it was going to be different. This time she was going to please the woman.]

[font "times new roman" Her heart was hammering inside of her chest as she moved through the house, and the moment Clover's bedroom was in sight, she pulled the woman in behind her. She then kicked the door closed and turned to face the woman. She ran her fingers lightly through the woman's hair. [#FFCCCC "I'm sorry for being so distant with you.. Just a lot's been going on, and I can't really let you in about it all.. If I do you would hate me forever.. Let's not think about that right now though. Let me please you, show you what you mean to me"] she said lightly. She then pressed her lips against Clover's once more.]

[font "times new roman" Kissing the woman felt so right. Telling her a little about what's on her mind felt amazing. She just wanted to feel the woman's skin on her own. As she kissed the woman, her hands moved to the bottom of the other's shirt, and she slid her hands up under her shirt, her fingers lightly brushing against her stomach. She pulled back to catch her breath. [#FFCCCC "What do you say? Shall we?"] she asked looking towards the bed, her heart hammering inside of her chest, hoping the woman wouldn't say no. She need this sexual release more than anything right now.]
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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/EPxgPoy.jpg]] [font roman Clover merely shrugged her shoulders at Allura's response, before nodding her head understandingly. She hadn't exactly been feeling like herself either and could slightly relate to Allura's current mindstate. There was nothing unusual going on with herself, though. How could there be?

She fiddled with her cutlery for a little while as Allura continued speaking. She could only quirk a single 'brow curiously at the mention of [i hating] her and just dismissed Allura with a simple chuff. She was just being silly now...

The more Allura went on about this mysterious topic the more frustrated Clover began to feel, but the emotion was... almost alien. She couldn't feel herself feeling frustrated - something else was feeling that instead. The more Allura spoke, the tighter Clover's grip became on the... [i knife,] in her hands...

[+crimson [b "Allura, please, you're just being -"]] She was completely cut off by the sudden kiss... The moment of intimacy took her completely by surprise and her heart thundered loudly inside her chest. She... was breathless, and leaned deeper into the kiss as well, with her eyes closed to enjoy this moment of pure affection. Though, there was something conflicting deep inside her. The knife was still held tight in her hands; this was the perfect moment too...

Clover pushed herself away from Allura and took a step back with her eyes wide with astonishment and... fear. She had crushed on this woman for as long as she possibly knew... and they had kissed. This was... amazing... and incredibly confusing. [+crimson [b "Allura, I... that was... Why?"]] Even if Allura had already given her the answer, Clover was still in shock. [+crimson [b "I guess I, um, I've wanted to do that for a long time as well. But... you were always doing something else, and you never told me. I thought it was all about me... You didn't want to see me or something, or, you just didn't trust me enough to say anything."]] Back to the car situation again but there was something different about Clover this time... something a lot softer and more... insecure? She wasn't angry anymore...]
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[font "times new roman" The whole thing right now was making her head spin. She was kind of surprised that Clover didn't remember anything. There was something wrong with Clover, and she had seen it before, in her own mother. One moment she would be happy, and then the next she would be ripping their heads off for no reason. Allura could see it now. Clover had a split personality, and she could tell the woman was really confused. She wasn't about to tell the woman about it though, she wanted to make sure she was right first. She sighed lightly and shrugged a bit.]

[font "times new roman" She was scared to tell the woman her feelings, but something was pushing her to do so. She looked up at the woman before her. A small sigh passed through her lips as she debated on what to say. She then wrapped her arms around herself, and looked down at her feet. [#FFCCCC "I guess you could say I'm not in the right mind state right now. But there's something I do have to tell you, and I honestly don't know how else to go about it."] she breathed out. She wanted nothing more than to tell Clover what she really was, but couldn't.]

[font "times new roman" She looked up at the woman slowly, and decided it would be better if she showed her. She closed the gap between them, took the plates out of Clover's hands, and placed them onto the counter top. She then turned back to the woman. [#FFCCCC "Please for the love of God, don't hate me"] she breathed out. She then took the woman's face into her hands, and pressed her lips against her's. She kissed her gently at first, before deepening the kiss a bit more. This honestly felt so right, kissing the woman, trying to push everything aside. She pulled back and took a small breath.]

[font "times new roman" She stroked the woman's cheek lightly, looking into her eyes. [#FFCCCC "I've wanted to do that for the last six months, but I didn't know how you felt about women. I know you and I have a history together, and honestly I want to build something with you Clover. Please don't hate me for kissing you"] she said lightly. She then dropped her hands, and wrapped her arms around herself. She took a couple steps back, letting what happened wash over her, wishing she hadn't done it. Maybe now she's really fucked things up with the woman, and she was praying she hadn't. She just waited for Clover to say or do something. The ball was in her court now.]
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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/EPxgPoy.jpg]] [font roman Clover cocked her head with visible confusion as Allura asked her curious question. What did she mean about the shop? Clover couldn't remember ever leaving the house this morning. She continued smiling, though, with subtle concern before walking into the house, followed by Allura. [+crimson [b "The shop? Ha... What do you mean? I never left the house this morning."]] She'd finally answer before moving to the kitchen where she leaned back onto the counter, albeit a lot happier this time. She was really clueless about Allura's statements... [+crimson [b "Raving mad? Me? Never! Did I do something wrong today? Allura, I swear, I never left the house at all."]] She'd say while trying to solidify her claims. Surely she would've remembered actually leaving her own home and going berserk on Allura in the middle of the day.

No matter... While Clover was still processing all of this new information and trying to make sense of it all, she tried to push those thoughts back and focus on the now. Allura was here and that's all Clover wanted to concentrate on right now. She pulled out the two plates for Allura and eagerly watched her dish the food up; she really loved Chinese food, especially the salt and pepper chicken, what a delectable meal. She was about to go through her drawers and pull out the utensils until she noticed the troubled look on Allura's face. Clover was really quite mystified on why her best friend was acting so strange with her, and relaying all of this nonsensical news that Clover could've sworn never happened in the first place. Though, there was something inside her clawing away at her psyche and telling her that she was wrong...

Clover pushed away that feeling and concentrated on Allura instead. Her question made her cock her head again, this time with intrigue as Allura struggled to find the right words. Clover listened intently and merely smiled and chuckled as Allura finished, waving her hand dismissively as she finally got around to taking out the eating utensils. [+crimson [b "What's got you thinking then? Come on, we can talk about it over food. I'm starving!"]] She was about to grab the plates and walk into the living room until she noticed Allura's hesitance. She sighed deeply... [+crimson [b "Okay... What's wrong? Allura, no offence but you're acting really strange. Come on, spit it out then."]]
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[font "times new roman" Allura was about to start bitching at Clover when she opened the door, but something seemed kind of off. She was back to being herself? That's really fucking strange. She shook her head lightly as she cocked her head to the side. [#FFCCCC "You don't remember coming into my shop and yelling at me about your car, and what you found inside?"] she asked. She didn't know if it was wise to mention that, but she had a good story in mind, if Clover did remember. She slipped into the house and shut the door behind her.]

[font "times new roman" [#FFCCCC "Honestly I did tell you when you were raving mad in my shop, that I was planning on coming over tonight to talk to you. You really scared a couple of my customers today Clove.."] she breathed out. She was testing the waters, but so far the woman seemed normal.. Which was really strange. She sighed lightly, just glad she wasn't having to stick around the shop all night like she had planned on doing. She would catch up on her work later on tomorrow. Right now Clover needed her.]

[font "times new roman" She carried the items into the kitchen, and she put them onto the counter. She then opened the lids and started dishing the food out onto two plates. She kept silent for the time being. She didn't want to say anything more right now. She bit the inside of her cheek wondering if she should say something more. What would she say? That she had threatened to call the cops on her best friend. Then again there was something more she wanted to talk about, and yet she didn't know how too.]

[font "times new roman" She sighed lightly as she turned around and leaned against the counter. [#FFCCCC "Clove, there's something else I want to talk to you about, but I don't know how to put it into words, so you'll have to bare with me.."] she said lightly. She watched the woman with silent eyes, wondering if Clover was going to start bitching at her again, and she hoped that wasn't the case. Maybe this was bad timing to tell the woman her feelings, but what other choice did she have? She was going to end up chickening out, and she knew that.]

[font "times new roman" She crossed her arms over her stomach, and waited for Clover to say something. This time she was letting the other break the silence between them. She just hoped they wouldn't get into another fight like earlier. This was killing her, but she kept her mouth shut, waiting for all hell to break loose once more.]
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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/EPxgPoy.jpg]] [font roman In the meantime, Clover had pushed herself away from the couch, and wandered over to her phone to check the screen's condition after the sudden assault. [i Smashed...] How typical. That was her fifth phone as well, and was gifted to her by an old friend, Blythe; they hadn't spoken to each other in four months after an unfortunate incident, and Clover knew this was going to be her last phone for the rest of the year. She'd have to deal with the smashed screen for now. She couldn't recall the last time she smashed her other phones...

Oh well. She wiped the tears away from her cheeks and moped to the bathroom to wash some cold water over her face to refresh her mind and compose herself, and entered the kitchen to make herself a cup of coffee. She didn't want to dwell on earlier any longer and just wanted to relax for a little while. She leaned over the counter and sipped from the mug and stared out through the kitchen window with a blank frame of mind. She thought about nothing - her entire head felt empty. She couldn't bring herself to truly think about anything...

For what felt like hours, Clover kept on emptily staring through the window until the doorbell rang and she was finally dragged back into reality. Something inside her snapped - no - [i switched]. She felt a sudden calmness wash over her entire body, and a sense of euphoria embraced her mindstate. She felt like a different person - everything from earlier had completely disappeared. There were no thoughts of negativity or hatred for anybody - a smile stretched across her face.

She placed the mug down on the counter and approached the door with a friendly demeanour. She knew instantly who was there and felt a sense of happiness. She unlocked and opened the door to greet who was there; [i [b Allura]]. How delightful! With her favourite Chinese food as well. She was such a thoughtful and considerate friend... [+crimson [b "Allura!"]] Clover would excitedly exclaim before inviting her inside. [+crimson [b "You should have told me you were coming, I would've grabbed our favourite movie."]] What...? Everything from earlier was practically non-existent in Clover's mind - as if she had completely forgotten. This was incredibly unusual... and somehow familiar. She could sense Allura's confusion... [+crimson [b "Uh, is something wrong? You look a lil' puzzled."]] Strange...
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[font "times new roman" The woman sat on the floor a little while longer, and then she finally pushed herself up and made her way to the kitchen. She couldn't believe she had ended everything with Clover. Then again Clover was the one who had fallen off the deep end anyway. Coming into her business, cussing her out, and then demanding everything from her. She used to be so understanding, and now, it was like there was a whole different person living inside of her pretty much. She sighed lightly as she walked over to the fridge, opened it up and peered inside. She had closed hella early, and now she was about to binge eat. Did she care? Not in the least. It was either that, or break down and cry.]

[font "times new roman" She pulled her phone out of her back pocket and scrolled to her sister's phone number, and hit [i New Message]. Then her fingers started flying over the letters. [#FFCCCC [i Clover lost it. She lost it so bad, she came into my shop and started bitching at me. A couple of my customers told her to leave, and she kept on going. I don't know what to do.. I feel so lost right now. She hasn't returned my phone call, then again I did tell her not to call me back.. What am I supposed to do Mea? She's my best fucking friend..]] She then hit send and felt tears sting her eyes.]

[font "times new roman" She wasn't about to cry. Not now, and yet the tears still came. She could't stop them. That's when her phone buzzed, letting her know she had gotten a message back, she looked down and opened it. Scanning the words on the screen. [#C4788E [i Honestly, I knew she was about to snap one day. I just didn't think she would go into your shop, that really pisses me off honestly. You should have called the cops, and they would have taken her to the drunk tank. Honestly, if you feel that bad, then go to her house, take her favorite food, and then talk to her. That's all I can tell you.]] The pink haired female sighed.]

[font "times new roman" Her sister was on the same page as her pretty much. Maybe she should just meet up with the woman. Talk to her, tell her what happened. If she had to get a hold of Mea, then she could. Mea would back her up in a heart beat. She sighed lightly and send a heart back to her sister. She then went and changed into a different outfit, and then headed out to get the food she had promised Clover in the first place. She might as well make good on her promise. She bit the inside of her cheek lightly as she slid behind the wheel, started the car up and headed into town. She made a stop at the Chinese food place.]

[font "times new roman" She got all of Clover's favorites, and then paid. She then was tucked back into her car, and headed to Clover's house. She saw the woman's car parked in the driveway, and knew she was home. She parked a couple blocks away, just in case. She then walked the small distance back, and then walked up the front steps, food in hand. She reached out, rang the doorbell and waited.]
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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/Kn93bLl.jpg]] [font roman The entire journey home was silent and Clover just stared blankly into the road and ignored all of her surroundings as if shellshocked by a traumatic event. She hated herself for what transpired earlier and hated Allura even more, but the thought lingered in her head for way too long and droplets of tears would begin rolling down her already pinkened cheeks again. That was when her phone would start ringing and Clover would glance over from the corner of her eye to check the contacts. [i Allura...] Clover let out an upset sigh and left the phone to continuously ring until the phone finally hung up and the car was left again in silence. She had nothing else left to say... Clover didn't need to hear the voicemail to tell her the once beautiful and euphoric friendship had been completely destroyed.

She pulled into her driveway and exited the car and walked over to her house. She stood in front of the door for a few minutes and swallowed back her tears and grief before unlocking the door and ambling inside; the coldness of the home washing over Clover almost instantly. The atmosphere inside almost mirrored Clover's emotions and inner psyche; the home was dark and completely silent, aside from the leaky faucet in the background, and Clover pushed through the eerie ambience and into her living room to fall onto her couch and shove her face into the pillows.

She was completely alone - literally. Nobody around to comfort her or tell her gently she was right or wrong. No. She was dubbed as [i the crackhead] who burst into an [i [b innocent]] girl's flower shop and waged Hell during a hallucinatory rage, or the disgusting and terrible [i [b evil monster]] who destroyed her friendship purely from her own speculations for no reason at all. She was the bad guy... except she wasn't. She didn't know that just yet...

Smothering her face deep into the pillow in an act of repressed sorrow and angst only helped Clover calm down for a small minute, and in that little moment of calmness, Clover thought about the only person who would actually understand her plight and listen enough to at least consider her reasonings no matter how insane they appeared. She reached over to her phone - momentarily spotting the voicemail from Allura and mumbling profanities beneath her breath - and went into her contacts to find her newfound friend from college; [i Oliver Baurer.] A simple man living in a simple world, Clover had met him in college a few years back and they clicked straight away - a few experimental romances here and there, but they settled nicely on friendship instead. She dialled his number and waited ...

He picked after a few seconds and Clover didn't let him speak before she started raving on about Allura in one of the most motor-mouthed, frantic voices she could possibly muster. [+crimson [b "I think Allura did something bad and I don't really have any proof but she used my car and there was blood in the backseat and I just really need your help because you're the only person who actually cares."]] She breathed out. Oliver stayed silent as if shocked by the sudden barrage of information before saying something quietly. [b "Uhh... Allura? Aren't you two, like, basically love buddies? Relationship problems I'm guessing..."] He'd say. [+crimson [b "Shut the fuck up, Ollie. I'm serious! She hates my guts now and... I just want to get to the bottom of this. I don't believe anything she's ever said to me is true anymore - you know how cryptic she is! I think... I think she lied about last night. She said something about her sister and asked to use my car to pick her up - but the car wasn't returned until the next morning! And I had a dream about the backseat being covered in blood and, like, this man dead on the seat. And the car stank of blood and death and..."]] She'd pause for a second and carefully chose her next words to actually make sense. [+crimson [b "I think she hurt someone."]] She finally finished and waited for Oliver's response.

The male was completely silent and transfixed by the almost delusional information overload until a barrage of laughter erupted through the phone. [b "Sure thing Clover. You forget to take your meds again? You do realise you sound like a raving lunatic right now..."] Clover screamed and completely threw her phone across the room in another fit of rage as the male on the other side would ask for Clover in a confused tone until finally hanging up. Was she actually going crazy? She felt like everybody was gas-lighting her and trying to make her do something stupid... the entire world was practically against her right now, and Clover had no proper proof to really shift all the blame onto Allura. That was when she thought about gathering the evidence... or at least gathering some snippets of the truth to truly find out about what happened...
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[font "times new roman" Allura was surprised that Clover would even think that. The cops wouldn't search her car, for a disturbance inside of a flower shop. The worst that would happen was she was put into the drunk tank and that was it. Her fingers were hovering over the buttons, the dial tone reaching her ears, as she watched the whole thing unfolding. She hadn't seen this kind of thing from the woman. Maybe she should come clean about it? Maybe then it'll calm things down a little bit. She shook her head lightly, and watched as the female finally stormed out. She put the phone back into the cradle, and put her head into her hands, trying to calm her racing heart.]

[font "times new roman" She then lifted her head and looked at the few customers inside of the shop. [#FFCCCC "I'm sorry for everything that happened. I need to close up shop really early tonight"] she said. The customers understood, and she rang everyone out, and then went over to the door and locked it behind the last customer. She leaned against the door and let out a small sigh. She was trying to figure out how to dig herself out of this. What if Clover did go to the cops, and have them test her car? Would she really stoop so low? She was kind of worried about that.]

[font "times new roman" She walked over to where her phone was, grabbed it along with her other belongings, and then slipped out the back door. She was going to stay in the back of the building for a moment, as she called Clover. The phone rang, and rang, and rang and then went to voice mail. When she listened for the beep, she took a breath and spoke. [#FFCCCC "It's me. I know you are really pissed off with me, and I don't understand why. I told you over and over, I would come and see you, and I would tell you everything. I had plans to grab your favorite Chinese food as well"]]

[font "times new roman" [#FFCCCC "With the little stunt you pulled today, I feel like you won't even let me explain without losing your fucking temper. No the cops wouldn't fucking test your car, unless it was needed for a damn crime scene, and there wasn't one. You honestly made yourself, and myself look fucking bad today Clove.. Plus that blood you found, was from my sister's friend. He had gotten into a fucking fight, and was coughing up blood from his damn wound. I hope your happy now. Also, you ruined our friendship as well with what you pulled."]]

[font "times new roman" [#FFCCCC "Don't call me, don't text me, and don't fucking come to the shop. If you step foot on my place of business at all, I will have the cops here in a split second. I seriously hope you are happy, that you threw our friendship away, for something I was going to explain to you tonight, over dinner and movies. Good bye Clover. You won't hear from me again."] she said and hung up. Her heart was hammering inside of her chest the whole time. She didn't know if saying that their friendship was ruined, as a good thing. She had said it, and it was done and over with.]

[font "times new roman" She felt tears stinging her eyes, as she realized Clover didn't bloody care. She only wanted what she wanted, when she wanted it. If she didn't get it right away, she would turn into an out right bitch, and that broke her heart. She then reached up, wiped her tears away and scrolled to her contact's name. [#FFCCCC [i Hey, shit went down between my ex-best friend and myself. I feel like she's going to go to the cops with this, what the fuck do I do?]] she then hit send, and headed home. As she was walking, she got a text message back.]

[font "times new roman" [b [i Don't worry about it sweetheart. We have it covered. If she does show up at the station, there's a good dozen or so officers around that will make sure your story fits, for whatever you told her. We have your back, and I am in the process of finding your next target as well. Make sure you are ready.]] Was all the message said. She sighed lightly, as she ran the rest of the way home. She pulled her keys out, unlocked the door, and ran inside. She slammed it shut behind her, locking it.]

[font "times new roman" That's when she let out a broken hearted scream, that shattered her heart even more. She let the tears fall down, and she slid down onto the floor, wrapping her arms around her legs, wishing she hadn't become the person she was.]
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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/Kn93bLl.jpg]] [font roman Clover swallowed hard and balled her fists as Allura started speaking. She was extremely pissed and nothing would've cooled her down at all at this moment. The whispers passing around the room didn't help at all and they only succeeded in infuriating Clover even more to the point her nose wrinkled up with anger, and Clover stepped back with hatred. She didn't really know why she was so angry right now, and yet, Clover wasn't backing off anytime soon. The retort from Allura only made Clover laugh with clear aggressive sarcasm and respond back with the same rage as before. [+crimson [b "Call the cops on me? Friends for years and this is where you're heading?!"]] She shouted - and that was when the other women stepped in.

Clover turned her head to stare at the women and started snarling under her breath. She was breathing hard and looked almost insane, and Clover really didn't know why. She had never acted like this before - the young women felt like she was having some kind of mental breakdown in the whole situation. For years, Allura had run off to attend to some other [i private business] and used Clover's car almost daily for whatever the woman had planned, and now Clover just wanted to know everything. She had been kept in the dark for so long and that all bundled up into a gigantic cloud of unstable anger. [+crimson [b [i Why now?]]] She thought as she really started assessing the situation. Why was everything coming to the surface now?

[+crimson [b "This doesn't involve you! Stay out of it."]] She hissed at the woman before almost shoving her away to get closer to Allura. She really didn't care about all the people surrounding her and off-handly talking absolute smack about her behind her back; whispering profanities and creating rumours about drugs and mental illness. Only one of those things was true... Clover would shrug sarcastically as she waited for Allura to finally say something and laughed again at the response. [+crimson [b "Get out? Allura! You've been avoiding my questions all day. All I want know is what you were doing in my fucking car last night. [b My car!] Blood in the backseat? The smell - oh my god the smell..."]] She started going off again and her facial expressions melted into one of sadness and near betrayal. [+crimson [b "What the hell?"]] Her voice lowered into a quiet tone and Clover stood there waiting for something to happen; the woman's voice in the background merely nothing but white noise. She'd be lying if she said she didn't want to completely stab the women in the chest right now for butting in.

The threat of being thrown in jail wanted to make Clover burst into tears and curl up into a pathetic ball of betrayal and sadness; that was clearly shown on her face, but Clover abstained from doing such a thing and stood there in silence - almost frozen to the floor. She was practically paralyzed... and then something popped into mind - something incredibly unlikely and stupid... but this was something. [+crimson [b "What about the car? What do you think the cops would have to say about that, huh? The blood. The fucking blood. Tests. Tests. Tests."]] She'd threaten and almost dared Allura to call the cops with her eyes alone. [+crimson [b "They'll find something and then I'll know. But y 'know what? I'll leave and I'll never come back."]] She started walking backwards towards the door with her arms pushed and held out in a clear gesture of [i calm down] and Clover would smile with sardonicism. [+crimson [b "My apologies for ruining such a beautiful morning. So sorry ladies and gentleman. I'll leave you alone with the bitch to sort the rest out. Fuck you all! And fuck you, Allura."]] And Clover turned around and violently yanked the door open before stepping out and leaving. She closed her eyes and looked up at the sky and held her head into her hands for a little while.

And the young women would let out a muffled scream of an amalgamation of rage, betrayal, sadness and spite as hot tears stung her cheeks and fell down past her jawline and onto the pavement below. Clover just felt terrible now... This wasn't worth the effort at all. She kicked the floor and rushed to her car before opening the doors and stepping inside. Starting the engine and keeping the radio off - Clover stepped on the gas and sped away.
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[font "times new roman" The pink haired female was behind the counter on the phone when Clover came barging in. She could tell the woman was pissed off, and she told the customer to hold on, and put the customer on hold, so they wouldn't hear Clover yelling in the back ground. She was cool, and collected as she let the woman bitch at her. She then crossed her arms, and looked towards the other customers. [#FFCCCC "Sorry folks, she's a little off the deep end right now, don't worry about her. Just go about shopping"] she said. And that's when the whispers started about Clover being on drugs, and Allura wasn't helping the cause either. She then turned her cool eyes on the other.]

[font "times new roman" [#FFCCCC "If you insist on being a God damn bitch right now, I will have to get the cops involved. You can't just coming into a place of [i business] and start yelling like that. You honestly made yourself look like a damn fool, and look like you are high on drugs. Are you really that fucking stupid Clover? Are you?"] she snapped back. Her eyes then moved to the woman, and she shook her head. She didn't want to feel these feelings towards her friend but what other choice did she have? Clover was making a fool of herself, and she hoped to God she would realize that. She then went back to the customer on the phone.]

[font "times new roman" [#FFCCCC "I'm sorry dear, I'll have to call you back. I have a customer in front of me, who's acting like a total fool. Yes I will call you back in about an hour. Again I apologize"] she said and then hung up. The other customers that were there waited in line. She rang them up, and one of them spoke up and loudly too. [b "You should have called the cops right away. You didn't deserve to be yelled at like that. If that's your friend, she should understand that if you are having an issue, not to badger you about it"] the woman said, and then turned to Clover and spoke once more.]

[font "times new roman" [b "You have no right to come in here like that. You made yourself look like a total idiot, and I hope to God you realize that, because if you really are her friend, you wouldn't have attacked her like that. You are a horrible human being for treating her like that. I don't know what's going on, but don't come into a place of business with a mouth like yours. There could have been children inside of here as well, and you didn't care. I hope that karma bites you in the ass for this"] the woman said. Allura was shocked, and her mouth dropped open.]

[font "times new roman" No one had stood up for her like that, and she loved that customer more than ever. [b "Good day Allura, and I hope you dump that horrible woman on her ass, and hopefully you'll be able to take care of yourself"] she said. Allura didn't know what to say to that. The woman was right. Did she really need to have Clover bugging her like this? Clover knew for a damn fact to keep her mouth shut, and not badger her, because then it would make her close off even more. She turned her eyes to Clover and she was all of a sudden angry herself. [#FFCCCC "Get the fuck out of my shop"] she hissed.]

[font "times new roman" [#FFCCCC "If you don't leave right now, I will call the cops, and have your ass thrown in jail Clover. If you leave on your own, I'll come and see you when I get off work. Then you and I can talk like adults, instead of you attacking me like this. So make your choice now"] she said. The other's that were still in the shop looked towards Clover and one of them spoke up. [b "I would leave if I were you. Odette was right, you have no right to attack Allura like that"] and the other's backed her up. Allura's anger was getting the better of her. She bit her tongue though, waiting to see what Clover would do.]

[font "times new roman" She picked up the phone and looked towards the woman. [#FFCCCC "If you don't leave now, I really will get the cops to escort you out"] she threatened. She wasn't about to play this game at all. She stood there, her finger hovering over the 9 button, waiting to see if she would have to call the cops or not.]
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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/Kn93bLl.jpg]] [font roman Of course! There was no answer, and Clover slammed the phone down on her couch with an angry huff. She should've known; Allura was always the deceitful and secretive type, and this here just proved that. Clover was frustrated and annoyed, and she stared into space with her 'brows furrowed into a deep frown and thought about what Allura could've possibly been hiding - or at least about what happened last night for her to be this reserved. They were supposed to be best friends, and yet, Clover felt like she was the only who truly cared.

She knew exactly where Allura worked and considered driving over to quickly greet her best friend and possibly strike up a conversation about last, but Clover knew that wasn't a very good idea right now and opted to continue watching TV instead. She kept her eyes glued onto the colourful moving pictures dancing around on the TV screen until her phone finally vibrated with a reply from Allura. For a moment, Clover felt a pang of anxiety deep inside her stomach, and she immediately grabbed her phone to read the message out in her head... She wasn't pleased with the response at all.

She had to stop herself from screaming out loud at the poor excuse for a reply and slammed her phone back down onto the couch again with a furious growl. She was absolutely infuriated by the attitude of Allura and whipped her head around to stare at the clock ticking away at the wall; Allura would be arriving at her workplace soon. Perfect. It was rather unusual for Clover to be wrathful at all about these things, and she was usually the calmest person in all her friendships group, but something had snapped inside her and Clover just couldn't hold back; not today.

She stormed upstairs and into her bedroom to fling her closet doors open and violently grab whatever clothes looked decent enough to wear for an argument in a flower shop. She quickly changed out of her PJs and into the randomly selected clothing items and shoved on a pair of converses before rushing downstairs and grabbing her car keys. She didn't care about what Allura would think about her confronting her at work. She exited the home and unlocked her car before scootching in. Being inside the car felt awfully strange and terrible; the atmosphere inside was incredibly eerie and wrong and Clover couldn't help but blame Allura for that. With her teeth gritted and her eyes staring angrily down the driveway, Clover started the car and drove off to the flower shop.

The drive wasn't long at all and Clover sat inside the car park for a few minutes to ponder her decision on actually coming here to reprimand and interrogate Allura about her behaviour and last night. Was this really a good decision? She was starting to regret coming here... Whatever. She was here now and the deed had to be done. Exiting the car and walking to the entrance of the flower shop with anger in her footsteps, Clover would open the door and notice Allura right away at the counter. She didn't smile nor offer any pleasantries, Clover just stared with ominous fury in her eyes. [+crimson [b "What the fuck?"]] She'd suddenly say before approaching the counter. [+crimson [b "[i Back the fuck off for a while?] Are you kidding me? I was worried sick about you and that's your response? What happened with the goddamn car last night?!]]" She sounded quite frantic and almost obsessed; clearly Clover wasn't doing too well at all. [+crimson [b "What happened?! Why do you have to be so secretive all the fucking time?! You never tell me anything!"]] Clover didn't think about the possibilities of something else more sensible happening that night at all and immediately hopped onto the worst possibilities straight away. She would've appeared quite crazy and nearly desperate if she'd continued with her angry tirade towards Allura, but Clover wisely held back and waited for Allura's excuse to come pouring out.]
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