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mmc: hello mc, how are ya??? :D
  BaneOfTheBasilisk / 14d 5h 36m 46s
alright alright im back jeez//

-mc entered the chat-
  Mc / Aria_Hashima / 14d 5h 41m 35s

Mmc: that's cool, i'm doing criminology. Its really interesting when looking at psychology
  Baneofthebasilisk / 14d 6h 52m 36s

Zen: So you do know me! Excellent! Even now my fame is ever-reaching, always expanding further ~
  Zen / LovableCurse / 14d 7h 10m 19s

Mmc: Oh! I remember, you're the actor with the cool hair.
  BaneOfTheBasilisk / 14d 8h 21m 38s
Zen: Ah, then you need to speak with Jumin about that. I messaged him, he has been busy with work, as is typical, and he was the one who sent out the advert. I can't imagine why he would do such a thing, but most of the things he does are confounding to me.
  Zen / LovableCurse / 14d 8h 52m 39s
Mmc: I love cats! They are fluffy and cute. I think i might have actually
  Ophiotaurus / 14d 20h 18m 0s
Zen: He has a cat. And a thing for cats. I can't stand the way they make me feel. I have such aggressive allergies... No. No cats. And thank you, hun, I know it will go well. I mean... you have seen me, haven't you?
  Zen / LovableCurse / 15d 2h 50m 56s

mmc: that's sounds good! I hope it goes well. I currently write books.... Did you say cats? :3
  Ophiotaurus / 15d 3h 6m 30s

Zen: Boring is an understatement... and his cats! Ugh.

Oh, I am here as often as my work allows. I am between jobs right now, but I have an audition coming up that I will have to be working toward soon. This might just be my big break ~
  Zen / LovableCurse / 15d 3h 11m 33s

mmc: oh i see that does sound hella boring. Do you chat here often?
  Ophiotaurus / 15d 3h 17m 15s
Zen: Perhaps an interesting name... but he is a very uninteresting person. All he does is work on his business, never himself. Ridiculous. He would be the one to send out adverts. Him or his assistant, perhaps... I bet Jahee knows something.
  Zen / LovableCurse / 15d 3h 21m 14s
Mmc: oh? Who is jumin? That's an interesting name.
  Ophiotaurus / 15d 3h 25m 20s
Zen: Oh, another new person! We have quite the traffic this day. You mentioned an advert... I wonder if Jumin had anything to do with that... I'm going to have to message him.
  Zen / LovableCurse / 15d 3h 31m 23s
~male mc enters the chat~

male mc: heya, nice to meet ya. I saw an addvert and thought i'd have a look.
  Ophiotaurus / 15d 3h 48m 35s

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